Podcast: iPhone X, Going Deep and 2 Hours With Gene

Wednesday, September 13th

KTLA Tech Guy Rich DeMuro on the new iPhone, we're GOING DEEP with Clapton and find out how you can spend 2 hours with Gene Simmons!


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MET the play a lot of classic rock on the podcast hey it's all there. It's just enter into a podcast version of the classic run on morning Joseph. How deep I'm Dan. I didn't grads here. Produce some ideas here we've got Kate Thompson taking iPhone goes in any assistance is 1003 I'd love to Delhi. You know there's no time for how. I know it's carrying no d'alene no no laughing about town today we've got and come. Tickets that features Tom Petty offense to music festival than the San Diego got that do you need to spend that thousand dollars on the new iPhone. X oh now you might think you know the answer that but you don't know the answer to that. We have someone who does know the answer that Greece to Murrow. Tech reporter for K steely terrified he's going to tell us if it's important enough for you to get one but you don't the most important thing to do then. And the basket in this this classic rock starting off with a Bon Jovi. It's the classic on the morning show 100 point 3% to. We heard around the universe is mastermind TV it looked like Steve name you hey guys it's like you know he's receiving. Mind you but I'm addicted to TV. I can't answer is too slow I can't say slow words. Anyways less I was in hand and hand the hurricane relief for the victims of a Harvey and Irma. And quite a stir assertive than Barbara Streisand shares Stevie Wonder. Breeze where there's rejoiced and basically everybody that's famous was there. And the whole thing kicked off with a little message from Stevie Wonder plan. We've come together today. To love on the people. That have been devastated by the hurricanes. When level both in action. Detroit Pistons no color of skin and note. No really is. Leaves. Those 60 president. And no political persuasions. It's just just. As we should begin to love and value our planet. And anyone. Who believes that there is no such thing as global warming. Most people line. And it. Blow it. Please save the soul. And then you know it tears a cloud says a few roars then goes in the Bill Withers Reno mean amazing cover gopher. We an Iran with that was or not whether this though it was in fact written and produced by bill with yeah. I had Oxley looked at me funny that question myself and I feel like and know my non duke Barack history in news broke down to back up and Asia might the Citigroup Booth set up a bit ago. Trending on social media she tells us now. Believe the Franklin will be the special musical guests at the Elton John aids Foundation's annual New York Dallas set for the seventh of November at the event honors albums 25 year legacy of activism and fund raising Neil Patrick Harris to host the event. Among other celebrities expected to attend Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton as well as Sharon and Ozzy Osborne. I need them to share or four top table so now. I can't even tell you. Hurricane are mud eight roared obviously through it. Florida and it wasn't just a story of human survival this has been everywhere and that you haven't heard it. It's pretty great. Residents of Sarasota rally together just before the storm arrived to save the lives of two large manatees that it washed ashore. When the oncoming storm caused the tide to receipt. The large animals are often referred to as he Kallis was spotted by a group of friends who desperately try to move them back in the water but they're just too heavy big. Yeah so after several calls to various rescue us services went unanswered. They gathered at this many people as they could find an altogether were able to hold the manatees under the TARP. And then pulled them 100 yards through the mud. Into the Gulf of Mexico. We're gonna be okay people there's still good people happier Olympic sport and he ruined many balls at. IG to grab Netflix spending online well you got the classic down pat but Keith deeper we'll test your music knowledge with our little game going deep at 540. G and it's not just a nickname for a had a file with a snotty nose packing up parts of Islam Oklahoma. I will loan was actually the English name for the first scuba apparatus to do you know I'm really. It's the classic rock morning's show. And deployed through this you'll. It's OK okay. Even those who this. It's. Blue Roberts swept it was what artists entitlement playing right now. Dana so McDonald and you're a good record keeping. In our. It's not living comes to you give us a shout back. Let's see here just in San Diego just you know there's the title. Boy grow and it's. Human unit you don't want this album so. Make she make you know that until in tournament. Rick Rick Lazio's you know this this. And Gary I can hardly hear it she broke a little more. It's enough. Here's some. I don't know what it is a day's drive there. See dead John John partisans out of they have anybody good well a quick question Gloria I've played this game would do. Going one over or giving him for a Wanamaker located quake is finally yeah yeah. No this is the title. But I do think that Derek slap them. It but they'll meet their unborn please share this. John was doing you know. This even without the season. I believe it you. We don't and is on the back was out was the first song on the second side of that album and do you know who rules design. It's. A fellow named Bob Dole. No it is no never played it live. But here it is also about their acceptance of the ones that he sounds like a white Ray Charles. And nasty here that you can never hear it and you know he knows it is nice things like that Stevens. It's. He's playing this next week here in southern California's last four shows on the docket John Obama doesn't do assuming he's sticks. Chicago the only fair George there that you could take another another good night's season take care we aren't really. It's probably very great great day welcome to win a million music do. Is Indian Jeanne and that of course by now you know if you care about technology in the slightest. That yesterday apple introduced the new iPhone the iPhone acts in the iPhone a well we're wondering is it worth a thousand dollars to get one of these new bricks and we've got rich to Murrow tech reporter Kate really channel five. On the line to tell us rich. Is it worth it. Well thousand dollars is a lot of money yes but when it comes this beautiful they really had everything that apple got the offer so. I got the best camera that has the best new wireless charging that it has this brand new screen. I an alleged extremists every writer and all social better colors and any screen they've ever had an iPhone. Don't you want the latest greatest basket that apple had the offer the iPhone and there's going to be your best bet so here's the deal. I think iphones and I know why you're so a lot of people for a loop. Because it looks like iPhone tact than ever wanted to keep it I have 50% of people are gonna call iPhone act. And but the way out or pursuing his iPhone and what has found a surprise. I'm so we have the the fort defiance the 678. Detect what happened in nine. I think the joke is 789 blown. My room and I I don't it. So he's here because this early in the morning I'm sure that they don't BC eight you have to think of the iPhone see it's really kind of like that and ask. No it the design phase the same the cameras are slightly improved but they could change the fact Phyllis now the last. And does that give that the wireless target so basically you get there aren't all eight now you will have wireless startled capabilities which is kind of cool. Just when you thought you could possibly drop your iPhone and it wouldn't shatter they've made sure that we know yes it will shatter. A 100% it's made of glass. Yeah but the good news says you know I think that the beat new iPhone ate it back secret fear that most people think they thought it anyway. But I think that it actually grip your than your old phone that was sort of aluminum so I think that this one is going to be easier to hold to be honest. Nice there is when you say iPhone and I'm sure you mean iPhone V. Yeah you know we're back to our Roman numeral for and I think got the Super Bowl and have a problem with. Does the number I don't know that point he would rather just in your rival. So I think forty dollars and so a month for my iPhone on that a program where you can turn and every year. You get a brand new when it isn't as my payment gonna go up drastically if I get the iphones and. Let me do a quick calculation for you Andy you are gonna pay a 130 dollars a month for your friend and I think you're not so you don't look you've got your car payment guys. The mortgage than your iPhone is right underneath there. I know it off period says they're saying it's gonna be about fifty dollars a month on Apple's new plan. That obviously includes sort of retreat in as well up most people that traded their old phone begins a new phone so you know like you put your pay about forty that this bit. So they will do it beneath your feet up or you know look at that payment they look like we'll get a regular eight which is kind of like what I have for thirty bucks a month more. I can spring for a little bit more and get the that's ten. I'm not personally I would say you're gonna go you know that our legacy demise will go the extra this is different and it'll be because you're gonna get a lot more features and a latest and greatest. About a million people have watched this guys video from yesterday he's the guy who. When it comes to tech reporting risk to Murrow tech reporter advocates Hilee Taylor five do you find them at ridge on tech dot TV rich thanks spent timeless. Hey thanks so much for me and now I finally have that video above that 8 1000000 people this morning I can't believe bet awards bring peace to. Mulling. The glow. Take care how many examples really for are you guys thanks so much. I. Renaissance of the media Gina gray don't keep little for yourself all right I'll share again. We'll Donald Trump has added a new member to his ever growing family Eric trump and his wife Laura announced the birth of their first child a son named Eric Luke trump. The newest addition to the Champ Bailey is the president's ninth grand child don't have junior has five chilled Sidney bonds has three. President jumped pleaded his congratulations yesterday saying congratulations to arrogant liar on the birth of their son Eric who trump this morning. While Crosby, Stills and Nash may be done as a recording and touring entity David Crosby says there's a chance they could get together to work on something special. Is David hinting about that. Any crow we shall finish Broadway play and be fun with you know turns out but there are people working on right now. Since December and that's worth gun accidentally colonial musical. I don't know my uncle and the jukebox musical you know like Billy jolted I did it they are very popular they do very well in New York so I wouldn't be surprised at all. I'm Gina that and that's what's trending online coming up at 640. Not just the regular people like us were affected by hurricane term some some celebrities and rock stars were too we'll tell you do it exporting. So contrary to popular belief littered Skinner did not dislike Neil Young. As a matter of fact there was a plan for Neil Young the walked on stage and say southern man don't need me around anyhow walked back off. There had a chance to do it before. That fateful day in 1977. Sweet home Alabama State classic right morning show 100 point 3%. My finger. Krispy. Court grind hearts. And then they'll do things like you and I that's not true nothing could be further from the truth sometimes they find them selves in the way of natural disasters like Joseph Perry. Of Aerosmith. Just one of the many artists with a home in Florida which is. Where he was for hurricane Irma is a place in Sarasota that was hard hit on the Gulf Coast there was everybody know is okay he posted a video. Of an eerily quiet Sarasota right before the storm hit. Also put up some video was littered Skinner singer Johnny van Zandt he lives in Jacksonville. He posted some of the aftermath no word yet. On cheap tricks Robin Zander. Moody Blues Graham edge or former AC/DC members Brian Johnson include cliff Williams they all have homes there on the Gulf Coast we have not heard from them yet certainly helped. There all right meanwhile. Among those commenting on the devastation are a bands like sticks. Who say on the website we send their continued love and prayers for the many people have been affected by Irma so far it's been so incredibly inspiring. How people of come together for one another we also deeply appreciate all of you shared some viewers favorable favorite charitable organizations that may fall under the radar these take a look at our post from this past Wednesday on FaceBook. If you like to help. Any of these organizations well that's quite it's. Warms my conference my couples are want. Verging on high coming up next we've got the classic rock time capsule that warm stick around. And yesterday. It's time to open and these classic rock time capsule pop or. Q doctor hawking in his time glory in these present a time capsule. Four wins today is September the thirteenth. Two. 2017. And our guest today. Game. All my troubles seemed so so I'm saying. In 1965. The now McCartney's song yesterday is released as a Beatles single here in America. US doesn't match up playing guitar and sing ends with a string quartet mind that it's so pretty much the first solo performance by a beetle. And the song is so different from the rest of the music in Beatles put out this John George and Ringo beat so it's releases single and England. It is finally released their eleven years later 76. But it just a magnificent song over. 2200. Known to cover versions. Exist. It's the most imitated song and history. I've really need you love the musical musings of shooting. And here here the only thing better than sting's music musings is when he sings German opera analysts. Loomed how delay should move the box but today in 1989 we get our wish to make is Americans days debut number till Bre X three penny opera and Washington DC portraying cat in the teeth and you know what I'm meant that it actually. Probably isn't something I would like to see. Couple of items for Alice Cooper. 25 years ago today his bands those copies of the latest album Hayes still is very 99 cents. At a time square concert was always that David Letterman was a case. Yeah. The sale over and over I'll do that for the rest of this report the it has its cameos by slashed juice on Giuliani's Steve by Ozzy Osbourne. On. And isn't quite my opinions I've heard worse. Here is bring it. And going back to this day in 1969 Allison is band play the Toronto rock and roll revival when Bo Diddley Little Richard the doors. Plastic Ono band. And during Alice Cooper says a chicken makes its way to the stage and Alice thinks chickens can fly W care peace stuff so he tosses out the crowd. We're thrilled to bits by the rabid fans possibly know what I give either play you some plastic don't know man. I. Regular no's Cooper plays out there in these classic run time capsule where he thinks. Yeah I'm with the with the Huffington was listed. It's in these classic right time capsule you're listening to movie classic rock morning show on 100 point three the sorrow. This isn't a good show men. So yeah. I don't sending him time. It's pretty good line. Didn't do that yeah. Tickets to the busy Diego featuring of course Tom Petty and heart breakers and Jackson Browne that's going to be Sunday September 17 just a few days away. This is all thanks to visit San Diego for all your San Diego traveled need to visit. Www. San Diego dot org where happiness columnist rescue teams can keep the blue. Oh gosh it works I asked. And who's on the on the hill game that we've got Maxtor money can be channeling it from rivers limit fight domestic. I'm great how he got the. Bill welcome mat is gonna tell you right now there's so many curve balls in this foreign sixty I don't think you can win I. This is a fun I think you India can and so aren't. Lance is that you pop some popcorn. Get Lance you'll be nothing you'll sit there early in the monologue and the Macs doesn't do that we'll give you tickets instead okay. I'm just not fair but it's fun. Max so Jean has got the clock she's gonna start with the first have been. Used to give for these right in a minute in if you don't know who don't waste time say. Past all right. OK. Here we go hold on just a second mine a computer through a screen just froze its excellent. When he does at all we'll maybe should see everything hassled Debbie good how are here we go good luck to you sir. We thank yeah. Nearly four. I still Lee Thornton. Song. Yeah. And. Or. You tell me. Your rank. Donated twenty seconds to the courts. But you live M. I'd order a league Bolton and then. I've checked out of the room to take our dignity and. Game one when we still need in the green mowers snow. Let's try Macs but Lance you are getting tickets to caboose in Diego and that is going to be Sunday September 17. They. Have been you know yeah. I'd just go out I don't want to get a couple of months ago depict how did it Saturday at the Greek. Don't you order a little problems. Then he's not ready. Oh yeah you we can use that you guys pulled on the line and that was mighty nice of them. It's pretty cool nicely done fellas Jeanne is gonna trend for us next I was up see everybody wins. Then for us. Well apple introduced its new iPhone ten yesterday for the low low price of 1000 dollars before rich told us this morning did you notice we're then. Well we knew it was iPhone eight but then there was a bonus iPhone ten iPhone X I was gone and X until the sport I was Conan. I probably will continue to take a you phone does away with a home button it's all love screen. Except for small much of the topic how is the self. LA the iPhone four but is not all technology. Some of the new fancy features including longer battery life a plug this charging system and oh nothing. Facial recognition. That's where rat futures EI it's very Jason Bourne goes on sale October 27 and it ships November 3. Well the crash of a small plane was caught on camera in Connecticut and it is. X ray easy it was in 1981 Cessna 172 it crashed glitch free and miraculously felon the parking lot of his. Business park right side up. The eighty year old pilot whose names Manfred followers to survive the following minor injuries. Now federal investigators are trying to figure out what exactly caused this crash. I assume operator error but I'm no expert and he's going right for the treat. But in the meantime you should head over to the sounds FaceBook page and check this out his new truly you will not believe this crash I didn't think it was real. But if it really just looks like a cart will minutes is sort of lands gingerly on the ground mash or a trickle landing big C that's what I think it's real. Andy I like where had that good sense FaceBook page and weighed in on on the that maneuver let's call it. I'm GT grad that's that's turning online you wanna spend two hours and Gene Simmons you know we do we all want to well we'll tell you how to do that at 740. Is 74 time that's the time signature on this the bumped eluded them a little push Pink Floyd and Monet. It's the classic run morning show 100 point 3%. Gene Simmons. Has. Released details on his forthcoming box set the vaults. And it is undoubtedly be most expensive box set ever released 150 previously unreleased tracks collectibles and personal items from genes are guys. If a fan is willing to put down 151000. Dollars and Jeanne we'll deliver it to you personally. Pot but wait there's more. In addition the purchaser gets to spend two hours with him at home or some other location. And invited to 25 friends and family alone do you want to win photos videos autographs and intimate song and stories playback session and the Q today. Now the investors Steve there's a 25000 dollar package so much better which includes a Skype cost human gene. Quite a Dropbox so we'll tell our private studio preview with them and executive producer credits. A photo video and autograph opportunity you know a whole prefect still too much the number of the 2000 dollar bottom line. Both in a bargain quote package. In August the box that would limited edition collectible Gene Simmons none make up action figure and in gene we trust medallion. And when am I in the piece of memorabilia as his collection to any artist can release a box at Jean says and never really think the fans for their support. This whole experience gives fans something truly unique and they can keep it forever and gives me a chance to personally thank them for all their support. Over the years. God bless you too. Table it is personally think Todd Donahoe for his sport soon hold this. Southern California's moves below sportscasters Todd Donahoe and he's brought to you by Theodore Robinson poured down on harbor boulevard in Costa Mesa family owned and operated since 1921. Let me ask the. Dodgers lose in the angels win no I bring you good news of glad tidings of great. They have the Dodgers by three winners over the giants they snapped an Olympic game losing streak in the lakers shot. Was the pitcher to do it six innings eight hits and runs six strikeouts. And they clinch a playoff spot in the I'm about that yet in the playoffs so that's where I've patella they get to athletes go the regular season now's the time to get hot built some momentum going it let us. And meanwhile the Eagles could get no momentum against Justin for a letter last night Verlander eight innings one hit. He gave up Astros beat the angels when nothing by the way the that one hit was the first batter for the into the game. Right it right and then and then trap got on Utley was hit by a pitch in and was walked one time and that was it go do it runners got on base poor. For the angels last night when Verlander was that and up by the lady just two games back of the twins it's over okay I'll Mikey I'm telling you know we're on call on the season. Yeah okay that was the eight time if you're going on on the eighteenth if your him every time they were on the winning streak I know so there you go. And cleanest winning streaks Cleveland won the general they've won baby blue striped suit and I think. So the at 2002 aides had 121 in a row that 1935 cubs when he won and wrote the 1916 giants. When he sits in a row. That was one more to those couple teams right there than what you need to done so far. NFL that there's a new billboard that in Southern California perhaps you can. At the 405 and main street which is about a mile and a half from the stub upset with the chargers. We'll put seed Andy as you know the chargers you're a Los Angeles team I've heard that yes. So anyway addict Albany and just have a great big sandy Ehud chargers and bought a digital billboard. For three weeks 101000 dollars but five messages up there the one that's up there right now since NFL. No freaking loyalty. OK and yes he's gonna have a special one for games. It. Hey how about the weekend for the watch Brothers. PJ watts the rookie defensive lineman for Pittsburgh its first gain in sacks and an interception. And JJ watt of course the Houston Texans. He broke his finger and apparently as I hope I can say this on the air. The bone stuck out of the skin smooth and see you know he did. Statement out this back and legs to run a little. There yeah. Yeah rams' defensive lineman Aaron Donald de course again it is holed out on Saturday practice yesterday named a starter today voiced some guys you know very. And at WNBA. Is the S Park City I 66 over the Phoenix Mercury game one of their best of five semi final playoffs and market down December 18. At this at the Staples Center Kobe Bryant to have his uniform number retired not one but true these courses where number eight. And then number two when he foreign and literally. I had this career was an eight had his career was in 24 and the stats are amazingly similar wearing both number shall have to numbers retired by the same breath. That to the sports I'm John Donahoe remember Jolly Roger might Theodore Robin sport. Locally owned and operated since 1921. This of course is 100 point three the sound the classic rock station. Do you move the blue. A scary scary and I fall Ford every time well tomorrow somebody's gonna fall for some is gonna get some tickets to the cup. Festival featuring Tom Petty in the heart breakers and Austin Jackson Browne have examiner San Diego who do that for a four assists to just after 78. And we are gonna speak to our buddy Adam Carolla. Tomorrow about 610. All eyes on top when if he has any thoughts on it yeah super technologically. He's the first nest there. Coming in right now uncle Joseph if you were to this get him come.