Podcast: Ram Jam With Sam and 4 In 60

Friday, October 6th

Sam Farmer gets us ready for the big Rams game this weekend, it's Last Letter Friday and an amazing round of "4 In 60."


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MET the play a lot of classic rock on the podcast hey it's all there. It's just entered into a podcast version complete. A rough morning Joseph. Ain't coming France's. Ozuna. Let's go until a couple of things out. I promise you great break to tell you look at. I just a great movie. Movie of the year brilliant but they're they're saying yeah while later this week are the only went I knew she says about it also. We've got Sam farmer it's Friday so do the rim did miss them around 640 that's good news well and there's one more thing we can. This last butterfly. Really good lately I'm been really impressed. Since starting up. Q yeah. I don't watch or. Get plenty of this is something we like to call classic rock. So listen as well. It's big classic right morning show 100 point 3%. So here's a fantastic thing. How would you like to hear some are new Rolling Stones that the great. Well new Rolling Stones that it's 55. Years. I'm again so my The Rolling Stones have a new live album on the on the way it's called on air that's going to be on December 1. And it comes with their new book of the same name on air and it documents their rise in the sixties through TV and radio. In England the features some rarely heard radio recordings from BBC shows like Saturday club top gear in the Joseph las pop show. Between 196365. And it adds there's 32 tracks and all. And ill have songs have never been released before. And a few that they first it on radio before they were released as singles. I'm one of them is a cover of chuck Berry's come on. Let's have a listen to a bad thing and then. Okay. The new selling these are you on. Between The Beatles yeah. It took very you get back and then. I'm and the Beach Boys. And then. Defense. Join him the last time I only be your man with the in my linen. I wanna be angry and financially but then my stocking the on the air is the name of and if you're rolling. Don't have the that this idea was trending on social media well you aggressor to tell. It's an international group that campaigns to rid the world of nuclear weapons has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The group is ramps up its efforts at a time when the US and a standoff with North Korea over its nuclear program. Other nominees for this prize included Pope Francis judge German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Donald Trump. Netflix is raising the price for its most popular video streaming plan by 10%. The change affects most of Netflix is 53 million subscribers here in the US they're gonna charge eleven bucks per month instead of ten bucks. For a plan that includes HD in Alaska the simultaneously watch programs on two different Internet connected devices. As though we haven't been doing that here. The but they do it right before stranger things because that's what everyone's excited about. I'll give that very dollar of this month over there are enough for how we have heard. It's a couple of weeks. IG to grab and that's what's trending online we're going deep at 540 that's where you Lou I have to name the artist and title of a very deep track for. Bragging rights and prizes and great stuff in the meantime. Oh yeah. Join rod argent and holding your hand up. It's the classic front morning show. 100 point 3%. Okay. He felt that. An artist you know. And you know the artist and title column we'll give you some phone. No I really don't Oregon's against Trevor you know it's against doors CDs and. Okay. Okay. Give me. So lost. This is equality you have business. Knocks on my game very hey man. On us what you husband Posey and anybody knows his business and the sound so don't DP you know this is artist and title. I hear a bit doubting my brother you know what they did as they were buried Bradley remains. Moody Blues. This is you know the name of the song. Or my lady. They don't recognize the voice maybe because it's it's great Thomas knee out. Player in the Moody Blues heroes you songs telling legend in my mind you know to me either he's dead that's and this one. Or zero. And they could never do this in and concert because he couldn't play the flutes and aussies in the so hot hot hot business. Hey hey Dave and I Dave were running enterprises again because really going on Pearson. So we've got. A couple of things that you still restore again you got Trevor no indoors CDs. Talk to Canadian pig would you like death or maybe a container of a rubber bands immediately to paper I. I'm I got a keyboard I was never penis. Didn't they have the face losing the sound we appreciated. Maybe you're probably Aron. She is the senior editor at rotten tomatoes dot com and she joins us. To tell us what the kind of movies we see this weekend how they grade Rick. Hey you guys every week you see this. First. We the mountain but you know starring Kate Winslet and it yourself but now I love both of those people. Yeah they're fantastic and maybe that's why we want to see them. In this story about two people stranded. Who hire church who chartered jet the plane that and it crashes and then they end up with only each other you know keeping them so who lives. In them in these horrible mountain so. We've seen this story before certainly. But you go because you wanted to see how. These two actors handle it because they're phenomenal and we love them and we really don't wanna even Eden by now by her you know please. So unfortunately right now it's it's rotten it's changing by the minute but you know. Mostly it's sort of like hey why do you make this movie when it's a lot like the others. Man walking off. And then it is it is I don't envy this film because it is going up against one of cinema nerd and most highly anticipated films that probably the last flick you know two decades but the which is blade runner 2049. And our helpfully garner can't. School. Here's an Iowa fable fleet Lauren Brenner 2049. It is one of the most extraordinary. Movies I ever sing 00. I am completely spellbound by this I've seen it twice already and the good news for everyone listening you do not have to have seen the first film to enjoy this one is two very easy to explain that. And it's easy to follow there's there is a little more than four looking deeper into the film looked. But you know not do. If you can just enjoy it as the story. Of the baby due. Right not when. Ireland LAPD officer in the future. He discovered the huge secret. That sets off the chain of the men he's got to go find. Another bleak Ratner and seemed like he did LAPD jab at. How Republicans and that this mystery must be solved so he has to go find the ever cranky and totally charming here simple. Who. What do they what is the tomato meter I think it S. Well my dad you dad is it's good 95%. And yeah well listen here's to the movies for our personality love blade runner but. If you love any of the actors you get so much of them in the way you had not seen it toward Gerri let go Ryan Gosling here in court. On a bill are meant to the name we're going to be gain and and it also for awards season watchers skeptical and out of the way early because you're gonna be hearing it oh hurry and no known her. 290 to 87 and two year old to this movie but. We can certainly understand this you're America. Let's see is the senior editor rods and then lose not come as she tells us what to do see in movie theaters Gregory have a great weekend. Yeah thank you you're buying and then be taken out but later your paint create children's. They're just keep them. Do you. I. He's trip. Ending June then we'll them viral movement that started on the late show last week when guests nick crawling courage stars to share their opera team photos online arm that can. Even raised it high enough of money for Puerto Rico hurricane victims as of Wednesday beat Hubert need challenge where Coke cold bears that he donated grand for. Every few brief photo that is celebrity posted. Raised one million dollars wow. Over 200 photos of stars their teenage years are posted with participants like Bill Clinton Reese Witherspoon and Arnold Schwarzenegger everybody got I'm born and raised a lot of money that's cool. Well according to a new study you should never skip breakfast like ever. Researchers found that people who skip breakfast have increased risk of hardening of the arteries they also found that be at greatest waist circumference and body mass index comes from people who skip breakfast as well as. Blood pressure and sugar levels. All out of whack so. Breakfast just be safe I'm calling downstairs right now to get a sausage burrito so that my hard stone and I. I'm eating red methods trending online it is time. It's time to god bless letter Friday let's do it that's where every song starts at the last letter. Of the previous on the we've got to start somewhere in a phone number aided its expenses 1003 if you have a suggestion or or Texas to 21003. With the name of the song you wanna hear your name and the city so how do we take this job well. We had a suggestion from Aron. Who are very much Karen are you carrying gold I don't know what. You announces him but he likes power trios from Canada. Not rush this time but it's. Triumph. Managing power so only our songs going forward last letter Friday such cuts. Because of our morning show 100 points through December. Do you do a little while I don't and I felt. How hard. It. Is a. I am the rim did send him to run did memorandum casino resort and spot. I must be so proud of us right now Sam farmer is the NFL columnist for the LA times and he takes us on Monday he's kept its. Best effort and and those about what's going on in the world of the ram so they host Seattle this weekend. This yeah you last week was a litmus test this is looks like good another one. Yet this is the measuring stick game and you know that's the first time analyst wrote this. First time since teams have been back in LA. That we really had a meaningful game something that really means landing. Last year yet to see your coming here for the the home opener everything rip. I wouldn't it be very good this team. They can take control of the NFC west right now and that torch on a path through playoffs. And misses a huge game can make it to form one they didn't get there last year but last year that the world's most boring team. Now they're leading the league in scoring so this is huge. Isn't it crazy you look at the rams and you try to find the weak link in sight you know the defense shows all kinds of promise they've they're getting stronger every week. And the offense has all the tools to win this is a come. Please team. I am I am blown away by the office you just don't see these kind of youth turns in the NFL and it just shows you how bad the coaching was black. I literally lit I mean jerk offs one of the better quarterbacks in the heat which is unbelievable 'cause people already write him off at the plot. So. It shows you how unpredictable the NFL list and how good coaching can make all of that. I'm telling you of when we were out at their practice at the training camp and I saw Sean McVeigh out there are playing quarterback. Against yeah. Like this guy is gonna win some hearts. And oh yeah. And you called Cooper cop right from the start and I thought well. I think a lot of guys in training camp looked really good against very thoughtful and fidelity senses and you said no's Cooper house going to be open. He's been a reliable. Wes Welker type receiver you. Some of the themselves doing it suction cup. And yeah okay are so good that the Sam farmer is going to be the game. I will it yeah are you look for Sam if you go out to the coliseum and what's your rams take on. The SE oxen of course the game will be a live on the radio here where the FM home of the rams talked to you on Monday about it Sam. That every great reporter Sam farmers in a vote columnist for the daily times in the red Tim Salmon run deep memorandum casino resort and spa. And the classic my time capsule comes up next. We need is I'm. It's time to open and these classic rock time capsule victims. There's Stephen Hawking its anti classic rock time capsule for Friday it's October the tune or six. 2000. And seventeen come up there Peabody and Sherman here. The way that she Mayan culture and invention fabricate silence until it appeared at eight DD 66. This is the date of the first American train robbery. Which happens just outside Seymour Indiana. Perpetrated by the Reno gangs and inspires. A movie. Yeah. For me and I. Who love and score the numbers Presley's let me tell us about the real concern. Meaning it'll let us. Nine. And a number doesn't Evans one day before the fourth birthday of Seymour Indiana native son John Mellencamp. Born in 19569821866. 25 years ago today. REM released their eighth album automatic for the people. So good my god my name is derived from the Athens Georgia diner called Weaver d.s delicious find foods well and a waitress puts an order because it's the rings the bell says automatic. That was the things. I'm such a great jump start to finish sells over four million copies in the US alone and twelve years ago the day of the Rolling Stone stop a show in Charlottesville. Virginia. After somebody phones in a bomb threat lots of fun people in the Charlottesville. A police coma state for 45 minutes and then some this is a good idea is go on with the show. But you know really what would you expect from. I AS tour called a bigger. Bang here's a lead single from that alma scholar rough justice. Prefer Barack. That's our guest. I live in these classic right time capsule you're listening to V classic drug morning show. A 100 points for his cell whereas last letter Friday is so begins a last look at the previous so we ended with our Walsh was was dance that some peas song. Have to start now within these songs. Well what we've played some role in stone as this is he emotional rescue you get a chance for years these songs not 88696. 10034. Texas 21003. With the name of the song you want to hear your name and sit here. Right now rides you are my five an errant jaws did you. Nothing more than to send you to show. Featuring one of our sound employees. That's through them late on Saturday it's little Steven's underground garage. And he's doing the show yeah. Yet he's doing a show it before few theatre on October 19 and if you can name for artists and songs and sixty seconds on the show JD have you Rangel to double be able to play I. I get you till I get to ensure roofs from honing ten V ten John from Los yeah yeah this is. They drew doesn't go. Good morning bill well whose only people below this because they forget that you can pass. Don't be that there's. I've not or Oregon. And John yet. Just depends on you won't do anything except sit there helplessly. While drew plays the game and if he doesn't come through you're going to jump. OK a hundred fold to what what good connection now we get them so rarely consistency and try to access on the heels John. Or not I did not. Not is back with on the silence all right here we go Jews deserve the clock with the first snippet. Good luck to you sir I want you to win. Let me. Don't bet to guess. And everybody goes. He got it to. Weird how. Maurice LA isn't good morning saying yeah. And we'll go eat. And I remember them. Yes keep. Yes. Clean. Caliber. These guys arrogance is. It's I'm in a bottle pneumonia and that was to make. And then. Yes. They might look bad. Well jam. It just is alert all right all right very good. You can and there's no reason not your true unbelievable selling out of four you got 1234. Or 5678. Nine out of forging grass. I don't see you're going to see a little at the ad Bjork the end I was over at nineteen ties for second place yeah. Not mad Jon yeah it was pretty impressive is. I could lose these are all the job hit. That I've been through congratulations. At eight cases of the last coming into play. The last time this week do bad history in the a multiple women including Ashley Judd have stepped forward to accuse Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. Yesterday the New York Times published a scathing exposes in two decades of allegations and settlements with at least eight women. In the article eight different accused of the producer of inappropriate behavior including claims that he appeared naked or partially naked in front of them. Ever good time for that you never give me a hard time for that. The idea is trying to talk sandy after the spears investor and entrepreneur Sammy Hagar has launched a food line in celebration of his seventieth birthday that's gonna happen on October 13. He's teamed up with the company's shift. To create CME's island which is eight you know meal kits service inspired by entrees served at Kabul while below is net Cabo San Lucas Mexico so can they can actually get this complex and yeah. I'm dean about methods trending online at we are in the middle of last letter Friday that's where every song starts at the last letter of the previous on. And Joseph in mid city Texas in 21003. Hoping to hear take me to the live. Allah reverend Al Green through the Talking Heads mounted so that puts us and our. 8886961003. Would've too many of these last letter Fridays left so. Why you put enough. It's the classic on morning show 100 point 3%. I haven't heard that song in so long. Donnie iris Ali had Trent in Long Beach when it hit that it's last letter Friday so every song starts. Currently though last letter of the previous one. On Leah into an H. Going forward for your information in Donnie iris is the I love him it's a medley of his hit. And in any moved to thinking who backed him. Ohio maybe they put on a Christmas some a few years ago it was Ali on new yet but I'll that's been a fantastic. Coming up next Todd doesn't tell us what's happened in sports and we'll continue with your requests on last letter Friday and said. Southern California's most balloons sportscasters Todd Donahoe and he's due sports. Hey every morning you guys the baseball playoffs underway now the Indians for another over the Yankees last night Trevor Bauer. You've heard me talk about Trevor before. He went to our church of lunch United Methodist Church when he just a little tight run around and now he's a big lake attorney went six and two thirds innings two hits no runs. And the Indians beat the Yankees who were that you can take that we. One game to ninth. And then Jose out to date three home runs and a game as Houston beat Boston eight to the other three players get three home runs in a postseason game. Babe Ruth Reggie Jackson Albert Pujols Al due date then do mr. October. And four game today Chris you got the the Diamondbacks today in Los Angeles against the dodgers' Clayton Kershaw is gonna pitch for the Dodgers you know. You get Kershaw go to your first game. He's got to win and he he just had to win and that you goggle Washington Boston Houston New York Cleveland tonight. And of course the NHL season opener last night for the ducks and kings and they both won their opening games and they're both great games yet the ducks were down 41 down three goals and rallied to win five to four of the coyotes. And they kings' Jonathan Quick 35 save shot out to nothing winners of the flyers. NFL game at any NL you watched last night and patriots beating via Buccaneers 1914. I know the button that that the bakers now through two that they don't look like the Daytona last year only great. And and their defense is look you know really kind of for the last the first five games this season. And but they don't they give up 424 yards total offense last night which is one of their better games is the way I like to see a match. What bad you didn't see your route again if you can't look at some. 'cause I said again it might you know this other thing is that in the midwest and I don't I said that but I get I Cam Newton apologized on video. On a video on social media. Any this these the words he used he used extremely. Degrading. And disrespectful. Choice of words in his response that female reporter who he kind of put down after the game months and so. Anyway he he apologized. And the raiders quarterback David Carr out Ollie does as Mikey he was a practice yesterday. Guy is at nick Ferrara back fracture in the game last Sunday. They was practicing yesterday now AJ may register for the rays this week in Baltimore but. You know the fact you look a look if I wake up with a stiff back you know I've just noticed that I can. And that by the way the rams. Get this the rams are one point. Favorites against Seattle wa favorites against Seattle it's great yep and the chargers are three point underdogs against the giants in a battle of two. Full and fourteens. Yikes. Made action sports I'm Todd Ottawa 100 point three the sound. These classic rock station last song was Donnie iris on Leah in an age we need a song that starts with a neat is this last that are Friday when you have for us Todd finally. Finally I get an ace on July could say. Hello it's me by Todd run grin hello it's me the song to my freshman year at college. Not run retained the universe misery get a free concert at the egg civilian Barnes always fantastic hello it's meatless should shut up and listen if I did. Ron grant okay first Leo once Leila. Once Layla and now Todd once Todd. You guys so fully yourself this happened. Every little thing she does is magic and Dana in Northridge came and put that on thank you for your great. Great request today for last that are Friday that was on lots of fun you know. Load maybe do it again next try to over here are and speaking of that you know when you go out of business. Comprised fulfillment and contest becomes a little bit problematic DL and that when they deserve shattered so before the prizes. In that being linked to try to winning. He should take advantage of it for example on Monday Brian Wilson tickets for four and 60 just after 7 o'clock to tune in and we're. And you can take advantage of cumin and dads how you look at the picture together and hang out tomorrow I'm gonna be at the California RV show or bets that the fair reflects over there and Pomona. And definitely different immune to two at this sound and that's tomorrow Saturday noon to two. Over at the California RV shows and stop I end up coming up meet. And hang out with a good deal easier for the rest of your work day a 100 point three the sound.