Podcast: Carolla, O'Reilly and 420

Thursday, April 20th

Adam Carolla on why he's annoyed with "rolling memorials" and the latest news on Bill O'Reilly!


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Welcome to the podcast version of Indian chain on the morning from 100. He does sound Southern California is classic rock station. Remember anytime you have something to say in any Ngo called three Q3 69250. Or 68 dead. Three Q3 Mike Clinton. And morning. Well I didn't say you know you don't bite your tongue. You all mouth and on his brand sensor even better forensics or mr. Mourns we got excited. The jump jive well this is. Is that looters Louie Louie prima Donna messiah. Hey who are you I'm Selena what you want to. You know. They hear I'm glad to have you long you're gonna love what's going on today Eric Clapton tickets how. People love us when we have nice presents young Indians have not least they're nicer to us how does manifest call mound be nice to us hated it sixth at 61003. Cannot predict it's. I'm not for Eric Clapton did. The trading you don't sometimes it is nice without expecting anything back put time mothers against. That's going to be seventy and I'm glad you asked and it's 609 a little bit closer we'll talk to gene as other master she's on the and a growing podcast every afternoon. We'll we'll talk to have to it's on has my C was up his cross blue. I can't weigh in the meantime we got a lovely classic rock and this time it's great news. You're listening to the classic rock morning's house. 100 points this. 100 points resound hello. You hear an area. Yeah this my name is god and benefited very yeah. Scott evil as soon I'm driving to work. What do you do that construction OK we built the we're doing decks are apartment okay in him and what neighborhood. While I drive from. From LA Jim Riverside to the office and then from Riverside Drive in Pasadena for the jobs and then I got a dunk backs Riverside in the back belly against. One time and be Dicey for a second I thought you were making decks so people you see in view of Riverside. Let him you're doing that deal. Makes it makes much more says well let's say let's got. Forget love Symbian bright eyed and bushy tailed. Why when I go back my words when we see we can find something lovely for you including boxer in order. All right then hold on you gonna get stuck skating you're gonna be it's gotten it. The but did you know that. For a second it was drafted something having to do it grabs him. That those were streaming of social and well it looks like Bill O'Reilly is hiatus that Fox News is about to become permanent New York magazine reports that he'll step down before ending his vacation next week. Which he just spent part of it with the Pope by the way. Pressure for a Riley's just update yet. It's a couple of these fresh approach. Ready to step down or to be fired has ratcheted up as sexual harassment allegations continue to swirl. On April 1 the New York Times reported that he settled five different lawsuits for a total of at least fourteen million dollars. Tomorrow has been declared prince today throughout Minnesota marking the first anniversary of the punk rockers death governor Mark Dayton announced quote. This day we honor a magnificent artists celebrate his great legacy and thank him for always making Minnesota in his home. One aspect of the trivial be lighting the I 35 bridge in Minneapolis is purple. I'm genie that that's what's trending online Bruce Springsteen has a new song and rock reporters Selz Franchione is gonna give us a little taste of it at 540. Are some of them play attracting the everybody knows this is nowhere album it's Neil young and cinnamon girl and Mara public service announcement with the song has always. If you do mean girl named Simon. There's a good chance she's a stripper. The classic rock morning show 100 point 3%. All of the rock stars talk to saucer and the only in New York City and in south socks does. He's gonna tell us what this music is playing behind me right announcement affect us now. On good morning well it is brand new Bruce Springsteen or at least partly Bruce Springsteen he's once again teamed up with his buddy Joseph reshape the fur new song called that's what makes us great. No surprise it's about president trump and his immigration policies angry checking tells a Pittsburgh post gazette. That trump lost me the moment he started making fun of special needs people. How could a person like that be president of the United States. He goes on to say he sent the song to Springsteen who then gave it the Bruce treatment. Bring it up. I go again regular B minus yeah yeah very generous enough and I think. Again it's called apple makes us great and it's available for download at Joseph Barry Scheck he dot CA. We're shaky GR US HE CK imply that you all hello aircraft for the kind of I know I was a big event as eloquent FF I. All right you Joseph heard Joseph Walsh who is toward the past couple years with the likes of Bob Seger embed company will hit the road tonight. As the special guest of Tom Petty in the heart breakers on their fortieth anniversary to war. Smokey Joe a couple of weeks to go on touring. On on soaring on his own these past few years I. Being on stage. I'm not so crazy about the other 42 hours. Get into the next stage. I love that and there's a new group of people who earned. Around when their records were made. And they're just gonna sell out. Showed there's a new generation of people and mostly they're curious because they grew up. Here in our music and that's a wonderful energy and I'd pick up by Matt. And the tour starts in Oklahoma City walls will be out with them through June 16 did in Newark, New Jersey before switching gears to play with the Eagles a classic west and classic east as well as Don Henley 78 birthday party. That's all taking place over multiple days in July. And finally Stephen Stills he's the only member of Crosby, Stills and Nash yet to publish an autobiography which means he's the only member of the band who actually talks at all the other members. And but he is actually working on one as we speak he says I'm righty and myself why what I use a ghost writer. You wanna 300 page people interview. And speaking of doing it old school if you will or in the way most people probably wanna hear it in his own voice. He's actually typing it on a typewriter while. Because he says you cannot write on a computer on a bus they keyboard Eagles every. Because in June the around too much and there are too many typos you spend all your time backing up. A selection is heavy and it sits on the table in the bus and you can hit it hard. His publisher has to be thrilled and I can only imagine no word on when it will be published let's stills will be on the road this summer with his old flame. Judy Collins and they also working on an album together. And that's what I've got this morning in the world of classic rock on this down this is seltzer and Sione. So. Yesterday while you're out you know. Talked Adam Carolla and really play it back here at at 60 wait. I asked him about something you warned me to not ask him about. And would you do that could be so many things because I am and wait to see what on its list of things they told you not to talk data about your day of violent that the song great. Yes. CC class and our morning show. Gina yesterday you were under the weather and I spoke to Adam right after the program young Adam Carolla here's what he had so. We'll get them girl on the line and just go to chassis dot com if you won ending the video features he's unlike fist Tony for our award documentary which is amazing. And also there's Adam Carolla and friends build stuff lives on spike TV it's a Monday night's 11 o'clock here. Locally but talk about that pin just a second but Adam you're out driving right now. And when I drive around town now there is a four inch many Adam corolla the system my shoulder. Any comments on things like I saw a and I thought what a lovely homage into someone's life to put in the back of of a car like that and I just assumed you had some observations on. I am about twenty minutes. Or else. I'll. Let you know everybody out here and sold to so cal it's usually kind of Hispanic expect. I don't see it on a lot of Jewish guy. Irish guys guard did you. You know you Guadalupe beat digger is that inaccurate and I wanted to let Paula and ball what I get behind you know and I any major brands Dontarrious Don are your brother or whoever. Pot died at nineteen and I have. I don't know eight super flattering math like I hope the war veterans. I got O'Connell gang rang. And a good college artists. I try to you'll know heroin and from Tijuana maybe maybe total collapse. Do based super happy. Maps on my left that out the bracket crap about his fresh. Went in the beginning OK well that hurt you graduated right. Oh it's like I don't IDJ white grandmother and burning duck gate bridge at a us. You don't well yeah I did it one guy he's a good book going to be dapper guy. If switching to judge Feldman and it's. Just west Europe as a legitimate. Doing guy adamant girl in prince build stuff like a very cool you taught how to use a power tool right there on live TV. And look like it was cathartic for her. What's what's coming around a Monday night who you have been as guest. Howie Mandell. And I believe ballet are my if you know or the. He does have that the German folk think so maybe make him whereas some us amused gloves. You're wanting era Howie Mandell. Story I was backstage repayment at the bar and at a club obviously doing a show he just came by he was cheating nearby. Gigabyte lives that day I took its army out on the marquee. And you'd be eating popcorn out of a box. And he elect a box like a live like I assure box. And it's all just came out that plight and it would offering somebody. Offered some to Gina. He offered some wonder everybody was back Daryn my old Guerrero an artist beating at boarding at Doral and then taken another ample but it backup locked. Avid watcher and it's quite set quite literally ally. You won't change one hand but it just like five strangers. Grab the popcorn sorted them out then go right back into the box you're just eating out of box. Alex what sense does that make any dead Adam you know getting crazy. It's like. Aren't afraid. Like that additional write this is a. The fifth theft. He's got a parolee I go to Jesse Doug come to find out all the work he's done lately and video features and check out the show in spite TV 11 o'clock Monday night it's so fun and you never know what's gonna happen because it's like Adam Carolla and friends build stuff like always good to document. I scrambled here next. Because. It's. It is. He Gina grant is journey for us right now is more news about the apparent suicide of former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez early yesterday morning according to multiple reports Hernandez heading Bible verse written on his forehead. Law enforcement sources told several Boston TV stations that the former football star had quote John 316 scrawled on his head in ready eating. Hernandez was serving a life sentence for a murder conviction. During an appearance last week with CNBC's Suzy Welch patriots coach Bill Belichick was asked about Aaron Hernandez we'll playing a game a word association here that's kind of like. They are here this. Tragedy. Heartbreaking news. They'll be another war. Well bill O Reilly insists he was fired from Fox News over completely unfounded claims leveled against him the news anchor and Condit was fired yesterday by the network following a string of sexual harassment allegations. Meanwhile fox already found a replacement Tucker Carlson will take over for the network's 8 PM time slot I'm duke grad and that's what's trending online. We're gonna find out the real reason Belo Reilly visited the Pope recently by the way we'll do that during my TV at 640. And Bob Dylan wrote the song and Jimi Hendrix covered it covered it. Coverage so strongly that even Bob Dylan started playing the song this way in concert all along what started this is the classic rock. Morning show 100 points through the south. We heard around the universe as mr. my TV. I love to watch T name. You and I am I did or didn't TV. Guys thank you know welcome back home team so Bill O'Reilly have you guys heard. He got fired yesterday why. Yeah and he he went to the Vatican to it is and to seek out help from the pole but first Stephen col Baer. Again don't know they have called O'Reilly fly it all the time in over over the airwaves and so it was kind of bittersweet for a Stephen Colbert plant. Over the years. I have talked. One or two times about Fox News host and bold fresh piece of humanity. Bill O'Reilly now like him or not. A lot of people watched him he had had the number one that cable news show for fifteen years. Until today. And now it's not that big of a surprise I've got. Yeah we all saw this coming at us you know like an old man cornering and in turn. The break ground. Wondering where is Bill O'Reilly Bill O'Reilly is vacationing in Italy yesterday he was spotted at the about a candidate shaking hands with Pope Francis. Yeah. Man a rally really will hit on anything and address. OK. Okay. The pill pushing the initial tee if you. Said boo boos bit ago. The sun and outside the bad. It's time to open. Then these classic rock time capsule. Stephen Hawking it's Andy's classic rock time capsule for Thursday its April 20 2017. For twenty. Boy said that if you find a cycle that you probably don't need to look much further than their parents to see why take Phil Spector. Weird though and misogynist and sociopath a murderer and record producer that's only done this day in 1949 feels fathers succumb to depression over mounting debts and commit suicide. That's father's government characters. Goes as far as to choose his own grave stone epitaph. To no meat is still love me how. Ten years later fills nineteen years old he's a graduate of Fairfax high school right over here and he forms a band called the Teddy bears and puts out a record called the warm. Okay. And knows the number one and nineteen years old Phil Spector had written and arranged played on saying it produced. The top song in the land. A little insight into the deserving years for this day in 1968 the beatles' apple records places and as magazines that reads this man has talent. And then there's a blank and Leo readers is supposed to fill in the name and submit tapes of undiscovered stars but they don't find anybody. Time except for these guys. And this guy. Scenes I. James Taylor. Scenes. Ran a couple of scrubs. So a Yemeni guesses the wits men who was once known as around the bounce. No it's not yes it's. Deep Purple the bend is known is around about leading up to their gate on this day in Castro Denmark just outside Copenhagen. And guitarist Richie bud Moore's grandmother this is sweet she keeps asking him if so do her favorite songs at a show. The 1939. Song by Peter the rose called the Deep Purple. Tonight. We remember and I finally is a distant man. This is named Deep Purple so we can finally say yes grandma's Deep Purple on stage tonight. And we have Deep Purple play us out of in these classic rock time capsule with about this one. Woman from Tokyo BC's meet woman from Tokai EO tokinio. Is the classic run morning show 100 point three the sound. Damn you. You got tickets to every. Acting in concert. Is going to be sixty jump at the form come September the fifteenth and a already. Dean is identified four songs and sixty cents argument being partisan ties into what we're about to show you. Aren't these new hi Katie was online blessed that we at least up from Burbank and greasy from uncle or I love it I'm Lisa hi there how are you. Wonderful you are you feeling confident. Yeah. Yeah. We don't Joseph could you please get ticket. Trickle of water and at least all you have to do artist and title in sixty seconds of four songs right and you don't know don't be a hero to pass. Syntax. And Gracie can you hear me. I greasy he'll do absolutely nothing so delayed a mumbling along and if Lisa chokes when she just a second ago that it isn't you can do. You didn't think this is the Eric Clapton okay. All right so I Griese is on hold so she can't pester you can you sound like the kind of person who would. Lisa a gene is going to start the clock with the first snippet. Good luck to you really. My all right one down three. Don't take too long. You had heard site. Lie and. It's a kind. Might have been going. You did. They don't. Hey maybe my you know yeah. You want me go back. On 152 hello. But you made by the new. What. Yes three. In new record and do 3456. I have 88 I think nine is the record a good job. Let me let them see that not joke during that great do you never had a Jim guy greasy on our our credit. Really yeah. You know literally. Gracie we have more tickets at a good we got more tickets for Eric Clapton giveaway tomorrow so I make sure you keep listening Gracie maybe you can just do it again. But in the meantime. Lisa Lee. Eric Clapton's slow hand in concert at the forms of December 15 the ever seen him. Excellent well he's got to tell us MMI mean you know you're in line for the boat pull and talked to JD UBD tells the most CU with the show okay. Yeah but yeah. Learn something from Jean grad she's trimming. We'll Joseph moss who has toured the past couple years that Bob Seger and bad company will hit the road as these special guest of Tom Petty in the heart breakers tonight on their fortieth anniversary turek here's an Joe's thoughts on touring on his own past. Ears eyes. Being on stage. I'm not so crazy about the other 42 hours. Get into the next stage. I loved that and there's a new group of people who earn. Around when the records were made. And they're just gonna Salah. So there's a new generation of people and mostly they're curious because they grew up. Here and I'm music and that's a wonderful energy and I'd pick up on that. Spoken like a true artist I love being on stage it's the 22 hours that you heard did that I don't like so much. Well Julia reverence has been named people magazine's people magazine's 2017 world's most beautiful woman again. The 49 year old actress is receiving the honor for the time and says she's very flattered she first appeared on the cover of world's most beautiful issue in 1991. When she was 23 years old and on the heels of her break out role in pretty woman. I'm Gina grad and that's what's trending online good news for the ducks got to tell us all about it in scored. Of 748 and before that at 730 we're gonna send somebody else. To Las Vegas to see the who's in concerts will be listening. It might be new war may be a win today's tickets meantime John Lennon. The classic run morning show 100 point three the sound. I think the globe to bring you look. And the agony on the meat. Sportscasters Todd Donahoe league got number up to you by Theodore Robben scored on harbor boulevard goes mesa. Family owned and operated since nineteen. 1 thing 1 good morning time great morning to you guys in no great morning for the ducks they moved into the second round of the playoffs they sweep past Calgary for games and a winning 31 last night they'll they'll play the winner of the Edmonton and San Jose series victories tied to keep the peace of the dog to get a nice rest. Meanwhile baseball the angels lose five under the Astros put Mike prompted 339 Mikey yeah so you got an analyst on Korea here. And the Dodgers for two winners over the Rockies of course there one Clayton Kershaw pitched two nights and strikeouts I love the story of White Sox pitcher Jose could top. Who's from Colombia meeting the southward accord Colombia not Columbia ten. Any what yankees and he speaks bad. But he came to America and learn to speak English by watching the Jimmy Fallon show a first class so I don't know John Fallon last night. And apparently he was teaching Jimmy Fallon how to say things in Spanish and one thing counted he did teach me how to say. Can you pay for my song instead he's I don't know but anyway that's her that was on. Hey the NFL schedule comes out tonight we're getting excited about that. Apparently the rumor is this feasible opened Thursday in New England. Hate rich to get their rings raised the banner against the chiefs homeland gap around. Well finally take which you know they were honored the White House yesterday. At wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell sadness that quote. Almost brought to tears by having the president of the United States mention my name he said. I wish I had an effect. In May bring it up. Until cents. The of course he was he was demoted CBS you know Tony romo's gonna be the number one color commentator with Jim Nance in the Booth. Proceed yet senate bill that's flawed and fills him with demoted but he's got nice gig he's gonna go take this seat on the end of built an eight pregame. So I think it's pretty cool. And it Serena Williams they confirm it for 35 years old she will not play tennis the rest of the year. She's pregnant yes when he weeks pregnant you're very good reason to come on I guess though they seem to do it. She may be dropping baby about mid court there at the US and Leslie's great candidate you project cannot little bit but she's engaged to read it co-founder. Alexis and Ian penny. And read that tell you pronounce it that's it. That and it's it's a company to firm it's it's the legal web sites read. Outlook web site three girls there burials a I don't let me do let me take let me take about a company that I know about okay. Theodore Robinson for a day since 92 when he won they sell cars for crying out loud and still the best guard scored. The most popular vehicle America F but 150 the Ford pickup truck. You get to the the yet. He loved the man. Ozzie probably thought today's broadcast was a doozy and that's ignores a rent a real cracker Jack now but tomorrow I think we might raise the Barnes and it's gonna be a lot of fun we are talking to legendary comedian Jeff Foxworthy about a new animated feature he's involved in Oregon and do that at 60 man yeah that's right and it's Friday so the last couple months we've been doing this thing we can't stop. And that people tell us they can't stop playing in the car. Let's go last letter Friday so I just after Gina trends and 6 o'clock hour we'll start playing songs every song has to start with the last letter of the previous work. And you get to choose them we'll tell you all about it when we do that open and then now mixed in there. So Clapton tickets and yeah Eric Clapton tickets on the meantime we got one. Hundred minutes of commercial free classic rock and uncle Joseph and you needed three zones at a time visits triple play Thursday starts right now.