The Story: Toto

Tuesday, January 10th

Toto keyboardist Steve Porcaro on how they went from Boz Scaggs into Toto.


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Joseph tells the story. I mean. Billboard is pleasant little voice through the sound and the story of warrior and oh boy is being good. Camera just the neighborhood boys hanging out. An extremely good positions along always talking with a total keyboardist Steve Corel. It was cool Brothers and the question came out and usually the geysers session musicians. Doing real well coming like good news section Southern California. Founded total come about as a real bailout. You know what that was was that my brother Jeff and David Page and David hung gate and based original bass player no big they became kind of a section. In the town that got hired quite a bit to do a lot of sessions. And one of one of the album projects they worked on was boss Axel to read something win and David Page rope co wrote practically the whole album with boss. And then when they toward where that they brought along mean to covered the central parts and they brought along Steve look at their. That's kind of you know young gunslinger in town who would go on the road toward. And you know Columbia records which wells was on they kind of sauce up there on stage applause. And there was never any showcasing were auditioning or. Any of that stuff we were cut off from a record deal right out of that clause trying to gauge has led raid into total. Great into the the story.