Podcast: Last Letter Friday and Movie Reviews

Friday, June 16th

Grae Drake from Rotten Tomatoes reviews this week's movies, it's "Last Letter Friday" and a great "4 In 60."


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MET the play a lot of classic rock on the podcast hey it's all there. The Indians live podcast version of the classic run on morning Joseph. I am now. CNN in the mining company. And then make me any. There. It's frightening thing that says Rebecca black and welcome to the broadcast. More than tickets is not as a matter of fact. The last tickets to last chance to do to win tickets to my knowledge. Pavia someone else is gonna give you tickets but we're going to get blasted away today for the royals say that we. And she and Tom Petty. Mumford and sons Alabama shakes down past the and it's going to be fantastic user Weezer. Shins and also today we'll hear from graves. Drake about the movies that are in Cineplex is maybe you wanna go and see a movie and get away from the CPI know ideals and what everyone's favorite one of the game everyone can play. Hey last letter Friday with the start after second trending yeah we should I. And you know what are also coming up this weekend Father's Day what we hear from a father and this morning is 6961003. Bring us up if your daddy. And that's just what's going on this week tell you what you want this week you when he went to wanted to see a movie role in this the concert do you. When just a lonely staked the U wanna get a vasectomy but what is happening on. Undermined this weekend Cherilus and we'll share with you some. Gold nearing some classic rock it is expensive ones twos or threes are number might even open of the Buddha box via. The classic rock morning show 100 point 3 December. Sounds hello. Yeah I'm a barbaric. Lets you happy Father's Day but thank you very much my name is Max Max what do you hope before Father's Day this year all of you know. Broke my kids no one like kids will be working the other one will be with me. But I'm just hoping for a just denying people are newspaper or other out there. On I guess there's an idea maybe ask them for a new phone. OK but and and built it but it's not so bad it's. It's middling you know because he he seems like a real nice guy that doesn't care about. Worldly things like fountains and you can just peace on earth I think he deserves a little prize. Do it is that it is there something. Happy Amax hold tight thank you very much I hear. The Sears new trend for. Us will Republican and democratic lawmakers came together in DC last night for their annual congressional baseball game for charity. This is just a day after the shooting on the practice field wounded five people including congressman Steve's the least. Now the game began with a prayer for sleaze remains hospitalized and Donald Trump's that a few nice words. The game which the Democrats won eleven did to do. Was played before a record crowd of 20000. People who came out to support. And raise more than a million dollars for local Washington DC charities and very nice. Well for all you early birds are listening right now this is. Definitely doesn't apply any of us. A recent survey found that. Perfectly happy people get seven point one hours of sleep a night mostly happy people sleep about seven hours and somewhat happy people. We know about six point nine. We're doing fund that would anonymously do miserable prince good. Country are simply fat people. Around three hours or so and women reported getting the least amount of sleep so every good take a nap. I NG read and that's that's trending online you'll never believe who gruden offered asylum to my TV we'll have that for us at 540. And it did you ever really make out what John Lennon saying at the beginning of come together and listen. Shoot me he's saying. Shoot me there's an issue that. Careful what you ask for. Classic right morning show. 100 point 3%. Now and you can't be heard around the universe as mr. my TV it looked like Steve name you. The legs there or did his TV. And low so. Bruton has offered asylum to former FBI director James coney. Yeah asylum yeah yeah yeah when she heard Lonnie trump said hey what about me. Day after reports that special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating his possible obstruction of justice president trump. Call this story phony. Incidentally phony is also what he calls that they need tweets on. Kevin Durant says that President Obama sent him a text to gradually human winning his first championship this week. And so meanwhile. You while LeBron got to Texas that loser. United Airlines employee is under fire for pushing over a 71 year old passenger. Yes. Or is the CEO of united put it we're back PDs. My TV set boo boos that. I don't. It's Friday morning so that means we get stuck to our old budding gray Drake senior editor rotten to make two's dot com howdy today. Well. Yeah yeah. What's in the Cineplex is the ceiling could. Our let's start with the movie that made her youngest listeners cart series. Listen no lightning McQueen is back but he is old. So he has up his game in getting to know he hires like air and caught in new mechanic with kind of the vitality voice like Chris Stella. And keep you realizes. That life doesn't end at a race car age forty niner well Perl it is I don't know from. I'm Melissa get them the critic not a mathematician. Oh the last. The car's movie was a little mediocre but this one pictures all of Latin really though oh my god it's so cool so you have to see this one that even though you've been hurt in the past. Source your computer but in the meantime we've also got will much shark NATO and that's OK okay. The present here. Day. So this is not a ridiculous helmeted implausible like that because. Many mourn her friend. Being there on vacation they decided on the ocean lots of people do that and sure you've got flasher. Man cage it breaks and British are kind. Don't want that's a shark known now not. Thank you thank you think oh my god Luke do you earn that paycheck just look at. She says movie. Our critics are saying is a shark yep yep. And thanks. So they're really just off the problem is presently used to discern the out. Yeah this one is fun it's correct so our list we don't need earn if you're a fan of like girls imperil against nature and then he. And speaking of girls in apparel we've got one more film. And that had a rough night. Oh yeah I'm very excited about this and SNL character the actresses and nick comedians. Yet and they what is happening Scarlett Johansson and having a bachelorette party with all of her girlfriend. Kate McCann and her from her live alana Glaser from abroad city and Billy Kravitz you Jillian bell from workaholic. And oh daisy they killer male stripper and yeah I didn't know that's a that was about eighteen. Don't played down you know just. Totally to act in 2000 and I've. So there. They are basically this has been along for the genre of living people dragging around the dead at ease. We did he ask exactly except that the reason we can movies to cast these women are fantastic. And even if the movie has a couple of mrs. Bennett it's still worth seeing and it's definitely a party Libby so grab all of your friends and go. It's not just for the ladies picture everybody is very much like bridesmaid. But wildly inappropriate and may I say enhance. But a lot the group. Oh yeah Lisa boobs because he had muse Scarlett Johansson. CS upgrade. Thanks guys Dominic order myself mr. predict else. I. Jeanne is taken over social previously you don't have to she's trending now yup well Ted Nugent has had an epiphany and says he'll toned down his political clock as well as the shooting Wednesday in Alexandria Virginia Republican members of congress are playing baseball. Nugent made the announcement yesterday on a radio show in New York. I have reevaluated. My approach even normal street fighter from Detroit we use certain harsh terms. But at the tender age of 69. My wife to convince me. Fifth I just can't use those hard paper and I will. And I encourage even. My friend is slash enemy on the left that we have got. To be civil to each other I am going to back it down in it to get spider re if it gets a hateful. I am a good way to way I've not go to would engage in that kind of hateful rhetoric anymore. NATO wells. That's that so no more suck on the barrel of my rifle Obama you'll see all sweaty oh yeah loser the well according to The National Retail Federation people are spending more money on Father's Day this year than ever before. We'll be spending an average of 134 bucks and 75 cents on dad GE's. Up from 12592. Last year so what are we getting dad tickets for concerts sporting events dinner clothes gift cards and electronic. We're all high gift choices. I'm Gina grant and that's what's trending online OK it's time to start last letter Friday. It's easy to play this game every song starts with the last letter of the previous ones except for this first 1 that I am just fallen on my butt. Tasks office Steve gad play and a little drum groove is entering its own. Still I could do is to leave your lover ends and rcn and ours song. When the stars of that 886961003. Or Texas 21003. With yours on your name and sit here and let me mullet this butter. It's gonna droop over your years it's the classic front morning show 100 point three the so. Why mentally isn't playing that song has learned plummeted in this bedroom. Mansion can't. That's been. I hope Jeremy and alumna who text that's 21003. Request to better appreciate that we play that was fun. That was really fun there's light in here that's how last that are Friday as properly placed you just tuning in every bit. Comedy on Fridays for a couple hours every song begins with a less than the previous one so we're back to where a rare seesaw. Very few songs in the NC. That was epic from Faith No More self. Nixon has to begin with C let us know we wanna hear aided 86961003. We're Texas 21003 with a sign your name and a city here and maybe we'll play your so right after the classic front time capsule which is mixed. We're going into the time. I'm OK it's time to open and these classic rock time camp sold. It's Indies plaza right time scheduled for Friday its June need. 62017. So fifty years ago today the Monterey pop festival is under way. But almost all the world there are just working for free so most money goes to Gerry. What about a couple years later at Woodstock. Is that a money making venture well. We have in my head is back as in bad route 400000. Register it's really expensive. Today in 1970 Woodstock ventures incorporated announced that they've lost more than one point two million dollars on the event but. Thanks to the film and the album proceeds they recoup. All of that later on. On that same day 1967. Another musical milestone Pink Floyd released their second single. See Emily play. Since their rights. He takes some know as we try and hallucinations. Seen a girl in the forest. Which makes a lot of questions like OK if she's sleeping well. Do you know her name is it and how much LSD is too much. It was right around this time we find of the since brain stops working properly so sounds like he found that limit. And since we missed a moderate Bob the more stocks took a guy who performed at both of them Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia. Makes unexpected news on this day yeah. Years ago. They announce that cherry Garcia will be a new then and Jerry's ice cream flavors yeah. We'll be incredibly delicious can you believe this thirty years there's been a Jerry's Jerry Garcia's been around them. That's crazy. And that's Andy's class throughout time capsules back to last letter Friday we go car last song ended with the letters sees of this money has to start with the letter received a sound you have a seize on Boris. Eric crossroads where. Denies cream version if spirit does do lose is if you'd already from Monroe Alvin Alvin. Excellent choice Alvin armed robbery at every morning I'm under the new weekend at premier. And doing the live version of that and if you have an ass song Melamine that aided 86961003. To participate in last letter Friday. Alas is there. General admission we confesses to lawyers say the weekend for Saturday June 24 and Sunday June 25 brook side at the Rose Bowl. Arroyo Seko weekend dot com is where you can find tickets and include a Tom Petty Mumford and sons Alabama shakes The Shins weed does. Packed a moment. Little integrated into the heat. Catcher Gregg from the lot hop rap and Neil from all to eighteen. So you do he may Gaza gone. You want it where happen yeah. Nice nice sixteen candles reference on the gate. Greg you're gonna play the game today I gotta tell yet it's this I don't think you're doing it's it's tough when the day so I urge you points. There's another some curve ball's thrown in here so meal that means you've got a decent chance of benefiting from from Greg's mr. I think Greg's can surprise you think so yeah. Right neither do we want. Mild or. That's deep voice. We'll hold on a you put John holds your deep voice doesn't distract rig was plays the game we'll come back into it and Greg are you ready. Really don't be afraid to pass you know maybe that's your you're savior today just passed through the ones that are too tough a would you is concerned the clock. Here you go good luck. Got it three more. The girls got relayed its. Own president. Sterling Payne. Your round. You're PLO. The number we've now you've got it to more. Is it burning a. Ring of fire Baghdad yeah. You got. But nothing in the good night they don't know. And ruined. This ring that was sensational. I that was a time when do you doing to. Two Tom Petty song is royal one little lesser known. Shoot to thrill was the one you couldn't come up with me CDC but that's stuff you got the tickets men. You're not. Pay Neal I'm so yeah I'm semi you can hear more your voice. We need to see do well I I don't think that it got that is pretty good right. There really was found in the press Neal you'd call back to drag and sometime all right we will hear those deals tones. But he didn't and a looks like you're going to see a show Greg congratulations. We got them right here. I'd like to know what's gone on so I listened to Jimmy Graham attended. We'll Amazon announced this morning that they are buying the Whole Foods Market for thirteen point seven. Billion dollars as far as whole foods customers are concerned not much of changed the company will continue to operate stores under the whole foods name and CEO John MacKey will remain in his position. The deal is expected to close later this year. I would still be able to prime ship your lake I'm an hour and a welcome members that's what's come and all that bring it to you stuff I wouldn't mind that one bit and well happy Father's Day weekend all you dads out there and the Minor League Baseball team the Jacksonville Jumbo shrimp. Are celebrating Father's Day weekend this weekend by selling one dollar bears which is great I'll. They're also taking things to another level by giving fans pre pregnancy tests as part of a promotion they're calling. You might be the Father's Day. Wow I don't give credit where credit is due to act in those jumpers. IG got nuts and extending on line OK we're playing at last letter Friday that's for every song starts with the last letter of the previous I'm sorry. That's right right the last letter. Among the previous unless you can key stone not all right this sounds. Hello to you haven't found. Our governor he Goldberg her Chilo. Asus is. Horry Horry let's get it done Korea Iraq rock and a birdie at eighteen I didn't. Our guys 90. I think the globe to bring you luck. And the agony of the meat. Southern California's most who have sportscaster mets' Tom Donahoe and we've got him things to Theodore Robben scored down and harbor boulevard and coast mesa. Family owned and operated since 1921. There the folks who bring. Time Donahoe you got it done. Hey great morning you guys and wobbled the Dodgers and angels lost yeah the Eagles lost to with the royals won seven sizzle looked the other royals went five Enron. Haas now. And the Indians twelve final over of the Dodgers although Cody military got to the eighteenth homer of the season be a big baseball game I think people were kind of watched it last night. It was the Democrats Republicans as baseball neat it was carried it C span I let my house five cents an eight day or to unseat spent so we watched him and and and obviously in light of what happened the day before. Before with the with the shootings there's so much focus on in a record 25000. Fans come out and watch. The Democrats beat the Republicans eleven to two. But what are the Democrats do the trophy. They're giving it to Steve still leaves very nice the Republican who shot. Can't we all just get along I mean that I think this is fantastic. I'll baseball's fame upholds that Pete rose's image at it eligibility to be in the hall of fame. Pete by the way is gonna get a statue. This weekend at the ball partnered since. So happy Father's Day Pete. Tonight NBA line until well happy father's native of marvel to command yes other commercial I'm not a universal it's good that it's again it's a little larger commercial down I get up so orderly Alonso ball worked out for the lakers today but they all sit Alonso is going to talk with some other teams who have lottery picks for the draft. That of course is Thursday it's coming Thursday. And then via the 117. US open at air hills the blimp crashes I mean was that. I was not pleased it's like Hindenburg meet the meet meet Ian US open the pilot you know escaped okayed it but that I guess the integrity of the of the bullet kind of just broke away. It gave them. And it's not who's at the top of the list Rickie Fowler seven under and then Paul Casey 600. It's all the top golfers who had horrible days. At US open yesterday Dustin Johnson defending champion plus three Rory McIlroy plus sixty today. Plus seven George street plus one John Robb plus sport they see the cut line is going to be even. And of course hey it's Father's Day this weekend. And here's my thought on Father's Day I've always looked at it as a day where children don't celebrate their dads. Dad's celebrate their children well. And I knowing he'd actually he'll be with with your kids and Gino like Libby today right now you with your dad your dad's not sit there saying polar body dote on me your dad saying. What a great daughter lives on only when you're out children about the she's really ought to. So don't make a big fuss over how do anyway. Well that if it back to separate what's glad you're isn't busy happy Father's Day TUL thank you very much all I might and might that might my favorite quote on Father's Day. The greatest thing a father can do for his children. You still love their mother. Well very nice that you think he'll squishy brought Dubai. The Euro Robbins for David Jim Robbins or gray dead the midday sun that. Father's Day is always a family day and family is with Theodore Robbins all about check amount down there are those the mesa. All right before you go video we need to pick one a song for us we ended would no reply at all by. Genesis unless that are Friday its own starts with a less than the previous one so give us an a song begins with hell. Greatest thing is not a good differs donors to love their mother you wanna love mom. Alain Levy by every time and Enbridge had an. It works every attack happened ladies that made them really did Aaron. It's. A fantastic. Job today picking your songs from last letter from I think I loved it. Superfund that leaves me wanting more who have good credit all right. It was ethic Mikey in my mind we've played epic on the show on Monday is pretty epic about dale hall of Famer and Wilson of heart and the talk to her great since going low price gives stuff away to that uncle Joseph is here on the duke does and as 100 minutes commercial free classic rock the start to work day. But Joseph also has other news do you know we have some. News here today he's very good news our friends who live nation of extended. The 8 AM ticket giveaway. Dorgan and others giveaway and more tickets to the classic west through next Friday. One weeks from today. Feel unlucky people posting 8 o'clock weekdays through next week. Tenth caller right now 8886961003. Wins weekend passes to the classic question Dodger Stadium July 15 and sixteenth. The seat Eagles Fleetwood Mac earth when he fired Doobie Brothers and Marines Steely Dan single day tickets on sale now also blood. These are full weekend passes we're giving away now and again next week every week due date that's 8886961003.