Podcast: Puddles, Gene Simmons Takes Charge and Songfight

Tuesday, November 14th

Puddles Pity Party covers Cheap Trick, Gene Simmons removes a heckler and our very last Songfight (we think)!


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MET the play a lot of classic rock on the podcast hey it's all down. And easy to digest version of the classic run on morning Joseph and sustainment in this. Love you suddenly homeless man. A little bit homeownership. And who did you feel. Turn uranium now. You program. Today it went. Even things. Even though we. Really pension benefit. You limit aromatic candles. More than anything. There's been some suntan oil on their own. Unplug and plug in and wasn't. The inspiration that the got a lot to cover today. We've been asked to repeat. Final pairings are. That's coming up to six on nine we'll play for a 16 December 7 even though we've got breast blew him away. Anything else. The have a leg TV that's gonna blow yesterday my team you kind of being where is heard generated serious you know it's pretty. How about this some as a live. Late Tom ahead. And start us off the glass right morning show she's sandy I'm Gina. When bridges. We heard around the universe is mr. Mike TV it looked like Stevie and get them leg already get a TV for. I don't that he's gonna miss those. As a depressed homeless we'll call Leo yeah right his make a loop of all the ones and nine. As is so it was like clowns so let's slate candy don't like clowns. And I love puddles the clown all means and and he covered and another jam. And it's over a song that's an upbeat song. They turn into a very sad emotional send only titles can and it's so good I'm I'm gonna tell us on we're just gonna play you'll know it. So according to. How long. You know an end to war on me. It just looks. And you know it's. To need me. To loan me. And you know it's. A good. Ooh. She never moral grounds she. Put on a brand new machine. Get home where they. Did you saved. I just I just want to thank you it's. Not. And bulldozers. Now. And do not see and my goodness oh yeah. Who did not see you could. You love me. That's you know. Beer and a tie game and bowl on CN. Gymnasts you can. Along. Smooth. To me. Not an easy. You know it's. A me me. Only. Oh okay. And then man you look below. He's just it's. Our little. Okay. You want more all. We're. Okay. I do not see game winner Dianne. Oh yeah and I. In the last. Okay. Okay. Denial. Yeah. I don't mean. You. Just go on me. PC. Easy. Still need me. You and I. So today I mean. Amazing or I NN I managed landing on the usual and that video to your children we Illini he's a happy clown well so yeah. As Clinton is again Helen Hunt all all clowns are tariff he's not any why clowns are too narrow off credit Klan yeah. When did you come steal your joy. Shut up contend at epithet well let's put that oven Mitt FaceBook page review Lowry got it'll go Ben during the break will lower level cycle and analyze analyze and the end they're in 1980. Did boo boos at. Ago. You aren't good I'm just. Do you guys do those what's trending. It's gonna look like a clown I never realized did allow my hero and restriction that you love. Loves our and we're gonna do Sanjaya vague Bob Seger is doing well following back surgery which resulted in the postponement of thirteen dates on his runaway train yard. His office says quote rescheduled it's a big mapped out for a coast to coast reboot of the tour this break with live nation having more details in the coming weeks. Also on Friday Saturday views on the title and pandora streaming services with the new album as well as thirteen others from his catalogs. Well eighteenth birthday cakes made out of meat are really popular in Japan according to website coasted through. These meet cakes started appearing a couple of years ago and they're popping up all over the yucky NICU those are grilled meat restaurants in Japan. I would prefer meat take over regulate that's my own nickname they meet case that the and by the way a friend of mine got married and the grooms cake was just three gigantic tears of different cheeses. I'm bored but that is excellent all right I'm GT grad that's that's trending online training graduates aren't final in the meals a moment surrender holiday table matter most get everything you needed one stop that's Smart and final. Hornets aren't final but come filling in for your right to you well Gene Simmons deals with a heckler as the only teams Simmons can we have the audio of that incident coming up at 540. He gives some of the tongue lashing at half past. I keep these incursions deals to be classic rock morning show on the sound. He's the best. There's nobody. This is the kiss cruise was recently right. And Jeanne back on the road with a solo band and they play the show Sunday night in Providence, Rhode Island at the bets on the Tory M. There are veterans day weekend and make sense a Jean. Jean took things into his own hands because. He's Providence city councilman Bryan Kariya. Takes the stage to present the keys to the city of Providence to Jean. Well. About three syllables in this speech. Mr. Maria. Honorable mister freeh is an interrupted by a heckler in the crowd who shot something unintelligible you can tell whether this. Jeanne taps him on the shoulder shelves in the would look at her. Says three of the house lights who's we've got some audio from this would like to hear this please here we go. Yeah. All of them. Yeah. Bull. There it. Where. Did you. Even in the lights and. They give holiday. Dean is unsteady in his basement. He's sixty. Literally blocking her out he's walking down the heads of the cities these cards. Lower lip protruding. And as Gene Simmons. Including across the floor. A grand stoker's Dracula it's a good. As good someone. Online and then after that. Gene. So escorted the person from the premises he goes back you've onstage. And he gets his awards. The honorable councilman I thought Maria. She's now. They take it out yourself. There is only. Coming up at 609. An encore presentation. Final. Very hard in the voice guy who's. And on the station crew last what three years. It's it's magic it's what seven minutes long. Is blowing every second Wear them every single second. We'll share that at 60 nine's and some live Aerosmith coming up next so. One last time we were trying to talk to the president. So we're going off the air soon as I'm sure you know by now did you know that and quite okay so we're we're going off the air or any. Could lead today in high school or he could be Monday could be a week from what we know we don't we don't know that president trouble we've spoken to many times on the show actually reached out. To talk to us about it so diesel and number I gave you I have missed HM okay now try it Marciano. I. To the oh in a grid and Andy can really. Just minutes thank you for taking the time Mr. President and hours so having to talk to you one last time I'm sure you've heard the we're going off the air. I haired letter no ally aired because I do when you but this station. Thought wow really dead straight and static immediately this station he's getting Emeka thing legally it's catching gags. Jones-Drew moral law. Randy twice a month from the windows it is isn't 100 points. That's straight and that's getting rid of all of you lose Iran is people's republic issued all of might create some legs again majestic Shelley's. The. Senator Clinton stayed this traffic is how old prayers right now. No idea who it is the bumper to bumper badges and all of the cars are tucked back behind other cars this solved for how should I mean that traffic is slow slow it would be pretty much impossible to kill somebody with your car that. I mean you can be impossible for a normal person with no experience killing somebody with their car. I could probably do it that much like I did on February 7 that two honey bear game that the errors. Well I'm not sure if the people of Los Angeles are ready for a station my tennis. They better let go in because frankly this station he's got me no matter how many candidates and post and you basement based that they don't want it then I can can you say let's get exploits generally. British they've folks it's Tom Brady wow what a week in the sports world lots of wins lots of losses and OK listen I don't have much time just tell us now gotten the point where she grams blueberry stones in my mouth while I sleep it's not like this Jones says she thinks I like Disco. This minor misunderstanding has mushroomed into a life altering stone nightmare from which there's no way you and I hope. What's that sweet huh yes stones come very much like more delicious Jones crammed into my mouth hole whether I'm conscious or not that. Please don't leave me like this Tina not here. Now you let me throw to my sidekick Peyton Manning paid blown ruled trump phone who's who's an imminent. Wow man this goods PG nick says I'm reading a good ratio ratings which you're already pretty good to begin with so I don't really share what is Japanese gas well or will we fished it out debit submitted gaming gash. I. So he. Leave me they hate kids I hold my hand these top ten celebrities who were sporting a baby bump here we go number ten. Yeah I wish I was sporting a baby yeah. That's impossible. Yard maybe a game balls please stop following me everywhere I go have. Authorities have been notified I want science to advance to a point where I'm able to physically carrier child damage the you had. Wow just rendition it Damon grip bush much like one of my meetings of the bush lead kidnapping was a campus at C. General GAMR president I hate to break this do you but I think deals bought this station before you did so this is all notes that in fact now. Daycare where I didn't put American is basically as the game didn't exactly Dixon requests. Like hi folks I'm the ghost of Casey case of how is this happening and yeah. Much like his own presidency trump managed to make it happen despite all logic reason and any remote possibility that such a thing could reasonably take place it's our next request comes from Maloney from Washington DC. And she writes dear Casey. Please play helped by The Beatles. Then blame we gotta get out of displaced by the animals which goes out to my son Barron. Wow but to offer and we're gonna play those two tracks I right after the break. It's dad eBay CA CC station is gonna be it believe me all of my birdies beginning gasping delayed which would be easy because they breathe through their open matter anyway. All right Mr. President I have to wrap this up. You didn't by the station this is dumb please stop this. That until they give you a preview about midnight to 6 AM DJ it's got that quiet dormant years. Switches that cut. When of those shows where they play smooth jazz and aren't Beers something goes split that Blair's. Yeah. Regional. Or corner store. Owners would see Bruce and turn it read cars and we people who wins the out for me. Territories of the things I did because I have a more gets I can do other boys just. All right folks did it's over attempted. Million dune it's. It's fit and finish it sounds just like him right. Bet you gotta like parents to know. Hi folks this is vice president Mike Pence welcome to 100 point three big we have films where we play the anthem once an hour every hour and if you meal during I'm leaving. It's and in my right let's please CNN. We've known each other for a long time give them my kids. Do they like there's it's all eyes narrowed. Thompson would never let me out of the cold like. We'll Vista could turn I wasn't emotionally prepared for well. Even is an apparently decades greeted at a lets everybody in Los Angeles collectively decided to visit Erica did dad gam can add arrest you edit believe me again it's this guy again viera HC. DH and that gap and again since grid well thank you calling Mr. President you and it dad and me and let me tell you this station and is stationed days deputies would add a debt agreement to grab a crap. I know this particular period in united seems scary as they began to Alabama. But believe me you are going to be bag what you did it would do is gay gene will go down in history is it in the greatest things everyday have been in Los Angeles Arabia he should not be exceptionally Brad abused as. They needed javy but those can regulations bridge gap will debt each and every way they view I tremendously eleven mad at people of Los Angeles. And everybody's looking forward to what do you two will bring Libya and I can tell you. Well that was really nice of you this Mr. President yes creating your own lives is that you play is seen MIT can be Galley back. And get that good but not yet it. I think it's. An appetite. There's going to be. You guys tell us what's trending on social media openly what could possibly go wrong files scientists in Siberia found a perfectly preserved corpse of a 50000 year old lion from the ice age. The animal weighs ninety pounds and is a foot and a half on his little bill Cobb. And now the scientists want to bring it back to life by extracting DNA just like Jurassic or other great idea. Says that will scamper and are out. To celebrate singles today and shine of the online retailer Alibaba had an amazing deal offering a lifetime supply of the lose for about 17100 bucks is 33 lucky customers who slipped in the fast as well now get twelve models and an eighty proved grain alcohol each month. For the rest of their lives best part if they die within the first five years the purchase they can leave this gift that keeps on giving to a family member they can blow Wii Fit. Wow that's some that's a bargain I know we we sit down at bastards I do to that that's that's turning online training Betsy they Smart and final. When the meals and moments and your holiday table matter most get everything you needed one stop at Smart and final or aren't found that come the value criteria. All right at 640 get ready for the fight not sound bites. I go ahead ahead and you vote on his son you like better we're gonna take up its export food vehement. I want the president it's so rarely in. What we could set up but eventually answering machine even leaving messages on about the sound. That's a capital idea today I love it CNN's bring in the cult she sells sanctuary. It's the classic rod morning show on the soon to be defunct 100 points reduce the. Okay. The fight people. But in saying that this is the asks. Songs by. This song bites it is my last salvo. Minister until it's time for redemption unanimous really tough close since the tonight. Regina who should go first you know I think I'm first twice and why do you go I'll go first. Here's a work will each present a song and then he'll text your vote to say which some wins and that's some will be played in its entirety then about an hour yes so everybody went yeah. That everybody wins really. Most importantly me because else thinks well the Gus Levy if you know from my song. You get all twenty minutes away out of the 2112 overture yeah. Reasonable. 95 years and you. We discovered. Related blog. Ever seen in my life. Herself just another choice. Right candy I wouldn't get too cocky OK you know once you're too all right. You personally are going to have a very hard time arguing with my choice. Okay and IA. A 100%. Know that that's a fact he has one of your favorite bands of all time this is my eight most favorite I. And I know it's a lot of people's. It's okay he was singing the song yeah. Or sixty. You're saying not only. Does everybody win in either of these songs when I win. That's the most important thing that is only because a handy Andy does love yellow this is my absolute favorite yellows on an if for some reason you're not fond of the Jeff land version which. India and I will never understand for any reason you might like this version on the number there's a tunnels the climbers on coming or not know this is a version that I did a few months back when I was super super high and you ever represented I. They write them. Name now. Unknown. And and colonels and the machines and I. I and add. A black eye and a role she'd keen. Danny he magazine. And now and gone all data and non. Enough. Now. But I can't get out of my head the. Actual version there realtors in the EO version text G. 221003. That's GA to UN 003 or aid into 1003 for all twenty minutes 12112. Overture or just. Score short and sweet or write in vote for the helium. We'll have we're gonna cut off the voting at 735. And coming up next is the classic run time capsule for that day. More of these. It's time to open and these classic rock time camp sold. Or maybe throughout. Stop trying to figure out Danny's classic just. Yeah Super Tuesday November 14 2017. Jaws. John. 57 years ago today. Great job soon. Yeah I'm ready. Yeah. For Aerosmith on this date in history. In 1989. They kicked off their first European tour in twelve years of the Hammerschmidt billion. In London David Coverdale white snake joins them on stage for a version of The Beatles time down. I think about that Aerosmith and David Coverdale together in London singing The Beatles I think that was just all right. 26 years ago today Aerosmith inducted into the Boston. Hall of fame but toxic twins young good. For themselves Gina yeah forty years ago today kiss kick off their tour in support of kiss alive two and you. Myriad convention center and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You don't pulses from the stage. The reason that government here that I don't know but. That's up to it that's above my pay grade son. Today in 1990 Pete Townsend reveals in a Newsweek interview that he is bisexual. Really. Roc boys I want to bite in his huge. I want to buy you leathers. Eric. A lot of the headlines and then in Rolling Stone a dozen years later Phoenix plays he briefly experimented with same sex relationships and 1960s but he's completely. Heterosexuals now. Well it makes me think two things one I'm not completely sure that can be true. And do. Who really cares because I know I don't bit of everybody's AT and everybody's happy then good for you. And it's good for us that peace is gonna play some outs of and these classic run time capsule. Speaking of might think isn't he he he he he beat it beat you licences and hit the contest. And it's been in the morning. 01 and only three things that question. Play for is 61 the last time. I played this institution has become the. The price how he's. Well we're gonna get agree. They don't. To figure out who opt for the progressive international letters like a show as a Long Beach convinced that that's November 17 through nineteenth just a few days away the only way to get your hands on those tickets. Is too yes. For artists and titles directly in sixty seconds. Let's see who's gonna play this game KV line I got jamario from Los Angeles and Denny is from the last out. Don't well yeah Audi murder Mario yeah. Pretty spirited there are still well I'd turn your radio does gonna help you he. Are you if you play in the game you're just Saget I don't think if you pass Mario. It's like Mario on anything past. The other a little reason to send a Denise. Howell right. I'm great and do well anywhere else I'm. Do you do nothing you'll suddenly becomes silence and Mario doesn't do him the okay. Good luck are about so let's Mario Jeanne is gonna start the clock for the first living just sixty seconds. Good luck to you sir here we go. That's. McNamee was not a minor it'll yes Ireland and three hello. Hello at me like yeah. You do seeing. Yeah. I don't. Look at me right now palm had it's the worst. My. Bulls aren't good yeah. Yes sir one life. Eighteen seconds. And as I am I gonna. Keep on. Read your game right now. He. In my name and running alone I mean you didn't get more out of our congratulations. Mario you are yeah well I think it's still the progressive international motorcycle sounds. Are still oh cool huh. These are the morgue cowboy yeah I'd say I'd try and some of the time we probably won't be peace will look at the workflow both Leo thanks you guys. That's my feeling rusty by Jimmy Graham Nelson I was hey man I. And I'm joined your little pre show us. And production. Colin cabernet is one of the faces of GQ's December issue of the magazine named the former 49 winners quarterback it's citizen of the year for starting to protest the became a movement in the NFL. Gavel be part of floor rotating covers sharing the spotlight with Kevin Durant Stephen cold air and Wonder Woman. A cake out conduct. Hey look at the last. It's so he may want to consider a move to the city bad day. While in hub ranked the best cities for singles looking for their cellmate their data was based on factors like area economy. Dating opportunities nightlife fun and recreation the top five. San Francisco Atlanta out Los Angeles and Denver and San Diego area economy. And also leads the country and panhandlers are losing its economies of of life and that's a the worst cities for six singles hours South Burlington, Vermont. Brownsville Texas Pembroke Pines, Florida and Hialeah Florida a and warm up Rhode Island don't forget them I'm due to bad that's that's chatting online training brought to race Smart and final in the meals in the moments render holiday table matter most get everything in one stop but Smart and final or in Smart and final dot com they'll bring it right to you okay that this spend more men want to marry out of 1510 and -- We are going to share with you. Who wins the song fight. At 740 so Jeep into the song and I think of a song you vote and the winning some won't play the entire song Gina picks. May now. That's on my I have allow. Can answer to that won the. You know. The yellow and get out of my. It's funny you. Conversely if you're nerds like me and you wanna hear what. All twenty minutes. It's just. You can even ask me well I'm doing this time. Can someone here all. That might be. When he won twelve. A favor and BG's Regina texts to 1003. Of the pill pull only get revealed for another ten minutes ago right now. In the meantime promote this moment plucked out of yeah. Smoltz Midnight Oil blues guy in mind. 100 point three the sound. It Somalia last. All right it's time ladies and gentlemen to release the results of the final when things. We're gonna go ahead this is less on time now that we've done that a it was that had. Anyway Gina picked yellows can get it out of my head I think Russia's 2112. I win either way because they're both. Fabulous. This agreed an anti. People loaned. Your choice in fact 207. People voted for your rush song but so yeah. I know you I know you. Only only loosely does. I can understand me down but like you say you're a winner either way and and you know what I wanna thank you because I wouldn't even know. One of my favorite songs in the whole world yellows can get out of my head of it wasn't for you. Says thanks Yale you're so welcome this this. This is dedicated to my buddy Andy Stanley because I'm the big winner with 56%. Of the votes 262. Thirds. Can't get it out of my head high when the sun played again. Disappointed. They have one more thing to say life. On now allow. I and Danny has he not me and boom now long gone all data and non had. As Jack I know I didn't go out. Getting bids aren't actually the real version every any lanes in a moment after this we don't play. Doesn't anybody love me. Gina did you see this email from Christina don't now what's. Says I didn't even hear with the other song is really just wanted to cast my vote against rush I would know. During the explanation of the song I think we heard enough rush for the day don't you. Love the sound is everything Christina no I don't Christina. Bill only gonna get and get it and I'm not planes when he went twelfth as a bonus or anything like that is what you might have you voted. You voted get you made your bed now now you know you have to listen to one of Andy's favorite songs and I favorites on the type of punishment that is that I. Tiffany in yellow announced its next tour next year by the way coming to. The forum August 4 tickets go on sale on Friday pre sell. For American Express tomorrow at 10 AM couldn't be more excited about that. They couldn't excited that you like Tina thank you thank you less Angela and I still you rate music sounds nice smile only. PLO can't get it out of my head so. They Dina. Real peach of a time when usually does a lot of fun let's do. The idea. Clearly going to be in the market. Would you like to be yeah. It's it's an fever dream tournament right now it. So we have we are together tomorrow let's do another Ford sixty confronting all of that was great today I don't know we have any prizes and we'll give you a microphone. And something as a real leg and he. I think we can stick in an envelope mailed to you tomorrow. Because we have hours left in the sound we do know that but thanks for spending those hours here with us yeah and here comes everybody uncle Joseph to spend some hours with.