The Story: Mark Knopfler

Tuesday, April 18th

Dire Straits mastermind Mark Knopfler on the guitarist he wanted to be.


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Yeah Joseph tells the story it's. Are you moves them yeah. It's definitely time for stories here juggles no 100 point three dishonest talking to marking off where dire straits. Quite a reputation for one of the best guitarists come out of England for a while and I'm just kinda wondering you know did start someplace trees big fan of Eric Clapton on Jon Mills blues Ameristar. For some reason that some. Present I managed to miss school league John Malone cream stuff. Mean obviously it was this into the system new album Larry treatment of the comic on the for an afternoon and that's really knew what we wanted to be that's really what I wanted to be wanted to have a list poem. People say amount. Electric blues music. Mark not her daughter streets. That's the story.