Podcast: St. Patrick's Day Show

Friday, March 17th

We're celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Katie "Chick On The Street" at Tom Bergin's, plus it's Last Letter Friday!


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Welcome to the podcast version of Indian chain on the morning from 100. He does sound Southern California is classic rock station. Remember anytime you have something to say in any Ngo called three Q3 69250. Or 68 dead. Three Q3 might call. In February in the green for saint patty's day bush since early may still pull totally totally would. Everybody had to stop that yeah happy Saint Patrick's Day. Against a better judgment and news we're sending the wonderful Katie Thompson and just leader yet. Around the corner to Tom burns up literally either going to walk around the corner and go invade a far. Before the sun's pretty much rather risen to do drink before 6 AM yet. But we'll talk to them six and nine and see us going and if you happen to be in the mood for them playing hooky today and not do its debriefing. When you're down there I'd tell them if you have a song for the last letter Friday minister. Yes you can either call us you can text us or you did and some bargains in like TD in just doing time has. Emily do that. Hinduism was classic rock then went for its Indian Jinan classic rock a 100 point 3%. I. I and I. And go Rockies. Any saint patty's day went on Iran. This they can go out. Today so I just got to DNA results back my sister did that thing you know they insisted on top three in the year Angels Camp 10% to 10% 9% I was much more. Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Yeah it's the tenth in the that tent is going to celebrate the Jesus out of it we have since Katie Thompson. Down and I if might stand up I can see that as Winona literally yet but I know once again right over here we're sending her to the quintessential. Irish club here in Los ends it is 6 o'clock in the morning and that place is already rocked in general and yes we sit her down there. If you have as an idea for a song fourth. Our last minute Friday seriously and our fifteen minutes of the team. A you can just go down there tell her it's you can tell us easy teams and the best we do that is turnaround turnaround shake her really hard and stream it in her face she's going to. What is oh what what has been going on scoring that's crazy great individually here in the Kansas than that it's just an Irish. And in the meantime. We've got great classic crash. Like this irishman. Irish Allman now okay. Ramirez and indians' evening classic rock a 100 point three is somewhat taken with Katie here in 97 minutes. Yeah. It's Indian Gina thanks for joining us this morning when he classic not this morning also thrive so last letter Friday starting in little over an hour of and we thought also it would be a crime if we didn't have Katie Thompson Archie chemistry go overseas LA's quintessential. Pop just around here and rounded corners on American and the case. Help LL LL hearing at chick on street near top American. I'm so what I found out on a walk over is that this is not a German holiday. Hello my eye on definitely a little bit but luckily iris is most up all over here they have Irish coffee. On they all have got a lot to green shirt I have on its action. And I'm ready. We're gonna order should be furious and I think to try to Irish pop it's more I don't know what we need to illegal cheer when Ilya I'm teach. There's a little bit in the crowd there at 6:8 am. Oh don't worry we waited in line to get. I haven't never did up in Alaska. I hit 5 AM to get to a bar soap that is just ops do you know any Irish word that I can be like cheer about here. I don't know too many I know like in gaelic in Irish if you wanna say hi to somebody you're like oh no you say the sweet. They show they Chilean I was on athletes. Are Blarney stone I ask Ron Kuby Gregory and let she's talking to stick to that should give them. But you never know it's the well. There we're sitting here at the bar again I'll order some drinks at our return to hand out check back in Wiki LA. A little bit of homework a finds some people who love classic rock because when we start last letter Friday night and our. We can take request live from Tom Bergen it's. All night okay perfect conduit keep your ITF on it. On the street second upper right now. Or did you grad trends and let us know what's on social media. Well today march 17 is Saint Patrick's Day everybody and making things even better this year it's okay so hope to get to green onion shamrock shakes drink in the green beer the Irish whiskey go hold O and don't forget the corned beef and cabbage plays. I here's a couple of fun facts that you can impress everyone with day 56%. Of Americans plan to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day thirteen. A million. Pints of Guinness will be consumed there's 70% increase in cabbage shipped Manson during Saint Patrick's Day week. And please please please be careful out there today because people are. Already drinking yeah. Yeah so Hoover and stay home if you're not participating as it is going to be crazy out there Eric Clapton has been talking about retirement since the late nineties plays the first two dates of his eight DH US run this Sunday and Monday at Madison Square Garden in New York. These be followed of course by two dates at the forum here in LA on March 25 and point six. Think we gave what some tickets and as I remember correctly they shows in celebration of the seventy S 72 birthday on March 30 sold out so quickly. That's four more were added in September here's a portion of Clapton's. Rock and roll hall of fame speech from 2000. For me it's about the music I'm just the messenger I carried a message I hope you get to do that as long as I live. I'm old what it was thank the guys that I worship when I was going on this Robert Johnson don't want giants how to move my view is pretty came. Will send giving credit where credit is due I'm Gina grad and that's what's trending on line coming up at 640. Stuck gracefully and today well. Not today today but sixty years ago do you. And he'll tell us all about that in the classic rock time capsule. And speaking of that fifty years ago. Odyssey and oracle these zombies album came out and the tour starts tonight the reunion of the zombies column one stone rod argent Chris wife. And drummer everyone's favorite drummer Q grundy. I don't want to restarting tonight we'll have played some zombies right now on their. Hundreds Indian Jinan classic rock from 100 point through the center. You're planning on celebrating. Music veterans day weekend by him into a movie. We've got a perfect guest for a great great senior editor and rotten tomatoes dot com are you Irish. Yep and I'm drunk already. Nice. Clearly your day what does seem like you're a couple of Beers and who well how about you watch the telco experiment. Because most people listening work in an office. But imagine. That. Every exit would walled off and then in the theories which comes over the loudspeaker and says you have to start killing people or they will. That happens here. It's unfortunate that a cross between office space and soft. Oh yeah that's the good ones you also acceptable the scourge reached the office I like to us. Thumb and those start Tony Goldwyn the current scandal man I just forgot I just forgave that Joker for Killen tragically being go to. And he's so mean in the movie but this one. Is 48% rotten on the tomato meter pretty high current horror movie actually in it. Very intense my husband and I thought click on Valentine's days. You guys. It's so. Alternatively. Perhaps the kinder movies for all of your drunken sold out there is of beauty and the beat. I. It is good that it it it's impossible for it not to be because it is directly lifted from the animated version so long ago. It stars Emma Watson from Harry Potter. It's stars in even from TV legion which you should watch it or not. And you know what it is these beautiful movie fantastic song. A couple new elements. And at the end of the day it's like a beautiful person making out with a beautiful buffalo. Lot of that and they should have billed that way by the way I heard Emma Watson dropped out of La La land to do this and Ryan Gosling dropped out of this to do our own limp. Yes isn't that crazy I heard that you and I think that both of the film ended up. Perfect as they are. Everyone is going to love this one you don't have to know they animated version to enjoy it. And yeah I like is so much I dressed up like Hulu near the candelabra. The amazingly you're halfway there the beautiful red arrows up your hand. That's right I come with a bill complaint. This one is 68% fresh on the made a meter critics wish that it was maybe a little bit more. Unique and creative they knew as compared to the animated version but it felt good. That must Tony some more days than the original version right. I think that is the actual scientific percentage yeah that would be the care journalists who earlier this referring to his band around the world the various places. Yeah you know what everybody when he seventeen it just could be in the film that makes it feel very modern and I think he should focus on all the pretty people singing and dancing song. Well there you go well we're focused on another mystery person great drinks does this every week forest senior editor at rotten tomatoes dot com and their chief Thomas Thomas just great. Happy saint patty's day. Thank you I'm gonna have another shot and honor the buffalo this is the. It's time to open and these classic rock time capsule. The Emmys last run time capsule for Friday march 17. 2017. Saint Patrick's Day and is a lucky day in the world of rock general public EB. The judge on this day sixty years ago Elvis Presley by is the Graceland estate loan. Paul Simon moves and know the uprising for a hundred since 2500. Dollars 100000 dollars from grace. And by the way I king has lots of work I've done before it moves in the do you know the name Graceland comes from land. It was originally the Graceland Christian church. Named after the builder's daughter. Grace grace too and you know today in 1973 Eric Weisberg starts at three weeks stay at number one on the album chart with. Dooling banjo was from the movie deliverance it's a little bluegrass that he actually was written in 1955 by Arthur Smith as feuding banjo. Weisberg changes at the dueling banjo for the film. I didn't make that men do squeal like a big. Not to do what he did today in 2003 when my favorite guitarist mark not perform leave dire straits breaks his collarbone. And several ribs and a motorcycle back. He's on his way to a rehearsal went a woman who turns them around. And he puts the motorcycle right in the center regard she's convicted of careless driving and mark thankfully recovers fully and it. I'm not sure if Van Halen can recover from this today in 1998 they put out there only album with Gary sure groan of extreme Van Halen the streets it's a huge steps but not because of Gary Sharaud. There's a pretty good singer I think is because Eddie Van Halen sings this crap sandwich called how many say hi listen. And yeah. How many say I how many Seibu. Wolf take. They this remember the more artful day's event here and by having them play us out of in these classic growth. Time capsule looks Indian Gina. And classic rock them 100 point 3% of the. So I'm thinking get this right diamond Patrick whacked on the snakes out of Ireland so they say to them yeah and now we drink about. Exactly right there right yet. Well we sent our own chick on the street Katie Thompson down dude Tom burdens bar right over here and I think she somehow managed to wrangle the owner of the barred Katie got I'm. I I'm here it's number idea what you're strapped what I'm old loving and how. Do you think. Now in lying to get in it. That's how BP everybody. Feels fantastic every group has been keeping it looks like this thirty year. With the people in the door is still the same people abandoned every year since 1968 yeah. Medicaid gap that ought all what would you say is that sleazy it's been seen at an article accurate. All of my my personal favorite is that. Videos are below the mayor and actually. His view is part and a couple of times. Yeah and on a few years so. But having him behind the bar and actually it's funny because a lot of people are looking minded. Got the Wii is the mobile you can be like you're you're yelling at the mayor of our commitment. But that's not what would be our. App. Oh as heroes. Act. Earlier men and out literally and I think that's what it looked. What will happen if all goes to war and deliver iris which. I brought him comfort as. And I can't. Think it's only like it or let him come down to come back. Back in and ask mark pretty good about it so I'll be break out here playing. Last letter would you please ace on any rocks here let's say that are you accusing YouTube I got older I think that we can get any. Absolutely I love that Shrek is kicking the stuff had to read. And history snag an outnumbered and ran out. Brian lassie Stephen grant is trending to. Well a lot of people will be celebrating Saint Patrick's Day with a pint of Guinness today. Don't be surprised though that one pint turns into several into the evening according to a new study. People underestimate how much they drink by 15%. Are more and more best of the environment and more fun you're having the less likely you are to stop drinking to woo yeah. If this sounds like you today I have fun and it's leaves stay safe on those roads in honor of March Madness Outback Steakhouse is offering a special version of its trademark blue men onion. These three poli blooming onion is a regular women onion topped whipped. French Fries Monterey and cheddar cheese shop bacon and stop just. It's sprinkling of sirloin steak. The dishes available through April 4 and how many calories Andy do you think they've packed into this no one belly bomb. 15100. If you were you closer to pack your head 3000. And a little more. That is twice the daily allowance for most it's disgusting but I still somehow I wanna run and all of a test. Think you should have won harder to stay sentenced. I'd have a little fun before claim by a hard declaration. I did it got and that's what's trending on line and we're about to kick off the game yes. Yeah last letter Friday you know Jim Leavitt we've been doing it for awhile now. Every song passed to begin with the last letter of the previous song and we let's sure. They're the Derek yeah racetrack is the manager number himself Arcadia I just haven't picked the first song to kick us off so it didn't matter what started with he chose. An Irish band U2 and elevations and now we need your end song Brasilia in songs he has text. Tex lasted 21003. With your son or call us 8886961003. I. I think the globe to bring you them. And the agony on the me. Loves sportscaster happens to be Todd Dunn who was brought to you by Theodore Robinson poured down on harbor boulevard goes to raise a family owned and operated since 1921. A little drama ahead of UCLA's first games out yes and happy Saint Patrick's Day Ellen you guys yeah. I have and I've touched anything yet today. Days or is there. I well here's the deal I mean yesterday Indiana flyers their basketball coach Tom Green. Whose name is coming up that they coaching candidate. Why none other than Hoosier great a man who led his team to a national championship thirty years ago this year. And is the school's all time leading scorer. UCLA basketball called basketball coach Steve Alford in school he's not gonna release silly he got teased tumor balls on the right. I didn't exactly as the false okay. An ace immediately the balls I don't think they'll begin of course we're talking about. Lee Angelo and let mellow ball and Navarro is Arianna stay so. I I need your coach did you leave. The ball Brothers about 330 yards by the way UCLA against Penn State later on today 657 local time. It's going to be USC vs SM BU 11:10 this morning. And debt at the brother are listen I know he does in the Kansas Kansas when he Davis later on this afternoon. And it games yesterday in the year Purdue team won by ten over Vermont yes air is already got them one by twenty over North Dakota. Inside a bite whiny over South Dakota State and serie Kenexa OTC at. No no that's fine again now. And gathright and Villanova by two when he over I've not seen her so it's it's like get twenty points was via. Was victorious and northwestern. Its first ever game in the NCAA tournament 21 victory over Vanderbilt. So there you go. And he'll pull by the way if you believe agreed today teams wearing green Michigan State or again. And Baylor but you do it. And to put together. Those are greedy and old Notre Dame won yesterday they were green but it was JPEG case who cares. Let's see now the oh the clippers lost last night to Denver once when he won the won fourteen Blake Griffin. And the average George did not play either getting rest so much NFL news and a national who's running backs raiders are considering acquiring retired running back. Marshawn Lynch. How about that they say it's it's kind of serious he says it won't come back at all else. When it's his hometown the raiders Oakland so we'll see what happens there and there are great offensive line exactly he knows his garage behind there is one of the best offensive lines. And the vikings are matters is running back Adrian Peterson his days in Minnesota are overweight. They side with from the previous Murray and so far no team usually rush did it take. Adrian Peterson and the rams signed a linebacker. Connor borrowing for the Eagles last year and running back Lance Dunbar. But the cowboys lesser but obviously to get him carries because. The busy well. And NHL kings led to another over buffalo they're still four points down with twelve games to play say that does for sports editors of the great saint patty's day why not celebrate. With the guys. At Theodore Robinson board that's right Costa Mesa. Harbor boulevard tellem dot Donahoe said just tell him happy Saint Patrick's Day at Theodore Robinson who slices yeah look on the only family. Is that way what is alleged audio legitimately. Okay. And it is true in the right now. Well today is Saint Patrick's Day having Saint Patrick's Day everybody if you're a big fan of party in hard for the holiday you're in luck because. This year few which means you have all weekend to recover works. So you can argue whatever you do here's a rundown as is. And stuff to consider when you're getting your green on people around the world drink about thirteen million. Pints of Guinness on Saint Patrick's Day every year that's enough to fill. Two and a half Olympic size swimming pools. And while business booms in Ireland on March 17 nobody parties harder than Americans USA USA. Total US spending on holiday is about five point three billion dollars. But really that's up from four point four billion dollars last year politely and how to get it done these things consumer lifter someday yes amateur night absolutely butts while the bars and America will be filled with those sloppy drunks. This is not the way EV I wish duet pop culture over there was never about getting drunk is not socializing using up. Storytelling in music they'll do it their way we'll delivers. Please stick it to a four day of course exactly IG got an Evans turning online it is last letter Friday and I believe our own Todd Donahoe has a song yet. Tom we left off with us empathy for the doubles so the next Onassis start with that last letter L when you have. Well you give him time to think about this one and in 1973 my freshman year college the hottest album going. Captain and me to be rather shop bought long train. All right we'll generally slow and I looked it up. The song ends with. An end apostrophe sing a song that starts at an impostor long train to run and not so I you know and ends songs let is know about them. Last letter Friday on the sound. Heck it was anybody has seen many decent a lot of fun do last there Friday we'll get a little empty in just a couple of seconds but we dispensed Katie. Yeah for a very special reason today. Send over to Tom Marines just around the corner weird thing jostling there are a production ROL programming assistant and they've been basically hanging out drinking more. Who's the best people song on here in nineteen. Only act so and now look at a lot of that I have been looking at Joshua does not appear must act really taxed like three straight ninety. Solid not so early for me to be looking like a parking lot of people look like 2050 people but I definitely am the sun is coming up and guy. Had a fantastic time Josh is it now slosh so a lot and Ng. That on our way back to this pounds maybe he'll face the lightning here at like five or ten minutes so make sure. To go and check that out we're going to be GAAP slots nervous now that sounds neat stumble on back KD. It this is the Pentagon street said an outnumbered at. It's nicely done nicely coming your request for last letter Friday and a lot of fun a good kick off to Saint Patrick's Day it really was good to call for anything. We're about to kick off this season of the festival we've got some stuff he wins. Yes we're giving away weekend has is to be dealt heaney blues fest every day next week at 710. And on Monday we talked to Paul a letter and nick and their golden boy himself about the other festivals happening Arroyo sake no. And this weekend it's gonna happen in murder in June and Joseph gas is about to kick off Arroyo says the weekend on the sale let's see if I can do this. The deal lives if we played two songs you call right after the win two weekend passes. 3COM. Parody songs get three passes for Freddie Saudi foreign passes. And that's what the weekend's going to be like five songs in your car and that's. And be the first time June 2425. Is cut his concert perks like country club grounds by the Rose Bowl three stages Tom Petty Mumford and sons. Alabama shakes and more great food and drink a great time great place stresses gone so Monday but right now. The number to call after replaying that Tom Petty song is 8886961003. Clark is at saint patty's day.