Podcast: Rock Door and Vinnie Tortorich

Wednesday, February 15th

Another rousing round of rock door for Queen tickets, plus celebrity fitness trainer Vinnie Tortorich with advice on getting fit for the summer.


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Welcome to the podcast version of Indian chino on the morning from 100 point three the sound southern California's classic rock station. And remember anytime you have something to say in any Ngo called three Q3 6925468. Dead. 323 Mike Clinton Jalen. Yeah hello hi eat good morning porn and so happy to see here. Are you feeling is sugar overloaded from yesterday's downtime and extravaganza yes it started early with. Don't know it's just there's really early and I got home and by the way Laura wonderful woman lover to death my wife of nine years. Bought the worst candy hearts ever not only were all of the messages to smear to say he you can read any of them. I and they just tasted nasty and they were hard. Are you sure that they weren't smeared in tasted weird because maybe little mounds RD gotta hold events could not even the daddy is who might have all been pretty dumb yeah that's possible. Today is a brighter day though. Indeed we're giving away more clean tickets at 710. List of front door I love rock door it's been pretty successful I aspire to. Adam Lambert does sing with queen and the Hollywood Bowl a second Joseph announced that its goes on Friday you're going to be when in years hopefully are right around 710 in the means time we get this is somewhat classic rock from. Indian genome 100 point 3%. Just this. Oh well yeah. They're a little left greens we would that everybody ready. What is gonna be a good show. I'm tough I'm glad are you right now. He's gonna pop a vein giant. Do you believe there's gonna be gracious. I am enjoying it anger anger. Here's why here's what's going to be a fun because we've got you believe that he tournaments yes I did not tell you might have. You know he's very Italian I'm. Hates this but he is a celebrity trainer he is a celebrity nutritious he just thinks that the decent thing to say. But he's gonna tell us how to you whipped into shape and united showed together Sunday I'm sabretech Claremont lepers in Claremont. But him could he be different type of a flapper is there then usually. He currently open honest I'm await Anglia. And also we've got more tickets for queen. With Adam Lambert then as at a second showed you know some big Hollywood Bowl is it's G I Norman when they fill them. Yeah another sell more tickets the tickets go on sale on Friday to fill it up again we've got your tickets at 7107. Seven -- you do the rock or for that and Dina is on us pretty high power costs I love. And here if anybody wants to get onto the. Yeah I think we'll. I. So why is slash of Guns 'N Roses apologizing to Australia for. The Spinal Tap introduction. This is what happened. Yesterday. Now listen very carefully. There in Melbourne. Australia can't listen to the introduction so. That's the Bob let's dealers guitar tech who introduces them on stage is screwed up. Tuesday night in Melbourne and said hello. Is it a youth afterwards slash sent out a tweet saying that apologies for the Spinal Tap intro. And a dubbed the Kagan says don't be too hard number obviously in Sydney in the intro his wife and family are from here. Now I would be hard on them but they're not the only ones that have done this happens to everybody. Young somebody that's also on tour right now and in the boon Australia well remember last year. Bruce is seen abusing Cleveland isn't it true. Guys are on a buzz there ushered off their ushered back on the bus out who. Hell they are they're probably three sheets to the wind. And the area but probably on some cough syrup with some. Click whatever that is value of their onto their kids who don't at night and Adelaide for GMR and Bruce Springsteen and the believe doll that took place going to Bruno ranks in blue dog in the Booth. You can be ruthless few until I wanna know what's going on so I listen to you a veteran of the. Santana has said that its elders served in all of those grammys over beyond saying that. Le did back and it. He told Australia's AP news agency quote I think that Adele won because she can sing sing beyoncé is very beautiful to look at it's more like modeling. But music to a model address she's not a singer singer with all respect her. Yeah knows IC engaged in its image in Chile yesterday unfazed. He said quote his comments about beyoncé was regretfully taken out of context I have the utmost respect for her as an artist and person. Harrison publisher. Singer's singer. I. Named her has been named best in show at the 141. Westminster Kennel Club dog show. The five year old email finished in second place last year. A total of 2798. Dogs from 200 and new eligible breeds. Even though there were that many dog breeds and those just be eligible once they competed in this year's show next rumor is retirement and motherhood. Her handler says puppies are in her future and I'm due to bad that it's an online kisses some shenanigans again and no matter how bad you make fun of it. You're gonna want it to you right now today is Supertramp John homilies. He sacked. Cities. Birthday play this for him then this is Andy Anson and classic rock and 103. Are you one of the best you got the best. Kiss the us a positive thing you remember he was a little accident. Won't come a few weeks ago and you lose a little bit more dangerous than it. You heard before this was a really close call over the weekend at a Grammy party sounds aren't the only Arab but he Obama rockers talk too caught up with us both him and Gene Simmons an idea a Grammy party with us. It was the skiing accident and thank god for helmets otherwise it wouldn't be here it's sobering to know how quickly things can go wrong. Know when you're injured you're brings the whole different thing because you don't have the cash there's nothing to show people. Like what's going on inside a little different but everything's back to normal. And it's abnormal as ever. All we had to cancel a few of those missiles stationed in doing that oh yeah I love them off on not the whiskey. They've canceled he shows I was really really messed up but there's a great thing they also. They suddenly spotted Gene Simmons beating the visiting Israeli the original kiss guitarist or backstage as you know that may be on the outs for decades. And they saw him visiting him slip up huh. It's gonna happen I think you're reunited really give the band back together here's Paul's isn't that no. Zero in on that and then just the no no no no. No not a lot of gray area it's like. Michael Scott on the office and no no no well maybe a tournament on some of these profits could give an extra four box slain around you could be the genuine owner. Although bag of kids air guitar strings. Parent guitars strings now metal sucks magazines sums it up so nice they'll let them say it says. Kiss air guitar strings are made from nothing wrapped around nothing with specially tempered nothing inflated high carbon nothing producing a well balanced tone for your air guitar. And best of all they're only four bucks for a pack of no I'm just what they do you do that to great use of four dollars it's definitely not throwing your money away. Well. They're the masters and merchandisers. There's only one thing I goofy to add onto that. Well the British and American Beatles on different. Time to open and these classic rock time capsule. Mean these guys drive time desperate though Wednesday February the fifteenth 2017. And it's a big day for The Beatles in 19640. Glad to reach number one on the billboard 200 album chart for the first time we meet. The Beatles and the second Beatles album released here. The numbers than eleven weeks on top of the chart before being replaced by The Beatles second album the don't even get me started on the snarled up mass of why they you. To have different albums in Britain vs ones in the United States for example did you know that at the very beginning Vijay records who got the rights to of thinking is this close to releasing please please me. Exactly like it was in the UK. But the Norman America was to to have just twelve tracks on the record so they lost two of them off that's where it starts. Oh in an American engineer thought the Paul's counted and on I saw her stand in there won't. Right it's a that was extra so he this job to do this I. Outlook let me fix that does leave the fall are left it's absolutely ridiculous and it only gets weirder from there over the years. Today in 1995 season tough file a lawsuit against Derek dime corporation. For naming their hundred dollar gel filled mattress bed sore. It is easy Topper. Wow Ceradyne chief George Chauncey also an aspiring rocker. Says the band over reacts quote was easy to I'm worried about this summer's gonna put quarterly jukebox and play our mattress with us. Why do people buy concert tickets and expect a mattress. No they're worried that people think bearded rockers are endorsing a bed sore pad. The policies he's willing to play ball he offers to withdraw the product name if the man lets him open for them on Tuesday it is the 1995 to work. Or they can settle with a battle of the bands. Yeah there is no position. These dictating the terms on this well finally today in 1999 governor Jesse Ventura declares Rolling Stone today in Minnesota before their concert in Minneapolis. This is special to Jesse because he was their bodyguards. At one point you remember when asked about this. You must and Matt made Keith Richards walked up to me. And that cockney British actually these are actual you used to bodyguard respect actual mediate made you want. And actually due up. You should value the governor and I go yet they've got great accidentally goes off to a great. Whenever his old bosses play us out and ends classic rock and templates in India in the morning. This is 100 point 3%. It looked. Pretty dark and there's never going to be another Freddie Mercury. But if you're gonna try to mount a tour and play those songs you need somebody with a certain range. And he got to give it to Adam Lambert man he's got it they did a show they were to set of the show the Hollywood Bowl they had to add another show on June 27 we just announced that a Monday. And we get tickets tickets go on sale Friday at noon bucks you can win them now if you play the rocket took. Quickly this is is easy to display a little snippet of the song and if you can identify it. You get tickets right up your uncle could. Announced today that he's good at that couldn't be easier Katie who's alarm went. We have Laura from a reverse. All right Laura did you meet I sure. Gloria some monopoly you little symbol of a song listen very carefully if you guessed it you get the tickets to go see queen and Adam Lambert here we go. Hopeful that a lot now let's go over to. Not impossible it is the sunlight a human making guest. Created little thing called love. Well isn't a little more time was when he got different. And you. Know pretty insane. I guess in my arm my right. As I can be repaired the arena that the little influence. Is working with the music event. They got literally gotten kind of from the all right well. You. I can't mentally is it honest Laura you're insulating material. I'm yell why. Happy hit. Name. What's his name. A crazy little thing called Eric now. It's fair to the consulate we importance of this debt tomorrow let's do the same deuce a little bit harder William Mikey huh yeah. Yeah your money for trying to lie out. I'd prefer to know suing on this would you agree and is trending well Harrison Ford had another bumpy ride his private plane on Monday nearly colliding with a passenger jet at a California airport. The seventy see anything. 74 year old who was badly hurt in a crash in 2015. Reportedly got confused when trying to land and ended up on a taxiway instead of a runway assailing crop dusted kid. Worse yet he narrowly missed a 737 that was using the same path and asked the air traffic controller was. Meant to be right underneath. There were no injuries on either plane this time around with it too and have to evocative navigate that journey to the golf course to pollen center there. Tired of all political posts on your FaceBook feed well now you can block on that thanks to an ad called social aspects are the app lets you customize your feet by hiding topics that you don't wanna see including politics and including TE spoilers which I really appreciate them all you have to do is enter keywords are topics you'd like to avoid and those posts will disappear. Don't worry you can easily un high posting keywords if you want them back but chances are he won't IG to grad and that's that's turning on line. It's been an amusement park the week of Halloween sound the sound mighty familiar and business Avian Gina and classic rock. I'm 100 point three this. I think the globe to bring you luck. And a variety of yeah. And the agony of debris out. In living color today is as Cecily go for his forty's most beloved sportscaster died Donahoe is brought to you by Theodore Robbins Ford down on harbor boulevard in Costa Mesa family owned and operated since 1921. And any joins us right now on the phone. You know and the educated the lakers were so close to winning yesterday. They were so close they lost one point 9796. So close but it you know. Almost only counts in horse users angered aid in Harrison Ford gladiator. It was so close I mean what clout was close enough. The only other magic job you know we know now he's yeah an advisor the lakers. But he said on the experience first date of the first take which is at Brooke prince as first call wind make you vomit charge Kobe Bryant. We wanted Kobe involved. You know the whole thing is it kind of sounds like magic hit in charge already thought and yeah. I mean it is apparently meeting with Jim buss and Mitch Kupchak on Monday and but it's not like he's already. Did I hear you say that it'll take three to five years to turn the franchise around. Yes three of fried by the year ill Laker fans are usually the most patient and because they're used to winning but will wait and see what's gonna happen there. Football wise. Los Angeles chargers. Ever since ticket price edged up is going to be 192. Dollars. Her change. The war I hold the phone. Yeah now listen to this. Last year in San Diego. At Qualcomm Stadium the average church your ticket prices receded ticket was 84 dollars a game. So moving to Los Angeles circle for 84 dollars a game to a 192 dollars again. After you've ticked off everything and Uga. So I don't want to think. I think that they did this panel Stanley thinkers lasted deep pockets and lawsuit. Their goal for the dollars I'll do it seats it's not about seventy bucks yet but based but you're the field like he. Separate boxes is that is the smallest. But only 11% of the season tickets are less than a hundred dollars per game or is small amount should. I'm up this one the Atlanta zoo and of course we know that the patriots beat their foul. In the Super Bowl but the Atlanta's new guys named a Madagascar hissing cockroach after top rates. They got X. And I gotta order I think here with that with the Westminster Kennel Club dog of 441. Edition of it. And that thought. That one and his name I've not are hurting. Was rover yet a German shepherd and she was best in show in only the second time the German shepherd has won best in show. Since nineteen it's 1870. Todd because we may never have this opportunity again will you please say the word bitch. Yeah well anyway this has added there's this Fiat really. But. German shepherd and end to it Robert but it was rover it was actually means or a song rumor has it. By itself in any order did say that well rover the Bihac. Probably to order. A hat does super sports I played about one ethnic suppose that the Iraq and they union 2017. Mustang convertible. Hot rod all around. Ella in Orange County the last 23 days I'd as well I don't right now I think him and don't warn governor elect car back up about humanity. Yes that. On some of the travel safely and modes on a few months into into a REC. I. Isn't spending on social media do bad stuff about. Well a fifth grade boys basketball team in New Jersey lost every game this season by forfeit but they felt it a very good reason to do it. The boys who are students at saint John's elementary school we're told they're college team as a violation of Catholic league rules so they had to choose between ditching the two girls on their team or ditching the season even though they already played several games altogether. Much to the surprise of the diocese which issued the order of the nine always voted unanimously to stand up for the girls and chalked up their seasons that I lost yet. Although their final game was canceled they decided to play a scrimmage anyway with a little pizza party afterwards one of the police even let a pre pizza prayer saying. We are all here today supporting the girls and having this fun game it's been a great season and it's been fun having you all guys playing basketball with us amen. That's a curse of budgets state for her. Did an amen area could do you think this is a teachable moment for the parents yet as opposed to the children yet will Jim what's the point. Of if people say everybody gets a participation sticker has faced him but this is. Isn't that the point in the first place to get all the kids out there and exercising every day so they don't turn in the fat Tony the do but I am happy. A party and then lay out and then heartburn yeah. I got methods trending online at least because celebrity trainer and my good buddy V toward a ridge about getting your body tuned up for summer that'll be at 840 the first this song went to number. Do on the billboard hot 100 chart in 1977 she was Kevin Hobbs bond buying in the love theme from star is born with Barbara Streisand. I never not a bad. Often thrown to him it does eating in jeans and classic yeah. And 100 sleep through this. Is it the Indian and you know every year people make resolutions in the new year. And none of us keep some and that's why are we rod Jeanne as guru to. Yeah aluminum that many years toward rich too we love I'm gonna call you a celebrity trainer nutrition team joining me I don't care and I don't care how I don't. You have a big show unsteady I'm gonna be years special guest that's that. Flapper is comedy club in Claremont this Sunday 5 PM they're ready to eat and tickets available at lepers comedy dot com. I noticed dad they need that 75% of people party given up on the resolutions by now. Yeah you know what I grew up and oil and so usually after Christmas you know people start right at New Year's. And then you all's they somehow make it to Mardi Gras not really. Aren't right after years. So they really give up early there break usually the rest of the country by Valentine's Day it is dark. You know you have chocolate part you have all the candy at all bring it. So look this is the time I tell people forget about your trucks commercial. Do develop our real solution is Andrea bikini weather is coming up spring break is coming out before you know it is going to be yes summertime B twelve. You're wearing the short art cannot do people still finish. Or George Sherrill who wears short shorts you are short stories. They commercial or doesn't Greinke I had my shots so you know I know there's a lot of people still live with bags of candy hearts is sitting on their desks at work in and on their counters at home. But people are thinking it's your sugar or there's no fat and it's so it's not gonna hurt me right any. And here's the problem. People say you know I'm gonna eat this this Valentine's candy. Because I don't wanna sort of way but you know in fact make or flour to wait three days later that occupant of the bargain that's sort bought yeah he's amid. Our look at them anyway you gifts album right so why not get rid of something that's going to be well. You getting rid of the debt flowers get rid of the candy it's not good for you are those cells like old Manchin any talk and write us. Is the fact is if you look you're not saving anything by stating that can be your only getting off closest to a artifacts and get without. They let me ask you this I let's pretend for a second that I'm a lazy. Middle aged man. This would try to I don't mean the last Briton. If there's one thing that I could do. Two she dead pounds nearly effortlessly what would it be once I cut out what you guys do what's add to what. More of my being paired exercises a poor weight to lose weight and it does now time for the yes you can yes calorie calorie out to stop work it's not a work it Neville will work you cannot work. And the only way to do it as like cutting out the things that cause the hormone does rise and not hormone there's. Mainly canceled. And the only way to get insulin to do its job correctly as to not have your body release thing at all. And the only way to do that it's just that you consider you bought all the dialogue and give them that you want Jude just by cutting out. The major part of your grains and most leadership over. Well you're you're gonna learn all of this Vinnie you've helped me take off well over thirty pounds were almost tipping the scales at almost forty pounds so. I can't thank you enough I really do you go and all the UN if you wanna get on board with. The lazy middle aged way that I've been doing in Indy it's it's super easy and it's almost fun all boxed. Can't you come to dish out at flapper is in Claremont that's this Sunday at five. These big fat show I'm gonna be up on stage of them. Tickets available at flapper is comedy dot com and the first two people to call right now are gonna get a pair tickets to come see us we're going to be great time. Thank you my dear us what you're portrait or be allowed to meet this number. Yes it doesn't. On the heels of his champ being at the bit to get in here but we've got to tell you what's going on tomorrow result we have more tickets for that sold out show they all want him anyway at the Hollywood Bowl. And limber with queen as they announced another show on Monday and we'd guess and so we've got another it's going down 7:10 tomorrow morning if you see a great show. Yes men at 840 we're talking to my buddy. Adam corolla and he's shrinking violet bubble he can pull any information out of immediately to talk about himself or national. I think we'll do that at age forty and maybe on a break ranks and beverages. Right now it's nine year old from uncle Joseph freeware and they get used to.