Podcast: Ann Wilson, 4 In 60 and Bill Cosby

Monday, June 19th

Ann Wilson on the future of Heart, Bill Cosby does something very strange at the end of his trial and "4 In 60."


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MET the play a lot of classic rock on the podcast hey it's all there. This is the Indians live podcast version complete classic run on morning Joseph. Florida. Jimmie red deer I sure am. Happy Monday Andy thanks a bunch all of LA yeah. Who we've got a whole team Thompson here Dave we got it might even producer here we don't act and what. Now I'm the question that Paris has anybody Andy. I only really started me to him about I guess the only song isn't business just a huge piece of crap. We're always oh we got a showdown do. And I think he'll be happy to London for a because. I'm glad to a hall of Famer about him Wilson of heart on this program at 6098. Doctor. And then Sammy Hagar. Buddy of the show and he's been pal bars for awhile now we're gonna have tickets for his show technically he's only a body is you insulted and he laughed. Does that mean. Seven did know but we do for a sixty protesting your. Your rock knowledge you've got to be able to identify four songs by artist and title in sixty seconds you may think it's easy he may say now that it's easy. When you're in the hot seat. Less easy different story that's on this lessons. Let's find that you did on on Father's Day anybody have an extraordinary fathers' day you wanna share with us. Tell us some extraordinary it is the 6961003. We might find something else fun and that's a blue box this year with the even in the meantime. We'll share some classic rock from the Allman Brothers. It's the classic run a morning show 100 point three the sound. You're just firing on all yeah. Gas cylinders and. Both father and son got away Maria played out like candidly I get us at forget about your story is that something that. Achieved is good so you had a talent for Father's Day yes did did we went camping is is my six year old and a boy Esiason and my. A first camping trip together my first killings of twenty years. Right I mean because it's a live Dutton in LA we've done that you stay in the cabin but not really camping camping. So this like cart campaign. But woefully am prepared and I didn't bring enough food for the both of us mine. I had intent that I never put together before. It does look like gorillas in the mist it was really really shameful in my part. That's said that he would update tonight a leg went up for one night is on the and if he doesn't like it is going to be misery and and after that one day it's. Our hikes and stop Zain I don't stay up here for a hundred days ago. Loan rate I want it can I want to hike everywhere this is. He is in his image to women. So that's very very successful and I'm guessing them future trips will be longer. Yesterday them. It was dad's choice. I was brought a little breakfast in bed and then my choice of what I wanted to do we had a nice little lunch. And that I am with my time I went out to my office and pay bills. And it's lovely. Very very sweet and this tells it sure the kids to appreciate what about you eat and by the grandfather graduate first silences do the Carolla show and he did make good on his promise to spend his entire Father's Day with Jimmy jewels father. That they do when played softball with him so happy Father's Day mr. corolla. And then I when I brought I brought I don't 150 dollars for the food to go grill my dad has drag that around the word dragon around the car. Got over there and made a great debt we we grilled Lehigh now we did all the Father's Day stuff a lot of fun. Nice and by the way Mikey I played the cat stevens' father and son my other choice was for the camping John Mellencamp. I think commencement events art program. Christina to I suspect depressants wells and intense news this morning a man died and ten people were injured after a van was rammed into a crowd of worshippers and your Hamas in North London. In the latest terror attack to hit the UK this year. Authorities say a 48 year old white man was wrestled to the ground by members of the public and then arrested at the scene on suspicion of attempted murder. We'll build the bill Cosby's sexual assault trial ended Saturday with the jury that was still deadlocked on all accounts of 52 hours after 52 hours of deliberation. The Montgomery County judge declared a mistrial. But the case against the legendary comedian isn't over. Prosecutors said they will retry him on three counts of aggravated indecent assault. A charge that carries ten years in prison did you nearly seven in at the corner lot I know life. You could hear him go through her dirt. And the fat ice anywhere these notes there's about footage there's footage of it I will find it more neck our not do I I will bet you. Five dollars you are in line all right we'll settle at a later. I Gina got mad that's trending online believe it or not three out of four Beatles had news break over the weekend we'll tell you like each of them made headlines at 540. And to bully your spirits after some of those troubling news stories I think we have to turn to the men and black. And. They think's allowed Johnny. It's the classic run morning show. So you might have thought that Paul McCartney turning 75 yesterday. Might have been the biggest beatle news of the weekend said the deadline that's Sosa. Turns out. He's going to be honored for a third time by Queen Elizabeth on Friday the queen's birthday honors list was released and she said. That Paul McCartney will receive the companion of honor. Slower than the number Alina for his service to music I guess like a court court. Minstrel sounds like a male escort. This is that it does thirds were third royal on originally got the MBE. With The Beatles in 19651997. He's knighted for services to music and now will be a compendium. A music. Turns 75 on Sunday he said I'm very happy about this huge honor and with the news coming on my birthday weekend and Father's Day it makes it colossal. This is gonna colossal over the weekend Olivia Harrison George Harrison's widow explains what she done to some lyrics she found to a loss song the George. Had that left in the piano bench at their England home pay Ringo is the name of it was written or 1970 imaginary conversation between George and Ringo Starr inspired by the breakup of The Beatles cost but Holmgren. Through Libya says that as she gave the original. Sheets of lyrics to Ringo at a party in February from what would have been Georgia 74 birthday mrs. ring that was totally surprised by it had known anything about the song. And hope that our Ringo might actually. But some music to those lyrics and come up with a soft and finally. Danny Harris of Georgia's only son is gonna do his first solo show where. At the echo right here in Los Angeles July 24 his first solo album will be out later this year so good for him. And I'm just kidding I was kidding about Paul breaking of The Beatles. Everyone knows it was Yoko. We've got and Wilson joining us how are again. I'm doing our thing is good you are doing really well and that might calendar says June 19 so. Happy birthday. To you. Have a birthday. Thank you. I just saying I'm really crappy rendition to one of rock's greatest singers I think I'm doing some good sing and actually you can't hear it and in them and our listeners can. Underneath this play and anguish is is the new single off your EP focus from the and Wilson thing. Your out touring you come into the and the city national grove Anaheim July 2. Are you having a ball going out and sing in the zones. Oh completely. You know we just. Fortis have been a great time. It's it's a different animal then then do and heart tournament. Alitalia. If it's completely different it's so they're just all kinds of ways that it's way more fresh for me at this. It's a different bands in different time than it. But we're just getting fantastic reviews and everything. It's been much better than we anticipated these are. Most fantastic now are you get the chance to try out new things as he going he's still writing are you preparing for their next album with the M Wilson thing. Quality of yeah we're. Where ratings where. Recording is we're. Yeah its it's about the same old same old. Let Citi national man I'm a citizen July 2 tickets are available at any excess dot com so make sure you you grab him. And looking into the future and and only get into your personal business. We know that there's been a rough patch recently I just talked to your sister Nancy the other day. And I know all your heart fans are happy to hear. Her say that does a little time apart has allowed some healing and and is pretty good vibes these days and a chance of you reuniting for a heart tour in 2008. 2018. Are you optimistic about that. I don't know what's gonna happen with her we've just really don't have any plant. I've got some other things going on it eighteen of my old silk like travel and stuff but that's. We really don't have any plans. All right well we've got our fingers crossed and in the meantime. You get you get the next best thing get and Wilson in the end Wilson thing. Playing the city national grove Anaheim is in July 2 excess dot com is where you go to get those tickets. Am Wilson best of luck big fans' ears I hope this is a great summer for. Thank you so much that they give for having me not be good okay if you. I. Well you know what before I before him totally a senator with this what we've listened to this this show. He and Colin win them through the tenth caller eighty 86961003. City national grove Anaheim July 2 AM awesome thing because right now for the of course but a pastor did Benazir trending tell us what's the most social media on. TMZ reports the barker slipped in his bathroom in his head that he wasn't badly injured but the 93 year old wisely decided to call 911 just as a precaution. Paramedics came to check on him and then he and his housekeeper drove it to the hospital where he spent a couple of hours in the are undergoing tests. He said he's doing all right. We'll Pixar in Disney's cars three dominated the road at the box office over the weekend. The third movie in the car series open to an estimated 53 point five million dollars. Which was enough to watch not Wonder Woman out of the top spot. I didn't think it could happen to him and I'm Gina grad and that's what's trending online bill 'cause he may have been given in this trial that. Stop him from having the weirdest reaction when leaving the courtroom like TV will have that audio for you at 640. And the guys in the zombies are out on the road and they're doing the Odyssey and oracle album. It's entirely and we were seen this one off at the classic rug morning show on the set the. We heard around the universe as mr. my TV it looked like Steve name. You did that make images do TV and mining elusive John Oliver last night. Bill put little fun of Bill Cosby bill run there was a hung jury in his it can't trial over the weekend and when he walked out of the courtroom he. Did his old Fat Albert saying it was kind of funny go for. Nobody took school in the bill Colby won a case which incidentally supplied us with one of the single sweetest moments of the yeah. Tuesday night after twelve hours at the courthouse outside Philadelphia. He yelled out his famous Fat Albert catch phrase I. Karen discounts right maul you on trial isn't resolved choice. Everybody Zellweger was on trial for triple Mota are doing these strange thought to shout at you how many. I mean how do when the blood in the trunk turned out to be a DNA match you're going to jail for a long time. Stay tuned for our Elaine thank guys tonight was some sun and because there's a there's rumored to be sent to boost it. We've got. I'm in the name right. It's time to open and these classic rock time capsule today. This time bush and these guys about time capsule form Monday June 19 2016. Forty years ago today Led Zeppelin playing the San Diego's sports arena sandwiched in between six shows a Madison Square Garden. And six shows over here the fabulous forum. The rumor is that Jimmy pages so looped out on heroin it has to be physically carried to the plane. To supply the San Diego. A healthy stretch of his life for the anonymous. And Amanda. Countless hours in 2000 Bob Dylan plays are shown in Oregon and Molly does. He has a British sign language expert Patrick glad sign in the lyrics of the songs for the hearing impaired. Heaviest if you saw someone played the song I want you it's awesome when signings now you dancing child with a Chinese suits he spoke to me and I took his flute. You. Started last up to shouting things louder. And I'd love to play that SNL SoundBite but our lawyers say I don't have the clearance to play so instead here's Garrett Morris I'm playing black prisoner auditioning for prison musical. Yeah I'm gonna go a little I have loved the. OK. Okay I'll know what they're happy and I leave my. I'll okay. Yeah I'm going I don't know why it's. At least I won't be in legal trouble for doing that on how. Years ago today a day after turning 25. Paul McCartney says on. Is taken my Sergey passage Diana the mind 25. And why does he announced publicly that he is dosed on ass and he says well Omaha really you know I was just tossed at close to lose in the field and I had the option of lying or telling the truth so I told the truth. But you're still talking about it in the media the interviewer says we are you asking me about its of don't ask me question if you don't want a straight answer or. As Leonard Skinner says the did it feel like Paul McCartney was here in the room. When I was doing that it did your heads bobbed like Carney who sold it. Or we let our buddy from whom we just are a little bit ago am Wilson and her man Hart play us out of in these classic rock time capsule you're listening to the classic rock morning show no 100 point three the sound they join us some FaceBook. Sammy Hagar. This brings in the circle into the Glen Helen in the theaters September the tenth. And he's fun to see lives so if you like to go then only if you do is win this little game that we play online play for sixty game. Gets Joseph from North Hollywood and Chris rendered and have Lehigh Joseph. Joseph. Joseph. I don't like it hit Alexandria. Joseph. This game goes no further I don't know Lizzy about the secrets in here's Chris can you hear me I hear there are areas and let your play in the game. So what does it you can name. Four songs artist and title in sixty seconds if you can't you get these tickets are a dvd or you feel good about this. Our idea why you might just start my record last week and I'm a bit. This is the this trip is oh my goodness no pressure Chris we've got a tough on everybody. This I don't know if it all right this is one of the champions are returning champions like jeopardy okay gene is instead the 62 clock with the first infant. Good luck to usurped here a week ago. Yeah me Zelaya and minorities feel. And on the right right yes all right one down three. That's part. Come here. You got it to more. But I'll look next. That's okay. No freedom we know. It one more fifteen. This say all right. Low. Is just learning something that's I don't. I'm you know there was a few of those I was surprised you passed on but you still lie and you aren't in trouble hearing in my car so will that whose fault is that Chris thank you don't like you're 34. By six out of full or congratulations. You get tickets to see Sammy Hagar and the circle. Outbreak is so much. The reigning champion nicely done Chris. The I don't know what's to come in the world so I was in the gingerbread stranded. The sad news Stephen first best known as flounder in 1978 animal house died Friday. Oh yes from complications of diabetes is according to the Hollywood reporter he was 63. Born in 1954 according to the AM DV page Steven also starred on the 1980s medical TV drama seen elsewhere. These side by series battle on five and one of my favorite can't be eighties movies that almost nobody's heard of midnight madness business who else is in the Michael J. Fox is minutes in a bunch of B we've never heard of it to go on scavenger hunt all night only got my. And Mikey knows my my brother and I watched that the eight dozen times will of Groupon in Brooklyn New York created a system that lets. Customers enjoy any and all of their 24 Beers on tap with nothing more than a simple card. This beer ATM system at Randolph beer provides customers with a card. That records how much inferior drinking and then when the night is over you just submit your card and you pay your tab on it. How is that different than just given him credit cards you get to go up to each. New years so I mean you know maybe you get to do their work for gigs. That's correct what good finish in this convenient for a better. A very good question I genie got nuts that's trending online happy Dodgers fan sad angels man sportscaster. Died Donahoe will give us the MLB details at 748. How is it that. Eric Clapton pine over his best friend George Harrison's wife for years and years and years and this remained the best of friends with. Songs about her his Leila. The classic right morning show. One other point three the sound. I think the globe to bring you luck. And the agony on the meat. The loves sportscaster to Donna I was rusty by Theodore Robbins for don't harbor boulevard and goes to mesa. Family owned and operated since 1921. It doesn't. It's a Father's Day tradition we're talking about the US open handy indeed and even if if and it looked it was Brooks captains day he won by force coach sixteen under par but I love. That debt before the round he called his dad and his dad said son. I don't want a card this year up make his trophy. You run on the trophy tonight I ask you this I received an accident. Dodgers let eight to one against the reds. Held on to win eight to set barely got there. And the royals beat equals 73 Jason Vargas is tenth when the season for the world that tops in Major League Baseball. Yet it two point seven ERA he's never made an all star. Team before I had a funny feeling is going to be the all star game this year ten links to what you set your oh and by the way to advance. Mike route starts swinging a bat this week. So maybe scum that sit through the evening. And you can't beat this on a date Nolan. Serenade her or not. From the Rockies. Hit for the cycle the hitting for the cycle that need to get a single and double and triple and home run scene game it's about as rare as a no hitter. But his home run was a three run home run in the bottom of the ninth inning relief. One hot little bit yeah what have finished. You know this judge at that it's not a great NBA draft. When the Celtics and sixers swap picks number one and three in the first round but that's apparently they're going to do. And the sixers it'll take mark hill bolt and the Celtics get an extra first round export but. What that tells me is the Celtic stand. You know mark you'll folks really is it worth the number one. And to be honest with you nobody else this is really worth and number one so they'll take in every free thinking you know first round so. And of course the lakers at the number two pick in the number 286 in the first round. And their sources saying that they're trying to trade to get it even farther than that so it should be a very active draft day for the lakers come Thursday. And of course with the number two pick we expect it will take either. Blondes who called Josh Jackson or deer and box when the story. And the white mob but struck yesterday. Diana Taurasi that they're nicknamed the white mob. Diana Taurasi became the all time WNBA leading scorer passing Tina Thompson. At Staples Center as a her team lost to the sparks 1959 but Kobe Bryant was there. Kobe of course the Black Mountain watching the white mom both both got the alternately he scored a lot of Mamas. I thought it was a great day thanks anyway if that does for sports. Brought to you by Theodore Robinson board check him out there on the harbor boulevard coast major real close and Newport Beach. Your Northcutt and his drop on by check out that that 1914. Model T Ford seagate David Jim. And say I wanna find out what the difference Stanley make today at a dealership as with Todd Donald told me on the bottom sound. Nice thanks double talk to the most in time. This was a fun when the day we had that and muscle heart stop a mind thanks her for doing that and we ideally some tickets to see Sammy Hagar. All in with another chance or reigning champ yes and I didn't do I didn't set the record gambit that did respectively hum do it again tomorrow. And we of the best classic rock fans anywhere in the world right here policy you know you classic rock songs in the meantime we got a little bit. We hear he's got a hundred minutes commercial free class about start to work day and more tickets than classic rock festival that everybody's talking about it. And these tickets are on and do let me tell you used to be so. Very very. Classical west starring Eagles Vince Gill sing and you can town among it was songs can be doing the Eagles Eagles Fleetwood Mac earth wind and fired Doobie Brothers sure Ernie and Steely Dan Dodger Stadium so I fifteenth and sixteenth. Single day tickets on sale now but. I've got full weekend passes right on your way. Every weekday morning at medium when we started out with caller number ten right now at 8886961003. That's 8869. Six. Both agree that hospital don't prisons is to close out for dramatic what does that no matter.