Podcast: To See Or Not To See 'Alien: Covenant'

Friday, May 19th

Grae Drake from Rotten Tomatoes review Alien: Covenant, more updates on the passing of Chris Cornell and the best round of "4 In 60" ever!


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Welcome to the podcast version of Indian chain on the morning from 100. He does sound Southern California is classic rock station. Remember anytime you have something to say in any Ngo called three Q3 69250. Or 68 dead. Three Q3 Mike Klansman. It's. I. This is your legs. Eulogy. To the deleting these festival there's recently because it's 710 Jesus said the clockwise to clockwise do you stopwatch and a stopped clock. Turbulent time you. While there's a million of us there know her know in a minute time committing yeah today for zones artist and title duties and. Or isn't and a sweeten the deal for did he present you received jail while she estimates as juicy always make an incredible artists. And he gives me. You can easily gone all day Saturday it's really a blast I cannot wait. Are you B units will be fantastic and a great break was disturbed by this event. Letter allow it and what will just live a little less than last of their friends and I'm going. Buried them last letter Friday every song starts with the last letter of the previous title this starts around 615. Some might that. I mean don't get this great classic rock to share with you she's Gina. That's Mikey. If he's in the other room caller is 6961003. Until a howdy this morning it's 100 point three is out. Hey he has to can't read this this indeed is a native hello are very articulate and that's how right they. Just sort of their right to interpret the first part currently last letter Friday I'll never get bigger in front of Berkeley. That first song is it's. Highly involved algorithm. Price Waterhouse Coopers. All not a course that they screwed up the masters sorry your trash. You know like you never heard. 25 slots. So we we left. Paul do you have a jays on the. I do your job and Jack Black vote there. You know what. Paula I like like you moxie like that you're they could expect what we may do things like flash the first song today. That's wonderful nice football doesn't deserve guys that can't get enough and the that'll BS 620. Toys that let that spirit I do have a great weekend thanks a great future you know all of the phone he's gonna give you some from the booty box. Yeah hold tight. Defending horse right now. Well the driver who plowed through a crowd of people in New York's Times Square yesterday killing one and injuring at least twenty. Is facing several charges including murder 26 year old Richard Rojas has been charged with second degree murder twenty counts of attempted murder. And aggravated vehicular homicide he's expected to be arraigned in court today. Well loss is a navy vet from the Bronx is believed to have been on drugs at the time of the crash he told people that he was hearing voices and expected officers to shoot him to. Well the British phonograph fixed industry has declared David belly the most popular artist of 2016 toppings such superstars as. And Dell and Drake. Well we achieve this honor with one point 65 million in physical and digital sales. Always less album black star was the best selling disc followed by vested belly. Nothing has changed a legacy and the rise and fall and Ziggy stardust and the fighters from Mars. Ali died on January 10 2016 from cancers who was 69. I'm due to that and that's what's trending online Donald Trump is about to break a record might TV will tell us what that record is at 540. The mr. Jimmy that big day here's things about here. As probably producer Jimmy Miller he's the one playing drums Houston Charlie Watts on this one can always get what you want that's the classic right morning show 100 point 3%. We heard around the universe is mr. Mike TD. Love to watch TV might you. Yeah Manhattan a tight unit do it from another us studio this morning. I know I'm here class technical difficulties. Operator and so I don't trust is the asset. Record that has never been done before by any other presidents and Myers has it. During a press covered this afternoon president trump said that his administration is getting things done at a record setting pace. For example most residents take for years to finish his term and it looks like Charles got to get it done like. Ahead. All the drama going on trump is getting out of Tony's head to Saudi Arabia tomorrow. Where is getting given this is not a joke he's dared to to give a speech on Islam could take. Like a good idea of the Muslim community is very eager to hear the is trying to ban. Little speech that Islam is fantastic got so many Muslim friends and. President trump today called the appointment of a special counsel to investigate his campaign's ties to Russia the single greatest. Which cons of a politician in American history. No we didn't help his case much when he flew away on a broom. He loves. Crowds started tweeting again today he criticized the Russian investigation saying this is the single greatest which found of a politician in American history. No longer I was like these doors and number stuff get. Loves though you had just jokes though people there might duties. Sit boo boos don't I don't. Indian Gena as of Friday morning so we're joined by grade Drake senior editor adds a rotten tomatoes dot com more than great. A summer. So when he got sore as the three again. Well poor kids we've got the diary of a wimpy kid who don't walk off the hall moving where. They are supposed to be heading to grandmother's ninetieth birthday on a road trip. But they've got the kids have other plans to go to work video game convention and and that was rotten so our kids. And we've also got a adaptation of the young adult Bible called everything everything. In which Amanda a Denver could guru with in the Hunger Games. Is it young lady who is allergic to everything. She can't believe perhaps. Something like police stories. I just like you want to be home schools to make. Though that would doesn't have a mere meters court being screened for critics but I'll tell you what did green. This is the pick of the week pressure is alien covenant so. Well we are Ridley Scott back at it again. He's got tons of human being running away from aliens that are in there about to be ripped to pieces. Yeah and. Did it does the story hold up. You know it's been told that they did everything they could it be to make this a different story than one thing you've seen both core. While still knowing that it's just people get killed by AB aliens this slobbering everywhere. So I thought the movie what I was super jetlag. And in a really cranky mood gone and it. It kept me awake every now and I would like excited to healthy people dying on screen so. Yeah. I was rooting for the alien life so to make. This thing that this movie has going for it is. Quite the Michael Bob Bender oh the usual. And a very very fantastic Katherine Waterston that we can't confess to these. Kuhn and taking over the bad Estrich rolled it Sigourney Weaver made in America. Oh there's plenty to like in the movie a lot of a lot of got. Cool read these PG on the aliens. It's gonna seemed familiar to you because you have seen it several times before but you know bless their hearts they really tried to. DP fifty. And time in history that someone has ever said aliens who let their heart. Might be. So about one is however certified fresh on the Megan you both think. There you go that rotten tomatoes dot com no one can hear you scream. I call is coming inside this industry Drake senior editor gray cozy deducting a great weekend. Yeah. Trending tell us what's going on social media right. Will Stevens and is doing voting today that he hasn't done in eighteen years he's releasing a new album. Sold fire as a collection of new songs covers and a few of his songs from years past but he reworked all with the sound he helped create in the seventies. Here's little Steven on why it took eighteen years in between albums. And those who stopped the moment. It actually is. And who stars tour again and before you know twenty years from Miami I'm aware when honest honest and right he was so you know. Yeah film Sunday and he was little Hummer that's right each club and its. I tell it like it but it was OK and Dante in the heartland. The fence it was the first Netflix show easily clean yeah. You anyway we love music and that's. Hey if you're looking for a reason to celebrate today besides little Stephen releasing new album of course he's a couple Korea its national bike to work today it's national endangered species today and national pizza party days of get on the bike save a greater sage grouse in order pizza for the office. I'm Dina grad and that's what's trending online where about to kick off less letter Friday now a viewer or listener Paul last hour he asked how we pick the first songs so. We can get them when they made a good choice. He said we never start Sandra JM there are no songs are really and then there are other. So we need an age some now after jumping Jack flash every song begins the last there the previous ones and 886961003. Or even text gene is taken those out yet lust UN 0032. This is time brandy is classic rod time capsule and Mike can find the theme who has it a bit. It's Tuesday may nineteenth 2017. And that's replay and all permanent bases loaded on this day in nineteen. 73 goes Arnold is ahead here in the US. Personally it's no airplay in the in England because the BBC bands that isn't because of this lyric right here. Nailed it's actually because of this lyric poet. It's because of Kodachrome he plays if you played the the name of any kind of of brand name you can't have an on the BBC that's why the kinks needed to fly back from New York to London to change names on lol love from cherry cola Coke to cherry cola. As C moving on to. On this day in 1979. The Beatles could have been reunited. Merrill wheat and torso was an anniversary America after marrying George Harrison's X Patti Boyd. While today's anniversary of the reception back in England where Eric George Paul and Ringo all jammed together. Patty thought that John could you make it because of the immigration issues and had never even asks him if he once account. That could have been a reunion of the Beatles this day in 1988 James Brown is absolutely amazing. I do that can't run I get down. What I you know good and legitimate. Think it is. It's amazing because he's arrested for the fifth time in twelve calendar months five times in one year in the senate after a car chase. And a Augusta Georgia where he's convicted of assault resisting arrest and possession of illegal weapons against six years in the slammer let's move I have one final question I think you have the answer to. Yeah do you feel. Hole. Out. I'm happy. That. As early don't we little baby it's. And birthdays today include beat downs and turns 72 years old dusty hill season top 68. Joey Ramone would have been 66. That's in these classic rough times definitely see his last letter fried day. And we ended with a letter as Lucy in the sky would diamonds so we need. To pick up with the letter and us and we do that with an aero Smith same old song and dance as for Tommy in North Hollywood. Didn't dominate us now on the and and ease zone in any 6961003. Or text tested 21003. With the name of the song your name and this city here and. Immaculate last Friday. And just a few but it's time to give away at the last passes. To the dough he need. Blues festival this weekend Joseph Walsh is going to be their taste in my unpleasant experience Melissa Etheridge. Who else. Mavis staples everybody Robin true our yeah I'll be in that crowd with you experiencing. An alone can be good skating was online play for sixty we have ten from north hills and George from Los Angeles brilliant colleague Tim. So well Tim have you heard the game before it be heard and played. Sure just. Uh oh sounds a little bit. He sends me I know that that I think rights of Timmy gonna name artist and title for zones in sixty seconds. And remember you can pass you don't know George you listen and George might be more enthusiastic. George you'll do nothing if Tim can't get it done William the tickets to U you can do it. Yeah anybody. And I like that is cheering you on Tim or he's trying to get your head I don't know which IG is gonna keep the clock and now we'll start the clock. Sixty seconds with the first. Little snippet here here we ago. Seems. Walk away Joseph Walsh. Thank get dean's doing every hour. Your your big ploy ahead. Morning now. Now clearly beat Clinton. And I won more than Zach. We played a funky music while Gary. I don't. That is why I don't I. It's what you. Gave us is noise yet know. Love this flag. To beat them back behind realize that live yeah place please hand. Number I'm girls. We have. Hold on there Roland Russ and I I don't know if he's beat our top score Venezuelan it is what is it. Willy won the tickets they got 88060. Seconds good lord that is not the record there. Nine yards but that is impressive Jim I'm sorry I apologize until it. We can only give you the tickets my friend what we will well as. I'm gonna give George this tickets because I'm busy this weekend. And I did I ever had. Oh my goodness this. I tripped up up up. How awesome these issue. Tremendous classic drug prowess and then tremendous generosity. On the line gave you some memories yeah no N hot him about it. And I think wow. Cook couldn't. And here to trim those who still on the social media listen breaking news this morning involving Chris Cornell is untimely death of course frontman for a sound garden it's officially being reported as a suicide. Suing county medical Examiner's office released the cause of death yesterday as a suicide by hanging just twelve hours after Cornell body was discovered in Detroit. Hotel room falling sound gardens concert at the fox theater. A full autopsy report including toxicology results has not been completed. For the family of Cornell says he may have taken some extra add a ban which is an anxiety drug that could cause complications. It's too much is taken that I'm sure you report the full story as soon as they know it. I'm Dina grad and that's what's trending online the ducks who wrote an emotional rollercoaster last night my dad Los Angeles sportscasters Steve Grad will fill in for tugged at Donahoe and tell us everything that happened at seven. Forty it would do less than Friday we what oh Tom Sawyer as we need in our song every song starts with a less than the previous title. 100 point three the sound you've got an ourselves Boris. Morning broke down our total rose and a I've heard a long time in position for some music all the paper capacity and Andy. I knew I liked it. Reduced yeah did an excellent name hey Andy have a great weekend. If you're pretty cool nice to see them live and yet. I mean the globe to bring you them. And the agony on the me. On many occasions so we're lucky to have Steve grabbed what is today and he's rusty by Theodore Evans tore down harbor boulevard in Costa Mesa. Family owned and operated since 1921. Good morning mr. Brad. How good morning Andy theater and they're still using that bit about Todd being on vacation yeah I think that's story he article crippled as part of the game and after last night. Warm decade. Predators Western Conference finals back down two games a lot of that on our total and I think lately in the third period. And I am yeah Nashville tied the game with that about forty seconds left in regulation so they had to go to overtime. Halfway through the overtime. Corey Perry world axles with sharks or the golf. Pete Pace through one of the best players in the league at the flex office stick. Passed back RNA and docs after they blow it. They come back and they when it you know what they did they stopped Nashville tenn game won't play up an expert when shy of the record the last thing. To meet the predators in Nashville in the playoffs prior to this one was the way. And I heart starts they did it again and I am very third overtime goal in the flight you think by Saturday at Honda center for fifteen non. The national broadcasting company's regular channel which is for the Los Angeles NBA playoffs resume that I Cleveland at Boston cavaliers a one game about. Angels were off they weren't quite a job to baseball have to bet but it doesn't matter. Yeah I'm like don't match I think builder play at that Citi Field one of the comma hook that flies by Southern California. Now at the Dodger Stadium the top for seven the Marlins took gosh he'll put a two run home 11 tie in the second out. Saddam. Justin Turner was set at 372. Earlier this season was running third this door and beat. It is right hamstring. That's not good. He was hit 372. And Jim Leo the winner to a five Kennelly Janssen for strikeouts and a four out of the gate receipts say Edmonds invoke it used to be really good oh and six. Or the that I say the Marlins are playing the other two either way we're going to be thrown on the third ourselves is Steve. Yet here we go at least thirty seconds Joseph libeled by giving us. In Los Angeles phase out delayed the two point six billion dollar Inglewood stadium by years for the rams and chargers. Won't get in there deploy twenty we don't know what the New York reforms will be revealed by the rams. But because they're supposed to match up then pointing nineteenth 20/20 raiders get a unanimous okay. For their lease deal in Las Vegas. And by the way. I never I got that you can't guess who gonna advertise that Aston Martin. 2121000. Dollar do blankets and NFL player who. Property. Yeah and he gets and he gets a free car through the RC does that's what he needs. There you go some to wrap it up now you're ready or they we have a question for you know look there Leon and discomfort out at all. Oh yeah then I'll stay or else they can get ready yes. Art. Odd one out there or. I'm ready by the Romans were done. It goes to me is a family owned and operated since 1921 before you go you almost done very special question for you. We ended with a are you ready yes rail and then there's the lead there a little good Pitt dad Steve says it may do it next steak Steve every weekend. Your legs and I. Sound hello. Oh are you doing today. Do really well how about you and I want to thank you so. As a marathon. Daryn maybe aren't quite felt like to make. I made them sharing of separate ways. That is a fantastic son how are you old enough to know that sun. Yes one item. Myself and my fourteen year old but I love listening to classic rock. Oh we love that you're an old soul hunk. Yeah what's your name inherited a lot of the right. Ways that's that's good parenting right there what was your name well I don't William. Well William I love that request and I love you this even more attentively sometimes of okay saint Pierre page you have a good. Hey Bubba. Well that was fun nice job at your request for last letter Friday we'll do again sometime soon and meantime are planned for Monday we'll show already. You clearly started and it's going to be amazing Joseph Elliott of Def Leppard is gonna talk to us he's awesome and we'll also have tickets get this. For the Arroyo Seko festival featuring Tom Petty Mumford and sons and others the siege tank and it's going to be awesome. In a fun festivals and of course there is the du genie blues festival this weekend we'll see you out there I mean they're Saturday. All over that cigarettes and then rock and that's the hot jams so there comes a permanent all. Cool kids are going to be this guy right behind me Joseph Benson's inheritance area.