The Story: Def Leppard

Monday, January 9th

The Def Leppard song that was inspired by a poster of Marilyn Monroe.


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Joseph tells the story. I mean. The stories warriors of the California's less cigarette 100 point three the sun Def Leppard. Started out this film school boys together. How we scored a bit I think you could say the very much like the Eagles first and foremost a vocal band singing man. The singing is astounding euros. Oprah Show just mentally it's amazing stuff going on talking enjoyed early lead singer for the band mode photographed in particular and great great song. Just exactly how the Marilyn Monroe work yourself into there. When we saw them start right lyrics and what would the Taurus is safe so what he's fun to do today that facility that won't go off dead is due out on. The good ideas as a G I do for several posts in my Monroe in my bathroom it's covering a hole is like this show show redemption whether the guys totally out. Some good policy always in my bathroom all previous tenant has in his rented place and that just put explosive marlin will hold and then. Because you know you're on the pole every day you're looking at least close. Think in what a great idea was song the woman lost of a guy for something that he can never have because she's then you have. She's dead so I said how about the impossible. How about you know the movie star thing but you can't have you just dying for it colonel he's got is a photograph because. She's not around so he wasn't really about money in my and in spite and it just that way and on into the video big worries more about. It could be anything career model is a life this is in a magazine you can meanwhile was you could elaborate she's she's allele leaks of and that's why we've always stuck to that kind of lyric about. Human nature when AB boy Emmys go we never did Lennon McCartney on but I've never been a fun of the dungeons and dragons of this is not for me I'm afraid. So oil is so don't look for the Mets story.