The Story: Bob Seger

Friday, August 11th

Bob Seger on how he ended up becoming a lead singer.


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Joan tells the story. Okay. Time for the story and more. Point three disown Joseph Benson here. Talking about Bob Seger and they just announced drug seekers to word is going to end up here in November 4 at the forms can be a great show and it's talking to Bob. About how he actually started in high school back in the day you know how did you become a lead. So here I love to play music but. Friend of mine. More high school invited me you'll lose house and he. The other day for a good deal on the ever tell children. We all say that day in the next day they call them. Lead singer. I wish you know it was rather stunning to me. No okay homilies and well that last. Don't show but. That was going to trigger you know like I wouldn't. And they see you know. Get their little. And gentle soft on school. And the first concert river did was did she. Gisele I. Bolster.