Podcast: Where Did All The Bob Seger Albums Go?

Wednesday, April 19th

We find out why you can't find Bob Seger albums anywhere, plus a "4 In 60" goes down to the final second!


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Welcome to the podcast version of Indian Gino on the morning from 100. He does sound Southern California is classic rock station. Remember anytime you have something to say in any Ngo called three Q3 69250. Or 68. Three Q3 Mike Clancy and so I feel so. I. It's. Still a little on this morning. Right here. Do you feel better. Because I know someone's going to culminate in an 86961003. And indeed my spirits tell me I'm not alone at 5 AM that. That someone else. Is also out there laboring up or still stone from last night. To do that it is expensive once users through this for the wanna hear from you don't have Jeanne. Under the weather still. So wish her the restitution back with a tomorrow full spirit. Mike he is here producer Mikey we will have a my TV coming up yeah we just our PS test at a the year got some than others so you you're at least try to negotiate better. This is going to put us over the top. 710. Eric Clapton. Concert tickets. Eric Clapton at the forum Maria yet. Who got them tickets for the September you'll want those who may be his last time to play for a series outside got those coming up anything else worth way to implement. And we find a way above sear albums aren't in record stores hold its right now it's a weird mystery. Oh in some of which like at home as some people here. About. I'll see your albums not available in stores. I got Led Zeppelin nominal in the senate. The sound hello. They may have they're favorites I did it exist so I authority that alone I'm. I'm not hear me. And that's what you do. I'm actually headed it did here. Are you in your hands free arrest. Yeah. Good to meet vs mister safety. David. What do you plan on doing this morning he had some some exercises planned some pops and locks them. Yeah I am actually going to hotbed right now for about an hour and then an office pool after that. I'll and what do you study of four. On the figures I think there are so I'm gonna get my BA in the book studies. But it direct feature special led. Both the agency's special yeah that is fantastic that's noble stuff. Awesome taking care of of his body. And then shaping up minds there you're a beacon for others tell you what was killed on the simply advise them for you out of Reebok's resent our pro. I brother. Isn't that you can grab out today she's under the weather but. If pressing news comes up we're certainly gonna share it with you as this story. Has just come to light in the last hour or so remember last Friday Gina said that they Aaron Hernandez the former New England Patriots star. He was cleared in the 2012 double murder case this morning. Found dead in his jail cell officials at very nasty correctional facility in Massachusetts say he hanged himself with a bed sheet. But he tied to his cell window. It was announced that in an hour later he was serving life without parole for 2015. Murder conviction. Of course we'll have more details on that would Todd Donahoe so California's most beloved sportscaster who talked to us. At 740. In the meantime we get classic grad like this one from the doors is the first rock and roll forty fives single. Look Jerry in the stereo phonics sound of the doors to the classic grind morning show 100 point three the setup. Now the man could be heard around the universe is mr. Mike TV. Love to watch TV and you. Am I never digital TV time learning and he still. Oh late night guys Conan O'Brien Jimmy fell in and Stephen Colbert there. Poking a little funny united and then our President Clinton. In New York a Southwest Airlines pilot was arrested for having a loaded gun hidden in his carry on bag. I was fired from southwest immediately hired by united so. JetBlue is holding a sweepstakes where if you owe money to the IRS you can enter to win a preflight. And get this united stopping just dragged attacks like gratitude. Testers are suing Donald Trump for inciting violence at his rallies. Which has got to like sewing olive garden for inciting bread sticks. President has a simple counter argument. Sucks get because. Presidency he says makes him immune to lawsuits. All. Immune to laws within. They know why he ran for president. He had a huge companies or he tees it boo boos that. We don't. This Indian Gina M we're joined by Tim quirk who wrote an article for in PR. About Bob Sears back catalog of LPs but what's interesting about that back catalog them. That it's really really hard the following. I'm available for streaming home which is you know not my super uncommon but what was more uncommon is that more than half of this catalog at that point physically as well. So you can't find Bob see your music on iTunes you can't find it in the record stores you can't find Bob Seger. Anywhere why. Soon an interesting question the you know purple the album because of course they 1975. The this theory is he just and he said the himself he just doesn't like a lot of good. Com boots but beyond that. You know if his manager punch Andrews who he's been with for over fifty years he does whatever his manager says when it comes the business decisions. Arm and punch just doesn't see any reason to come online. And he doesn't see any reason to keep the back catalog impress. While well you know it dark it was our first thought was this sounds awfully familiar where have we heard something like this before oh yes Neil Young man. Who is a big fan of having his music on streaming services do you think it's. A music quality issue where he fizzled he doesn't think it sounds as good are we just will never know why way punch doesn't think this is worth it. What would punch it's being punted on record as saying it's mostly but you know he'll come online when capital gives them a better deal. Also for punch you know that this you know it could hit the money issue with Neil if I talked a million personally about this stuff and he hates the sound of MP threes thumb he was off the streaming services for awhile but he recently came back on. Com so we do know is when they didn't feel that the me awhile back was you know people should be happy to give away mp3 because they think they felt like crappy. People for better sounding music. Put Doug into in BR journalist Tim quirk about the fact that you camp I'm Bob Seger is back catalog anywhere now you had touched on something a minute ago. They see no benefit to going digital with his music I thought of one. And you kind of mentioned there it's money he. What movie a lot of money to be made that maybe you wouldn't be the maximum they can give to Dick could be a lot of money being made right now. Wolf the thing is Bob and punch of both made a lot of money and you know on the one hand it's unfathomable that it's not about. How many tens of millions of dollars is enough for another two or three million dollars really gonna change their lives and any significant way probably not so. You know there's there's something almost admirable about that. I mean that the best thing about them not being available on line is that there's an entire generation of fans they just losing out on. You know does the way people are exposed to new music these days as a lot to do with all the rhythms and you know what other people listened to and if you're just not in the system. You can't do that where where young and the younger generation of discovering music do you simply don't exist but they're never gonna know you work. Wow how many millions is enough on the need a few more to give you definitive answer to but Tim a great reporting for a NPR and thanks for checking in with us and pleasure talking to me. I. John vote these things that he left a good job in the city you know the job once. The army. He comes home when he gets his honorable discharge papers from the army reserves is lies. 100 point three the sound. I. We now know that rush. Since they retired. Have some plans guitarist Alex lives and for example has a new album plan for the Russian bass player Getty Lee says. Now this is say he's being a little more cagey about it. Well I'm a busy man I'm busy now a lot of irons in the fire so to speak but got a couple projects that are. Somewhat related to music but don't involve playing. News. Twelve. He's being coy but Alex lives he spilled the beans visas then make Getty Lee is a collector base guitars and he's writing a book. About the instrument about the base. You talk a school there and I would only imagine that he's also. Yeah. Harassment because I don't. Once the news. We're gonna talk about what's happened on this day in rock history that's coming up next on news classic rock. Time kept. Won't lose its. I have to open and these classic rock time capsule did go. This here is Andy's classic right time capsule for wins each April the nineteenth 2000 then seventeen. Is the day in 1968 John Lennon and George Harrison. I've got to believe their hands trim and India where they've been studying under the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi it's two weeks. Before this spiritual journey was scheduled to end the mockery she's. Halo they yell load a little bit like Kelly claim to be seller but we kept hitting on Mia Farrow. And those close to The Beatles thought the maharishi was more interested in their cash than their souls. So when the maharishi asks why he's leaving Don lemon says deal the cause McQuillan usually moved up we. What do you guys a London here to write the songs ma re chic thing goes maharishi. Was have you done. Amid a Georgia's pleading he changes it to me. As well as hard as Stephen Murray C as lawyers. Today in 2000 Ringo Starr gets wind of the Vatican for giving The Beatles for blasphemy connection with a whole bigger than Jesus debacle remember me talk about the good that. Is he grateful. Not so much bring those as well did the Vatican say we were satanic or possibly satanic and they've still forgiven us. Coming the Vatican they've got more to talk about. Then The Beatles. Days since the death of the band's drummer and singer Levon Helm and two balls Levon Helm was the namesake for the Elton John song leave also. Here's Bernie Tonkin quoted in Rolling Stone three years ago. Close no it wasn't. It never was I just like the name I don't know. As it says in the song. Off he goes on I just noticed that I quoted myself oh dear. Maybe burning. But you know we are doing it as a band play us out of in these classic rock time capsule and all that Levon do the same. You're listening to these classic grudge morning show on 100 point three. The sound. So he's winning this thing is to see Harry peace plan there. And the forum on September the fifteenth in America. He's. It's not getting younger and so it's maybe your last chance to see him and can't deny suggest yeah. Amu got a cup will be blue line to play new as we gave it doesn't. We've got rain from West Hills and losing a different point plummet Connie Franchitti doing this morning. Nice we'll bring you know by now the deal is used to de identified four songs artist and title correctly in sixty seconds and these tickets years. The importance of getting good proven. You're gonna hang on the line and do absolutely nothing and if frank can't cut the mustard you get the tickets by default. I OK okay. And if not bear my my children continue to tell me but that's up there and life's not fair side. Hold on the second Rubin moment but John hall and the clock will start with the first snippets. Frank I wish you all the luck in the world here we go. They don't care if correct. Oh lead. My big chance this devil. Right anyone. Ten seconds yeah. You. Their annual that was close under the law iron. Have a second left for I you to come as my putting up frankly. Listen I got a good news I'm playing I was on the streets. And doesn't look out I'm like oh my god. I thought that I could. While good on you do that Reuben I'm so sorry. You're a lack of effort. As I've been. I don't remember yours as it images tell you we'll have more Aaron Clinton's it has yet tomorrow tomorrow we are more or Clinton to discredit Colin tomorrow Ruben thanks for rice come along for the ride frank. September 15 at the forum find somebody it's going to be a great not a classic rock. I don't know why it's going to be over the moon because what good is this I am maybe one of the world's biggest problem that this whole collection. And we have been dying to see him again we've seen in numerous crimes Judas is gonna be a big in big one and I we've really really appreciate their. Awesome well brother hold on he's really your info and you're on your way to see this you know. I. Some criticism editor C Eric Clapton concert. Coming up to 731 innocence minded to see The Who in concert in Las Vegas all the details become an up. But I first some classic run the song was originally called dead in street because the lyric I was walking down a dead industry change it to sweet talk a moment. It's some sweet classic rock on the classic run morning show. I mean the globe to bring you look. Variety of your. And the agony on the me. Know my now you never will southern California's most beloved sportscasters Todd Dunn. Oh when he is brought to you by Theodore Robbins for them harbor boulevard in Costa Mesa family owned and operated since 1921. Breaking news this morning any time. Yet it is a former NFL. Star. Tight end it for a brief career Aaron Hernandez. Found dead in his jail cell in Massachusetts you quickly for the patriots who apparently hanged himself. And it is obvious just five days ago he was found innocent of double murderer. But of course he was serving a life sentence with no parole for the murder of owed them all the other murdered for the other murder and when he did exactly. And all this happening ironically perhaps on the day that the patriots are visiting the White House and president from. I don't I don't know what that is but at finally Tom Brady will not be making the trip to the White House he says he has it matters to attend. Now on to some sports. And clippers went over used on ninety united 91 my psyche that series up at a game apiece for fault when the points and rebounds here and had a 44 points. Jordan eighteen points and fifteen rebounds a mystery tied it in the piece and look out the east the number one seed the Boston Celtics. Loss to Chicago won eleven to 97 itself but you're down two games to none losing both games at home that would be a huge first round upset. In the NBA playoffs if that holds up. Now the angels say stacked earlier. Then why do over the Astros. Hey they even scored some runs yeah broke yet it broke its when he went and he went one inning consecutive scoring drought. Albert Pujols three run home run crash did that yeah it gets this field and dad's really anyway Eagles by two winners of the Astros. And the Dodgers lost for three of the rocky what went into a look at the Dodgers now. Is good jittery at the pitcher who you know he's been out most of last year to arm problems. And he's off to little restart this year although yesterday did those six innings gave up four runs at least his arm strength efficacy and and pirates popular sterling Arctic suspended. Eighty games. Performance enhancing drugs. One final note congratulations to Shareef oatmeal is a five star. 68 power forward high schooler ranked number nineteen. High school basketball player bachelor the football basketball they're pleasant when he AT is committed to go played basketball at the University of Arizona. Yes he is Shaquille O'Neal's. There ever wonder what the a genealogy is on the nature reef oatmeal at him yeah and six feet eight inches up our war. Hey that visitors were brought to you by the or Robin sport remember when you go to the ravaged port on that it on harbor boulevard cosa mesa Allopod Donahoe and it sounds to. They'll take care beef because to be part of it Robin stamp. You're the best double doctor tomorrow. If somebody's taking a bribe him. All. While thanks for joining us for the broadcast today my. Sincere hope that we have Gina grant back and feel better tomorrow so we'll look forward to that I know we had Clapton tickets are seventy and volume to do is a name for songs artists and titles sixty seconds which someone did this morning. Made a sweat but did it nonetheless saying also Adam grow a 609 and in just a couple of minutes. You might wanna tune in on FaceBook alive because Katie you have for this yes I really really. She he had just within fenced from our Starbucks get the brand new unicorn Fred pitino oh yeah it's a frantic genome yet but has unicorn pars on the top of the isn't really pretty and colorful and their sparkles and I hope it just turns into a magical. Horton or maybe just twitching sugar coma victim and the court that tune in FaceBook live as he's gonna do right now right now and you know we're just gonna happen right now. 100 minutes commercial free classic rock with uncle Joseph hearing columnists.