Podcast: Remembering Chris Cornell

Thursday, May 18th

We remember the great Chris Cornell, Adam Carolla tells us why he doesn't care for Trumps tweets and Sal has an updated on the Eagles.


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Welcome to the podcast version of Indian chain on the morning from 100. He does sound Southern California is classic rock station. Remember anytime you have something to say in any Ngo called three Q3 69250. Or 68 dead. Three Q3 Mike Clancy and well. 1 morning we got a lot to do today we. We've got to Adam Carolla yeah. From my little bit later on tablet we've got to cells resuming later this hour he's good tells us going on in the world. Classic rock all rocks are starting to sound so fox fast food I don't need blues festival. Around seventh and and we'll have Gina grad trending throughout the morning weather classic run time capsule and coming up fifty minutes. We want to. Two more sad news. Another passing. Sheriff details on that could be feels that. Classic rock from Genesis. Is the classic run morning show 100 point three and so. C classic right morning show and that it is no fun way to do this saws can write to Chris Cornell died last night at the age of 52. Lead singer sound garden and audio slaves. Sing with Temple of the Dog he just finished a show in Detroit and his rivers and those are calling its sudden and unexpected his family working with the medical examiners to try to find the cause of death there's. Some. Speculation but we will get into that we'll just. Put our thoughts with that everyone else who misses him and thinking of his wife Vicki and his three children tonight. Chris Cornell the 52. Start a dead man. 1998. This morning. Cornell incredibly talented incredibly young. I. Okay. Billy Idol he says send dear Chris I don't know passing great singer and arms. Tango and singer Chris Cornell passed with these 52. I they call a ahead lie and rich environment appears to be grad Julia as well as Andy mentioned a few minutes ago Chris Cornell Clinton excuse me died last night at the age of fifty to the lead singer of sound garden an audio slave had just finished a show in Detroit. Is that called the death sudden and unexpected his family is working with medical Examiner's. To determine exactly what happened of course they're asking for privacy right now Cornell leaves behind his second wife Vicki carry on this and his three children. Here's what you thought about taking his wife and kids on the road with. It's who we are as a family as opposed to who I am as an individual woman have a to try to make that work with the family life. It is my family as well that's part of what makes it possible one makes me so in the doom and. I'll Linux Beatles album that's targeted for a deluxe reissue is their in 1968 self titled album for ever referred to as the white album. Giles Martin the son of the band's late producer George Martin who just oversaw the upcoming fiftieth anniversary edition of Sargent Pepper's lonely hearts club band. Broke the news during a BBC radio six music interview yesterday here's the keys that. That was really so because appropriate coaching I mean you know there are simply takes a sexy Sadie for instance the efficiency wrestler and everywhere in the clinical it's in the bounced right. Properly indulgent under the is that all day I'm Gina that and that's what's trending online rock reporters sells for in CNN has more news on the passing of Chris Cornell. We'll talk to him at 540. Sweet. It's defined as an order to set of short musical pieces which can be played one after another. And Crosby, Stills and Nash they've got one of those. It's the classic ground morning show 100 point 3%. All of the roster is stuck to cells are resuming in New York City and more look at themselves on us very sad news this morning themselves. Yet this it was a shock miles Chris Cornell down guarded fingered dead at the age of 52. The news broke overnight that I just mentioned to you off air I heard about it at 4:30 AM eastern a matter of fact I. We're looking at the iPad and you know I you kind of scratching your eyes to wake up and knowing that I actually be reading this. But yes it is true. He performed in Detroit last night when they went down guardian in the end was dead shortly thereafter. It was Saudi men and an unexpected his family is working with the medical examiner to determine the cause of debt. There are asking for privacy. Of course the fans as I mentioned was on two core. He bounded down guarded in 1984. Hopefully he sees no one's self sports singles but success came in 1994. With super unknown which of course as we know contain the big hit. Black holes son and that actually went to number one on the billboard charts. And yeah I mean that's how I never spoke to Chris personally I have interviewed other members of the band. But they're going to be archive they did come up with a few bites and here's one Chris Cornell. Says this super unknown came at the right time winds down gardens career. It was a band that have been together for ten years all right. Even though it was just the previous two years. Enormous commercial scale recently had a worldwide audience so I guess in terms of the worldwide audience we were this new band. Tell us we were ten years old. So super amount was really us. By then be really comfortable in the studio I'm very comfortable with the new experimental nature of trying out new ideas. And of course you know in addition to down guarding Chris had a bit of a solo career he also has some other bands. Down guarded I got back together the past couple years release another album. But as of now everything of course is on hold as again authorities investigate the death. Of Chris Cornell lead singer guitarist with the band. Down guarding dead at the age of 52. And just moving on here on a similar theme but with a little bit more wolf all the girly happier endings. Of course I'm talking about the Eagles in last year's passing of Glenn fry. I did speak to Don Henley recently and he really thought the Eagles were done following the death of blame in January 2016. And he said the decision to reunite for this July's classic wedge and classic he did not come easily. Nobody heard that Tokyo's. Book east to west. So we'll just see you know we're gonna do these two shows that's all we have plans and everything planned beyond that and then we'll see you're goes from there. And now of course the news this week is that Glenn son deacon will be one of the to perform is joining the Eagles for those two shows. The other one which is a much bigger name I can tell you that much that will be announced soon. And so that's that this is a rough morning but. Again the death of Chris Cornell age of 52. And that is still trying to determine what happened there and will get all within the fight get anything additional I will get back tees so on the found this is fell certainties. It's Indy Gina and on the phone for a Thursday morning we've got Adam Carolla you know men villain here. Now red and of course as you know you can always catch Adam on Adam Carolla and friends build stuff like that on spike at 11 PM. Eight if you have the East Coast B that's Tuesdays and of course chassis dot com for all things Adam I including that amazing 24 hour award documentary. And I million figure we don't do it's kind of politics not at a bad. How do you notice it to dispel Twitter for us going on a few hours now. Oh really I know I don't know how quarter workers. And I just have this thing with pro. Where. I don't know what kind of like be I always start web africanized killer beat there Zach coming big it made. But I was in high school and I didn't hear new stories of him every day. About have a common and it's been giving I used to live then and now this kind of waiting for we act by fees. Oh yeah I'm getting more. Like I'll take my dog for a walk right now and I fully realize they're a big speed of 70% chance I may be attacked by africanized. Still is really but. I choose not to fall of the headlines anymore because of the perfect so so it tuned out. And those the same odds of your children are getting pushed into a primer ban on their way to the a's can shop if you're not with them. Well that's then them mid forty's he read a 122. For my wife. That is. If got a big Winger just walking around all day like seriously you really think about the he global psychological. Back. To walking around all day. Big game but we have the worst president the world and he's coming after all of us. That won't say no I if he accused that just I'm walking my dog I'm gonna go around the big art. I do feel like there's so much to do we should all just feel weighed in that you can't control. Trumpeted between Serbs. I guess there. Or you know whether we hire special prosecutor or what's going on what North Korea. I hit none of us have anyway to control that can't afford a primer for any advantage. Control looks like you just feel really control any big donors she'll. All let the kids to walk through the corner go to the parent expressed on the ground and then all go to my shop and old war on my neck documentary. Yeah like a good day visit departure for most most comedians this is like manna from heaven this is like a daily a daily feed of content you the other way. I just I I gave ice sort of feed off of life but I am not a check ahead lions. Guy. I'm more by it sort of tried I think gene that's probably pretty aware bet that I credit did in being true it's kind of that tight guy. In general you know Michael dynamic of society young and try to approach it from a more psychological standpoint rather than. Grab every headline. And go like did you see Mike Pence punch shed asks. Yeah yeah. Like I can pick but typical weird way to go through life just every morning there's a new headline and then you just dive bar he sees it let's get philosophical. You know the guy who you like your life or you know who I like in life that you will Roger sir George Karl what archives. Guys like it's guys who. There are statements were about a lot. They weren't none out what happened in 1927. What's happened in 1970 debit you know he'd been about. All or view I wanna pay my played OR chocolate city and the weather like hey guess what happened and hard to think what they want. It's Cicero. The it. Wasn't wasn't that big hook philosophy about life right they're they're very enduring. Thousand years so there right now open all the music is over the flight ever or leopard to ones. They in time. There are there general flight you know it gives up then I think. I'd like believe break pile of vote by Cox. Rather than a bunch you have an Arctic clean. So that's what we bet bet replied they're trump story. Well I think that is quite the corolla isn't right that there's definitely plenty good. This time. So you can absolutely checking out anytime you wanna chassis dot com that's CH a SS why it dot com lots of great stuff on their course between far more amazing documentary that you did and yet so many other docs coming out. Of course Adam Carolla and friends build stuff live that's at 11 PM Tuesdays on spike Adam thank you. Thank here. Think they'll match. He has been on an event to make sure we know what's going on social media and that's what she's trending right now well this is breaking right now Roger Ailes has died at the age of 77 that's according to his wife CBS news said the founder of Fox News and longtime Republican political operative had a profound influence on American political life. Building Fox News into a powerhouse that transform the media landscape. Sales was ousted in the wake of sexual harassment allegations last year there's no further information on the cause of his death at this time but again this is breaking right now. Meanwhile Chris Cornell and died last night at the age of 52 of the lead singer of sound garden an audio slave had just finished a show in Detroit. His rep called the death quote sudden and unexpected his family is working with. Medical examiners to determine what happened and he found his sound gardening 84. Happening what do you mean. After putting out a few we p.s they released the album ultra mega OK in 88 that's spun off a minor hit flower in their first Grammy. Cornell leaves behind a wife and three children he had a complicated relationship with drugs and alcohol and I believe I have a clip here. Of him talking about how he got over emirates. Causes them wickets at still. Said no it now. Getting a divorce moving to regional my relationships being new woman getting married to a lot of things involved and none we'll find out the cause. Soon enough I'm sure. I'm Gina grad and that's what's trending online at 630 you are going to break down some dire straits Korea. Analytically some LaGrange right now from easy W believe it or not it's not the only song about a whore house in the southern United States that we'll talk about this hour. The only governor the classic rock time capsule is the classic run morning show 100 point three. The sound. Stearns and The Beatles liberty it's. Time to open and these classic rock and camp sold and is open. Is buzzing right time capsule for Thursday may the eighteenth 2017. I was just tell my six year old boy Silas yesterday about how The Beatles were the hardest working man in show business in 1963. They start out by releasing their second British single in January. Into the studio in February to complete their debut album please please me ten more songs Holland ten hours later that month they go on their first UK tour than they follow an April with a second tour than on this day in 1963. The amount that a third tour of the year this time open up for a big names. Or. Gold mine songs in my the end of that to where the audience demands that Roy Orbison. Opened up for The Beatles. Well Roy had to say about one year later this day in 1964. The animals record their version of this song in London. Although the rendition is about a New Orleans horror house the song actually has its roots in a sixteenth century English folk song. So they have a millennium old that salt but perhaps equally amazing is fact that there's older that song is the hundreds of years. They did it one take ten minutes though loaded them took longer than an actual recording us. And finally Bruce Springsteen makes his first studio recordings on this day and listen closely to. 1966. And leave us. This computer out the window this is the center. Okay. Okay. Cute they don't even come in on the beach that's awesome 51 years ago today Bruce Springsteen and as high school band the cast deals go to mr. music and a bridge mall shopping center embraced our new Jersey's two record for the first time record straight the final this gonna make eight copies. So in fairness that's why that's visitors group. That are even more apparent as well we have Bruce play us out of indie classic rock time capsule. This is the class in our morning show and it's a 100 point three the cell. Would agree we can music do you need blues festival. Is this Saturday and Sunday may twins when he first Joan Walsh. Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin experience Melissa Etheridge and many many more. KB. Alignment Claiborne sixty. Catch Tim Urban from Cyprus and Michelle from diamond buyers fantastic let me. I don't dual dual murmured dimmer did you ever shopping deal turbans. I don't know what you'd be my favorite story. Of course you would think that. Murder negatively I didn't hear you say you and Michelle can you hear me. Yeah Michelle your stem IE if Mervyn cant get do it than you need to take its okay right I love it it's not fair but it's fun. Okay and we're going to read it is on don't don't be afraid to pass though we don't know Adobe hero Merman. Gina grant has the clock rated goes gonna start with the first snippets are you ready. Very OK here we go good luck seems. That's ranked one. I'm gonna make our Jim Goodwin. Five seconds people that follow this. I know. And then I. Everyone. That was a very poor dad Lou. This make you set any precedent. That would harm that was good that was the opposite. Yeah I don't have banned correct but it didn't know the they have oh yeah than I'll put into effect the turbans the store went bankrupt our. To Mozilla Mozilla has nothing. To do it. Please tell you go into the DO WB blues festival this weekend thanks to Herman's. Generosity boy darwinism. Let everybody go home guys. That is really can tell who. What's on social media right now. Well Chris Cornell passed away at last night at the age of fifty to delete singer of sound garden an audio slave had just finished a show in Detroit. Breaking just a few minutes ago TMC writes the corn l.s body was discovered on the bathroom floor of his hotel. At the MGM grand Detroit after their show courthouse wife allegedly called a family friend to check on the singer. Now TMC says they've confirmed the police that the family friend had to force his way into corn Els room and found him with a band around his neck and Cornell leaves behind his second wife Vicki Terry honest and three children. Just a couple hours before his death Chris Cornell looked and sounded fine as he performed a sound garden in Detroit. The band closed out their set with an encore performance of slaves and bulldozers which. Sadly ended up being cardinals' final performance here's a clip of that. That's stuff he will be man's voice soaring new variant yes I'm Gina grad and that's what's trending online the Dodgers did something they haven't done in several days. My dad's Los Angeles sportscasters Steve Grad and tell us what that was at 740. And here is a master class and drumming by John. Bonham. And there's that frenetic samba breakdown men to nab minutes and stress this is dirty shuffle. Fool in the rain since the class of our morning show 100 point three. The senate. I think the globe to bring you luck. And the agony on the me. Got done I was enjoying vacations so we're enjoying having. Legendary sportscaster Steve's bread fill in form brought to you by Theodore Robben scored then harbor boulevard goes to raise a family owned and operated since 1921. Top of the morning Steve. And and well hi Gina I hear and listen I I think they've gotten NORAD like that tracks senator tracking taught. Yesterday at San Francisco Dodgers. Extra water over the giants Dodgers to one over the giants. But this happens a lot on plate and hurt job that is 7772. On the air. And it was his twentieth win against San Francisco. Stop the dodgers' three game losing streak oh. Johnny quick. And and and yes money groundout. Brett have just this court there and up that was high and tight ones and the benches cleared no fighting baseball. And that's good god you lie now. I in hindsight when one time it is not good. Bad haircut you know. I was still on the air had to. Edit the day they set out quite a sight that I didn't throw that I incite or change to follow this is called us flood threat. Angels' thirteen hit that route it's like Chicago White Sox ripping it. Angels outscored the White Sox welding a it's after Chicago reporter nothing in the second inning might drop it operates exchanges thirteen anomaly heiress angels sweep the White Sox after a five hit game Cameron Maybin three more hits. For the angels' Jim Becker match and record got went three into every day game one of Lee's parents sign LeBron James won seventeen. Boston what I'll I'll come out cavaliers won seventy zealots one off or Le Brock. George Michael Jordan as the only two players to score at least 35 points in five straight playoff game. Twice. While. Boy I love that darker than they keep playing despite. Being tired give Stanley Cup Playoffs usually lose field. That's simply the pangs. Simply depends a threat out of a five Pittsburgh one senators lead two games to watch and and then after allowing four goals in the first period. Marc-Andre Fleury the star goalie for Pittsburgh was pulled out of court to those old imports seconds apart. Colin Capp and Johnny themselves Robert Griffin the third not playing NFL but if they're gonna play north of the border they can only play for one period. Seriously that Hamilton tiger cats. Negotiation rights to all of them and if you're what's a CFO they're the team with the stripes. On their sleeves. I remember them as a child back before television and radio. And he's advertised more this. Once aboard Steve grant under going. For some of the drug dealer to get around and scored. Done harbor boulevard goes to raise a family owned and operated since 1921. Thanks so much Steve talking about I realize you're I love this Democrat. Tomorrow morning once and then because it's your last chance for tickets to the billion blues festival. Yeah B do that tomorrow as well as last letter Friday.