Podcast: Weekend Movies and Last Letter Friday

Friday, February 17th

Grae Drake from Rotten Tomatoes tells us the one movie you should see this weekend, plus it's Last Letter Friday!


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Welcome to the podcast version of Indian chain on the morning from 100. Previous sound southern California's classic rock station. Remember anytime you have something to say in any Ngo called three Q3 6925468. Three Q3 Mike clips. OK okay let's hear from Brian okay. Think about right then you done any pride day who. I regret that for a senate that we have tickets today for. Adam Lambert and clean. At the Hollywood Bowl and it is and that's another show on Monday we announced there at 6 AM on Monday morning even given way it is every single flash yes and some might say these are our last ticket say you're going to want to listen at 710 and make sure you call in and try to win these bad boys DS and also I agreed break. From rotten tomatoes I come I am so excited to hear about these movies this weekend in a doctor within the hour don't know about that the movies that are coming up this weekend. And we have the last letter Friday we you know we can move off last week because I was under the out there yeah. Who do daily and they sell a new era out of the position charts already to go in the meantime. Well for the position album but the Iceland that has a cigarette and that's that amusing guy this is that we have pressed the button how they. I were gonna play a little classic rock the Indian last won a point through the sound board maker. Did you lobby go he deserves some extra time. And it's only gonna get voice turn waste. Moisture or moisture isn't. Today is going to rein myself in the morning. It could dampen our spirits city and then he if you got tickets for Adam Lambert and clean as a Hollywood Bowl says it's going to be great at 7:10 PM virtually guaranteed not arraignment is it's a win tonight. Do yeah. It's the Hollywood roll call nothing bad happens at the Hollywood hell yeah. 'cause we've got those seventh and like you said then also just after that you're gonna trend. And then just after that. We used it last litigated well or her friend. We need your participation it is so much fun as a huge hit in so. I hate doing us any nation during the straining every letter of the first every morning Allison she's. I can anybody every first letter of the song past says start wish. What was easily tackle box everything I can't I guess with the last letter in the previous song you make you sound so easy yes it is it is it couldn't be more weeks. That's almost our veterans and for the first letter yes it's on site already down with his suspension paper the previous. In the meantime I'm Kerry did two good guys. Multiply by floor. It's going to be a long morning people. Ducks it. Xena I don't know you know mr. Bruce Springsteen is the greatest human being never locked it all he's a mention Helen and just laid Brisbane Australia numbers they could stick out. Brazile they do that's Q and I've been there is not to. But played their last night and there's a kid is that in the crowd via the name as a Nathan tester holding up a sign saying grown up he wants to hear a grown up all of them Bruce Springsteen's early record. And just listen. Okay. Anything you can stick to. The. He's like the sixteen and learn handling Michael Serra it's. An. Okay. Okay. The sax solo. Our buddy Jake Jake Clemons and deliver blows it right space man. Like I can get any better. In the middle part of the middle eight Bruce breaks it down this. Just played the guitar lessons on time. It brings me. Yeah. Yeah yeah. It's. And I realize it was about. When you leave this. Okay. So. And I. It's really weren't taken. The holdings and eight minutes about that yeah what's the whole thing it's really the greatest thing you can see. The crowd from the kid playing piano and Billy Joel's New York City mine I like this better. Really really go in the smile on your face inject this side right. Now let's stopping what trending from even back. Oh the strongest storm to hit southwest California and several years is expected to bring torrential rains flash flooding and powerful winds today. This storm is expected to dump up to six inches of rain in LA county beaches and valleys. Five to ten inches in the foothills. A flash flood watch has been issued for Santa Barbara Ventura and LA counties from this morning through tomorrow morning so stay safe out there. We were just talking about us during the commercial break the real lack fern lake of the the main metropolitan area of Los Angeles. Is there's lace and after 10 o'clock right now 10:2 in the morning I ran an hour and any errant throw them in on the road that their parents about midnight. How great it was well into that is rush hour in LA tennis at a minimum. According to a surprising new study flag football is no safer than tackle football researchers at the University of Iowa want to see if not allowing tackling with reduced rent it at risk of injury well no dice in fact injuries that were bad enough to keep players from missing games happen more often with flag football players. And tackle football players. I ended the rusty ends what he's doing to each other. I can see that actually mean putting on pads that is that been designed over decades and decades to try to prevent you from hurting you know keyed up your spots on your body. I can see where people would think oh well we're just playing tackle me you can still called heads easily. Well no not get off. And it's been nearly two years since Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced their split and now it looks like they're. Really ready to make it official yeah us weekly reports that garner is preparing to file for divorce and and the marriage of twelve years. I didn't know they were still married and and are now look at them all right well co dependency no more. I'm Gina grab method scanning online rotten tomatoes editor gray Drake we'll tell us which rainy day weekend movies to see and which ones to avoid that at 640 right now it reached number one on the billboard R&B chart and peaked at seven on the pop singles chart this is war this is Andean Gina and classic rock and 100 point three the sound. McClellan isn't big box you. He's great at finding manager. It's nice. They possibly with a finds an instrument this the public comment just. Gray drank a rotten tomatoes I come as he joins us to tell us what's coming out in theaters two day. Yamana plea that instrument. So first up we've got the movie called this site gets put it about this I. There you go way to go do you vote. I you. Charlie day from it's always sunny. Heart go in Matta head to head because they're teachers and Charlie day. He goes like this. And IQ loses his job. You out so we don't need to see it we just heard it. They got help desk handguns is also very rotten at the rotten this movie that we got to me a meter there's some laughs. But mostly punches. You and we've also got that great wall. Let me is this is yeah I'm. So great certain people will be watching the movie and taking note. Us. If there yeah. This this isn't Movielink you know that the Shogun. Miniseries on TV Sutley a period it's it's a fantasy. It is and in this fantasy degree while is designed to keep out. My I'm. There until. And Matt Damon is. One of the very few white guys in the movie that shows up to China and save them very well. Since. Yeah he didn't. Yet not it's not it's not poorly done the effects are fantastic but every time that someone is speaking. That's when you wanna go get popcorn says he's. Now all the wind that this week that I think will be most satisfying for the most people is a cure for wellness. Well it's well have you ever god to go get a massage. And at some point said. I never want to leave it is clay supposedly. That's what they're here for well look this is. So there's some creepy with. That's a whole bunch is stressed out business people go to do and they never leave. So being the time from chronicle. Goes to retrieve the field is companies so they can pin that crime on them. And he man. Earlier and it's. See you. Don't send you to think that you would think that would open you up to get a whole bunch of extra services like semi happy. And a little dead. But unfortunately it super creepy and upsetting for him and this movie is beautiful. As far as imagery goes it's very mysterious. There's only one problem. It takes two and a half hours to fight. I don't remove all wrong and it handled gray drink your beautiful as far as imagery goes through and they are. For sharing on this with us today you can find her rotten tomatoes dot com she's a senior editor over there ladies and gentlemen great drink. I don't get it. Exactly and why it's burning neighbors are all. It's time to open and these classic rock time capsule. And these guys got a time capsule for Friday February 17 2017. And and this is the day. In 1966. Dead beach boy Brian Wilson begins recording this little video. I. Good am trying to in the studio and his cousin Mike Love and thirteen other musicians known as the wrecking crew and they record in four studios around Los Angeles. Seventeen sessions over six months. At a cost of 50000. Dollars now translating for inflation 2017 money. About 370 grand for one song that all staff and number doesn't one in the recording engineers says the first day. Every bit as good as the last would. Both of them this day in 1969 to Columbia records artist. Fire at legends find themselves recording and Jason studios in Nashville Bob Dylan. And Johnny Cash costs in an opportunity for two fold titans to collaborate they perceive to try. Consider eleven duets yet only one of them see as delighted then re. See you love. Yeah. Who. That is that's really not very good Johnny was good yeah. And now. They're both pretty did you do to the digit lead dog a girl from north country ends abundant at Dylan's Nashville skyline album it's a very Smart 350 year old British folk songs on the Simon and Garfunkel had hit. Two years earlier with but it. It's bigger than Johnny Cash though today in 1971 he does something brilliant he has James Taylor Linda Ronstadt and Neil Young on his TV series the Johnny Cash Show also taste in Nashville. And afterwards I Neil. Drags James and Linda down to the studio where he's recording the harvest album and he has the missing background locals. On heart of gold and old man. Then James season we'll be. It's hard to know learn is entirely evangelist from them like the regular sixteen guitar and it plays a little bit on their day angry if you ask me to. And. All so we're watching cable ten a roller Illinois community access channel. They Aerosmith appear on Saturday night live's means. And then sing the theme to this show. It does no. Also discuss the fall of the Soviet Union as Aerosmith is we want to do you know what they're doing right now they're playing as out of in these classic run time capsule. You're listening to Indian Gina. A 100 point three of us out. You. We've got tickets for queen and I heard announced on Monday morning around 6 AM another show added June 27 I believe. And if you like to go to that show well the tickets go on so that they knew we need is one of from us. And it's easy way to go about it Katie who's on the line of Iraq doors. We have Chris from Rancho Cucamonga lane one. All right. Chris we'll start off with a view on the play you a little snippet of a queen song you have to guess what it is and if you do you get the tickets easy right. You. All right okay. As I'm sure there's gonna we're govern well religion I'm pleased were you doing here we go listen carefully. Who play a more time for you Chris. It's tough on and off a Buick gets from that any got any idea any guests. It is not this and Obama might demand around the OK so don't go into a movement on his online to we got and then in Irvine Evan and Irvine and almost illiterates avenue ready. And we don't listen carefully. Boom that's pretty Verizon on CNN. More time have an ego. In the guesses. Chewed. 32. All right hold on you might. A move on to align three who we got Tina from Winnie error c'mon dean's. Well I'd have I'd. Dean what is it yeah what time. Bringing him to. All right my. Obama might not around nine a big comeback to Chris Chris I think this might be your lucky day you ready. Do we do isn't usually. Oh my god this is that the low. Around. Bicycle. And now they're flush out OK. Chris you heard clean before yes. They're on their bid was shouting at the guys weren't as we speak I think it left Evans gonna be lucky man look they. I BM and M and here we go here's the final final clue. Neman. Was that song. And under pressure. Yeah son the 27 of June a lovely night a new stars at the Hollywood Bowl and remember it was queen you're gonna do is be taken along that Adam and Evan. I'm well he had a good afternoon everybody. Yeah it is those applications out there. Yeah that amends not come out to get you an idea bevy of of applicants well hold our own TV's gonna get your information we listen you do great show okay. Eric found it thank you welcome and for the rest of us you know starts next 000. I can get my day yeah start red if you do trends hold on. We find that what's going on a social media when Gina transcend. Bounce around me is really straight and. Our all the big storm is approaching the California coast today may bring ahead needs your day arraigned. To the Los Angeles basin and actually bigger than we've seen in six years. Flood watches have been posted to the entire Southland of California including LA and San Diego. Extending into the southern Sierra foothills below snow level even death valley national park consider the driest place in the US. He's in a flood watch please be careful out there. Sticks RE SP dragon and Don Felder will team up this summer for the united we rocked to where it starts on June 20 in Washington State and runs through August 22 in New Jersey. Tickets go on sale February 24 that. Those sticks is toured with a vote Ariel and elder this is the first time Mario and Zelda will hit the road together. When chatting with our very own rock reporter cells aren't the only Felder was very complimentary when talking about his association with Dario. And so these. I directly and indirectly literally evidently guys for decades and have admired not only them as musicians that. Know them as personal just wonderful people. Says that it's going to be a real love that we see in the video that the man. No hilarious as Tommy shop eat trying to get them together and it's fun I can't explain it really want to get to see a banana. You guys on our FaceBook page I was an early on in. Real rush right over I'm Jean grad nuts of spending alone online OK here's the deal people right now we're kicking off last letter Friday. We are gonna take off with new kid in town not every song that begins at the last letter of the previous titles so we need a song that starts and and give us a call 8886961003. Give us that and his son now this is a handy and Gina and classic rock on 100 point 3% to. I think the globe to bring you look. And the agony of the meat. Again that's southern California's most beloved sportscaster Todd nominal with us he brought to you by Theodore Robinson Fordham on harbor boulevard goes to mesa. Family owned and operated since 1921. I was going to. You know so that really golfers over Riviera not so good. And by arraigned today obviously and yesterday Sam Saunders at the first round lead at seven under the Dustin Johnson 500 Mickelson four under George Reid to wonder but. You know they're gonna probably make this turn of Avian fiftieth world sort of a depending on how many. You know rounds they get it because rain is going to be the winner. We get that feeling. Don't of the Indian Ocean went when I negotiate my work agreement. Would they be using it this now mean I made two demands was a day to demand the one that. You cannot force me to watch all star game at Christmas yeah do you cannot force me to watch award shows. I don't mess and so the NBA All Star Games as we did so anyway you Dionte Georgia's previously done. So check it out now I by the way award shows and I know the Oscars are great weekend. Next Bryant again an assignment for you guys that were all brought to the weather five favorite sports movies and let alone that's good. Ended if you want democratic produced the show okay but some of these new look if you want to do. I'll olive they Julie you guys did a segment of five best movies of all time you know regardless so you guys could pick your five. And I'll and I'll leave the five best light yeah I love it another resemblance to segments on that aren't. Quite. And it held its rams quarterback Jarrett golf is working with the quarterback gurus Tom house and Adam data. Now these guys have worked with Drew Brees. Tom Brady Matt Ryan a Carson Palmer Eli Manning. The amazing thing is these guys are not quarterbacks. Their former pitcher Tom house is a major economic data data have been mightily pitcher Tom house for trivia buffs as the guy who caught. Hank aaron's 715 home run a lot of bull how the bullpen and Atlantic got a full stadium. Out of old guys in there in Atlanta when he broke babe Ruth's record struck by the again. All the jets cornerback Darrelle Revis he's been charged with war cronies play it's in suburban street altercation in Pittsburgh. With two men involving itself votes cell phone video taken the cell phone punches knocking him out. Guess what time and after he. And his mom always says nothing good happens after midnight to 43 AM. You she was right about that yet you could see that would come. And in the NHL Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins becomes the eighteenth effort much as 86% in. NHL history crossed a thousand point mark he becomes the twelfth fastest to do it though. By the way to kings lose to Arizona five to three things right now in ninth place and the ducks Antoine permit and he has been suspended ten games by the NHL. We're slashing alliance which is up Tuesday night that gave. If he lost a face off and that is that is that inning and he wrapped you know the refereed the lines in there it was probably wouldn't tell anyway has been around now it is different. Hey that does for sports brought to you by Theodore Robben scored. Coast to mesa harbor boulevard family relatives nineteenth when it would check out the 1914. Model T Ford. In the showroom it's all about family at the Robbins. Lord try to you know get off that easy a were doing last letter Friday time so we just had sympathy for the double every song has to begin with the last letter. Of the previous and so we need an L song what's gonna be a did you nutrients. You know it's what you don't want to hear your wife or girlfriend say when they're getting ready to leave on a road trip as a if you can't be what the one you love honey from local. RA results I think Stevens they'll start as a nice to have a great week inside a variety. Slime today the last leg amiable billion next Friday local and you need to dead near brown it was really fun. It was really bury it makes that an hour an hour forty minutes go like that. I got good news bad news okay. Monday. We're not doing a program. It's Wednesday so the day off but here's the great news that this afternoon with Cynthia fox starts. Rolled a nice weekend. Moved all in long roll the dice whenever the guys show that some of these social place meets the classic rock artist he goes all weekend long and then we come back with a vengeance on Tuesday couldn't. He's got a hall of Famer. Steve Hackett original guitarist in Genesis of any millions to buddy know. None that I'm more I. Yeah I'll talk to him so should be a hoop until then. Please please drive carefully and other Disney do his best to help you out when a man in a row.