Podcast: Billy Joel Backwards Reversed

Tuesday, January 10th

We play a rousing round of Billy Joel backwards, plus celebrity fitness trainer Vinnie Tortorich tells us how to lose those extra pounds we gained during the holidays.


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Welcome to the I guess Persian mania gene on the more. He does sound Southern California is classic rock station. Remember anytime you have something to say in any Ngo called three Q3 6925468. Three Q3 Mike Clancy from the you know. Friday night I crashed a party on Saturday us and I'm sorry I think. Sunday came and trashed me out again soon. Them AM Monday and this sounds familiar happened but today we've got some Billy told tickets to giveaway. He's coming on May thirteenth he's gonna play at Dodger Stadium that's a loss it's huge going to be fantastic. And we've got tickets every day this week at 710 today it's Billy jewel. Backwards. And that's all you need to know to win you tickets will be listening a symptom. Mean miles yeah I couldn't quick question for you LA are you except eight and I feel like I. After the Thanksgiving and New Year's and Christmas I need to get myself and saves Dorgan I talked to my buddies celebrity trainer Vinny toward rich and again he's advise on how we can whip it into shape. OK in the meantime let's place among great classic rock this is an example of 100 point three the sound its Indian Jay. No coach can you view it. You know like you I really wanted. They don't backwards might come on lady. We're doing Billy Joseph backwards. Because wait why it's flatly that you do and they doled out. Let's analyze it right there three. This don't break and we'll have more people tuning in December yeah. We like Billy Joseph you wanna do that and hello I've says because she held my arm on the back as I ordered tickets for the go. I don't know if you heard so that's at 710 do they do not listen in deals worth while the evidence. Of its order. All yeah all OK so we all got super fat now let's all raise our hands on my viewing your car dug viewing your bed and talking us. Over the holidays we're gonna take it off and my good really why we're gonna take it all love. Oh no backwards. My game I need storage teachers as general view is that thirty pounds is gonna tell us. I only do we get the layoff between 71 time that some forty cool. 7:41 at 7 o'clock hour that's what I'm looking forward to ran a week into is some Led Zeppelin together. Indian Gina and classic rock come 100 point three the south. So you've no doubt I heard of Amazon's. Echo. The hands free speaker for the home it connects to the Alexa voice. Servicing you see him play music yeah news. It is smarter Siri yeah you can order merchandise from from Amazon Monica I think that was the case that Dallas girl ordering cookies in the doll house. He's in Alexa was on her parents permission to strengthen again what they were talking about that on a San Diego TV morning show on. And one on the host says highlight on the girls as Alexa order may have doll house. Well the station gets several reports from people. Around San Diego. Like that tried to order them a doll has a family so that got us the thinking out and you could really do some damage. With a broadcast facility financing and people who have Alexis all we have to do. Is say these words like. How Lexus center recurring alarm for every five minutes. You're evil human LX increase volume. Alexa played nickel back. Let the order fish food every Monday. Alexa had sex toys to my shopping list. Like Alexa reportedly some pornography does and I'm not actually you can really do some dangerous stuff to be careful with this because he what he said turn the purchase up to the maximum the American with the CEO I did he say her name magically into a name as the yeah. That's a that's the end it's a cautionary tale well you should always use this for good. And never even did seriously ill like sort of a fish for it. Using it for good amp Alexa turn on 100 point three the sound every weekday at 6 AM had to come yeah sir it. Loses a bunk we've got a feeling grad trendy. Pete began when he said well Meryl Streep is still getting blow back from her lifetime achievement award speech of the Golden Globes Sunday night here's one of the things that caused little dizzy former speech. So Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. And if we kick come all out you'll have nothing to watch the football and mixed martial arts. USC head Dana White has clearly say about that he was not too pleased when TMV asked him what his thoughts were about Merrill's knock on MMA Davis says this. Not gonna be an everybody thing and and the last thing in the world I expect. There's an opry eighty year old lady of the demographics of the Mark Clark. She understands music and she's sixty I don't think she's she's maybe not quite I'm not an octogenarian what she is a pretty. Oh well. We'll let you got her there. And let me didn't figures that celebrates female African American engineers in the sixties to help NASA put astronauts into space topped the weekend box office that's funny two point eight million dollars million. Great movie did you see it I did and it is is really wild and second movie by the second Oscar nominated movie that Janelle among any is starring and I was also moonlight you know she's big singer beautiful. A woman and now she is a great actresses well. The movie has now passed and rode one a Star Wars story in box office numbers that's a pretty big deal they topped out at 22 million hidden figures twenty point eight I'm Dina got and that's what's trending online at billions still performs one of his classics on the late show last night my TB have a forest at 640 the right now. He doesn't sound Scottish. But he is the Indian Jinan classic rock and wanted to point 3 December. Now than you can be heard around the universe as mr. my TV it looked like Steve name you. Do they last night really jolt presumably Dodger Stadium on either team Anna you've heard yeah Libya mission backwards and have found yeah. He perform in Miami and LA it's good as let's go down and Broadway. And as simple bear was pretty damn good played into. Raleigh. Many years is. We all live. Okay. You sound like little chance. Our FaceBook page and we're gonna have tickets in about. Tony five minutes do you. There goes my dear I said boo boos bit ago. CNN com. Time to open. And these classic rock time camp sold. And these classes are destined for Tuesday. January 10 2017. And you know what we do have heart. They're around the then billboard single in 1976 of their debut album dreamland magic. When they got the number nine right. So what's the second. It's not crazy on you sound very dude it's not strange John it's not even enough surprisingly. It's the cover of and Aaron Neville song they do in the nineteen made my greatest hits compilation. Yeah. The. Time. Especially the singer's. When John Lennon you're gonna about double fantasy in November of 1980 critics think itself. But you know what it is career. Dying. Dying his great free music. IT. Again. We have been. It. Have grown. Today in 1981 just like starting over is in the top five of the British singles charts number one in the US. A double fantasy begins an eight week stay at the top of the US album chart on this day and back them. Pretty widely banned. That it ends of getting every accolade after John Lennon's assassination including ramming him the a year or album of the years really and is ranked 29. On billboard's list. Of the 100. Greatest albums of the 1980s. Some. Did we guys a year ago today. Heads to me really I am. Can say about in this wind that's just a painfully depressing so. Different campuses they really keep walking into being put poster on the scene baseman who right now saved. Share your remembrances of sales growing terrorist. And move on to somber day it was a slowdown in dollars making a Steely Dan Moore on this Rod Stewart is more Jim Croce. We. And I know this is well for example a journey and starship drummer James Dunbar at the minutes aren't all these tell people more on this thing you know you do. We're gonna get the not to a birthday boy it was announced. Aides shredding for the scorpions when he was eleven years old conjoined UFO in the 1970s. And these along the baskets are tones and Albright can be 62 birthday to the blond bomber Michael shank ads and then you oppose them play us out and his class about time capsule newest in the end the engine in the morning. A 100 point three the sound that's good advice might he turn this up. So he knew. Maybe the new Ali Khan sent coach even a bit and Billy Joseph backwards it's only after known to win the tickets. Hey yes give us a call right now 8886961003. That's 8886961003. For your chance to in Billy Joseph tickets so that's made it quite that creepy. You couldn't. We're in the studio after the show yesterday and I say yeah oh does he lived in them ask Mikey the reversing in this business. Maybe do. It's general creeped out or not. I'm sure that we didn't conjure some sort of that we definitely Simmons a demon but guess what right now we have is a chance it's a very good thing if it's a double as the W that you love because we've got a chance for you to win tickets to see. Billy jewel in concert wins the show is may thirteenth at Dodger Stadium that's correct all right so the way we'll do this. What is gonna play a snippet of a Billy Joel's song backwards and if you can guess what it is it within five seconds. Then you'll get those tickets he's done one don't forget the faux news completely slammed right now and calling him from lake Balboa Scott can you always got. Our and I. We play this little snippet of a Billy Joel's song if you can guess it within five seconds you get it now. Don't hang up if you don't because you come back around to you perhaps but be ready. Here we go. Any idea what that is. I. That's a good a good guests of the stick around you may get another chance because we move on to Gregorio. In Los Angeles. And thank you don't get and I agree we give you just a listen listen to get it right then the tickets years ago. Any idea grin. Yeah Aaron Libya big chi. Hey he's got. I did you get to this Lucy Billy Joseph is a great Gregorio. That border dispute got garlic and the wall. Column for the tickets and Dario give you the master a fantastic hang on he had to talk to I Katy which is a thrill in itself. And then that should give you some tickets get the information from your way to go rent. Good young red. I don't always more tickets all of this week tomorrow at 710 listening to. I learned to deal bread find out what's going on the world it's trending. Well after weeks of no updates French police made arrests in Jim cardiac sheen's parents robbery that took place back in October oh that yeah I nasty is broken to Kardashian and Paris residents held up at gunpoint stole ten million dollars worth of jewelry before right. On bikes come up. Reports say that at least seventeen people were picked up in the early morning raid yesterday but no one has been officially charged yet. And today marks the first anniversary of the shocking death of David valley. Just two days after his 69 birthday and the release of his latest album black star he succumbed to liver cancer. Which he'd been diagnosed with eighteen months earlier let's revisit the musical master as you risk as speaks about the evolution of his music. I really do albums for different reasons I don't have one way of approaching them now missing share rose around and to see some change among changes in the environment suddenly changes funds reasons for making music change quite drastic thing and that's always a threat to me very much. If you have a remembrance for David Bell even go to our FaceBook page and put it there I'm sure people enjoy it. I'm Jeannie grad and that's it's turning online did you act on some pounds over the holidays celebrity trainer Vinny shorter just going to be the one tip you'll need to kick it off to slim down that's at 740. This is leniency and classic rock on 100 point three the sound. Do you love me do times does on the big double trap. Don't worry about it celebrity trainer nutrition as many to order just gonna talk to us at 740. And he's gonna help you take off that sat with one sees him swiftly. We have a new tradition is and trainer Vinnie Porter is on Alanna had any. If you're in good now I know you hate being called a celebrity train yourself. Others call you a trainer to people lots of money and fame has not. That gave him. Yeah I don't I couldn't be out of work OK here's Levy during. Still okay UN high you've been I'm I'm coming with you to them and I hang around have a show coming up Sunday at slapper in Burbank at five. And it's all about getting people to get their hot bond already for Tony 79. Yeah we've been stuffing our faces we then they cut loose since. Thanksgiving we all feel bloated and horrible so give us a quick tip to hold us over till Sunday what can we do is to get. Operation hot body kicked off right now. Don't move too fast behind the call will be resolution right now on FaceBook and Twitter. Feel on the exercise for two hours the vampire with a you know what I tell every one. Person of the year. Start slow and then float around a bad. There's no rush it's not gonna happen any Quaker. And if you come out of the gate too fast you're not gonna win this is not a sprint folks there is there for the marathon you got it or put you gotta go to get. Well I like this little down there and exercise less. And I also the morning. Yeah Null or not I'm. They start floors everybody has feel we all have these great intentions of doing at all and if people feel by week three doctors believe in value basis they're loaded with people who work. I injuries are injuries up and down when you're nearing it's just you have to take it easy. Don't come out of the gates do fast bears if you want to collapse you know just take your time and do it right. I had an injury in my union and let me emphasize that the rehab on that nose for a meteorologist juries are ridiculous. So start slow and don't be a hero it'll be much easier to carry you through the whole year. And I know your philosophy is cut out the sugar cut out the grain which is. Ivan didn't use his last march I've lost the man hovering around 32 pounds right now and I really do know that all TSA can't wait to to get up there and can give good testimony on Sunday. Yes I did nothing I guess suggestive what you should do you do all the work my form of these week. But anyone can learn which you and I hope what I argue ya by showing up at slapper on these this Sunday they are high. Piano yet could be super super fun it's called big he's big fat show for God's sakes who are you happy. Have a good time he really funny and they're gonna learn a lot of great stuff. I need you people can pay day have credit console with Cuba why not just a couple of bucks come down ask your question live in a joke around we'll have a great time. Levers and Burbank Sunday at five tickets available at flap first comedy dot com. They need you the best. Think you've achieved in my and I know you aren't you got a great great area. These Sunday there are right and if you come see the show for free web at MTV's the college they're kind of a free pair of tickets cute. These big fat show to eat this Sunday at 5 PM calls out 888696100. The. Yes. Sting has said that this song is about stalking. So a double game until one time and said oh we love that song that was the main song and our wedding he's that good luck. It's one of the prettier stalking songs you'll hear it is lovely woman appointed to sound. Huge game on TV last night everybody talking about it how the critics finals yet. I. Oh cool windy only you blend our viewers and is. What did she can and Tom Donahoe is gonna have all liquidation. Scores in the finals. And 80 wait here I'm 100 point through this hour. I think the globe to bring you them. Variety of more. And they ideally I'll delete. In last night's the championship. College best go to football game. Was huge apparently I was busy watching lady programming when my wife whose birthday it was. Who we've got that done Donahoe senate California's most beloved sportscaster right here to tell us all about. The public about this in the Alabama was ranked number one. From the beginning of the season until one seconds left to play last night because what 12 left to play. Clemson threw a touchdown pass. How to renfro one secondly your touchdown pass to Clemson beat Alabama 35 to 31 to Shawn Watson. I would that the yard touchdown pass. Media he he threw for 420 yards three touchdowns 43 rushing yards after the game because I'm gold the NFL so Cleveland never Disco you got picked number one. So you don't take note but it and think about this. Nick Saban and Alabama were 97 and oh with double digit lead heading to the fourth quarter loss last night had a 26 game winning streak snapped last night. 99 place run against the Alabama defense last night which they. Career record I mean a school record go to different avenue office to place it. And Alabama's defense self. Lots of things gone last night and I surprises that worked a controversy over the type applied they won on. And yet another touchdown pass much the same way called a pit lane which is offensive. Interference match interference. And boy they look like big plays that made the we'll see if they start discussing that this thing come on but big there's actually celebrated two towns the last thing to college downs. Clemson, South Carolina and Auburn Alabama okay is Robert hates Alabama. It ourselves again Nick Saban mom was a polarizing figure I know that a lot of my friends were particularly upset. The alchemist. Well and day and so he he could've. One that that would have been six national championships now five who won a national champ to games that would have tied with of course the great Bear Bryant. Foremost national championships but the favorite to win next college football season. On the Westgate super book in Las Vegas Alabama 321 would have made 71 Oklahoma house state USC 821 by the late in the final hole. And he comes out number one Alabama to USC and number three. That. Okay court to get the NFL games that coming up for this weekend and that Ben Roethlisberger. He's out of Milwaukee booty says will be good to go against that keeps on Sunday. And Jack to bill hires Tom Coughlin with their original head football coach they hired him as director of football operations Doug and it Doug wrote via. Ahead code so that some knew he then that's good mix. Yeah I think so I didn't well look I think bobbled that a darn good football man I and I of the underrated coach he won two Super Bowl for the giants. Giants obviously made the mystic who. I think. NHL to king's. Lose the Dallas six to four last night NBA where is Derrick Rose. No he was a no show for yesterday's mixed falcons game didn't know where it was they sent somebody out to his apartment New York City they couldn't find him. City leaders that I I have a family situation Chicago from Jeff ward a second coach of the addiction as it will all become clear to me. And that's when he when he six World Cup you know right now the World Cup and soccer has sixteen I should say. A 32 teams it's going to be 4018 to 20/20 six today at sixteen teams. For the World Cup that big news. That's it in sports thank you Todd we'll talk to you tomorrow same time already. What's going on in the world would you. All right let's do it right now we'll today marks the first anniversary of David Kelly's death. David Roy's wife iconic supermodel teen mom and took two instead ram on Friday to remember volley with a sweet. Black and white photo and caption that reads the best thing about me his view on let's celebrate his life by hearing volleys speak about influencing other hard. Listen I'm very happy division improved so anybody friendly but instead that the that's very Cole is very exciting and fulfilling it's nice to have contributors and some kind of way this monster has some kind of I did some things that you put out perceives us the president has must say isn't coming back a different way with a new young Brando some musical influence on hundreds rewarding. To. A good guy yeah in the Iranian resistance and human hand. Full Meryl Streep is still getting some billow back from her lifetime achievement awards speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night so here's one of the things she said that had people in an uproar. So Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. And if we can't go all out. You'll have nothing to watch the football and mixed martial arts win. And you don't say that about the entire country that loves football and MMA keyboard game if you do. Yeah CN Dino light was not pleased about this TMZ Aston his thoughts then there are pretty some things. It's not going to be an everybody thing and and the last thing in the world I expect. There's an opry eighty year old lady to be in our demographic of love mixed martial arts. You think he was given today. She's about navy now all of our product. I'm Jeannie bad methods trending online right now a song that there will perform at lap I made him this one this is Indian Gina and classic rock under 100 point three does sound. No dream on in a major chords number again. It's much better in the minor core business. They Howell thank you have minor. You never made a flat majors and so. Rough. It's a heart she's there. You know this the important thing people don't want this program has become our beautiful. The supplant general. Don't OK okay is that okay. Realistic goal there's another. Hey we're going to be back on tomorrow with more tickets to go and CE. Mr. Billy joy and now this obviously you know balls. Katie yeah being out some what can I say this she's. She'll be embodying. Mr. Joel's yeah. It's not pouring rain really nice thing but that's not tell us Katie. Now up to the cloud but you will take you to the streets and that will be to help people win tickets to see Billy Joseph do at 710. Minutes tomorrow. Make sure you joining us for the program that you birthday celebration was OK here well I mean yeah IE guys got me that wonderful occasionally I made a lot of that clear in the meaning I'm sitting there Mike is talking about how I need to boil beats or else they they had a bit bacteria and then think in. We you're fund are virtually I don't need to go to the restroom and violently vomit and I definitely did it and I was very very green and blue so if you wanna use the third toilet and maybe don't in the women's restroom gonna might have some bomb do you actually came corroborated the story yeah. It's true there. I love her her eyes are blood shot she looked like she was crying she goes I got it all I am not missing any other thing out here it smelled like Parma. No pizza for me so we just begin turning your stomach you never know.