Rams Player of the Week: Cooper Kupp

Thursday, August 17th

We play a round of 5 questions with Rams rookie, Cooper Kupp.


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Yeah. So it's a good guy. Good news. Featured here it's called the rams player of the week Cooper a cup. And the ramseys actually ran into him and limbs practiced a couple of weeks ago and poems. Five questions. To convert this into his answers question one what's your favorite video games. Their video game right now is. Rock band. Favorite classic rock band you know pilots knew a lot the question yeah I saw on me I'm common old school stuff I love Guns 'N Roses events dual. That's what I listen guys. What's your favorite workout day. But I feel promising new 'cause they'll love the music health problem like I gloomy news radio all right very different. What's the last. Huge ameliorate. Oh man. Are they solid on the big eater so on the comes the minuses and my most recent but we just got a big huge. I'd loaf of bread I mean that I lose try this big and his may have pulled pork sandwich out of Johnny Apple I don't know if you go back and these are you Flintstones. News remember getting the federal epithet. Because in a report. If you weren't. A football player. What do you think the against the wishes of my wife I'd probably coaching. And finally question of five. And your wife won't see any of this. Who is your biggest celebrity crush. Tempo. You lose it he's great. How big fan of his Betty White. She's very very bad idea that it volatility is a good and after football you can run for office. Cooper cup best of luck this season I hope it's a fantastic rookie season can't wait to see what you read to you thank you very much snow and have them. Other voices Sam farmer from the LA times Sam Zell have Guns 'N Roses sold school and he and I are. Suspend the camera Kubrick got the player of the week the rams player of the week no 100 point 3% to.