Podcast: Huge ELO News and Alonzo Bodden

Monday, November 13th

The very funny Alonzo Bodden on the time he met Just Trudeau, plus HUGE news from Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra!


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NTT to play a lot of classic rock on the podcast and hey it's all there. The engines lead podcast version complete. Last Friday morning Joseph. Win and it's taken so Far East and then I'm ready for deliverance from you guys. Weakness to kick him. Or maybe tomorrow and the next minute a day after that the review you can send thing maybe February. Austin. Specter now finally. And all blurry the. It hasn't gotten. This day don't know it's that kind of potluck dinner. Pick a little bit of everything going on real hot chocolate might TV's and the new look forward to that have been something. Between your cheek and gum. He says he's got an amazing ninety becoming a no no he didn't get the longest ninety and very different and if you haven't had your copy yet you won't need him this really Cuba. It's something entirely different. As tried for the bands yeah. We can sustain another tract tumors on. Corn of people. Release one more time. 100 point 3%. We heard around the universe is mr. Mike T being looked like Steve name. Any of them might get them addicted to TV time from welcome back from the grave thank you thank you for a much better well thank you thank you. And watch live TV. Like YouTube. Black Sabbath which we don't hear a lot of the sound man especially this one sung and I be their last concert ever. It was recorded its gonna be released on the seventeenth and they just released it'll teaser and I'd be live and learning here. May bill thing let's see that's the Broncos play. Wonder what he did stood for and I he's the fourth. It's actually. And they do it originally amid the I named after the shape of bill ward they're drummers goatee would have happened. So it didn't have a name of the song is building new and then they've put the good periods and they're just that little. And mr. And Americans. They thought maybe it was neat to be black or named him blood was named after him in mid. As it was there. Spike TV and don't know if we're here tomorrow they'll be another one so they others in my cute said boo boos that we don't. They don't they're not bad as some. At Purdue and attach the death at a do read here those of us. And so to me okay. Dancing With The Stars might have a lineup change tonight broad answer Lindsay Arnold hurt herself this weekend during rehearsals with celebrity partner Jordan Fisher. Members of the trooper standing in for her in the final rehearsals and already eliminated pro char Nam Burgess will take her spot in tonight's semifinals if she can't be there as well as student organization at Texas Christian University is donating leftover fruit from football games to the homeless. TCU's food recovery network donates a hundreds of pounds of food to the union gospel mission homeless shelter every home game. The group also brings a shelter leftovers from campus dining hall twice a week. They have donated 860. Pounds of food shelter and they'll horny toads. I should I double check that's what there present and just being on the road Paul good to know more intense. I didn't end up that's turning a blind speaking of food trending is god brought to play Smart and final in the meals and moments read your holiday table matter most get everything you needed one stop at Smart and final third time final dot com million great write to you. Deep can you go in our music catalog we're going to go deep may be made the last time at 540. That's a Mozilla myself in the shower sometimes you do it going to those boy let. Here's I like the live music a second ago this do little bit more illnesses don't stop lively when that can be classic rock morning show. 100 point 3%. Our let's go deep people. If you don't know who this is okay. County and I have 220 minutes were I black that was an IV tower playing their business that lesson first. Well where. The reasons you G. And heavenly Olympics are in the front of his album that is the disaster that and friend I just fellows it's like we. He'll win. That is right gambler luck. Please read. When a way out to give them dance and she knew. She. And I love. Memories but I. But. As much as that didn't see you. Are loved to go out face. And Maria. I've known. Yeah that was good. You don't. Are you still influencing who knows what this is kind of Sherri on the line from chino Gerry missing in the song. Man great. But Q this is a lot since we just. Take cannon Tarzan I can do is this. It's important not accurate it is the chairman of the board Frank Sinatra what's the name of this selection he's saying. It's already crying Adam. That's not a does. Can you feel that you think that if a guy we had him only we had a singles if we have a stick of furniture we give it to. Haven't. It's been a little museum for this person knows hello what is this song. It's at GQQ reflect our backer. It is close and cheek to cheat Irving Berlin song she did she do exist. Or John Baker well done sir I you know your rock and you know you're deep. And of that idea come dance with me as an in the south misses or if you're in the mood for listening said this would now. In the spotlight Frank Sinatra on the bandstand Daily Mail in the program locals that dates and yet maybe. Nicely done. Tell you what we don't have a prize for this. Have absolutely. Loses. Our airports and year thanks you so much. I left here go public you know read. Are the DJ is a special thank you chairman. He's warning so there will never be the same. Your queries we thank you you are showing every time we're we could give you Mikey you want him. And. It's Indian youth and we're joined again by the very funny Alonso road NATO Alonso and good morning. Well Alonso is Flynn the bring it im proud Thanksgiving weekend this November 24 the 26. I think it's a braille dot improper dot com or 714. 4820700. It is just twenty bucks for that Alonso congratulations. You know we're going off the air in a matter of hours. And or days we have no idea but you'll be one of the last comedians that we that we. That we temple. I appreciate that I probably ended other careers. I'd love letters and you're going aren't that fast and talked to a lot of fluid strangely. Oh no. Well I hope it doesn't happen to a very year of famous in this very popular leader. You I just met up in Canada what those that about. It fits the funniest thing I can now. Check. You know leaders of state of my list so. We didn't show in the Ottawa. I was with just the last sort poor. And the next morning I got a tweet what frequent got a tweet from some guys they're great I worked at parliament if you wanna do it tore. Come on why so the other two comics do what both Smart you would do and stick it to tweak ignore. I take my fold and show my tweeted guards at the Harlem. Like yeah and I'm like well I got a tweet. Apparently you cannot enter government building they don't we can't put a record that this only for now now. I tweeted back to the guys he came out and it turned out he was the lawyer for the Liberal Party he would like big time guy. In parliament so he put me on a personal poor. We walked around we went into. Also commons which is like going into our capital are back in the speaker's chair well you know but yet it was crazy man. It took me to lunch with BMPs member of parliament which like congress. And it could you wanna go to law Vietnam choking up like oh what lobbyists work if they're like yeah. I just. So we went to the lobby area. Justin crew goes walking through. Andy introduced me to a because of the nicer. There are very bright guy and a submissive wherever the problem though so lucky to born here and you to Mary and Egypt are. So now you know I got a guy. So you've got a guy and he just happens to be the super dreamy leader of Canada. Gina you for a heart attack. Let's record you know like you. I kind of ethics officer out of two what anybody that knows Alonso Zach knows that he's not afraid of a social and political commentary. You says showtime special last year I historically. Incorrect. And it right now is still there in the podcast who's paying attention who is paying attention Alonso. You know it's that this could bring Vick gets periodically that we have the same problems over overlook the Mubarak spoke about the story William Collette. You know so things just won't go away like who knew what would go to a place where the oh here's our weekly white took over the court. I'm quite sure. It happens every weekend here's my question about white supremacist. Web one problem early movie script queen looking wife. There and eat whatever you don't know who Merkel. Where you would be like well that is gonna do pretty well. A good. Take his live live around. Let them read it truckload but he's good weekend yes the hard question November to be more than two lizard tickets at the bread dot Tim Brown. Com or 7144820700. Just twenty bucks to go see him go see Alonzo Bodden Alonso they are good days and be in our pal. I wanna say happy holidays to everyone and if you say hoppy holidays and they think Christmas is under attack. Racquet limited. You got directors of the logjam marching orders have the issue at all because. The great gene admiral outgrow look you've but I can't afford the lawsuit. Thank you need a local at them. I appreciate you what we do we EO who does seem that. Residents knows what's trending on social media but DMZ got Christopher Plummer yesterday in New York City where he's attending the premiere of his movies and ask that was difficult for him to accept the role in Ridley Scott's new movie all the money in the world. After the U recast. Kicked out Kevin Spacey lest we can put Christopher Plummer in. This didn't sound like he has any qualms about taking the gateway even though he was mum on reaching out to Spacey himself. Women are less likely than men to get CPR from a bystander and more likely to die and you study suggests and researchers think. Reluctance to touch a woman's. She hostile area like eateries and only 39% of women suffering cardiac arrest in a public pleas were given CPR vs 45% of men. And and we're 23%. More likely to survive hey everybody yeah I go around looking for women and just compress. Just a quick favour of you see a woman collapsed and streets is go into the sepia. Or are you having angina. Not they have breakfast. I'm Dina got that's instant online trading brought to you by Smart and final when the meals and moments throughout your holiday table matter most and everything you needed one stop at Smart and final. Or aren't marred by a dot com they'll bring it right to EU. At 640 we have a gigantic. Enormous colossal. Concert announcement that and he might need diapers or. Can't wait the first geno won only get the time machine and go back about I don't know 1516. Months. Just on this roll around in the war that we did share. DreamWorks oh come through next year. Next summer. It's almost like they did it just me. Summer doing. The grains. Mr. Devlin. And Jeff Lindsay LO announced. Their first North American tour. In 36. Years. Yeah and Devlin PLO has been the last two years critically acclaimed and chart topping album which sold out a run of European shows. Inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame much too late if you ask me I was there. On to attend US cities would stop. And the fabulous forum in Inglewood California on August 4. Please them and he'll love coming back the spaceship is going to land and form Nixon. American Express card members to purchase tickets before the general public beginning Wednesday. November 15 at 10 AM probably the day the sound goes up here. Got a window opening the door slammed shut your face although you. A mobile yeah you think yeah I just realized I'm never buy that ticket if I wanna go. It was done to kick start a campaign for NBC hello together. I'll live nation frees up against Tuesday November 16 public on sale begins this Friday. At 10 AM all at Ticketmaster. I went last year. Lauren who could have given to craps about you know. Up until then she's an all right if you think somebody else they easily you know and she goes to show. Like by the third son she turns resist. Is the best I've ever seen home. Irwin Mark Thompson said that he Asta. John Travolta what the secret to his happiness was mrs. always have little supplement forward do you do not the same college. And I really. Whose big time now. Just two different meaning. Jeff Lindsay you know. First time for being US tour and they did a couple of days a year ago when I first time in like 36 years since 1981 time out. Going on tour in the B at the fabulous forum August the fourth tickets once in general. Form soundness. Libby. It's time to open and east classic rock I am camp so it is. It's in east awestruck time -- for Monday November the thirteenth 2017. Busy day in 1968 UK's big rockers. Beatles released the animated film yellow submarine here in America loosely based on the music and their exploits and pepper and The Beatles aren't even minute. We'll at least there in the last season but their voices are done by voice actors that's just. Now we have lazy is what it is. Let's see. For some reason I put in the paint it black version of you to. Which went into. Virginia it's The Rolling Stones is on that same day 1968 Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones buys the farm. Ed Koch for farm estate in Sussex England. Not many Dicey actually buys the farm called cuts for farm is already famous as the estate where AA Milne rights Winnie the blue complete with a hundred acre woods. Except it's only nine and half acres and but about nine months later Brian Jones buys the farm on the farm team prize winning rounds in the pool. That's on the estate. It's. Great today in 1974 men introduces himself as Deep Purple guitarist Richie black more. Every crashes. A Porsche and Iowa City that he borrowed. Bullet from him that story is the real Richie black Rory is on stage or zip Francisco at the time. I'm just fascinated by stories like that bigamy and the David Lee Roth impersonator these maybe my favorite I might do that some time every month. To impersonate somebody. Who would you impersonate if you had a chance. Are you actually yeah of course oh yeah we need some makeup and stuff that's about it down on needs the benefit us and finally today and 1990. Rod Stewart this bootleg concert Goer for just about. For allegedly kicking a soccer ball into an audience in Michigan the site of a supposedly. It's her hand in rupture that tendon in her middle finger but he sues. On the grounds. That are injured middle finger makes sex between her and her husband difficult TM hi I will pause while you imagine what sort of sex acts he's performing with the middle finger. Start moving on a boat later gets 171000 dollars. To settle. It's a matter that is. And these classic front time capsule for today I always say we let the young Turks play us out playlist into the Indian Jeanine I'm 100 point three. The sense. And they're disallowed. And so I. Motorcycle. Mom. So owner and down to the last couple additions of four and sixty we don't I. Don't have much in the way of prizes left we got one nice prize that we don't and one nice prize that we can give you full pack of tickets to the progressive international motorcycle show at Long Beach convention center that's November 17 through nineteenth. That's just a few days away and that can be yours if you can name for artists and titles in sixty seconds Kati and he was fine. Lag action offerings from last hills and Larkin from Marion and. It right. Good morning good morning and good morning he sounds alert sounds he's related to win a love that. I am all right and that is its lure him you know lord. I looked in any Marines that wreck Larkin that you are in the the cone of silence you'll just be saint Mirren and frank doesn't win William deal anyway. Great honor I don't think frank don't forget you can not pass and you don't know the the song right. All right I make like a quarterback that they need this. He got up and IG was instead caught the first 14. Of them in one minute a minute to win this good luck to you frank. They're one can. My dad died. Get short. Hit it thirty seconds. A third. My pet again I think kind. Good thing. So it. Greens are rolling really didn't want you all day and when you couldn't think it was cherry pie by more like yeah. Or you guidelines it 3456. Out of court congratulations. Elected you aren't going to the progress of international matters so in lung beads. I'm totally excited about that and I think you know what guys I'm gonna do in the line of people would say. How much we're gonna miss you we are so many people that love you guys in the morning and throughout the day and the weekend and everything that you guys have done. Over the last. I don't know how many weeks I totally enjoyed everything you've done by. You guys the best of both luck and your skills take them and and make the most of them. Thank you frank means a lot. And we gonna do intranet for you and just sentence hanging. System makes these he's. There's students goes without doing good things Thursday neck and neck up you were right in the old. Well a new study has found that when it comes to being treated for depression exercise not only helps the symptoms of depression but. Patients actually want their doctors to discuss exercise as a treatment option. Researchers found that among patients diagnosed with depression 85%. That they want to to exercise more often an 80% believe that exercise significantly improve. Lose their mood and anxiety. We'll switching gears a little bit a new survey has revealed that nearly how muscle be doing our Christmas shopping this year up. Cut her individually seventeen PayPal money haven't survey 80% of Americans split this up their mobile devices this season and 46%. And LP shopping and going to the bathroom gives a whole new meaning to the term door Muster the that's part percent increase from Lester by the way if I did you read that's that's Jenny online spending broadly based Smart and final in the meal than moments around your holiday table matter most get everything you needed one stop its Smart and final or it's aren't final but come the bring Richard and everybody is getting in on the Christmas spirit that includes Joan Jett will play you her spin on a Christmas classic. At 740. Try to step on the Black Friday today Beatles be classic right morning show 100 points. This. The name of that band is Nazareth. So let's talk about Christmas. Makes perfect sense as an. You know that sound means Gina. Now means a film sound effects library as a oh but we do have a Christmas songs from Joan jet. You know I love rock and roll and bad reputation. Rusher while she's got a new one out. She does her take a little drummer. Oh please play it immediately if not sooner all right hey here's his little sample sample. Plan. I. The. Yeah man. I. Okay. Yeah. And. And it. You can pack. Wow well I'm really go out on the record right now and say I don't care for. But the thing I'm level going up there on Wednesday zone in the America play well. No you can't everyday and you just talking Christmas show and I'm. Kenny of course and. Yeah it is and what we find a jump in half ahead. And it was time. Seen a lot of thumb view again this morning you two and a miss these days. You know some people. Now home. Wonder for a kidding about. Not knowing when we're gonna go off the there we most certainly not there are some people who think this is all just deployed in dust on camera actually staying on the there is just a stunt employee we have not been informed via the giants on we don't know where and whether the to Cooper goes Salem. Never been more than our commitment. Don't know if this was slash I don't know if tomorrow's election and on Wednesday's election I don't know if I'll be doing this island in Patrick's. Honestly don't know. We we really truly don't know but we appreciate being here every day we appreciate you being here with us and I'll just keep up until that tells Mathieu yeah. And somebody else who keep rocket until you tell I'm not too and then a little bit past that at. His uncle Jack OQ zero. That's harsh treatment etc.