Podcast: A Very Dramatic 4 In 60

Tuesday, April 18th

We have a very dramatic round of "4 In 60," plus Mike TV highlights the latest Trump tweets and big Eagles news!


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Welcome to the I guess version of any age you know on the more. He does sound Southern California is classic rock station remember anytime you have something to say anything she. Call 32369250. Or 68 best three Q3 Mike Clancy and it's 5 o'clock. Classic rock morning should start. There's no team has great. Already already my car. And I feel more lonely than they usually do finding. Mike he's here. In the thousands here. Fifth it cheers me just a little warms my carpal slightly. I wonder what you're doing this. I give a shout dated 86961003. Is there anything in the movie box except cobwebs. There's a couple things a couple of days and she's gonna get editor was sweeper. In the you call them and you're just mildly entertaining. The man who could be something of the movie box but I'll tell you what you're gonna get today. Doing their best. Need not ask for. We have some tickets to giveaway at 710. In the game called for sixty tickets for Ryan Adams and up also we've got. A little something called classic rock. Human into his Bon Jovi whose name I think means good god. Wouldn't it. Sure fond good cheerleader. You to be closing on morning show 100 point 3% to. Say hello. What are doing an audit. Do those early a little bit better problem everywhere. Aren't running. Trucked in across the south land the white line fever a loving yet again nice did you ever have white line fever better. That is is that a rash is this on this street with a topical ointment her. You've never added how would you know what's your name. John we have a rule whom we talked to our friends in the trucking industry do you the Tug on that day airborne Boris. And and. No eyes. I John hey hold unassailable up finds that amount of the goody backs to exists in your way all right. At that exact. It might look at issue here. Thank you brother thanks for the guy Mort all of them and it's not skating. And tell you what I think we've got some great class a Brooklyn that no Gina this morning which makes sense. But I'm lead by the Led Zeppelin and the C Sierra this year you're in just moments it's the classic rock morning showings and CCR song have you ever seen the rain is the arraignment a metaphor for bombs in Vietnam. Now home. Not according to John Fogerty says it's about being the man where you're topping the charts you've got more money than god you've got everything you want and you're still miserable. Because everybody teach others let's have never seen the ran off the brilliant pendulum album. You're listening to the classic -- morning show 100 point three the sound. Now the man could be heard around the universe is mr. Mike T being looked like Steve name. You I am like you know addicted to TV time my name in the so doing he's really mayor and of guys put a little fun in our president for his interesting tweets over the weekend over the Easter holiday weekend and here's that Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen col Baer. Is now president trump spent Easter morning is the first week at 8018 AM. Said why would I called China a currency manipulator when they're working with a us on the North Korean problem we will see what happens. Then six minutes later someone listen reminding them what the deal was. These are ever. Got back to work early this morning. On the area he can make the biggest impact and that's Twitter. Right tweeting his favorite TV show quote. The first night. Days of my presidency has exposed did tell new fan here. And the last eight years of foreign policy because quote so true at FOX & Friends. Oh I understand what's going on here he's quoting FOX & Friends who is quoting him. Green. With a quote I'll. At mile high and I thought a bit because it's a bit new moves did they do that more. So. Paul McCartney. Starts his 2017. Tour a week from today in Tokyo. David Crosby. Who we just talked to last week on Tuesday. He. Begins his 109 eighths in Anaheim. Well Easter Sunday two days ago. David Crosby Stan announced as a rehearsal space they have this rehearsal spaces around comic is one on sunset a Wilcox on this IR. Different places around town where fans will come to rehearse and get ready to go out and do their tourist weld is thin and outside their win. Cushion role of the does blue Corvette. But Mac yet. Paul McCartney. Nervously talk to each other outside they know each other from the sixties when they David Crosby was in the birds and Paula curtains and The Beatles course. Anderson there talking a little bit later on. Mac it comes up those who look was good Coleman and little gem a little bit more well. Full bloom home and thus illegal and they hang out that's an extraordinary yet when I was on the I was just playing the Lanka that was like he was in the room. Later on Twitter David Crosby says quote definitely fun to see Paul he has a really nice man and was very complementary to us and he in his stellar band. Were seriously. Rocking so two. Artists revitalized and really anxious to get on the road have a question wasn't McCartney mr. environmentalist straight month revenue Corvette militants. Maybe there's a hybrid court. I don't know the details on but Katie tells new got a classic rock concert review online and wants the sound hello. Andy good morning. Hey this is Dan Rolla. Dan how you doing then you. It goes CEO of Steely Dan in Vegas. All right guys still again activity. I'm like eight years it's a small when you look like 2500 people. And I'm delegate Donald figured that the bad it's not that there is dead branded the Sudan orchestra. I probably like fifteen people they got back polo club for both ivy and you got three brought them back but you called them the damn bad. I mean these guys are so tired Walter Becker all of the laureate I mean I've had a flat out there nice. Completely Bronson. Also tell you remember about their debt to do or do we got all we all got app that we all Hager regretted. Well. Well I can think of no one better to report on the day and then damn. Very. Then base report back to let you enjoy the show breach of loaded. Fallen 1965 The Beatles need a single for the Christmas season. And what says Christmas more than a song about drugs. Is about drug ring it. They trooper on the classic ground morning show 100 point 3%. I. David Boeing one of the greats that we lost in 2016. And another. Is Glenn fry. You know December 8. Is gonna mark the fortieth anniversary of the release. Of hotel California the eagles' fifth studio album I am. A deluxe edition is on the way and they're doing it because Glen Frye passed away right. Now. Don has. Once the clear something up regard you know regarding that it's not because Glenn castaway if there were gonna do that anyway because a lot of interviewing them with with what anniversaries come public debt. It's true what's been happening the Joshua Tree and so forth muted. Tonight you know some 1977. Rock history. But at some 1877. Rock history coming up for you in in these classic right time capsule that's next to us. Remove about 140. It's time to open and these classic rock I am camp so let's open. And these guys at a time got support Tuesday April the eighteenth 2000. And seven team. You finished seven French inventor and writers. Charles crow CRO best. Rights of paper on how to record and replay sound. That's an 1877. So and friends to be ask someone who invented sound recordings they won't say Thomas Edison to those safe Charles crow the course divorcee Charles overdose at shop. Shocked Charles grows easily to a bizarre regression they say Sheryl Crow and musician Sheryl Crow. You saw Jerry Lewis yeah humor funny like they like to do and in France what a seven on this. Today in 1970 Led Zeppelin intends arrived veterans memorial coliseum in Phoenix Arizona looked. Right in the middle of the show brightness in the center of the stage Robert Plant collapses due to which they're quotes illness. Shows canceled the show the next night in Vegas. Tuesday night they won yes breaks up after thirteen years together tomorrow broken up did you know this speaking of Led Zeppelin. Chris squire the bassist and drummer Alan why have some rehearsals. The former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and singer Robert Plant. If Roberts feeling better and and they call the project XYZ. Four X yes and zeppelin. But then they decided to reunite yes and. And mark and I know 125. Album. And thirty years ago they foreigners singer Lou Graham pizza number five on the billboard hot 100 chart with his debut solo single midnight blue 21 critic calls the great singles. The album rock there. While another says quote despite its hit status it's one of the decades truly under appreciated singles if you hear how is like us suffer you know even REM covered it on tour in 1987 to look that opened YouTube it's pretty pretty fun. Can you know what I think we here. Going to have that song play us out and these classic run time capsule December it's so good this let's do the whole thing through. You're listening to the classic rock morning show a 100 point three the sound. Bryan Adams coming down his play in the Greek theatre on May twentieth that's nice we kick off summer they think. I. Do is identify. Four songs by artist and title correctly in sixty seconds Katie who's on the line to play the game. We've got Julia from when apart and Cindy from West Covina lovely hi yeah. How are you I'm pretty. Well little like your you cocky attitude is that talking is there isn't dispositive. Okay there at the end. It's cut it in the Julia quote we'll have you play the game we identified four songs artist and title and if you do that correctly you get the tickets a game. Cindy was convenient. Good morning hi you do nothing sit there just look good and if Julia blows it you get to dig itself by default. Learn they're awesome might put you on hold Cindy. See somebody needs to be happy by the end of this so to we don't have Gina today so we've got Mikey run the clock and and run and he's down he's in the started with the first. Snippet here Julia. Best of luck to you here we go. Like any. What's that what's on. I am like you know. That's right too wound. Need two more. Program. Now know they'll. Ten seconds. I didn't report. Roy was then were. Likes to lay it is just smash just. And I hate that guy. Cindy. Yeah I think what do you have to say did you listen to. I'm so sorry Eric. I'm good. It was and yeah. And it was cancer as those in the world for Julius so you know what Julia a what you play again because I think yeah I think. It isn't your game I think that you can do this you just just little blue break glare of the spotlight so we wanna hear from you again all right. They say you do Cindy you are going by dumb luck the C Bryan Adams of the Greek theatre so congratulations. And thank you I rather have played better failed I think certificate and. Like that's like era adventurous spirit or maybe sometime soon TVs and get your information and in just a minute we're gonna shares of classic rock from Aerosmith on the senate. And look at your watch 730 is just minutes away. You know Julie imminent open Bryan Adams run the U in my head so we'll do that but. Before you run you have to walk. Star over the Aerosmith to the classic grind morning show 100 point three the sound. I think the globe to bring you luck. And they ideally on the mean southern California's most. Sportscasters Todd Donahoe I love them. He's brought to you by Theodore Robbins or don't harbor boulevard and goes to raise a family owned and operated since 1921. More than done. Patriot morning you guys. The ducks look like they're going to be in the second round of the playoffs that now one last night's 54 and over and get this they were down 42 Billy did the third period. And and it might have scoring to the third period think Corey Perry's school minute thirty and over time so. They're up three games don't want to congratulate them where to clippers got to get it going tonight they're down one game to none. To let the Utah Jazz and they lost that first game of the buzzer beaters the guy went tonight at Staples Center. Why both the games of the Dodgers lots of Eagles get that they lost the Astros. Three to nothing gets shut out for the second even wrote the first time that's happened in five years but he. Back to back teams shut out Los exit row now and they Houston street they're closer. He's on a 68 is to put on the sixty day disabled list Fareed mild shoulder impinge. It was smiled Octavia for sixty days in his movement for the angels got camera growers in his much better right now so. They don't need Billy Easton. Well it the engagement and keep on the field for sixty days and a blisters gonna keep Rich Hill on the deal for ten days for the Dodgers he went up a blister blistered. Ten day disabled list. You don't with the old time baseball players say about guys that he's been out with me with minor infringements and blisters. A Dodgers might delay the Los fortitude to the end Angel but the Arizona Diamondbacks last night. And of course the other managers Torre look follow. He's from Santa Monica originally UCLA. And he had a very famous dad to relive old Diaz now we don't know. The producer of the show he hall glad the book I mean it's a giant syndicated program and he bought some. Instead they're out right exactly it's. Where oh where are you. I ever that yeah yeah. Craig's death and let's they all end up by the way they auctioned off. The first base that was used in game seven of the World Series the cubs you know World Series for the B Cleveland's last year. They sold first base and went for 101000. Dollars. Yikes yikes and I hear ya that WWE last night I don't you saw it on raw. Video but brawn stroman soup like the big showdown that's about 600 pounds of men hitting the ring on one time. And the ring collapsed never seen of it and and the rep recalled a rink collapsed. So there you have it for the first time ever on this program in one sports report Hee Haw and the WWE. Okay and let me tell it it's the last thing that could answer that. But that's in the sports rubs you by Peter Robbins for good native David Jim Robin's great folks family folks family owns and operates its nineteenth when he wants. Go check out the 1914 model T in his showroom. It's the same model T that grant Bosnia Jordan stated his wife quit and started the whole darn family anyway so. You guys Todd led another empathy you lose your own home. So we barely did that today I got through the program without the help of a junior grand should be back tomorrow though. And it's a good things come back because we've got a Eric Clapton to us and evenly Clapton tickets 710 and now of the game four and sixty just identify for songs by arson title in sixty seconds. The premise is easy. The actual. The execution and it is another thing entirely to be prepared for that and also. Why you can't find the Bob Seger is records. In the store. Little special. Inside. From a guest contributor as America gearing up for. Record day our record store day this Saturday. And to start off your workday right now mr. record storm cell that's on the children 100 minutes of commercial free classic rock a year ago.