The Story: Paul Rodgers

Sunday, March 19th

Paul Rodgers remembers the first time he saw Jason Bonham play the drums.


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Joseph tells the story. I mean. First. Point three this and so you know it's classic rock called Rogers center in their company free before that Perkins queen later on. Great guys great stories from praying and talking about the first thing you know bad company assignment Alonso whose record label. And a move. Both men go along so well together but I asked Paul when he first met John Bonham. Along the way Jason Bonham the drummer. You don't hear him. You know. Where were you fit into things as well. Paul I think it was he came to. I don't feel as if Osama meta mono but it was certainly a memorable time became 21 of those shows have been won by a company would play if there is this your article and around my house after the show. So we yes you are there is no question night because around okay. And he still blah in his own kid's head open everything it was a fantastic. Night. And only Jason coming down the stairs Jason was only a little kid then it sounds like from eleven something decent home guy can upset my Kato played did you folks this is. Once domestic. Fascinating and they'd say played. We differ on this because worsened Jason's can't get enough fear levees is dollars and it was all right now or whatever yeah. So if they decide who's really cute I thought wow when you don't feel blow could cause you know. He certainly is let's does a great night here use. Was there.