The Story: Steve Miller

Friday, June 16th

Steve Miller on how he got that ray gun SFX on "Jungle Love."


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Joseph tells the story. I mean. Time for the story from 100 point three the sound is terrible Joseph talked it was Steve Miller. He's played two days an artist herself when she began punitive recruiter then and just some of the sounds good to your cheese. And earlier records of our complexes or try to avoid go to Jumbo loan demand driven. Billions to unload their heads that they've been great guy and skirt that was a fourteen. And all. So site know who I am synthesizer that weighed 300 didn't. And if it got over eighty degrees went out of tune. And then right after I bought it. And did that play into FAO Schwarz in new York and there was this fourteen. Dollar new. An adjustable. Those who have. Late rebel ensuring that no. Yeah. No really I mean like two weeks later.