The Story: Deep Purple

Wednesday, February 15th

David Coverdale on the crazy scene that took place at his first Deep Purple concert.


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PLEASE IGNORE THE TRANSCRIPT....................LISTEN TO THE AUDIO ABOVE-----------------------Joseph tells the story isn't. I mean. Insurgents are. Point three sons on the company's class a private banks are released. Can assure you we're national straight races over the week and a lot of people talk about the stories I don't want four here today David Coverdale most famous. As the leader of the band and white snake actually got his start singing with the purple. Yes and that's why you rejoicing man was largely made up of performer juices are turned out on David's case he was not really a singer he was making a living selling holding. Drafted. Through police being joined the singer Deep Purple this is a pretty major sauces on the greatest fans in the world when a guy's been someone trousers. Certainly has a job and if so what happens when he brother for the first time David what happens the first game you play replacing Hugh Nolan Deep Purple. A walk on stage and for the first time where it came from I don't know but I still knew it was. Are you read it screamed into the microphone on recruiting Latino proved very powerful voice. And so like everybody goes all my dogs and who's this role. Throw mud and how many thousands of people. And it was great suddenly I'm seeing right great she's Smart Judy top dragon I'm stacks over Casey's trashing his drums and I might become a member of the audience while I'm actually on stage good lord he's thrashing his older boys and gals thrashing has ordered a every which way I don't go right Likud should do something or should do something I'm going to. Can't afford to smash everything no. Yeah that's okay what it and I had a lighted a ring on which was like ten bucks about circuit offered great drama screwed on the phone stack from donor that was my. Contribution to the madness and mayhem and.