The Story: Police

Sunday, March 19th

Stewart Copeland on how they were able to achieve their live sound on the albums.


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Joan tells the story. Okay. This story for you here or so ago porn is classic rock. Wanted to point three was some featuring the police off the record this and you know we need extensive conversation. Stewart told Bloomberg Bernadie Summers ago the ours both hilarious in mr. musicians I must say storage answer question you know loses or run to this group. Heavy metal bands as well as just other artists who play around Hawaii. To our new mother the police. The music careers first and my ghost in the machine album music vastly more complex. California they're worried about playing the new songs live on state. There was more question of how are we gonna get onto our records the vibe that we get on stage we all felt. And I still do feel that the bands happened on stage that's what the police was all about the police was alive band who occasionally would. And record the songs and make records of course I know educate my children feed my horses on the proceeds from those albums. You know what I'm Luis ourselves alive venomous and that's the trick was how we gonna get that energy. Onto this recorded material. We never gave a moment's thought to how we're gonna get this record mature to live onstage no problem we just get up there and move any old. The material on location. It's a story.