The Story: Heart

Thursday, February 16th

Heart's Ann Wilson on the night they got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.


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Joseph tells the story ends. I mean. The story for an. So tell when he's classic rock 100 point three disarmament of the hall of fame induction coming up here in the short period of time. Over the years there's been various hassle between members because you know bold break ups. Wonderful ones. Tucker Carlson and new records doesn't feel like they're talking within Wilson. About hard what was the white. Typically and they use the nicest man it was a dark. We're also Rambo. It was a surreal evening especially getting back together with feed her original members you know. We have. And off site rehearsal the day before. And that was probably the freaky is moment of all because we hadn't seen them for 35 years. Let alone play together. So we will have unfinished business because we didn't part ways and a very amicable way it was very messy and very. Very hard way back then and some of those guys are still sort of carrying a lot of baggage for the we were fortunate enough to go on and you know. Have more hits and make videos and wouldn't you know this nice continue moment in her career but for some of them. Things kind of stopped. And so. It was really great for them to get together one more time and played in the old song Chris. Crazy and you and there were some tense moments in that offside personal. The next day it was a little smoother because it wasn't so intimate you know I mean we we sort of went over there and did camera blocking and then got dressed up and we're live there and.