The Story: Paul Shaffer

Sunday, June 18th

Paul Shaffer remembers the time Bruce Springsteen jumped on his organ on the last NBC Letterman show.


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Joseph tells the story. I mean. Time for the story here in 123 the sound terrible Joseph Benson this Sunday night debate we have Paul Shaffer. The famous Paul shaver and off the record telling stories about all these people he's worked where. Including the time that Bruce Springsteen short for the west NBC Letterman show and jumped on new York and is that what happened. Yes and it was he jumped up on the organ and he heat before it you know we had a really short rehearsal and we always have. All of us having learned the song and in advance pitchers glory days. And at the end of any kind of gone well enough he was happy with an ace and then you have to your gonna send this thing is he's. Supportive. I said once this is supported this it you know as a strong. I'm I'm so down on slow you know. Yeah I think I don't know I think some. Okay. And that was his you know that's all he told me but he was telling me I'm gonna jump onto on this. I didn't get an at the time but before I military was. At all yen RN there was always. You know great moment in million had not given it a win numerous. All shaver.