The Story: Van Morrison

Wednesday, September 13th

Drummer Gary Mallaber remembers the first time he met Van Morrison.


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Joan tells the story. I mean it's. The story. Point three the sound startled Gary Melbourne. Who's worked with everybody from Eddie Money to Steve Miller in especially Van Morrison is we're really made his first markings of Gary where did you first run in the. Man I was aware of the but what happened was there was an album that they have there which was the one that probably. Change my life which was called best week. I heard after weeks IA as a drummer I. He was into the free part of what he was doing and I really really really zeroed in on the realize that there is just going out there doing what he's doing permanent record. So find out from my drama already at the time her rooting for the Bennett time that he was playing in the east village some local club on the street there. And went down there and some playing. Another might have been. People are so there. So there and they were playing Jeff played the piano player from moon dance was playing in the end of the bass player in the compound. And I offered my services and says love to send it. Drummer Gary Melbourne when. Man horses.