Podcast: Adam Carolla And The Rock Door

Thursday, February 16th

We have our weekly conversation with Adam Carolla, plus more rock door for Queen tickets.


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Welcome to the I guess version of any age you know on the more. He does sound Southern California is classic rock station. Remember anytime you have something to say in any Ngo called three Q3 6925468. 323 Mike Clancy from the. Like this side is Joseph little a doodle it's as the latest Shel Silverstein heart this is just it is it looks like Shel Silverstein knows he's done hey thanks a bunch. But we did move on the things that are probably a little bit more germane to our audience like. Some tickets to concerts yes we got this at 710 we're giving away another pair of tickets to queen with Adam Lambert you know why. Because of her shows sold out they had at a Second Amendment to its goes up to morrow knew nothing for the second went. And we've also got. Your pal and boss again and corolla 840 is Aaron Bates forty now it's again very very hard to get him to talk about himself but we are going to really try this try and open up I pretend. I'm going to do some more doodles that I think going to be quite nice and will play this classic rock you've told us he loves so much this is good doodling music. Diddley diddley. It's Indy in Gina and classic rock of 100 point 3% to. Who is played a day triggered by The Beatles and they're making a documentary. Movie I guess about. The guy Jimmy Nicol. And for Ringo Starr yeah isn't it Rod Stewart kid and Roy Orbison Kim Roy Orbison. These boys and it just sounds like an interesting thing because this kid came then it was of a deal for two weeks ago right while Ringo Starr had this console thing you know whatever. Tenth and then went back to obscurity yeah he's the only one that remembers that. It's crazy. Anyway I digress we got funniest have to do to day life. We get tickets for Adam Lambert and clean out. At the Hollywood Bowl this the less than a month this hot ticket obviously we know everybody wants this because the first night of the Hollywood Bowl sold out completely and people are clamoring to get our ticket behind these take us through Dubai and they go until tomorrow. Maybe a win in the seventh and it's a possibility plus before that we talked to everybody I saucers the only everybody did that rocks talks to sell at some point and we're gonna talk to him and find out what's. Tell us anything else. Oh your boss. Adam Carla really talked him at 840 and about god knows what we'll all find out together it's usually pretty fun didn't pay good morning. It's the calm before the storm it's in the NG you know 100 points through the senate. Says about you guys you'll never see the other one place he ever because they Haiti's and his guests. Talking Heads it's. What a great legacy you have to be just hate him. So if you aren't snuck into snuck sneaked snuck snuck that there's nugget do I a concert got backstage yes. There's lied you weigh in on girls don't have delighted to have to show up right exactly and there's that would value men. I mean he. I have gotten places where I shouldn't have been just by acting like you know where I'm going to go let's go they just keep walking down and number a lot of times W stoppage there's a tip for that by the way we do we used to do at the grammys on time. You equally rocking like your eyes you have to eat on the run I. This guy and avoid these is British she's lives in London and he tried to sneak into a VIP section of the royal Albert hall and move. I guess he wanted to see has been on the sure box that OK we wanted to go see them but he gets their lights. So he's in the back it's been a first come first and general admission from his cell phone he takes out his cell phone. He edits the bands of Wikipedia page. To put his name in there saying he's the cousin of the lead singer I folic and one of their favorite songs. Is written about him file he then takes his phone and his idea goes under the front of the VIP section shows the guard. His name in the Wikipedia page and his ideas is due to supposed good there hop up up up up the they guy lets them in a lot a lot EU just created so many more A holes by telling. Wow I don't I know it gives them good causes I ever gotten somebody wants edited my Wikipedia page and they've put in there that I'm a famous foot model. And a licensed helicopter pilot either of those true. I am a licensed off road truck. Mean what's going on in social media right now. Now will get an early president trump is headed to Orlando Saturday for what the White House has called a campaign event jump filed paperwork with the Federal Election Committee about his possible re election campaign in 20/20 on the day he was a non you're rated. As a result trump can collect campaign donations but he wrote in his filing that it quote does not constitute its formal announcement it was he was criticizing Obama for campaigning. While lung where he's died in the White House yeah. It nearly starved for good sauce for the goods despite shocking the world with his death in critical praise for his last album it took more than a year for David's always black start to sell a half million copies. This now means that the album which won five Grammy Awards on Sunday has been certified gold and this just in dads get depressed sued did you know it did you know what movies are just the outfit I can only say well do you researchers have known for along time about the risk of depression in mothers and the hormone changes that might cause these symptoms. It seems that dad's also have to deal with it especially if they feel stressed are in poor health. This study authors all of the these findings shine a light on the problem that hasn't gotten much attention in the past I'd just. Millions and l.'s in good answer to other intervention efforts for expectant fathers yes might. The answer is as the man does not get enough sex all once the life becomes pregnant and then what 67 years after the baby boy now like once a year you're probably right men young to have sex. Bringing NN I human life into the earth in a string it forward in your body isn't really not a lot out early about being a father Mike he's. Art chill I. I'm gonna do US solid right now and move on I'm Gina added that the standing on line Freddie Mercury statue dad defaced we are not happy about it south frontier he will tell us all about that at 640. Right now at this Exxon it was a comment on how astronauts were no longer perceived as heroes but. As an every day occupation. Delphi agree with that this is sandy and CNN classic rock on 100 point three this down. I don't know why they do it all the process stuff to saucers CLU and south socks at us every week what's going on his legs out and McClellan never spoken to Freddie Mercury and I'm not about to speak to a now otherwise NB and a complete the other line of business. But apparently there is someone out there who does not like the queen singer. There is a bronze statue of him that sits on the shore of Lake Geneva in Montrose Switzerland. And some moron decided to vandalized at this week when he sprayed green paint all over now tired. He had good news is those town officials were very quick to react in immediately cleaned it all up so Freddie is. Back in now looking. Shiny bronze for the viewing it as he should be as he should be Moody Blues fans this is kind of a cool story and it's certainly relates to your new folks there in Los Angeles. Now we know they're released many iconic albums but they've never performed one of them in its entirety in concert. But that's going to change when the embargo on the fiftieth anniversary tour of their breakthrough album vis a future pass. They will play the 1967. Album it's in its entirety during the second half of the show first half will be all the greatest hits. And this show is coming to the Hollywood Bowl on June 17. And what makes this show extra special besides the wonderful surroundings of the bowl in the night sky. Is that there will be backed by the Hollywood Bowl orchestra in us their side. That's that's that's a date men make that make them plan. Well I'm coming out there for now wanna I wanna check it out I've never been to the bowl and in the Moody's put in offers a fun way I'm renew in the last guy I. Never been to the ball. Honorees come into the ball. And rush I'm on this story it's no secret that rush drummer Neil pier is not a fan of small drum kits. Or such non technical drummers such as Ringo star or Charlie Watts. But perhaps it was the pier is just a little too intense when it comes to do is over the top kids came intricate drumming style. Case in point. Dominique fragment a musician who not only seems a version of Tom Sawyer. But as you here behind me. He does so while playing the guitar and drums at the same time. Hey doesn't. It's a man by. Source or is this how he does is he gonna happen. He is holding the stick it in the right hand which also has the drumstick and so easy you know strumming and hit the drums at the same time Denon. He hears a secret out he's not very good better. Throwing as so bad. Did you imagine how many I think it must of taken to get this down just doesn't get the right enormous ma'am I'm coming in this video output and up because they allowed this is ridiculous there is a video and of course this is not the first time he's attempted this. He has also done this looks like 74 page. Led Zeppelin Moby Dick and lonely boy by the black keys found seek them all out slam all of us exactly must be a lonely boy indeed and I guess I am one now go and head back I only a little desk. I'd like plumbing New York itself turns here on the on the sand. Stay with those they're gathering the mosque a mosque. It's time to open and these classic rock time capsule and is up. Is Basra time capsule for Thursday February 16 2000 men seventeen. And yeah it's. That Washington. Charlie Watts today images that need to Rolling Stones drummer Charlie wants wife Shirley wise. Very nice which is ironic because she's midtown spelled MI CBC it's. Niece France and Shirley is being questioned by French customs officials. How to see the borders or else she slaps the prince customs officer in the face. In a lease is a tirade of I've seen vitriol. Men I've been chatting just dumpster like up with that. I'm being told they've still been married 45 years since that day for a total of 52 and a half years of what it is how about them apples. Elsewhere and Rolling Stones legal troubles today in 199212. Years later exactly Mick Jagger denied a visa in the Japan why. Because of a drug conviction there all the way back in 1969. But Leo listen you kids stay in school and don't do drugs because Mick Jagger is scofflaws ne'er do well attitude in the sixties caught up with him in the night was sentenced. I'm being told he was eventually renminbis and which serve no time whatsoever they want to go right okay well they don't let us throwing stones amid the Teflon and thank. Finally as the day in 1985 the Bruce Springsteen hits number one on the British jobs in charge for the first time. Was born in the USA. Is the best selling government 1985 and America. I've produced a record tying string of seven top ten singles. Him Bruce proudly album. Not really. Isn't this Nebraska was a better LPG. A new the title track would make an impact but he says quote the rest of the album contains a group of songs. About which have always had some ambivalence. We are real collection is dangerous moss. And how let them play us out as a matter of fact on. And these classic run time capsule. You're listening to Indian Gina and this a classic rock from 100 point 3%. Does present its second dramatically and Adam Lambert and Hollywood rolling through the seventh and we've got. For that show and I don't go sell to tomorrow around noon but you can win them for free OC Katie Graham online brilliant. We have Eugene from Riverside on land learned all right you GM had lived. Doing so well Eugene the game is called the rock door we just open their door just for a second double of the fridge long Lexington there's literally a second and then you have to guess what disarm yourself up. And I got back that my life and I think yesterday was paid believes he's a may be elected to break. Here we are gonna give you the first clue who deal. While some much hope. No idea I don't think you guessed it. Under pressure. No now but hold on your team because he we might come back around you we move onto the next contestant who is Casey's AM from Pomona and I say I am here we go we leave you little symbol of the song listen very carefully. Oh I think I know from that. Sam. Look I'm really hard and long time. Am not enough and. What he thinks him. It can't play it. And they're gonna get it die at home to a demand around the lose money into a third contestant loses can do well might remain at my week. He's sorry. Sort of my third Rivera photo report. It yet playing near. Even the bad news doesn't know his name it's not a time. I'm okay. Let's get this shot was and who would listen to. You gotta know that Kama. Mike doing the. I ordered me aren't I asked about circular queen. I. Well you know. Mike Delaney can't. I can't figure out here. Where young MM with two hands and a flashlight but you did guess that's on Selig. Lamberth at the Hollywood Bowl and queen of course I think it's going so tomorrow like this as a hold on what you your information and give take as long as you need to gather and figure out what you mean. I you already know bank you don't watch I believe I just once again that the right nobody ever Wear a ticket without lag. There's not a million people calling it what I've I've also been here. Good job by doing the talk to you soon gain it back here baker. It's trending. Social media G isn't doing about it and Andy mentioned earlier this story of the German fill in for Ringo Starr in June 1964. Is one big step closer to becoming a movie. Tucson the music legends Alex Orbison on a Roy Orbison and Ashley Hamilton some of rod Stewart's error. Actually. Actually actually. Daughter their way we're happy partnered to obtain the film rights to the gym Birkins dot book The Beatles who vanished others into any thirteen it's the story of Jimmy Nichols. Who took Ringo Starr's plays scored ten shows in Denmark the Netherlands Hong Kong and Australia in 1964 at the height of their hours. When we think that's gonna come out. I don't know if you what's The Beatles anthology yup. They have a documentary footage of Jimmy sitting with the other Beatles and he's being interviewed asking so what's it like to be a bit it was a difficult no not really. Israeli unfazed by must. Well when you see below the Atlanta zoo any zoo in the New England area made a bet that the losing side winning a baby animal after the winning teen star quarterback and because of the Atlanta Falcons collapsed in the game you won't see any baby animals name Matt Ryan but. There's now a Tom Brady at the Atlanta zoo but give us a little credit for making the best of the situation because. They named a baby Madagascar are hissing cockroach. After Tom Brady. That standing on line right now hey this is not. Written by Fleetwood Mac that made famous of course by Santana this is Andy and Gina and classic rock on 100 point three does sound. I mean the globe to bring you look. And the agony of the meat southern California's most blu. Oh he's brought to you by Theodore Robinson poured down on harbor boulevard goes to mesa family owned and operated since 1921. Million new. The bad news basketball wise accurate and right outside doc was most congested. Low life. I got a little you know Hinkle think you're going on what do you give it to you now John then you lose your reality the clippers winless saint 1994. And dad the ivory Jordan vitally don't this is the All Star Games week in the Audrey Jordan's going to be in the slam dunk contest. Now the lakers lose to Phoenix won 372101. The other 1939. Here at the break. Not great but better than last year but how many times have I said it. Start the bench bench the starters their men's club last night 57 points or starters 44 so that's great. Let's head straight month greener vehicles to reportedly said. About Nixon ordered James Dolan and Charles Oakley can ever Oakley was kicked out of the of the Gardiner thank you he sits on his podcast you said. You do it for me it's all good you do it against me you're speaking out against my organization it's not good anymore. That's a slave mentality slave master mentality now. I think there might be a little bit of hyperbole billion make a little bit over the top. If batteries describing my marriage I tell. I don't pop pop pop it just you pop. And football football. They're gonna make a movie in a book. Out of patriots quarterback Tom Brady's life story it was about time it was gonna out of it and and why not because I think we can all like to end of the I would rate I mean. We can all identify with being. Incredibly good looking 85 times is putting our quarterback and Mary do supermodel absolutely I mean it's a horror film right. That's a real life story we can all identify what actually I think a better movie would be to Vince young's story. And of course the former quarterback University of Texas laid down the NFL is 33. Well he's hired Lee Steinberg the NFL agent church who can make it should make you come back. And he wants to play it does bring league which is a fourteen league in April. And he's right now on eighteen months probation for deal life now that sounds like a movie I can get behind that. And guys it really machine the weather that golf the Genesis opening at the Riviera. You know today through Sunday Bubba Watson for defending champ but. I mean what's the weather like right now pea soup right yeah editing commands Seattle I don't excused our ran around 7 o'clock tonight and it's gonna stop on Monday. Yeah so I mean a gosh I hope they can get in some kind of a golf tournament even a couple of rounds between the raindrops. Anyway hey that does for sports brought to you by. You know it Theodore Robbins for boy admit these guys David Jim Robbins are great you know some good they are all about family in fact ask Gabe about his new grandkids okay. Bill they'll tell you all about that hey John yeah. They're show you pictures they're all about Natalie at the Iran and toward possible feel better time to talk did not. You've. Friends and find that was going on the world would you grab. Well lasting could Sherry yes that Ashton Kutcher testified about modern day slavery yesterday on Capitol Hill the Two and a Half Men star gave an impassioned fifteen minute speech during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. On human trafficking. Addressing the quote trolls who criticize the actor for taking up the issue Ashton said this is his day job any stick into it. This series proceedings were broken up a little bit when Senator John McCain teased the star about being good looking. Those who want to thank the lease termination and nation we were better looking than the movies that anyway that's. McCain can't minute with a comic relief. Hey I need help mending a broken heart well there's an app for that yes there's a new app called men and that's designed to help you get over break out. The app was built by a former Google engineer who went through a bad break up herself and recognized she needed some high tech help getting over it. Men offers guidance on how to move forward with topics like detox and from your ex in redefining your sense of self. The goal is to create a community of support and help users get back to their normal happy confident lives as quickly as possible. I'm Gina grad and that's it standing on line we speak to my buddy Adam corolla at 840 about all the crazy things going on his life and I'll show you I do it next week again that's at 840. But right now this song is about meet the devil woman who gives you love isn't a classic rock sound about. This is Andy and Gina and classic rock on 100 point three the sound. Is it is Gina and on the phone as that happens every week we're joined by Adam Carolla who's in his car and just ran through the AM PM has gone through that's gone out of. Adam didn't it shocked I got Billy G big in the back called the dean. Yeah problem. Gina and those sites which probably eight or door sedans sport nor. They need and ability and normally jumps in the back of the card. Is at that it's bad. You can get his pop tap into the back seat but is bottom and feel and I think they are holding my coffee and holding my cell phone. Attempting to try to get kids back cap its heaviest tap. Into the back. Without spilling my caught on tape on him. And I got to be on it there's only one way to do read you know you're all armor and you wrap around his way. No editors who literally impossible but doing it with out. Slashing its case. That's. And they keep busy 200 pound a year and a half club black lab he's a proud I was gonna eat. Employees wow yeah. And we talked to our buddy that he ordered yesterday about getting arm fat bodies ready for summer and I know you have a bunch of projects coming up of course we have to show at odds are now Levy live Thursday February 23 that we want ironic amount to. Tickets available at Adam Carolla dot com. You having a middle of a struggle resisting the yummy foods lately group. I I don't know embattled big. What I feel and and I suggest everybody do it. You just set a mark like but really the opt errors. Our Khamenei and you know last Sunday it sparked two weeks Santelli Oscars and I just thought. I'm not sure I'm going or not I might be squeezing into account you know there's going to be by the paparazzi I just thought for general wage and you got chopped it out. And I doubt that golf. Fine of course I lived. We've. Known and people some sort of hyper thyroid condition who had never seen an album. Ends. I walked in in my kitchen the other day on Sunday night they're way that they you know and out double dot com. Not and that package. Didn't want to play. On not on the countertop on top of the bar op so a little bit elevated. But nothing else around it and nobody else in the kitchen or in the vicinity. Job it's what you do you're trying to catch a bad. I don't want that right John zarrella Google owned hamburger that go on out mine and I go well laid. Well that's right back out burger. Going to my wife's throat and she does not that bad idle what are you going to get that Sonny Barger and it literally I had to. Point eight burlap sack over my head this is what they don't look how it's. Like yeah. It's like knowing time eventually I'd get all the Time Warner's app and oh yeah. And just got a Jack did it. Around and get it might Johnnie hated that I know he did not. If you bring greater on the top shelf glided Iowa all this flight on its banner and that I had no it would good for another day. Well it's paying up to as you're looking mighty fine I know you got a lot of stuff coming up. We have a big show it's gonna be Thursday February 23 up at a hot cards club levity live brand new facilities was to be amazing. Adam's going to be crash it on stage I'll be up there with them. Let's have your tickets at a picket number between one and ten. Outfit let's go. One big guy that we still mad they own screen. You are really night. I the first person to call and it right now would get a pair of tickets to unseat the Adam Carolla show live at levity light knocks are that is Thursday February 23 thank you so much for talking as Adam good document. Thanks sandy banks you know beer night. It's. Yes well you know I don't know we've saved the best for last we save the last for last that's true there tomorrow on the program we've got more tickets for Adam Lambert and queen. At the Hollywood ball will go on sale until tomorrow noon you can win them round 7100 yeah and Little Rock do our hand plane or any the last letter in tomorrow. Everybody loves this a year gonna play along with us starting it seven. Should teens isn't just after we talked to ray drink about movies that are out this weekend right now though be an uncle Joseph three in a row. And nine era it's struggling through them so.