The Story: Steve Miller

Thursday, April 20th

The Steve Miller song that was inspired by Diana Ross.


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Yeah Joseph tells the story it's. Are you moves them enough. Sorry I guess it is definitely time restoring my friends and your book order. Point three zone talking to Steve Miller who's doing a couple of dates in August here in the south went in his biggest most successful commercial endeavor. Well what was the story Steve behind ever cadaver. So some Sun Valley I was skiing. And Diana Ross. Comes skiing guys. Big pink but the snow suit you know that's that goodness he regularly. That's playing around us how amazing and she felt good out. And I went over to help get up does that boost sort of skiing on together and in about nine bodyguards came in you know attacked me control over the world do OK so. You. Let's I would hope for life. And those sitting. My lunch counter and concern belly. I was thinking that there are us and also noticing them ever condemned the music that. How would an arrest and supremes. To this. And I wrote the lyrics to ever get to Everett in ten. Just. So it was like you know fifteen minutes and so those three years and fifteen minutes later. Darren. If there is a story forums.