Podcast: Ram Jam, The Capsule and A to Z

Monday, October 23rd

Sam Farmer of the LA Times recaps the big Rams win yesterday, Andy take us to 1964 in the Classic Rock Time Capsule and we start the last A TO Z!


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MET the play a lot of classic rock on the podcast hey it's all there. It's just Indians led podcast version of the classic throughout the morning show. Pendant. The early march. Don't know anything. We got to him. That is gold my friend. Well we chance to try to be a hero today we're gonna let the music into duty here to do all the heroic work right I think we do just chance. Well it's simple really really was the hero or a guy beating Novak. Thanks Mike. The hero is today and only the alphabet alone you know starting at 6 o'clock less than an hour away from the sound aid to see. Couple thousand well. Rock songs back to back eight or that if you're Canadian couple weeks straight couple weeks it was lows we've got to get there you'll. Whether my. And a also this is an hour of my TV goodness I don't see right now in public for Hornbeck coming up. And a few minutes and then we'll start things off to a great omen and the understatement of the century I'm no Angel. Obviously. As a grind morning show 100 point 3%. We heard around the universe is mr. Mike T being looked like Steve name. You think is a leg going to get a TV time. Low also as you know we lost a great company a few weeks ago and his that is like two rulers left Bob Dylan and Jeff Flynn and Ed villains in Denver Saturday night and he covered learning to fly now. Normally I don't like Bob Dylan's singing voice I think it's really fast and pleased guru glass definite. It kind of works just petty kind of sound like a little bit like a better bill and you know similar to Hayden yes I think it kind of worked although it's still bad kind of a player hits include a build up. An awful well I mean who would have us some audio yeah I got a one day ending the war we will be here but won today the audio for concerts from iphones are gonna sound so good but we'll never know. At least we won't figure this make you sit boo boos yet. I don't. You can read is gonna trend right now. Well the speculation is finally over Justin Timberlake is the Super Bowl half time on the farmer thank god can all breathe now she'll be easy it really makes first time on stage Katie very after of this. Big games since he was an accomplice. In the infamous Janet Jackson. Willard choked malfunction that was back in 2004. C verbal they. US bank stadium in Minneapolis. Well doctors are finding that the number of middle aged men who injure themselves while having sex is on the rise and say adventurous sex is to blame the spike. Mostly injuries are occurring in the shower including neck injuries wrist fractures ankle sprains and back problems. Carefully everything pressure is too small. There is no way there's just an effort to stand gap read everything I do bad methods joining online treading sponsored by the all new Hollywood park casino joint need to celebrate their one year anniversary this Wednesday. That's October 25 from five to 8 PM in raise labs are gonna have a lot of fun. Hey how deep can you go with your classic rock knowledge I'd very much like to know and we're gonna find out when you play going deep at 540. In the meantime we'll feature. The big men. And that's not a sexy miss them and science Clarence Clemons and almost ten minutes of jungle and now Bruce Springsteen on V classic run morning show. One other point 3%. The final on the turntable. When a deep cut from now can you tell us whether it is really don't leak. Recognizes you know. I sure do. We know what may be days. Two lines and I'd be hard pressed to notice at all. Is there enough rain. But that voice man. Play the small. Tiny snippet of the song earlier in the sound. Deep down. It's enlisting them boys back Bayern. No I just go the phones even nobody knows. What this is faith. Claire from Rick and now hi Claire found I am doing so well good do you that you were on the line. But before I sort of play in this so here is catching up again maybe but do you know who this is artist and title. I got a little bit tired arm. We think you're an idiot and bronze. Why. And hand. All right enough blow me away. Yeah. An even bigger Claire give us a bring back okay. I'm sure they give. Move on to let's see how about John and Los Angeles John you know who loses artist and title. Today candidate do in this morning and still love. You're eight gathered for the good life in Jon Fogarty on this center field album I hung it on. It this really is a fantastic gummery. Dolly was restored in the CCR this the other song is fantastic it tells the story of television from the starts to. To now. Released into the games and on the Jumbo Edison field album really really good and that we use it just a tiny snippet to this at the beginning of my TV. I saw on TV might TV little tiny inside joke John what did it do we have some of the minutes and do. I think we have you silly tickets against Arizona State we have that we have maybe a stabler that we can get behind the officers jump run out of Arizona signing a FS. And that's all right I've I've been lucky enough to win this abuse dimes and I do as far as good thank you guys who. I'm just gonna miss you guys business and building it makes might drive tabloids though livable who thinks it's so. I collect all of the you know spirit Europe somewhere. They use so much and then grab bag gadget hold tight games you take care Newsom he. It here we'll continue our. With classic ground game and were fifteen minutes away. From the sound need disease over 2000 songs back to back alphabetically and everything just a little. I wanted to point do you sense he was and his in this Rick. Do an endless. They're you know have a cab that that is song on two. In the the sounds. Final last a disease. So far. And this is going to go genome for weeks yelled if we had no leaks god willing. So. Does the way it goes replaying itself is now political order people are probably asking. Do you play a day in the life it's like The Beatles great absolutely doing. That comes. In the essence because it's the root freeze of sergeant pepper all list slash. A day in the life is he with the technicalities I know and love the articles like A and yeah and the all of those come later you go to your second words so. An old fashioned love song would be old fashioned love song with ample but later so what we're saying is don't judge don't despair we know we're doing that's hopefuls. The computer if the computer. A so we continue this as it goes all day Joe's gonna do it Cynthia is gonna do it Reid is gonna do it we'll give me a break overnight seeing catch a fuse these he'd consider back up but it's 6 AM in the morning. But we've got lots to go man we're just getting started in the days. Played Abbott cab what do you think comes after. Have a look at I guess if I guess and I say it hold on. Hold your guess I know after you Trent I can't I think there's only community we are now. There's there's a good was to protect Sergio is gonna trend in just a minimal continue with the sounds last eight disease. She is still. What's trending on social media can grab. We'll bun Jovi and the Moody Blues are still one and two in fan voting among the nineteen rocker hall hall of fame nominees. With the zombies moving up to slot this week going from number nine to number seven. She us passing. We put you on the spot concern cool if if they get asked out of this I'm not going to be fully you're not going to be happy anyways. John Lennon is such that though let's just call enter. Menu wolf whistle a wig and cat called wolf whistle at women in France could end up paying a head V price lawmakers over there are considering a bill that would make harassment against women in French streets a criminal offense that includes whistling. The proposal of course getting much attention because of buck the Harvey Weinstein scandal so you'd just better have pursing lips that was due to do that by the way that that was me. I didn't got another study online chatting sponsored by the on the Hollywood park casino doing meet to celebrate their one year anniversary we're gonna do that this Wednesday October 25 from five to eight. Even raise lounge we did last time was a lot of fun to come out every MJ was Sam farmer is coming up at 640 but right now we're in these third song. It a long list of the sounds aided the thousands we just played at the cab. I you can go ahead. Thank you know it is I think I know I guess what everybody listening is thinking OK I I have to assume it's Steve Miller's abracadabra wrong. A bracket the drug buys this demilitarized. It's the sounds less. He does these. I. He's last stand. We're doing and the sounds the last eight museum of continue that in just a couple of minutes. There's. Some of those workout buddies at a benefit yeah definitely I think he's. I really ran them with them ready by on new casino resort in spot Sam. Farmers and good in a pillar good goal and a target older. Forget about columnist for the LA times and Tim where does talk and I'll be here. It's pretty incredible. What people are saying about the LA rams vs what they were saying in July about the only reasons. And this is the wildest turnaround I can remember in the NFL maybe the dolphins what one game. Come back this year and be your team this this is incredible not only. Of the rams. Us now surpass. Passed their win total from last season and more all seven games of the season. But Jared golf looks like one of the best quarterbacks probably hit it's incredible. Isn't a lot of sun rises and sets yeah. Yeah I think I think that goes suddenly looks like I'll break. There as though this is exactly what LA needs right now I am in Canada. The oxen the doctor again take all the oxygen out of the room but the rams or do what they need to do. Kim maintain their relevance. When they come back in a release focused on football also so it's great. As they've got a hug a week off here they've got the buys so it's almost two weeks within him until they play again. The World Series in the middle love it it's actually perfect this they have fixed again it wonderfully well dove tails and when they come back who is up next on the docket the you know. They've got their act in New York Giants was very winnable very winnable game them. At the giants and and they come back here and you know listed. I think could play Houston when they come back and so it really sets up well for them not only. You know they're getting players coming. Opponents were injured stars at the right time to his is that that's. They all have a real backup to deal with the JJ watt deal. Sometimes it's just like that pertains when they make that magical run. And at least the first half of the season the rams are on a magical run. And people have to understand what they've done they went they flew to. Jacksonville. Played there right and stayed there for the week and then went to London and now flying back here and then next week they for an weaker so they fly back to. New York to play there and then back this has been grueling man they've come to be flying colors. This schedule makers did them no faith. But the only thing that works out for them is the back half of the season mostly. At home. And that's key that's when you make your run and if they keep going with Todd Gurley playing always playing in the air in our. Now shake off any rust from missing training camp. It is really setting up for them to make your division Enron and possibly some type of playoff run. It's crazy it's a great day out simple I was in a vote comes from the LA times two time. Sportswriter of the year in California a San must talk about it again on Friday for a bit. Interpret. Our brother and the rim did I say I was brought to you by a moron go casino resort and spa we continue with the sounds last eight as the next. But before we do that let's do a little time capsule that's in moments on the cell. You can easily. It's time to open. And these classic rock time camp so keen. And his classic rides on capitol fourth Monday. October the 23 2017. To check out this coincidence. Around this times in 1964. Homeland. They didn't think he has his hands in the air because girls in guerrillas in him being the unemployment and hammers and thereafter the mountain lions last GS on TV. Goodness we'll move the story of. Iraq and the life draining from ms. love's veins as he holds there in his arm before. Yeah on this date in 1964. While that's climbing the charts. His manager and the records producers suddenly Roush. Killed Charles. This. This same day today in 1964. The man who replaces Buddy Holly in the crickets you know life is I. I missed just put in a song with a crickets and as the. I'd play in Israel and my sister is crickets I bet does somebody all your because it's just I just can't. And I did this could be important is to continue the story. This that same day today in 1960 for the men who replaces Buddy Holly in the crickets David box charters a Cessna sky. And you know of course buddy Holly's killed in the plane crash in February in 1959. David's boxes play. Crashes killing all onboard. Quality on the Buddy Holly and his replacement both being killed in plane crashes. This day in 1995 Def Leppard plays three concert in one day. On three did. How do you do that while they play the cave of Hercules that's an Africa. Shepherd's bush in London and Europe of course and the commodore ballroom. In Vancouver. That's North America and that beat gets them into the Guinness book of world records. It has done to celebrate their first greatest hits collection pay giving gain eight hours by flying west that probably helps them. A bunch. To accomplish that. And what year do you think Carlos Santana has its first number one hit single 1969. Up 19799. And 1989 and tried 1999. A year after he's conducted the rock and roll hall of fame for the song which gets him in there is yeah. Thomas of the supernatural album has some spends twelve weeks at number one. As a corner every year. At number one. And don't get that confused when number one albums he does that all the way back in 1970 with a abraxis and then the next out Santana three and that is and he's classy right time capsule on the classic rock morning's show 100 point three the sound. Now back to the sounds last. AE is too easy to see what was the last song that we Clinton. The detective it was an Achilles last stand now well that we continue with I across the universe. All right well. So and the good thing is the only brave comedian. Dana young. Is pretty funny ending on all of crops in the world this tickets. But maybe he would surveys at the Dobie theater on November 1 Baghdad and then you have to get us to correctly. Put this I. And in sixty seconds that you want to be ready to raise as we listen to radio is an amendment that would tickle my view that's got. And Atlanta so it was unlike the blame game Katie. We got man from Los Angeles and mark from no aren't locked fantastic young men. Rarely go wrong guys and aluminum in what is going on don't know that it nominated for ten years thank you I don't. The means a lot there really does mean look we we appreciate the time where's. As a matter if you play the game marks. Mark. I'm Lawrence. Thankfully you have the worst connection and you'll just beyond samba. I got if they don't forget that you can pass if you don't know okay. Okay genes just are caught he had sixty seconds to get a minute to win it you gotta list for songs artist and title called correctly and then you re going to see Ricky Gervais. Here we. Ago. Yes queen. What thick column. Take a lot of work. Under president yeah all right we'll get. Past. Can comment. Ascent. Three more hesitant. A lot of. There. Yeah man. Her hair and an eagle you can tell yes yours. Yeah so that the. Now and young U nine Q&A lower it's okay that you didn't get dealt a done by Helen Reddy that is the hundreds of point are you didn't think it's easier Ricky surveys that the Dobie theater on November. First. Right yeah. This say thanks to both of you for around comer Lola this for the ride and Matt you know precious few days left but who knows maybe you wouldn't a gone all right. Are. Mark holds I gave he's gonna set up. Possibly can and then after this we'll have the after songs as we continue with the sounds last eight Z. The songs that begin with the word after hold off. Gina I don't know what's trending up social media. Well let me tell you okay. President trump might have his first challenger in the 20/20 presidential election Mark Cuban the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of TV shark tank says. He is seriously considering running for president money money and would challenge found for the Republican nomination I think we need more billionaires and then in high of my places in our government do you watch our tank. Yes he's favorite is pretty good is great. He says Ivins and what everyone's eyes and I wouldn't run unless I have solutions I've solutions that I have something to offer if I don't you won't see me anywhere near being a politician. Cuban describes himself as a social centrist but fiscally conservative. Hey wanna learn a new line election. Hit the art. A new study has found that you might be better at learning new language after haven't a couple of drinks specifically researchers found that drunk people. Renounce foreign words better than sober people apparently just sounds like another language I had Italian as I. I'm Gina got methods turning online trending sponsored by the all new Hollywood park casino joining me to celebrate their one year anniversary we're gonna get this Wednesday October 25. From five to 8 PM and raise lounge and a lot of fun. Well we are nestled right in the eighties with the sounds last eight easy any what is next in the heat well. Knew I told you after you're trending we have the after songs so that means. After. Midnight it's Sarah glances don't plan though one from the seventy's not that crappy one for me. How is the sounds last. A to Z. Really good song you would never believe how nerdy that guy looked. A go look at the video it's it's astonishing. And it's really Eugene Levy AAF. That. The great stuff. Hey welcome to this sounds last aid to Z that was off Leah by Donnie iris. We continue in just a moment with the eight cells and there are six thinks. And this list as not every song ever written it's but it's plenty and so a couple of thousand of them and we'll take two weeks or so. Allow him to complete this whole thing I. I can't think of two seats on win. You can be enlightened and any and all over the place. And let me just say this real quick people asking. All the time. Don't you have a better idea of when the last days going to be don't you know when it's coming wind is it going to be the have a clear picture of it we do not. Mrs. system you know these are business dealings and nothing to do with us. This just business so. There is all being handled somewhere else. We don't know this could shut down in the letter M if they could shut down that three weeks after the letters he have no idea literally so. We're just enjoying hearing these songs. Some of you for the last time maybe on Southern California radio so continuous. We're gonna get in the aids threat if we duck not Donald Fine about sports next on the well allowing just the wrong thing to want play that will play a little sound movies and then nothing for time southern California's most sportscaster. Is tied down now Todd we had done Harry Carey fill in for you just last week it was amazing. It really was ethereal I wanna thank Jerry do I'm I'm I'm back and feeling good just a bit under the weather but I'm back now and just feeling shippers can be good. Shout outs in the NFL the rams 33 to nothing over the cardinals game played in that. Jolly old England and it carried off when he to a 37235. Yards tied early. A 106 yards rushing and and the rams defense Selig gave up 101 downs the hot Carson Palmer injured in the game though too so I'm sure that was a factor. And then though the Broncos had a great home game this weekend as the chargers well court. And I think that the like chargers you always have a home game you play into that wanted posters. Think about that the chargers led sixteen road games this season such tough. And that has not been thinking I'm rebuilt and here's why I'd welcome right that's of the new they're doing the same honor senator I. I don't know what their stability in this regard. And none of them but the charter 121 nothing. Over the Broncos Philip Rivers 100 win as a quarterback. You know that's the first shutout loss of the Broncos have had in 25 years to win another Los Angeles TV and when he scored enough thing. The Los Angeles raiders fan. And the other shot out to in the NFL yesterday Jacksonville 27 to nothing. Over the Indianapolis Colts. How a liar about that C yeah how hot is that seat under coach chuck but I know I don't know he must have pictures of the Irsay is a with animals because there's just it just it both fumbles me why he's still in charge. Well colts are hoofed animals and yes that's that's and in a rematch of Super Bowl you got the rematch of the Super Bowl 237. The patriots over the falcons did veto last second comeback there. NBA the New Orleans at pelican speech at the lakers won nineteen to 112 lobbed the ball. Was three of thirteen. Forty point oh for five in three pointers he did have thirteen assists and eight rebounds and five turnovers. His backup Jordan Clarkson Noah 24 points and five assists that's the and Kyle could amount the other rookie for the lakers twenty points and thirty minutes of pretty good. You know what baseball but as allies against he's not that easy loans are either it's his third game. And he's nineteen years old. Yes so but you don't right now hit you know they have the plus minus factor on point you know when you're in the game of your team scored more points when you're in the game then the other team you get a plus factor. He had hit a big minus number yeah. I don't know. I made a baseball worth me waiting for game one of the World Series tomorrow on headed guy understated but here's what I'm confused of gang. Does pitching matchup is Dallas cycle first Clayton Kershaw. Dallas Michael pitches in who's paying and Clayton Kershaw was born in Dallas right. And their last names are likely Kershaw of course Kate is the sniper strike so I think it's just a realignment to. The sentencing and Justin Timberlake is gonna perform at the Super Bowl halftime this year. Fourteen years after the wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson numeral. Never that Dina. I am aware of the ES the and those who want it came out by accident wonder whether Bhutto is like fourteen years later because I don't know adult wanted to benefit what I will say this game though that you're that you're the the game discoverable is being played in Minneapolis. Which is a cold weather city. This is so I think that's all I'm Athens on this delegate there might end up an air that night. Wow and meteorological. Term okay. Thanks for the that's sports I got Donald underline under point three the sound fi classic right. You just how about we all. Aren't we continue it does a to Z were in the eighth songs. Study over the John Mellencamp. Ain't even done with the night is not dramatically correct. But it's ironically perfect. And it's meant that a pronouncement and expressed. The sounds last a disease. Saint talking about level halfway through the inks over their morning songs uncle Joseph knows we ain't going to be able to finish them no he hasn't ago. Gina grant another off funding hanging out with yes indeed there's one thing people will not be able to say about us is that we do know rocker huh. But tomorrow I. The more Ricky Gervais takes more degrees it's more that would put a letter do you agree to start ups all got to run a now. I'm gonna guess what made the order. I think in a BD's tomorrow now that's a deal may be the seized tomorrow so tomorrow morning fixing a little pick back up yeah but it's going all day long today and uncle Joseph. And then with Cynthia fox and them with read a while the until midnight. We'll give you a few hours schedule breath overnight get a few hours show idea you'll pick back up at 6 AM. To morrow but it comes uncle Joseph and he's including all the songs the letter a leaving out commercials for the next 100 minutes.