Podcast: Cruising The Miracle Mile

Wednesday, January 11th

Katie's cruising the miracle mile with Billy Joel tickets, Donald Trump calls, and Gina protects us all from Andy's cold.


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Welcome to the I guess version of Indian Gino on the more. He does sound Southern California is classic rock station. Remember anytime you have something to say in any Ngo called three Q3 69250. Or 68. Three Q3 Mike Clancy and Gina she's. My morning trend I see wherever you do me and Kim and Justine do you really OUD day ahead. He inside glare hey dude. Food and whom I am and I'm a CE. Yeah. So I've customized I think we're still under you yeah. We're not really here we're just in the just to be to potato. But this is real good Christmas Carol references who left this is not a Tennessee we have. Tickets for Billy Joseph yet that's real now he's saying but. Yes it really yell at 710. We are selling Katie out of the building for this and we'll give you details as to why later Mike is on just a initial business with them he sees that a close the case. Eat but there the rest of us lot's gone up we had seven to ten and in the meantime. Isn't this classic it's so good it's Indian Gmail 100 point three the ceremony is a senior PG. Well let me just tell you right on the mat and I'm joined to the I know he's sitting up. Is out what's going on. Wreaking Havoc on your new man so I didn't I go home and I got to get dropped the lives of the lead dip that is an. Kindergarten we appreciate tell me hey thanks Andrea Julia and. Hamlin might need not even my. And I'm not. Words heard. Everyone's sick uncle Joseph talk to that same like the I don't know. I am god knows my resilience. Yeah. I'm Matt how limited subject. Billy Joseph yeah often that we've got a brighter he gets it every day this week at seven exam and today. I think you have we will make believe BS studio yes. It holds in his glory and raining yeah you're gonna get out there and yeah. You leaning in is now a fellow that's. And so this joke can be carried by. Is people around me here unnerved us a little less. That's why dealer put me on my back immediately crossed the finish line. You know we aren't put the show on this okay Mikey Katie let's all raise India and of our hands and into the environment we got this. How words hurt that I say words and I think. I don't disagree but. I make you feel there. All right near that now yeah. This makes me feel like we have attacked the it tells are sort gonna we're just like. I'm together the mess hall some honesty. Well any. I Chris I I truly worry about you. Don't think and Heidi you look a little. Your soldiering through against her I respect that I'm very aren't as well absolutely and but but. I am I am worried and Natalie and I worry about you and I'm worried about us so the last time you last time I drive it doesn't matter then. For all of us where it's at this time. Amid after Disney you Aaron it. So here's a surgical face mask but here's the loop right every year's super easy online yeah that's NN. China is using gamble what what a tease you over sun with sound like the ban on how many insist you this until nine. Here again. Don't take him crystal clear and Sam yeah and sounds as if there was another hour actually internationally. Advanced red tickets. And made good. And that experience is perfect swing you know like I think we have a solution it's a major problem here after Obama. Let's make it easy and it's easy is here to trim with us right now let's do. Now Obama gave his final address last night just hacked an emotional crowd this song that actually played a month. Hello Bruce taking a momentary break from politics Obama thanked his wife Michelle and then turn the attention to his daughter. Com two amazing young women. Beautiful but more importantly you are kinda you're thoughtful. And you are full of appears in the spotlight. So easily. Of all what I've done in my life. I'm most proud to be your day. Julio was in tears after that meanwhile Twitter was in a Tizzy over the fact that did you notice that there was only one daughter that showed up. Yeah he was there and Sasha wasn't yeah I did notice that twittered demanded answers and finally CBS news correspondent Mark Knoller tweeted that the White House said she couldn't make it because she added exam at school this morning our way to bring the hammer down outlaw. And as. And fears of spreading in towards despite the frigid temperatures throughout many big league cities Major League baseball's announcement yesterday of the first workout tapes of spring training. Enough for fans to take gun a little baseball fever for all interested parties the Dodgers will be taking awfully their full slot on February 21. I do that in Athens turning online or Roger adultery is a beautiful cover of a Pete Townsend song my TV will give that to us at 642 right now. So the go influence this is a Indian Gina and classic rock and 100 point 3% to. I'm not sure if we're going to Panama if the name of the car is Panama if the maybe my sidekick name is Panama's act could be right out on top aligned as it is. Is it their cars that are girl roller is a girl in the car and they're going to a place called. So you got to use your own filthy little imagination. We heard around the universe as mr. my TV he loved to watch T name. You I do and I'm gonna play every seven three surfers from a year ago it was it was a benefit teen cancer and it's Roger adultery. Covering Pete Townsend solo song let my love open the door. And it's it's beautiful play it. Need to. That's dang nice. On this other video is up on our FaceBook page and there's also hey I guess so link to download the song and you can help donate money fight teen cancer Canada. Your Mike Kiely said boo boos it. We don't. Yeah you read it is time now. It's time to open and these classic rock I am camp so let's do that. He died just keep talking zinni's classic rock time desperate though what is today Wednesday Wednesday. Today 11 January the eleventh 2017. When a start up by get in the way that machine well out there Peabody and chairman here. The way that she Mayan culture and invention fabricated silence until the year 1950. The aids and that's the day is in the 58. That's Decker records postpones the release so. Jailhouse rock for a week in England because they're pressing plants can't meet the advanced orders. A quarter million copies that's a good problem to have a way back in 1958. You know some of the characters rather win that song are real people shifty Henry. LA musician and everybody fairly new at the time insist he's the Pro Bowl game. A real gangs in the trade debt death and names Kai sad sack. Sad it was a little real drama was arrested. Army nickname for a loser. Consensus which leads me to. On this day in 1993. Despite a thousand dollars by Cincinnati's great distancing it turns out. I during a Damn Yankees concert there Ted shoots up to blame. I think Mir deadly error was mind you but flaming. Arrows. I asked what he did he get suspended sentence there's a fire compression then same day in 2000 Ford motor city madman runs a chainsaw it was right leg. While filming their reality show surviving new. Agents is instead the commandments what do you do ironic if he hadn't survived surprising news that. I'm the only forties to justice so that leg match got good for him physically in 1950 Aristide in 1985. But clean and AC DC put the rock in Rio festival in Brazil yes rod Stewart's. James Taylor Ozzy Osborne George Vinson Iron Maiden scorpions all slaves. But queen with risks the roof off the dumb but it's just six months before they do the exact same thing headline being let's see here a little symbol of that dress rehearsal. I'm a busy man the man made tolerating this seems tailor fit in this that. I don't think this could just unreal these things is not like the other but clearly. Where they've today I like Lawrence. So then they found a diamond in the handling your. Our many around the world classics like that what Tony K and yes he knows a play one of those 71 make those guitarists of Vicki Peterson. She's sixties and the big man Clarence Clemons. Would have been 75 he of course of the E Street can't possibly what we'll do one only led the with the song that's about the coming together of the tenth avenue freeze out. And these classic right time guessing he'll listen any endgame in the morning a 100 point 3% of our. Lazy. William Jewell is going to be playing Dodger Stadium on May thirteenth does that rank may thirteenth that's right. Tickets every day this week at 710 we're finding new crafty ways to give them away. And today is no exception we waited for the suns used to wedding is Saturday. Yeah. Oh it's fantastic CD sounds an archived on the street is on the streets. Right now she's globally tell as soon tell you where she isn't just a moment first let's invite our our contestants into the ring here. How we can hear me. How he you from Goran hills. Lovely and also Kathy is on the line from Long Beach is a right. Nice lovely that sisters are doing it for themselves and fifth so here's what's gonna happen ladies. Katie is going to act out. The lyrics to one of Billy Joel's most beloved song yeah. And you have to guess which one that is now your name is your buzzer. The shot out your name and the more let you guess if at any point during these proceedings if you think you know what the song list. Now he's physically out there acting it out so. And would do should we let Kate give for it Katie go ahead and give them the first ten. OK so great now I am in front of the lock small lights on Wilshire boulevard. Los Angeles contemporary you know so Los Angeles County Museum of Art right you're out he'll make a light installation right there OK what's what's happening now. Are you removing. Me all eyes are up and she's in raids in the car car is building I am chick car there is rain coming down on that she did the description of where. I did when you're traveling yes. Eyes you want to exclude. Yeah go ahead okay so now I'm just pass the TARP it's not okay okay okay a little anger. I'm I'm I'm agenda and Katie give a clue the the sun that she is referring to right now is from the hit album glass houses. It. It isn't that your tightly you know plus houses around me right now. You know all right tally Kathy anything clemency but not as I Leno and Katie is almost your boulevard. And she's driving down Wilshire boulevard up as we speak. All right now the song was number one on the billboard hot 100 chart for about two weeks during my twelfth birthday in fact in 1980. I want all of where are you now Katie. Well want to say I'm. Asked is there. You arresting them. The prison has the only fear cruising down Wilshire boulevard on her nickname for Wilshire boulevard and there is an Iron Mountain was liberals yeah way down and fundamental lack. Yeah. We. Oh well what a wonderful place. That's so we were high and high atop them missed the Miracle Mile right yeah I Iraq. I wanna get another clip. Oh this Sunday the cynical look at the music industry. Titan is it safe to say that you're cruising the Miracle Mile right now getting. Yes I definitely. Here but I can't. Alley. That's how I had an okay well I got Kathy. Kathy yeah what's the what's the result you may be right. You who may be wrong. I I the question Katie just a quick automobile question. Yeah. What's the matter with the car you're driving. That is there anything wrong with that. Can I occasionally served it's the continental of course it's going to be good our guns to oh this is painful. How does it and I thought. How they don't. You know I and that car and the kiddies drive it's not peace it's not I don't think it's 27. It's a little out of style. A yeah. Ed it's. Now finally. Yeah I am gonna lose in the area don't know how well done and you are going to see you and Billy jewel in the and that could have happened a second suit and seek came through the air miles. Between rare acts in Ohio and it's called the Miracle Mile on moser hey guys yes. Not in fact it was. I'm more they don't really killed tomorrow. At the same time seventh and some things. It's suited c'mon Dana I did drive. Rosie from head to toe. Jamaica is trending. Hello of President Obama gave his final speech to a crowd of nearly 20000 people in his hometown of Chicago last night. And a much of the speech came from an emotional plays he also touched on things like I aces and terror attacks. It's taken out deleted. And taken away about half their territory. I saw will be destroyed and no one who threatens America will ever be safe. Love my lifetime to be your commander in chief. We all. Meanwhile a 35 page dossier that details president elect Donald Trump's ties with Russia was published for the first time in full by Busby last night. No confirmation on its credibility just yet but it did reveal a particularly surprising allegation that trump hired prostitutes to. Where President Obama had stayed. Trump fired back on Twitter saying quote intelligence agencies should never have allowed this they used to quote leaped into the god. This weekend quotes did he potentially make a point is keep our self deprecating and hilarious and we do. Grant park it was all caps. Its triple a these dull moment you know you're OK followed by everybody on Twitter but you've got to turn that thing off when you're what. Listening happening again Donna. I don't strand is listening he just read it read it maybe he wants to do the morning show rounds since he's in the news right now I'm living plugin I. I'll see it galaxy redacted the analyst says that went up I didn't read and that's what's getting online right now a man who isn't. Didn't the rock hall of fame by Billy John hello Linda plaza. Visit did you know that anything about it they Indian Gina and classic rock on 100 point three this. Yes. I think you'd have more important things to do these briefings and not. Yeah operations he has all the time in the world for us Donald Trump agreed to come on the air with us at 740. Talk about to I don't know that I assume maybe some of the allegations maybe now Obama's speech last night it will finally unstuck about it it's a 740. The apparently Donald Trump not as busy as you might think. He's still at his number from last time a case organized talked to Donald Trump agreed to us. I. I. Three. Hey it's still in grad celebrity opinion because. Good thing he's here for taking the time president a leg dialed strand just between us what did you think of president Obama's farewell address last night. Didn't watch. I definitely didn't watch Obama's today's speech periodically shouting get bad out of IDB Obama. I absolutely didn't have might send bearing this do we detect balloting. That informed me that President Obama wasn't actually inside identity says. Never asked. As the deadly didn't then throw my overcoat insanely well done rich get like trumps state did the television shattering it is a million pieces. And I didn't instruct and made place and it's good that I bridges two years ago been married Jolie bare ass yeah but these with the delegates. I unequivocally. Did not exercise seven last place senior advised it been suggested that I watched this speech to let out president being his dad's. But I surely didn't tell him to keep his advice do himself and stick to what he's good at which is giving my gut it is sweet sweet loving he needs. And it's great debt to India. Eighteen yeah is Donald just wanted to make here that world premiere at what's happening. I don't the president elect. Just gave my seven manual almost certainly does nasty depraved things with my daughter in the dead and dozens of high level position in my administration's. I missed step ducking so much obliged. And it fairly regularly had hit it good with my guess I will be asking the young steadied just might be edited business. Like everybody frequently yeah it's a demand to instruct me. In between sweaty passionate lovemaking sessions with my little details on the look out me big bad dental drill. What he did. Just take each year everybody's at this they say you I don't get back. Oh wait what might think they'd use so much been at bringing up yesterday's deployed today engaged in aggravated sexual acts involving rested its ability and shallots. I had a legitimate argument that city today people here regret that Gina and the. So Gina yeah upcoming event it awaits that we've got a southern California's most glove sportscaster died down now he's a good one fetus is the Johnny Carson a sports. A anyway is gonna talk about the ice storm. And I don't mean in the 1997. Ang Lee film about 1976 essential Langston Connecticut was great move him I was him. It was it was automatic ice storm coming through the middle of the country you people have no idea as the chiefs are about half way. This weekend yet ice storms are for real yeah us all those you just 808 are so. I mean the globe to bring you them. Variety of war. And they ideally I'll delete. Let's do introducing the California's most beloved sportscaster Todd Donahoe and Todd. Wholly winter hellfire is coming down on your part of the country this week you yes fat man. Yeah sport and whether to gather the path up with a look Pittsburg Kansas City on Sunday. New start at Arrowhead Stadium. Keep your point and favorite there's a big ice storm coming this way throughout all of that and mid America. Between Saint Louis Kansas City down and Oklahoma City Wichita area and Gina what are you tell you you grew up in Kansas. Ice storm like ready to go now. Not only is it physically painful but you can't drive you can't walk led by the time the rain hits the ground it's frozen solid so you're pretty much stuck and it's. But it is beautiful. Well it's not even beautiful snow is beautiful I'm feeling is not beautiful eyes nose piece of cake compared ice so we'll see how that affects the game do you have an alcohol. You know here's the I'm I I you're yet to stock up on unimportant thing tonight a party among stocked up OK I've got. So I've got a bottle and the TV set is at work and that power is not out on the vine you know if not I'm gonna find somebody who's got TVs that working out bring the bottles Hillary hunter. It. Anyway so but but Pittsburgh steeler running back Levy on tells us he's changing the NFL extend curry change the MP3 point shot. It's his patient running style it's where's it yup I hope he wears his ice skates though on Sunday he says that's what he's going to be there. I love this one pack you know of course the Packers of course our act Green Day. Kinda Packers won seven or electing and so addictive and Packers wide receiver Geronimo Allison appears in court later this month on marijuana possession charge sheet back on. September 4 he was cited for speeding eleven miles over the speed limit. I'm surprised it wasn't for eleven miles per hour hunter and a lot but what a line. I Johnnie Mae and self. The 2012. Heisman Trophy winner is going to be signing autographs Super Bowl weekend get that today at Dallas mall. You can take Johnny 99 dollars to sign anything or 99 dollars to take a picture with them. Let me say this you know you have too much disposable income when US Johnny himself suicides are up against in 99 and a bit unbelievable. The lakers last night loss to Portland wanna wait to 87 it did shoot the ball very well Portland did this shot 50%. Really just. Tenth straight time that trail blazers beat the lakers and any college basketball Baylor was number one for about one day. The first day they were ever ranked number one in the nation they lost last night to West Virginia 89 to 68 so that means likely. Number two Kansas will be number one they beat Oklahoma last night. I I'm not even gonna give it time for rock Josh yeah. I Palin played anti next week RAI UN but only one anyway that women's basketball number one UConn beat number twenty. South Florida now that's number one vs number twenty. The score was one of those two to 37. You talk about dominance they've won ninety games in Iraq. And the cubs are gonna visit the White House and Monday I assume they wanna visit while let President Obama is still. Of the president because he's from Chicago although he is an admitted White Sox into the had not a cubs can't. And Carl Edwards the great to race car driver. Retired from the NASCAR circuit the age of 37 he's young he says don't wanna get out while ago and good you want my help it's good. That's it it's nice bundle up we'll talk to you tomorrow at the same time Todd all right. -- it's. Screaming child into all of the game seven it will increase your own god. There for another noticed she regretted. We'll Barack Obama are wrapped up eight years of presidential speeches but last night and for me 20000 person crowd. He opening doubled joke. Following instructions. Man he's midnight shows never likelihood was if it's a midnight shows there like at 10 o'clock am joins us. He ended things thanking those who voted for him. What changed again so people homeless. And because of New York my almost every measure. America is a better stronger place. Than it was when we start. Being Carla complainer but I have the hardest time listened to speech with a feed back out here I wouldn't go adults regional and yet today. Today I consider myself. Those monster truck rally was this you. I do to go and that's what's trending online right now was on it that David though he himself would later claim yet absolutely no idea would be gonna get he said. I would know how to pick a single to hit me in the face. This is Andy and Gina and classic rock on 100 point 3% of. Syrian Golan inland. Billy Joseph winner lands. How old guy that yeah well. I just made that. How can look at it. As well and make him upset list. Tomorrow 710 another pair of Billy Joseph tickets from him when all this week at 710 going to be really easy tomorrow you you just have to identify the Billy don't some hope we'll be claims were. I'm so busy thinking of but it's going to be performed by instant. Still Billy Joseph yes oh my god he plays both kinds of music. Really enjoy it's going to be fantastic to join us 710. Tomorrow for that. But right now this is given stuff away Regina. Bruschi who refused to answer my experience. I think they both didn't say yes. It's nice to him might commit some but Andy enjoys MR and have to go hand it's. Part of what's effective and the tables by the way Guinness sets fuel. That's pitching since he leathers and that no tears them up on the website and Arianna you know and voted yet I am voted yes investors but I know how I'm going to.