Podcast: Adam Carolla, Songfight and Clapton

Thursday, October 19th

Adam Carolla on the time he got kicked off the radio, Andy and Gina do the last Songfight ever and rock news from Sal Cirrincione!


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MET the play a lot of classic rock on the podcast hey it's all there. This is the engines lead podcast version complete classic run on morning Joseph. The news I don't need you really. Tucson and Cleveland Donna Fargo. We've all seen you so. Just debut listens to these. Why did you think I'm. Three yeah I'm on top of the world looking though occasionally the carpenters and it's going to be a fun day today is much. Because and we've got a Adam grow on this Monday the loans look at some and give away Cheap Trick jet program patriotism. Here. Concert is going to be awesome. Also I don't buy us some things don't revisiting all things we've done in the last nearly ten years here at Salomon and half years. One thing some their team of in the afternoon. Completely my coworker. Was a thing called songs fight is where you see in it and I are each going to pick a song secretly tell it to ninety. And then we're going to play a little snippets of each night at 640. Never and then missed listeners will vote lead song wins this fight and the design and the winner will be replay. After I tons sports. In the estimates touchdowns to just sort of knows I do not know what you're saying is you cannot let my idol and I just know I'm going to wind up. I know I also know that I'm going to win all right it's going to be really interesting to see Amazon goes them. And since we don't care anymore. How about this since Jim Carroll. Some call the big blue guy and there is completely and Dyer is and it still and that's these classic rock. Morning show 100 point three the sound. Stations about to die. Good morning welcome to 100 point three the sound the classic rock morning show I'm any stimulus Gina grant I. I mean Mikey is say here as well producer Mikey key toss is taking your phone calls it an 86 inches 1003. Com. We've had lots of people reaching out to them just about everybody's heard by now that we've been sold. Look at sits Arabia's business and this happens and bless you thank you and and things change hands and an anyhow he flips it even during. God in my career yeah. Learn. About five nothing and that three now. So it's part of radium is artery. Just this is the odd occurrence where the station isn't for the Spanish it's going to be a Christian radio station. And a lot of people have reached out because a radio station gets to be your friend after awhile. And I kind of like the way that this person. I'll put things into words they chose to be a little bit more lyrical about it have a listen. Hi this is Karen wherever seat how did I love these found let me count the ways the Tenet him. The triple play albums it's gonna guess each game rolled the dice a weekend deadline is eight is seen gimme science. So count they the people and people love with me each and Andy in detail. Uncle Joseph lovely Rita or don't go the founders spent here to delight our ears with the very best music from the last fifty years. Don't these strangers can come back soon to tell us where we need to tune. A loyal and true now listen or me. My radio dials then at 100 point three thanks to David ever a time it seemed to will miss you all. Well how about that while Santa nicely done Caron. Dean is going to tourists mixed on the set of cigarette. Did you read history. We'll Billy jolt will soon become a father for the third time wide yet the piano man announced that his wife Alexis is about a month away from giving birth to the couple's second child. He's 68 but she's thin. Do you she seems. Ahead in Sweden in good health and he's ready for his second round of late life fatherhood so. His 31 year old. Any as a two year old. And now he's gonna have a new ones he is the Tony Randall Barack we're. You have any kids it's just families that's fantastic. Well you can that these things might go together but not totally sure you can now drink wine without a hang over a new gadget has gone on sale in England that claims. To remove soul flights from wine at which reduces the risk of being over so once the wind is run through this purify it and magic. It's supposedly pay ever proof and fresh for a few weeks so where's ours. But the ticket taste of the lion you the effective case for anything well it depends how much do you enjoy the taste of selfless. I don't know never just he said that's what we're gonna have to find them this could still fight punch. I'll let you know is Kathleen must be delicious because caffeine free Diet Coke is disgusting. I'm due to bad and that's of standing on line to anybody plays Smart and final get everything you need with real savings it's your Halloween party headquarters as Smart and final. Hey do you wanna own one of Eric Clapton's guitars. Yes OK we're gonna get your chance we will tell you how actually rock Purcell Susie O'Neill saying now at 540. I loved album signs Wednesday as always and none I was particularly jealous of uncle Joey played so many great. Albums after we were done one of them was a play inside a reversal. You know what I active they obviously a song from rubber solely right. It's the classic grind morning show 100 point three the sound. You know all of the rock stars talk to saucer into union New York City in the south. He was prisoner here and tell us what they send. I sell. Well good morning. Tom Petty is being celebrated on the cover and in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine. The ranks spoke to a couple of the heart breakers Mike Campbell and bend my intention Campbell says I'm just so sad to think that I'm not going to play those songs again. And ten said I never want this guy to be thought of as OK. We've put him in the files that's done. Because he resonates there's a reason why he was in the traveling will vary is well Bob Dylan royal rescinding George Harrison he was a real cash. He was in a deal of time tie I think that's the word yeah and that's. Trying something on he was for real and now Springsteen was also interviewed for the piece and it says there's it's said that he's gone. But it was nice to be alive in his lifetime good song stay written. Good records they made there are always filled with the promise and hope and life essence of their creator. Tom made a lot of great music. Enough to carry people forward and for those wondering what might be next for petty he was actually playing on this last Tor with a slight. Fracture in his hip so he was going to get that's taking care of and then next awfully he's going to reissue his wild flowers album and was planning to do with torque behind now with a bunch of special guests Norah Jones who won the ones who. I'm Don for that so. Stansted indeed. All right a little more said news but may be perhaps if you got the money then it's a good story for you. Glenn fry in his home in Brentwood is for sale a year and a half after his passing. Located as I said in the posh Brentwood neighborhood the 8000 square foot home has six bedrooms. Eleven bathrooms. And outdoor pool fireplace is library media room and much more who leads eleven bathrooms. I don't list. This disease as a lot. Because that's a lot of lot of flushing. But I always get a kick candidates sparred though it only sits on three quarters of an acre you know I mean everything is just so crammed in this country does its oil that service. I prescription program in touch with anyway he bought the home in 2002 for ten million. The asking price just under fifteen million. And if you don't have that kind of cash line around what you do have a couple 100000 dollars. In the guitar Eric Clapton played as the replacement for his black he's Fender Stratocaster from 1990 to 93. His first sale right there in your state California there right. That is right it was originally sold in 2004 for 200000 dolls at the crossroads center auction where the originals like he sold for just under a million dollars. The black you replace Maine is up for sale of the San Francisco art exchange with a minimum price of 325000. Dollar. As I saw it. I was I was there last weekend. I went into just more walking on the street. Mr. Davis Cup and here they close the place kept it open showed us some of the private collection some woody paintings Iran would and all the stuff visit check this out they opened up his guitar case but there's Clapton's good replacement blankley I saw I saw this from my own eyes it's fantastic. All that's why you send the email asking if I had a couple 100000. Well no fun yeah on the SS well Clapton book did play the guitar such high profile events as the Bob Dylan thirtieth and her. And cursory concert at Madison Square Garden in 1992 I cannot speak. And now creams induction into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1993. So. That's it I don't have three under point 5000 dollars for his guitar I don't have fifteen million dollars. For Glenn Fries home all I have faith there's nothing. So that's sick and I don't have any else is saying this is self assurance Sione on the sound of victims here is that. Wouldn't it Thursday and we need to talk to Adam Carolla is on the line how you doing them. I'm no great thanks for having me. You don't so numb I don't own genus is exactly billion and everything by its in a matter of days a couple weeks of the sound is being promoted to glory. Unless we're going off the air. And we going to be in Armenia a Christian broadcaster if you have some experience with being escorted off the radio waves don't you. I do I I actually at some nice story even mortal like he heard and slightly more miserable. He says. When I would bet you didn't think you can get any more miserable for you might feel better about yourself when you're. Doing good doesn't mean this is a nineteen yeah you can't get anymore credentials. I was I think like January or you know 009. And they pulled me aside after doing morning's. I'm Kayla deck and it was vindicated. And it was kind of weird because we were number one in Vegas. And number one in Seattle number one and quite a few markets like number four and a lot bears at their worst start that you liked pretty good. And may. They pull me I miss it we're just gonna flip the format everything's going away there will be no more morning show. And the public dole lorries. He worked they're moving you to New York they're you know you to a bigger markets in New York guard your good we got clients are you young star. Okay Q1 we pulled the plug on net and no lights for a bullet bike you know February. 27 or something like that I'm like okay. And then they're like you can't say war meanwhile we're doing a radio show and no one knows. Well all day and I have producer ray NG coming and going. I got some killer idea well March Madness this year so I just takes all seem to Vegas. And we threw a live show us. Like Darren. I don't know I felt made no got some airline yeah there could have been worse. Between now and I'm like yeah absolutely now I mean people really like basketball. You took this. Well let's not do anything to catch every game started Baghdad football sitting down the road in March mad did and a bad conduct that I know everything's gonna miss. I don't record your every hole. Who literally like get on the 27 and everyone's start talk about like what are we doing next week where you go bloody nose. But me and I can't tell anyone and held 24 hours before the quarters both those guys we're a couple of months. For me when I'm showing up or they're like hey we just got the ratings then from Portland remembered. The ads off the lead it's not just solely on. Yeah they don't look blog and then a one wonderful look like they're like oh by the way we don't meet in New York. How well you know there are New York's Los was definitely our game that we are still have you here and that I get to live I guess you every. So that assimilate information and any U goes well it is it's pretty fun right. Yeah yeah I really go I I looked mortified capping our look forward to seeing you and them. Every dad. Well you can see Adam thank you by the way you can see Adam in person he's gonna be down Abby real estate wealth expo at really conventions and that's Sunday November 5. Listen to this. As do his own motivational hour talking about his past success which is. Amazing and Q thank and then oh nothing he's gonna do a little one on one panelist Sylvester Stallone. The Al. I don't know a lot of people aren't as being the cobra. Is I guess so I'm committed to list the cobra talks could just like. Thirty or forty minutes and have ten or fifteen could just really dig into some of those personal life question. And you know why admit that I'm in the illness or my health benefits are going to be coming from oh Leon Panetta a very good yeah. So that's rams get any worse the whole I'm gonna show we're going to be up in AXA art 1111 he lives in November 12. Guess since we test can be fun concert tickets all the information Adam Carolla dot com. I found love you and thanks for keep me around the boy yeah. They examined and the Yemeni podcast openings give me during the you know I'm on I'm around don't ever get. I think if what if my. He's a former. And Jean grant is no telling us what's trending on social media well according to a new study driving erratically impacts your fuel economy in a big way costs a lot of money so creatures researchers found that feeding into and out of different lanes do believing on the freeway and slamming your breaks and that using so much gas. And it's like paying an extra dollar for every gallon of gas you put the tank. Which adds up to nearly 700 bucks more fuel costs each year stopped driving linkage here. Stained wrapped up his sewer in support of his recent album 57 and ninth Tuesday in Romania. He wrote on FaceBook quote we played over 800000 people in didn't cancel one show. Thanks for supporting us especially the people that came out more than once you know who you are as always I'm happy and grateful so you all next time. I'm Gina grant and that's what's trending online trending bounty placed Martin's final get everything you need the real savings it's your Halloween party headquarters at Smart and final. We are going to get ready for sun by Edward go down well I don't know that any bets or any night each because son you vote which 1 wins the morning. Cannot wait that's at 640. They've gone down in the embarrassed don't you keep talking big boy you sorry you got the small do you keep talk and speak classic drug morning show 100 point three the sound. 100 point three the self. One of my favorite songs one of my favorite albums of all time Neil Young my my hey hey from the rest never sleeps record. So it's time for something I haven't done 40 gosh it's been over a year was last summer. Are you ready for this Gina grant his little something we call. Song fight. So ready I've put out a song and you put out a song we both given snippets of it to Mikey yes. And he's prepared them for us we don't know each other still don't know I don't know you've chosen you don't know what I've chosen so it's a blind match. And then. The listeners are going to vote billion vote the next hour which song wins would you like the first or shied. You go for show us how it's done Andy I will show you how it's done if you prefer this song you'll be texting and. Outside new queens. Silent city. Student you. I mean let's just say that I'm at least. You think you have something better. Different type of offering. I have one that's a little more it was sort of what we do here and it's it's very special to me when I went numb my boys I first started dating he did what boyfriends do meet me mixed. And this song was on it and this has become our song this is a song that sort of bad BT. Became has little love note to Gina and tournament favorites. Are you angry this. And then I know you lemons you miss and harder every year. Ahead. Wind is down drag and little road trip on the coast it's just. Everything has three minute instrumental this. All of these songs on and on their home. Our question is do you wanna snuggle 31 Iraq is so do you look up you get the vote now text. Hey if you want silently acidity and you song text aide to 21003. Lower fuel our blues guy I almost Brothers and a song text G to 21003. Do you only do one time we gonna do in the next hour some 45 we'll have the results from this. And rideau for you don't do what your drive and Jamal G that's usually end and text and data rates imply and all the good stuff G but we will have eight GE hey it's okay. We have the time capsule coming up next on the sound good luck team. I. I know this is her with the it's time to open and these classic rock time capsule and moon does it. Is in these classic run time capsule for Thursday is October 19 2007. Seasons. And it was what he had. 51 years ago today the yard birds arrive in New York City for their first American tour now Eric Clapton has long since left. For John males blues breakers yeah. We're just. Thierry got a modem DR burns after they did this song I. She calls home. So leaves Jeff back as the lead guitarist and Jimmy Page as the rhythm guitarist that's a pretty good lineup first it's our section of your best about a few days and the Georgia biggest console light isn't quite. The bad. Leven Jimmy Page in charge. I just let's often formed the Jeff Beck group where he gives. A young singer named Rod Stewart his star. Rod would then go on to form the faces. With former members of the small faces up and exactly two years later today. An eighteen year old Peter Frampton joins the small faces onstage. As a guest guitar players in Steve marry us they hit it off so well they decide to go off and form their own band humble pie. In the rest of them would join a roster for the faces like and desist. They in 1979 Tom Petty and hard raiders released their breakthrough album. Damn the torpedoes which reaches number two. On the billboard 200 album chart cells to move million copies in the US alone I outlined and that's a great documentary. So defiant ones with Jimmy I feel so this. So amazing go watch that on HBO you haven't already and it starts solemn stars this. Damn near perfect rock's own. But finally this the day in 1993. That Mikey. Pearl Jam released their second album. Harrison saved. Album debuts at number one on the billboard 200 album chart sets a then record by selling 950000. Copies. Its first week. I've released. We didn't I didn't. I don't usually like that think we should plays of them from that album player out of Tampa alone politics and other gun. A select the something for Ankiel. Lovely little gym called daughter it's and these guys at a time capsule and I think along with a demo and I think to yourself and in the ram down. Committing a deadly. And he admittedly. Are so cheap tricks they're doing this rock you were speech yeah concert benefiting the autism plus decided America Bledsoe you lose involved in this thing. So here's the deal it's going to be on December 2 a divorce in theater it features Cheap Trick and friends who the friends you ask I'm glad you asked. The so many more appearances by Ed Asner shut up and eat and Billy another thorn in the unites all of stars and you will be very you can guess for. Artists and titles and 62 users from an overdrive dictatorship they use online to play this game. We got John from the quitting here and bill from Dan. Alan name. This is do a job. Right I John you play in the gaming excited. Are you pumped. But go okay. Bill you are doing nothing but sit there useless things okay would you. Something out of order here. FF if you knew early on I Don doesn't get it about bill we're gonna get the tickets to use somebody's gonna win this thing and it's going to be a fun time so hold on. Jeanne is gonna start the clock with the first snippets now John. Don't forget you can pass don't be a hero don't die on this don't you understand there are just gonna have four of them inside of minutes. Here we go. Yes served 100 leading up. Got a real. Yes you learn. And I. Aaron yeah yeah yeah when sanctions. Let's bring you glad it's. The Motorola. Yeah yeah that's thirty. I think it's. That buried easy. And I need and they are you going to be bothering you all day that was living on a prayer you bats yeah all right we Eugene great out of school are you got 1234567. Out of four. You are going to the big Iraq here's beach concert on December 2 at the or feed him. You know it actually. I don't anything. Oh yeah. They really OK fine. You don't expect what you do you know I'm putting on hold you who has an out of here I don't care that they. There's no way of all of the things I'll miss that's not one of Jews shouldn't. They tell us what's on social media right now it's Gena Graham Clinton bill commissioner Roger Goodell said that he and other team owners believe everyone should stand for the National Anthem but. Left the league's policy about asking players to do so unchanged he made these comments at a press conference yesterday. One day after an annual meeting which owners and players met at NFL headquarters in New York City. A little more than a year and a half after his death Glenn Fries LA home is for sale. Located in the posh Brentwood neighborhood the eight fat was in square foot home has six bedrooms. Eleven bathrooms and outdoor pool fireplace is plural. Library media room much more of private home in 2002. For ten million his widow Cindy is asking for fifteen million. I'm due grad and that's what's trending online training bounty by Smart and final get everything you need with a real savings at your Halloween party headquarters at Smart and final. I Indy and I are in the middle of some fight so TNT if picked silently acidity. It's me. And IA is. Picked blue sky. And melts my heart syntax K if you like any song to 21003. Or G if you like mice on to two and 003 we'll give you those results at 1045 and it is close right now I won't say who's in the lead but it is it is a close eye. Think it's Gina she's really looking smug and you if you wanna hear some queen's Reich on the radio people he can NA if you wanna just feel good. She hated to once users and I just there's guys can lose guys this morning text. He loved the omens I was just listening to cancel into the rotation in the United States has a lot of guys on my from the neck up on them or playing out. It's called some fights a good one Harris was like Beatles now 100 points in the senate. And we'll guys I'm sorry I'm Todd can do at this morning hey Kenton sports. But Coleman camp Mikey but he's never yup. Let's think about Harry Carey in the great beyond and see if there's away. Hillary. Can you hear us can you talk to use this morning you reach here. We're in you know I'm white men at a Harry's Leo lol oh loops that we'll look out into the job. I'm afraid to appear remove series alive although a biography do we prudent to one. What have clear bias blast might ripped through all of runs. Outside a right now how vulnerable are asked as more hits and Shelvin bios. And that that editor for example rigor and lips on might say Pro Bowl actually Holland back roads and routes are collectively. But Dodgers and Los although Ballinger at turner hit the home runs and accurately. To a nice for a cubs fans. There's a Clayton Kershaw who go to pitch for what doctors on page they tremendous of course. I died before as soft Clayton Kershaw that and realize. What I enabled watch him up here on have a vision that is. On our cable company up here shortly got him with a lot of oil late at night it will bloggers wrap it up rebut cubs in two people on board. Meanwhile the Yankees fives letters over the Astros. Terrorists that just all over and play yankees there. Three games to two leaders over the Astros. That now the end of well. And they say Andrew Luck the quarterback for the yes Indianapolis Colts had a setback in his shoulder rehab. Is this may surprise you guys book I was in rehab once this and that yeah but it was for my elbow. I I hype bricks and that more real boat drifted too many. I'm glad to fish does Obama but man and a couple of I've also got they are watching on have a vision tonight Kansas City at Oakland. In football. A bachelor the chiefs you'll laugh wondered. Hey there three point favorite so why let go in the Dodgers and cubs and good shapes and the raiders. Perry's got good TV sets going on so don't let out just head out over the butch but wires and watched him on the big screen there. Now NHL kings 51 winners last night over Montreal. Weird how we're back accurate. I even though and I hat trick. But that's what they don't reduce flight. Oh and here's another one tonight the ugly day. Clap errors that late Thursday at staples under Lee NBA's eastern Europeans were both LA team. And so does the career. I'll logs mobile home and it he can't live up to know what his dad oil butterball is saying. Still be as great as Harry Carey. Adam Bryant and that's sports I'm Harry Carey I'm 100 point three boots. Playing classic rock station. It takes things very. That. It. I have a son I went zero wins. You know like Ali and when we hear Allman Brothers new I guess. Some alternate universe. Congratulations on winning so no idea who last won a 100 point three this. See everybody would instead. Today's big daddy were well and you needed to win it and how many showed up. Just make her words hurt. Saw your take on choice and thanks for joining us for the last song fight. And I. You have to the most alas we had the last album sides Wednesday again yesterday I was really fun today the last song by. Tomorrow. May be the last. Last letter Friday. Sony is 615 you're picking the songs are only rule is every song has to start but the last under the previous one so. Candy for that that's all you we just push the button all your arms to Monte. We got mic TV but not McDonald's Mickey Dolan subs the monkeys he's also monkey he's going to be joining us and to I think six or nine. And among those Cheap Trick tickets for that from thing they're doing for autism yes coming up with them permanent members of Blondie got Karzai or you know Iraqis beach concert. Fantastic so join us that the meantime. It's maybe the last triple play Thursday. Starting off with a uncle Joseph right now.