Podcast: Monkees, Skynyrd and Apes

Friday, July 14th

We speak to Micky Dolenz from the Monkees, Rickey Medlocke from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Grae Drake reviews the new Planet Of The Apes movie and it that's not enough, it's LAST LETTER FRIDAY!


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End it Tina played a lot of classic rock on the podcast hey it's all down this is the engines lead podcast version complete classic run on morning Joseph. Notices. 35 years old. That doesn't. She was and I'll bot. Unafraid stocks. It's. I on the meetings that I had no idea this was a member of it was playing drums. I noticed Faith Hill Paula that's exactly yes. It's hard to. By that funk playing it because. Which is almost. Today. We're stretching everything all the boundaries stretched down because we've got so much to do this Friday's in his last letter Friday that been playing all your request from like an hour from now on. Plus your last chance of anywhere to get tickets for the classic west we've got those tickets and just after 7 o'clock and what am I missing Mickey Dolan sand hill looking monkey. We're going to be done until monkey and a real monkey really love and you just might he really does the real monkeys. Great drain great straight talk. Great great talks about some monkeys don't monkey movie yeah and what overcame a lucky that we are a number of minutes here. It's the pattern is Cole. News gentlemen. We have to do is play illegal idea more often raises with the classic rock on V classic rod morning. Sounds more good and I'm I'm at bat you're I had. Big big clip her and all about getting so. Right ticket Kermit sit your age or hit it perfect. Hayes. Stay lesser named earlier. On how to bridge daily and a and given that trio mean. Yeah let's and you sidebar. A I movie box seriously can these kind teams aren't and he's had uniforms off his own precious as that's a big part of it. We have Christine to eight feet and yeah he's a giant ticket August 2 the sounds and there you definitely have Stanley reunion their family. Of the announcement this thing is. A Spencer Weaver had a talk about it and we think that. She would enjoy going to. These sounds M the reunion when Lindsey Buckingham and Christine may be all right I. Guys that would be incredible. Though it awesome the whole phone and empty due up thank you so much you're good they Spencer yeah. Guys aren't they are on every dollar in concert scene but net. Sometimes I use so down but again. Yeah. Big generated huge grim that there and then. Fresh off an hour even bag as well the nominations for the Emmy Awards have been announced and the biggest headline is that Saturday Night Live and west world. I'm 22 nominations. Each well deserved Steve eagle there will host the show which airs live from LA on CBS on September 17. A baseball signed by all four Beatles at their last concert has just sold. For 72500. Dollars. The unique collectible bearing the signatures of Paul John George and Ringo dates from August 29 1966. When the fab four's final show was stage at Candlestick Park in San Francisco The Beatles signed the ball from Mike Murphy he was a stadium employee gave the ball to his sister. For whom he wasn't able to get tickets for the concert that was quite the haul I'm Gina grant that's that's chatting online treading rats he by guild and Hollywood park casino. How much all your favorite day of the century bar and grill offering daily lunch specials happy hours and three ballet when you dine and visit play HPC dot com for more info and the newest planet of the apes movie is drawing major emotion out of people but it's. Is it pleasure or disappointment gray Drake we'll tell us at 540 the title cut. From CCR is born on the buy you album season down Hulu. She's never Hulu death. I was a voodoo. Who do is a magical mystical spiritual none defined separation with a ghost. Or shadow not necessarily evil. But certainly otherworldly. Those are the words to Jon Fogarty who do a reunion of Hulu dale was a little. One that was a guilty. To the classic rod morning showing the sound. Is Friday morning that means we are graced with a grave Drake senior editor rotten tomatoes dot com tell us what's in the Cineplex what's up Greg our. Oh my god I finally recovered from Spiderman homecoming. And for horror movie lovers bad horror horror movies for three hours. Thank you thank you we've got wind shift times starring a young lady named Joey keen and she gets. A present from her dad who's played by Ryan Philip B who is no longer teen heartthrob Ukrainian dad let's not go killer. And he gives your music bus and there's an inscription that says. Will grant all your wishes. So if you start to question for staff and then her friends start diet and you. Yes this couldn't screened for critics so I haven't seen it but I do you get really shined the light on how bad debts are buying their goddess. So it's a good question who's your closest friends that. Is it just casual acquaintances Kazaa NI MM be able to make peace with that. I don't well let's hope that casual acquaintances. I suspect be populated the third wish us. And yet know the creepy thing to say that's our unity and I'm horrible person. The end the movies should be focused on the sweep is a war critical in that the eight. And yes it's that third movie in the series and every time one of these movies come that. I go yeah that's cool it's a monkey movie whatever it ends up being ten tax dec. And that is absolutely the case could become so it's easier as the monkey leader a leader excuse me. Is. Leading it leading all of his eight two faced a really terrible villain in Woody Harrelson as colonel. Like a huge in this series or just traditionally don't work. And Woody Harrelson really keep in step with that that characters brutal. This movie you're about. It's not just about Warrick not just action is not just dust blowing up this is really an emotional experience yeah. Phenomenal film and I absolutely support its certified fresh rating of 93. Persons. No ease Francis and Larry you are gonna go open manner over this. I any national monuments we can look forward to be blunt happen hidden in the sand. Not in this Salina tonight but these lead in to those old movies. Perfectly and if I tell you what let me let me just give you a picture of greater when she lacked adequate. Tears. Red face nose running complete mess. And the director of the film happens to be there well and he goes oh my god are you all right. Yeah is. There and. She's a monkey editor excuse me eight editor. Rotten tomatoes I come great drink have a great week getting Graeme thanks. I'll thank your act together get myself some Kleenex now just thinking about. I. We can. It's big class a drug morning show and we're joined on the foam by Mickey Dolan of the Monkees played the Mickey. There's great value. Do well as a good dusty if the McGee's play in the rose bush in Pasadena. Tomorrow. And the hotel and tickets are available I'm sure you can look them up rose website. But. What. The the tour stressed on what seven months that you did. Dozens and dozens and concerts in four different countries out of the top ten album. It doesn't but the busiest you've ever did and. Well that seemed like get out belly I feel blast you know Leah. And Louis got lucky we. We got like usually a top ten album and then there's all the fans supporting us and that album that good times this. I turned out to be very very special and I'm very proud of that. It's still. It makes me just it makes my imagination race to think about OK so you're drummer. In this quote unquote made up man. And then half a century later you're still a worldwide phenomenon do you ever stop and think about how how unlikely that is. Yeah and again I this bill the last you know I'm the monkey to a Dunham made up man it was a television show. He has band about the that Adam wanted to be The Beatles. And that's what show with a bow and I think that's why spoke to all those kids around on the east bay and around the world. Because it was the struggle for success Google with television show we never made it was. The struggle for success but I think endeared it to a lot of people but the producers obviously had written Monday. We were gonna eventually though hopefully go out eat like concerts or they wouldn't bother. The cast. People who. They're saying and play Xperia arc fifty years later but you gotta look at this at the people that we were surrounded where I mean songwriters alone. Carole king and Neil Diamond and bullish and hard and Harry Nielson and and in Nielsen dot you know we had amazing song writers. Amazing. Directors and writers on the television show. You know amazing musicians. And you know when you look at it like that that you can't really reduce this stuff and I find it extends. And sale it was just the songwriters or it was just. You know my goal scorer it was just there at the writers and the TV show. The hole becomes greater than the sum of its parts in all at one of the producers. Certainly the fast. What what do you think the successful at this says well we just caught lightning in a bottle. And then a funny way I think that's what what happened last year with that album good time it occurred to me the equivalent. Would have been. Having a stop there at ten album last year. The equivalent would have been in 1966. Carnac to have the top twenty album from 1916. Yeah it's like L jolts and or. Enrico Caruso and nothing good but. Lest we all forget there was time in 1966 win Jimi Hendrix was booed off stage. So the the headliner of the monkeys could come out and entertain the crowd so fun to talk to you Mickey Dolan is and if you haven't seen them alive I tell. Story charted don't tell that story in my shall. Michelle let's start very embarrassing. It's great it's been says he that is planned at the rose in Pasadena tomorrow night go get tickets to see him if you have a before. Making it owns of the monkeys all our best he was fun to talk to. It began. Barely alive but she. Is trending no I'm right Edmund yeah closes this weekend's classic west festival at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Was the brainchild of Eagles manager Irving is off Don Henley tells us he Jo Walsh and Timothy B Schmitt. Had a role in choosing the other acts on the bill that's Fleetwood Mac The Doobie Brothers Steely Dan journey earned earth wind and fire dumb a Don Henley says the Eagles had. I had a say in choosing knees and he thinks it's going to be a great lineup. These are all people that we came up with we all went through the same period of time together we all went through the fire together so to speak we're friends who though these people. We respect them and I think it's a great lineup sort of lesson in history there was a music festival where everybody got along. I camping on to lonely yeah cause. Are going to news survey went through at the age of 37. You're officially too old for nightclubs. While 37 is the definite cut off age for clubbing the survey also found that the interest in going out to clubs. Starts to decrease at 31. That then things finally 'cause to a stop around 37 so Mikey he has to have those clubs now it was a good feeling is mutual thing. I'm Tina grad that's that's getting online. Getting ready by the on the Hollywood park casino come watch all your favorite games of sentry bar and grill. Offering daily lunch specials happy hours and free LA when he died and visit play abc.com. For more info OK it is time to pick us last letter Friday. It is so the way it works if you knew this even trapped in this of the heavy. Every song starts with the last letter of the previous cell. So will need whatever the song ends and you'll need to calling gives song that starts with that since we are starting out fresh assists pull one out of the sack how about. One of the classic west artists Doobie Brothers Jesus is just all right. Incident teeth is T songs 886961003. Or you can text. 221003. As did it it's the classic run morning show 100 point 3%. It's these classic rock morning show and on the phone we've got Leonard Skinner guitarist Ricky med like I don't Ricky. Hey look here. I'm doing better but still myself Obama yeah. I think it is so good. Lou literally candidate is bringing in there they're jammed to this weekend at theaters summer concert series he got a kick in this thing off. Saturday at 7:30 PM but take it started just 3750. Is opening week of the oh Orange County fair and this is his unless. Miss fares in the world and that. You know what we've played in a couple of problems actually. It's probably in. Top three and we have what we always have a great job and the people break and we enjoy being California cool while also yelled we're looking forward to it. Well a lot of people don't know about this Guy Ritchie met like is that he was in littered scared before they even the first album came out you you started black foot men. You're in their Skinner playing drums and sing and I'm on some of the songs. And then you're left to go form black foot then now in the ninety's you you join back up and you've been the guitarist for what got over twenty years now. Yet that's right I've been here probably. Almost 22 years back with the guys. Even though the rocker hall of fame doesn't recognize youth being at such. But I don't really care yeah. I don't recognize the hall of fame is being assists. So let's root it out. If you know what Amanda has been really great because I don't know being with them in the early years and recording. You're actual first record that came out later on in after you know the unfortunate accidents skoler tutored first and last. The muscle shoals sessions all right so dumb I actually. Not only play drums. I'm trying to bunt to lead vocal all over those recordings and actually some good or. And you know what man that was that was killer back then meant it because. All of able to work with the original singer Ronnie. Great brand Fernando true brother. And an incredible talent then go along with Gary and now one. And Billy and Leon you know so. I've been able to turn around and looked back at that stuff. After being in the band now manages just trim. It's been a great career and a great run at a and I got killed the other day that he looks at Leonard Skinner like the southern version of the Rolling Stone jokes. Yeah I. Let's do I'll protect compliment that's good compliment oh Ricky Matlock has been inducted into the native American music hall of fame mild that on a higher esteem than the one another Cleveland. Ricky medlar guitarist for Liz Skinner the plan at the Pacific amphitheater Saturday. 7:30 PM 3750 for tickets open up the OC fair review med like a winners get a man great for you to take this time not talked to us more. Hey man look I appreciate the call me an extra call me Syria got a brother Bubba. It's time to open and these classic rock I am camp so I think it just says that. I'm Indies classic right I'm canceled for Friday is July the fourteenth 2017. Here in the United States and others who. Their first big show here in America and good evening they'll put up port. Boy huge marquee name that they come out and introduce this the future tighten the rock and roll out of got to be the stone thinks that that's a great guests. No other Portland Oregon a memorial coliseum the some band that they support is none other than that rock titans. Herman sermons. Now you can hear. And he had begged Keith Moon to get stores tranquilizers then nine. Yeah god. Another big anniversaries at 33 anniversary of Ed Wilson of heart and Mike Reno a lover boy peaking at number seven on the billboard chart would dare do that here we go just. That was a piece of crap wasn't it. A remember which movie that is on the subject if I well I used to like officer and a gentleman presented a sound bad and that's it d.s against only notice anybody else. We've talked to the reverend Shaw Moore and the other day low foot and John let's go yes it was in the vote is on track and finally. Do they do is crazy plays Hyde Park in London the little help from the school. Against the machine is the first time cruise plays London after Clarence Clemons dad. And including. Beatle McCartney a formal garden that's another reason when the show is a more memorable. Paul sings twist and shout which he had never saying the fourth and then you know the city officials do. Gets to that 1030 curfew and they pulled the plug on the. PA. If his sister named that drove the mics and disperse the crowd little Stephen tweets. Quote English cops may be the only individuals left on earth they wouldn't wanna hear one more from Bruce brings lymphoma card but he is right about. And that's Andy's. Classic rock. Time capsule for today and we continue the last letter Friday a 100 point three. The sound we ended wins that smelled a couple of minutes ago so we need a song. That starts without last letter elk sound what do you have. On it is just a classic we have to play. At a higher price and this. Starting. At eight I just think we should get this stuff I think everybody will love it. On to honeyed saying. Journey here. My god that's so it's going to be a weekend full project. A Dodger Stadium it's called the classic west and it's Saturday and Sunday is still a single day passes available tonight by the mud. Is your last chance to win the tickets from us and we do with foreign sixty kids. There's online app Paulino. Our car. From London. That Polly Anna good morning. All right Pauline you play the game you're just saying you'll be on the hot seat and see if you can name four songs are entitled sixty seconds Alvin is do absolutely nothing you'll sit on your hands. Promise me you're actually setting an immense. I actually every now Graham leader. And didn't keep in Bali that doesn't win do you think is by default okay somebody's doing our market. So I've got him on hold so we can't distract you Paulina. Don't forget you can pass still being heroin. Jeanne used to start the clock with the first snippet are you ready. Here we ago. How how how fine. He has one down to reading yeah. Then again it's like yeah dreamed yes to yeah. Well I think you're out Arafat are required to. Yeah it's. OK a him in his second. Our life and yes one more that fifteen day. Did you lose us the update certain that it you don't just for fun. Leaning Lyndon and learn out of our you aren't likely to classic. Begins today. Or. How busy now with a chip monks you're doing hanging out with the Eagles and Doobie Brothers. Oh my god though right up. He gradually raised. Oh. As Intel's trending on social media. Well the Emmy nominations have been announced so I'm gonna give you best drama and best comedy series for best drama we have house of cards. Better call solve the crown at the hand maid's tale. This is us west world and stranger things all it's in my early. Yes sandy. OK here we go for. The comedy series and that's see babies surprise you Randy. Beat Atlanta up black fish master of none modern family Silicon Valley and unbreakable can be Schmidt. Can I make a prediction. Master nuns gonna win okay well you heard it here from producer Mikey thinks master them get away and we will see in September. Well glad that quest takes off tomorrow and with The Doobie Brothers Steely Dan the Eagles. You shouldn't be surprised if Don Henley is at the site at this stage during the other bands performances. We all at least everybody in this band has pre show ritual that we do. Vocal warm ups or in my case physical exercise. Meditation. All those sorts of things so it depends on what time yet explain him. I would like to actually go up and see some of them because I don't know what it's a chance to do it again. It says jump in for a son or two I would be surprised yeah yeah. I'm due to grab and that's what's trending online trending back to you by the on the Hollywood park casino come watch all your favorite games its entry bar and grill. Offering daily lunch specials happy hours and free ballet when you dynamic visit played HTC dot com for more info apple we are in the middle of last letter Friday mean EST it's on now so raked in. Boom there it is in Pasadena. He lines request time by Pink Floyd and we're doing it. Now we need these songs 86 and 61003. Or you can text indeed a level again it. 21 Q1 003 give us your name and your cities so we know we our call from. I think the globe to bring you look. And the agony on the me. Sportscaster if anybody says otherwise. I'll fight him and sent Tom Donahoe brought to you by Theodore Robbins Fordham and harbor boulevard and goes to mesa family owned and operated since 1921. Maybe EMI Kiel is set up now live. Trust back in the line. He's back. Second half of the season begins the angels host the Tampa Bay Rays and Mike Trout returned to the lineup that and it's 39 games. But let's review my proudest and 47 games this season has sixteen homer in 36 runs batted batting 337. He's been in the league now for six years yet a 184 home runs 533 career front that runs batted in wanted to if we don't based satellite time freely batting average. He's also a two time MVP or rookie of the year two time all star game in BP. Five times silver slugger boarded Vineland, New Jersey his birthday is August 7 1991. Feel like I don't exactly right Mikey and then. Yeah that's why I want to be read an article in the music as a group a mill Ville New Jersey sees the Mickey Mantle of mill hill. There is Mikey self Mikey. Are you done now are you. They feel that. Now winning it's three home runs is freedom and go crazy that's right it's it's good to have back hated Dodgers by the way best record in baseball 61 when he night. They're at that Miami tonight in the history there and yeah mocked him GO walk off home run for Saint Louis S saint Lucie the F. Mets classy team in Florida brewer finally moved in minor league ball now he's hitting 32710. RBIs three home runs out that you're gonna Seaman a Mets uniform by the end this season I love what I'm here and in September when they call about because you know. It's that me and telling them. Now here's a too aware of that we're following the men's semi finals San query the American trying to become the first American in the Grand Slam final Andy Roddick. In 2009. There in the fourth set Marian Cilic won two sets and Cleary has won one set and where he leads in the force it to great match. And finally. The women's US open golf tournament is going on at trump national in bed minster New Jersey and they say president rob we'll be there today. I think getting even have to this or researcher on this look this up but I think this is the first time that a major golf tournament. Has been played at sea of course owned by the current president United States as you can tell the other golfers that they they're in good physical shape. Her ego. Didn't I'm not like he has micron I guess I like yes I don't think George Washington on the golf does not mean that as a report brought you by Theodore Robin sport. They this weekend head on down the funeral Robbins or harbor boulevard coast may to check out that. 1914. Model T Ford Michelle wrote it's just fun to ghostly white there via car. Think it's gonna be if they tied we just played start me up. From Rolling Stones unless that are Friday every song starts with the last than the previous one so. Give a piece on focus on going back to my youth and into the purple hey if you beat him. As we'll start back over that last letter Friday in just a minute never really get inside. Nicely done that was great last letter Friday to do in next Friday if you do. This weekend we've got a lot of fun we're gonna go see them banned Fleetwood Mac playing at the classic who asked us a few tickets available for that and next week CNN. Yell Tom Petty took it. Now this is a show the added because the first is sold. Our Susan B September 22 I've only had the Hollywood Bowl can be fantastic so listen for. Four and sixty just after seven. O'clock on Monday and right now here comes out of Joseph to kick off your weekend have a good world.