Podcast: Huge Concert Announcement

Thursday, August 10th

We have a huge concert announcement, plus Adam Carolla on being stranded on a boat with 500 fans and rock news with Sal Cirrincione!


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MET the play a lot of classic rock on the podcast hey it's all there. Just candy to digest version of the classic run on morning Joseph. Your morning not necessary or productive people can copy it off. The fans come out. You can. Hear there her you know you're going to my season well. Overall we have been hearing more and more to do to bring him up Gina but I'm an atlas. Next time he got O'Leary in line. My become going to try to do night and it is still night. Welcome improvement today your to use it a can't move repeat with a you know let's. Jimmy car. And overall just the greatest song ever and I want my favorite thing is is this is man named man they saw him and they trust him and hear from all of us and them about the mayors and here. And then. Then many of my. Economy I we digress. We sure did ask the red convoy he. Transportation crews coming up I'm going with him that. Again moon and making a lot of talk about it it's delivered 609. Mustn't go more yes double tickets for a little pregnant on suite that happened just after a seven month seventh and I have talked to seltzer is the only way this hour. Apparently though little was relieved and we have a huge concert now. Right now about so fifteen. 715. And a pretty big concert announcement you'll want to be tuned in for this. I know what it is. How long ago so reliant on one ago. All right we'll talk about that the myth but it prep for the whole morning with this though is classic rock. The classic right morning show 100 point three this. Spider named after years ago. Susan. In Ramallah just it was a big millions that remained trapped prescribe rafter. Live eat as cliche as he should the I'm living a motor head though has just one dumped nearly. A fossil of a crocodile. Has been named after let me let me think homers. That's true Louise Lucas. Which means Lilly's crocodile. Was a member of a group of Telus stores. Common during the Jurassic period it's an ancestor the crocodiles we have today the fossil first discover in the early nineteen Hun. But recently studied by Michaela Johnson a paleontologist. At the University of Edinburgh she discovered the specimen then incorrectly classified. And therefore needed a new name and the natural history museum of England curator Lorna steal huge motor had been. So for her. She's just living room after eliminating so let me see this many stupidity is. The recent custom by. Coming up next team grabs until you win dozens trending on social media via moments on the side. It is streaming for us right now. All of foreigners tale of the book written by foreigner foundering guitarist Mick Jones is now available. Here's a cut of mic on why he decided to write his autobiography. Just a lot of people were asking Saudi I thought well maybe has he given a shot it's sort of an interesting life and take a real over the alone and go to may have been through all kinds of mischief and and some good fun times and great success as I've been doing. A rock star some crazy this is the film. Well you can order a pizza cereal like you pick it up now all without having humankind Mac snow and Europe right now that my certificate it's going to be that good stuff that's. A little Caesars has plunged pizza portals which are pretty much pizza vending machines they knew. Who reserve and ready service allows customers to order and pay for or it on little app. Then just input a three digit pin when you get there or skin you'll code adore pops open and bears your pizza he Thabeet. Those are again and do you do that tennis I don't know if you minimize them. I do to god that's a stunning online journey watch 2017 continues more proof that they couldn't get back together at 540. Paul tanner. You've never heard of that he's a trombone player in the Glenn Miller orchestra in the early forties. After that he co convinced the electro there are men and he plays it on this song. It's the classic rock morning show 100 point 3%. All of the rounds. I'll never know. He then turns. And shares that information went say the south how good I don't know why either but I hate the fact that it pays the mortgage than it does say. All right well of course you know journey has been all over the news lately when they ended their 2017. For. At classic piece in New York City last month the band's two year agreement would drummer Steve Smith also ended as well. Smith was rehired in 2015. Following the firing of dean Castronovo who was arrested today here on assault and drug charges. Greens may not be so settled in the band as I said with guitars you know shown he is feuding with keyboardist Jonathan Cain. As well as the basis Ross Valerie and sing Arnelle Mano over an online photo of president trump. But Smith is open to re upping his deal with the band. We're talking about possibly extending and have a good time so stay tuned. Maybe he knows something we don't Smith's first tour of duty in journey with from seventy to 85 when he took over easily done Barth. He returned it 96 for trial by fire. And of course both Smith and Dunbar we inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame when journey went in this past April. All right Bruce Springsteen. Be great white way will be turning into the great Bruce way he has finally confirmed his long rumored run on Broadway here in New York City. Springsteen on Broadway and will begin previews October 3 at the Walter Kerr theater with an official opening on October 12. They'll do five shows a week Tuesdays through Saturdays through November 26. Now live if you wanna plants and travel tickets go on sale August 30. To combat scalpers. Evenly news ticketmaster's. Verified. Fan technology. Hopefuls can register for tickets starting. Well right now actually go to Bruce Springsteen dot net slash broadly that's Bruce Springsteen dot net. Flash Broadway you can registered through August 27. Fans will be notified all his 29 if they'd been approved of by the tickets. And Springsteen it's a solo show hill reads and excerpt from his both born to run play a little music. Maybe tell the audience to shut up going to more intimate moments who knows we shall find out sather not really going to re name it the great display on the no they're not that was just my attempt at humor my 40 in the morning. Sell your whole opinion. What are the odds of getting out there before 1 AM. Hobbs not quite sure what the union rules are for Broadway Gina but you know we do have strict union rules here in the city in other words if an artist wants to play is playing Madison Square Garden. They have ended 11 o'clock otherwise they have stuck paying thousands. Iran overtime and there are no union rules which Broadway theaters but again I'm not sure I'd say Hussein's in the garden this show probably start at noon. That's good because that's the Vietnamese demand may run right into the evening and knows. We'll find out. Well that's my old time rock and roll report for this morning on the sounded though I understand you've got a little announcement coming up at seven yeah peace. So all we've got one to use cell. That's different today seltzer in Sione on the sound thanks. Thursday morning a good Thursday morning brings us Adam Carolla on Indian Gina. Has gone Adam. Oh great experiment. It did that tells me that there's a cruise coming up our our US. A cruise kind of guy. You speak on I asked that somewhat. Yeah. We did a wire in the I shorter one last year all the spare showed up. We really had a great time and I became a word that I did read it out a little bit or go out there now yeah are out. Do you westward on to Key West and Gaza now. Was the best part of a cruise deal. I'll. I light you know beaten no access do any thing I know however what the way actor are or like Internet access like bad eight. Bill. I hit in my room I stare at the ocean I get drunk and I contemplate what would happen if I'd fell into its fleet that's thousand. I can vouch for that that's pretty much what he dead you and you just what you've you pay one price and you can drink your faceoff in the your face off the entire time. I I gotta say I will say that we're screwed group like I you know everything like too good to be true like ridiculous wired but like locally any reference. Free although all good. I need us and say. That could swap books. Picked it clean three bedrooms and Montreal and all that carpet are under way god and then. When they get jobs for the 18946. At the end it got bad at the apple are pretty bad. And they brush it. Then you realize that how to make that much like it's like. You can't deliver a dozen along their brokerage for ninety and I know you don't you don't check out there for under bet he blocked it off that web site. They're crude. Dance pretty insane in that. They deliver all the borrowed all the bones in that travel day that Bart is their favorite at all playing it. It's cheap it's like it's cheaper that going to break it says there ain't any decent hotel. Or board it. Yet that's true I did and just because we I stumbled back to the room at one point at like 3 in the morning and I was like wait a second. Free written service lets take this red test drive yeah so yes they really will bring you anything you want any time and a lot of adjustments did come back. We we're all we look like we inflated exit we were a little confidence but and at least you and I at least walked on the track at for a couple of miles. Another is what is saying that you're doing special this time around that yeah we didn't do last time. I just do what time it is so I know what time to book my massage are you are are you not get a break down the movie cobra. Yeah she'll look a little. We're your basic cable reconstruction. And put a seal it with a flat six alone yet built over. He's a big fan after the movie to people get coffee break up in the discussion groups. He it's important and yes we get people. That we thought would sit there. Yeah I opera and that would break up at best. Yeah and whether or not the guy the gang member knew his he was my cap and honor that was just Tuesday when they get all of the this is happening November 30 it's gonna be a four day cruise we're gonna Key West are gonna cause and now we had so much fun last time we thought we would do it again so. We have a couple I think there's literally only a couple of captain rooms left on the boat in general so get over to Adam Carolla dot com. For deet tails on book like the last rooms and we're have a blast we'll sit saline yeah sounds like fun instant cursor. Adam Carolla. Good luck to you. Think oh yeah. I trending on social media Gina gray. Knows about the with the recent release of a thirtieth anniversary edition of hysteria Def Leppard is now looking to play the album in its entirety. On the next two hour. In fact it's ours Phil Collins says quote we're all offers to play the allow all the way through so yeah we'll be doing that he nonchalant. Ask Joseph Elliott we view they gonna do though is that of affiliate Coco DeVille talent they'll ions to Eliot. Yeah we ask Phil last week I did not only the pointedly asked them but I ask Joseph and he said. Yeah you know I don't know maybe maybe not. And he just needed like looking I I think I'm the one who got him to decide to do an authentic well at you know we're speculating earlier about journey. And Def Leppard says they're in negotiations to it there with them so that is very exciting. Hey guys here's an easy way to make yourself more attractive to the ladies compliment them. According to a study complementing others well not only help you see more attractive in their eyes that'll make you feel good about yourself to eighty year looking mice it this morning. Hey thanks a lot of this from the department of. It's going to be able like to give up I do you got and that's it standing on line Steven Gold bear knows why North Korea should leave off alone by TV will say that with us at six story. You know Neil Kurtz he's quite a lyricist but he's nothing compared to Shakespeare out. That's why he. Quotes William in this one it's on the moon pictures elements on these classic rock morning show 100 point 3%. We heard around the universe is mr. Mike TV it looked like Stevie might you get them like our digital TV. I hello so our president and North Korea are battling each other looks like on twitters and TV and stuff. And a half dozen of them last night and cold there. Is talk to the North Korea through this shows saying this is why should not attack Guam which is part of some. Drums message of don't threaten us it will rain down fire and fury was so intimidating. The North Korea immediately threatened a missile strike on the US Territory of Guam. Look North Korea. Leave Guam out of this there are US territory that means they don't participate. In the elections okay they didn't vote for trump. Just like most of America. Last night Kim Jung un actually threatened the US Territory of Guam. When you're that trumps that of my dad do at any golf courses there. I thought that he would 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea are now just six months away. Hopefully. Wendy's is introducing a bacon burger they get this. Comes with bacon mayonnaise. And bacon jam them. She's sorry out. Spokesperson for Wendy's said and if that doesn't work we'll just stab our customers and our. When that bird has come out we're gonna FaceBook live with the league player because that ain't going to be embarrassed me a razor like teeth you. Since boo boos bit. We've got. Simon you have no matter. It's time to open and these classic rock time capsule and welcome have a dinner at in these guys a hard time just before. Thursday it is August the tenth 2007. Team needs that. Wow. Notices. Radio play and somebody got some. Marrying this. Our radar love Brenda Lee's coming on strong that's the song that talk about today in 1968. Really records that forgotten songs. In Nashville and not for nothing I've really also name checked in songs by Burton Cummings. And also Kanye West not to mention. And smoking in the event. She's its Iraq policy well that's some good birthday is today guitar wizard Leo fender would have been a 108. Really oh my god Eric Clapton. Jimmy Hendrix David Gilmore mark enough there buddy Holly's been great fun. Offender was it Don make area. And also another birthday jets are still frontman. And salmon gene in the UK Ian Anderson. Seventy years old. Today happy birthday to them and historically crappy day for Paul McCartney we alluded to this earlier today in 1972 after a wings concerts and Gothenburg Sweden. Paul and Linda McCartney a rested and find it. Thirteen hundred dollars for marrow haunt us as a I think this the first of five bus from Annika performed pot over the years also an inspiration we broke down man on the run a little bit earlier. Sweden is reportedly where the jailer man and sailor Sam we're searching everyone's. It's where I was lyrics in a than 32 years ago today Michael Jackson buys something a fee that not the elephant man's bones tent no not 500 child mannequins he buys. 200. This 252. Beatles songs the story goes Michael in America are having dinner after they clapboard house say say say. And the girl is mine. So Michael Jackson asked Paul McCartney his. Just blew what's the secret to your success with secret city and many. Please says publishing still run our own the rights to my music right Michael goes kinda knowing you're sounds temple also opened for a bra Robert W noble both vocal gold. But a couple years later Michael outbid Paul and Yoko for The Beatles ATV catalog because they think the prices to Steve. At 47 and a half million dollars well guess what today's estimated value of emerged Sony ATV Beatles catalog is embracing myself five. Billion. Five billion dollars but Paul is starting to get paid for this for songs he settled with Sony earlier this year you start the claw back. Some of the rights to those and get his money but you know I'm always played Paul McCartney in wings a little bit ago but. Can do it again. It's just so good ms. triple play Thursday a little later write I ended two songs in the classic run morning show. The such a good baseline. The time capsule one under point 3%. Still he's such a fun night down at the Microsoft theater annuities for the yes the boy. Yeah and then you should know because you'll be there to race I know hardly knew they knew yes this is featuring Todd Brian Brennan called homers he'll be legacy. Obviously like Microsoft feared tickets on sale at eight X as dot com. Couldn't play one each back for each studio album from 1969 to 1980. Throttle logically very exciting few surprises Vernon and then the ending. Back in a way that's going to elect and the and I think they'll probably be out. You know I don't know pumping. As he continues a lively game simply got Joseph from Glendale and Geary from peak going there he habit houses don't Joseph. Totally don't. Doom well just have you heard the game played before correct. OK so don't even passed on these hero. A dog Diamond Hill but you're going to be play in the game in just a moment in Sify give for these to win the the tickets to it's a couple weeks another Fiesta Bowl Gary. Here here you won't do anything you'll sit there put your head back on the pillow and if Joseph can't win and then you'll get the tickets. There is also want radar. To repeat doing you've never heard. Hello gone well that's the agency Joseph do you want to Addai hurt like offered him. Is this legal. Team they both agree. Mikey but as the judges and they both agreed to do it. I do I guess I'm like okay that. Joseph you're going to be us in the cone of silence as we are OK so from Derek Fine you take the chance here and you can play the game the clock will start jeans and started with the first infant you gotta give four of them. Good luck to you sir don't forget you can pass a. Yeah all right still April. Okay. Me for a little water. Why did and three don't matter. And us. And moves to London. Definitely bears. Yes two more. 900 million. Grown our. You know the right time. You need to. Evanston. They're being here coming. And I'm leaning hanging onto the green out of followers so I handed those tickets over to good old jokes that just as a valid. I got the biggest and allowing the couple of days. We know our our our our new Pringle found that the Peter remembers Ricardo ear only. Knowledge and fast enough but it's good variety of stuff Gary thanks for playing the game a Joseph if you're gonna hang that would mean a couple weeks down the Microsoft theater carried tickets and I'm wrote it about XO yes yes yes. Yeah. Our third groove there are better. That is trending right before our big announcement. Will president Donald Trump's former childhood home in Queens is being offered for short term stays on air BNP that's according to a recent listing on the lodging website. Comes from a home in need Jamaica estates neighborhood is available for 600 bucks a night. And features quote a giant cut out of Donald in the living room. So a cause you know three bucks is David 597 after cut out exactly is very exciting. Bruce Springsteen has confirmed his long rumored run on Broadway the show is called Springsteen on Broadway aptly named. It begins previews October 3 at he Walter Kerr theatre in New York. With the official opening on October 12 can do five shows a week. Tuesday through Saturday. Through November 26 so let you wanna get there you plenty of time Springsteen had this statement quote I wanted to do some shows that where is personal and as intimate as possible. I chose Broadway for this project because it is a beautiful old theater which seem like the right setting for what I have in mind. This is gonna be great sounds good that's my prediction I'm Gina got and that's what's happening online we instant Deep Purple news that you gonna wanna hear at 740 bad. Birds. Here is the major announcement that we promised do you. Bob Seger and the silver bullet band's 2017. North American tour is coming to the fabulous forum in Inglewood. Saturday November the fourth special guest at the forum. Friend of this show Nancy Wilson of heart yet that's going to be. Toss it's going to be great tickets go on sale starting Friday August 18 at 10 AM at Bob Seger dot com. Live nation dot com and the forum box office. Bob Seger fan club members we'll have special access to purchase tickets in advance starting Tuesday August 15 at 10 AM. To become a bullet club members visit Bob Seger dot com could. Couldn't be more excited about this and to sweeten the pot just a little bit. Four and sixty all next week. The prize is going to be tickets today show on November 4 Bob Seger. When Nancy Wilson of heart opening up could possibly. Be his last show maybe because with a four and that does and the two hour it's 100 point three the sound. Started off the show convoy in our space struck and. So. There has been a rumor. Since. Richie black more of Deep Purple. Has said he'd be open to a reunion with the band that he founded there's been rumors circulating that may be they might get back together. Well three of the longest members of the band a Deep Purple dust singer Ian guilin I drummer Ian pace and basis for. Glover said news we're not interest you know thank. And having Richie Michael returned there's one member of Deep Purple who feels differently. He's been banned for 23 years and guitarist Steve Morse. Says it's time very. For Richard like corner return the guitarist a Deep Purple says it's time for the guitarist to come back we'll begin just to finish your. It is I'm a fan of music I think a lot of people would love to see this but just like the ice has to be broken I think once that's done they don't have a great time. Republicans. Time to break the ice even more citizen and he doesn't know how to go about. Well we'll hope they starting US tour. In Vegas. On Saturday. I write your congressman if you want them to have next Todd Don I was gonna tell us what's evident in the world of sports on the side. Southern California's most beloved sportscasters Tom Donahoe brought to you by Theodore Robinson poured down on harbor boulevard cosa mesa. Family owned and operated since 1921. And oh ho hum. The Dodgers winning and yeah. 32 and me. You know over. We do and Nancy eightieth win of the season the Dodgers though the Dodgers become only six teams. Since a 1913. When their immediate game in just a 113 well I guess they were watching what they see that. Cody villagers 33 home run last night. This season as Alex would I would do exact ranking of course a thinker Shalit saying you bullpen session tomorrow so that record. The Eagles once as they are else do you realize the angels are scant two games behind the wild card right now so. Keep your halos on angels and the team they're playing this weekend for games Seattle is the spot we're fighting for exactly that a team that is two games ahead of so now NFL. Maybe it's the battle for Los Angeles the rams of the chargers had a scrimmage two hours scrimmage yesterday UC Irvine. Three fights broke out I I can't give you any other stats only that preflight pro got you that's only about. I guess they don't like each other or you noticed. You just get tired of hit your own teammates in training camp so we get a scrimmage against nobody else to get hit and you know go into it. It's kind of like my brother Bruce and I we are kids we we just beat on each other while. And it really just getting a tire that we say they were very under further car. Atlas but anyway. All did you watch last night the NFL game at Carolina. Against attacks and sandy point 717 I did not gets his suit my game I thought you might want to fantasy football freak because it's 22 rookies you know made their debuts. To Shawn Watson at quarterback for Houston right. Fifteen of 2579. Yards including a fifteen yard touchdown run 24 yard rush he looked good. And Carolina's running back Christian McCaffrey. Seven carries very regards I think I knew what I consider you know can I and it's carried. I'm dissing him. And meanwhile of course it's the PGA championship the final golf major going on at quail hollow and Charlotte, North Carolina and all the eyes are Jordan's beef. And day he was one under par right now through six holes he's tied for sixth place. Leading right now so far is hearing would let it rip apart Brooks kept also at one under. And Dustin Johnson and Sergio Garcia at what city got a bunch of those top names were there what. Eight that didn't work habits that you would brought to mind you Robbins word. It sure is owned and operated by one camera since 92 when he won it's almost unheard of but they get that against that was the service and product in the quality of sales and service. As you go Roberts. I'm Todd dot of 1100 point three the sound the classic rock station. Well maybe huh this broadcast was something it's nothing compared to tomorrow. That's right at 609 we have these very funny Christopher Titus he's going to be doing his life podcast at Burbank. Con festival I believe and I'm sure Hillis and the say. And the shortly after that after Gina gentle hand last letter Friday starter on 620 when you're choosing the songs all day we'll tell you more about that plus the first to ram jam with Sam Sam farmer in the NFL columnist for the LA times. We start our NFL track for the season the first. Just got some for you to.