Podcast: Adam Carolla and Dead Or Alive

Thursday, March 16th

It's our weekly check-in with Adam Carolla, plus a round of "Dead Or Alive" for Dead and Company tickets.


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Welcome to the podcast version of Indian chain on the morning from 100. He does sound Southern California is classic rock station. Remember anytime you have something to say in any Ngo called three Q3 69250. Or 68 there. Three Q3 Mike Clancy I'm more than Gina. The morning and happy Thursday biggest lewis' menacing there's a big deal over feels dead silent snap firewire you can't Muslims sometimes I do. And it's lucky for me the days we have then. It's the theme. This. Dead and company. Our common cause let's say you members of The Grateful Dead. And whoever they care company a long list and where can give BC gets away in a way that I think is the very relatable because there's so many times. You mention actually like. She's a life or exactly when night so we're gonna have you figured out for to get a move go to different. Since just recently and really you know all passed away on glass here a year so I guess I think that we're now well he looks. Leg up that part of the best. But also Adam Carolla your boss is coming gag goes to see him on any afternoons after this show we're gonna talk to him about. He had a lie in the show on spike TV Tuesday night and little special live I love the show. Like I love it I don't so that more yeah we'll see what his thoughts were on that. In the meantime we've got this classic rock thing we want to share with kids and in Gina. And fast truck the 100 point 3%. Welcome have to Thursday. She's Gina grant began chanting and we've got all kinds classic rock. What else is going on a producer Mikey because I I didn't pay any attention in rehearsal we have so much can step to making getting company taken no break seventy and regularly and deadly company tickets are you love Grateful Dead music. You wanna be listening read before 7 o'clock and Adam Carolla. Korolev we'll chat with him about everything is it is says this new show that premiered on Tuesday as cold and cruel and friends build stuff lives and here's what happens in the show. He gets together with his friends. And they build things and its line. One of the best tiles for TV show rumored. And we've got this classic rock in between like this from my hundred English. It's Andy it's Gina and is classic rock. Of 100 point 3% of. It's ending and Xena in the morning. What what what did you intend to do this break. Okay so there's this new fad that's all over FaceBook it's gone viral it's his brand called stone age bread and has no. And while we eat in it look at that. It's all it's all seeds and nuts and it's held together with flax seed in agonize about Wilson diet I'm gonna special diet. How bad could beat. I don't personally like seeds and not so much hey maybe this credibly good is good enough for the vikings so I brought some for you guys to try I'll give you a heads up. It is. Horrible. Okay well I was just gonna read the Sammy Hagar tidbits we do both the same time I insist I. Syndicate carries at SXSW in Austin and he tells Billboard Magazine there's a reason he's there he's there to get inspired. Let me try to buy list. Yeah Spain. And a lot of the terrible this. What didn't Norton nineteen hey Lou we're very great song out of the terrible I am wow this. But it. Video going around you have to try this donate not Brett okay. I tell you what was the share the Sammy Hagar story on FaceBook page and the recipe for background that is a crime. Haven't had to leave in the break room in your own restriction world. You guys tell us what's trending on social media decides that nasty satanic rock rib he will never get that taste out of Ahmad. But I feel better than I was alone. We'll run our plan had never son of full live version of Led Zeppelin Kashmir without Jimmy Paige on guitar. Until Tuesday night in London the occasion was a concert at Royal Albert Hall by hot shot English classical violinist Nigel Kennedy. It's the first time plans performed the song since the last zeppelin reunion. A tribute concert at bell London's O two arena in 2007. You can watch about thirty seconds of the video from the seventeen minute performance at Rolling Stone dot com and we will link that on the sounds FaceBook page. Hey if you're looking to make a career change consider applying to be an intern for the world of beer chain of tavern is because the job includes getting paid travel and drink beer okay the company looks like your. It does appear son Gregory had to watch the evil little amount to maybe the only thing. Higher at three drink get interns did the road over the summer. Hot from brewery to brewery and post messages about the adventure on social media all the travel will be paid for an intern to a lot play with 121000 bucks for four months of quote unquote. Work. That's good live and food food is always be young again I'm Dina got enough of streaming online coming up at 640 rough quarter cells aren't the only has Stevie Nicks final ants are. I'm whether or not there will be a Fleetwood Mac album my new one can not wait for that. You mentioned Robert glanced up. Many have I loved and many times been bitten many times I'm gay used along the open road to not affect the song was first called. Many many times. They and a column over the hills and far away. It's Indian Gina and classic rock a 100 point three the sound go out our FaceBook page and get that nasty bout bread doesn't do us. Soon. And then and. And then all the rock stars and talk to susteren Sione and he's live from New York now to talk to us was gone south. Well good morning I'm sorry initial last week New York City traffic but I braved the snow and was able to get in today's jobs. And Steele thank you and Stevie Nicks well she has her away aids Fleetwood Mac is done recording new music. She tells Rolling Stone if the music business were different I might feel different. What we'd do is go on the road do a ton of shows and make lots of money we have a lot of fun but making a record isn't all that much fun I don't think there's any reason to spend the year and an amazing amount of money on a record that it's. Even if it has great things. Isn't going to sell. So my guess since Fleetwood Mac is your thing you're gonna have to listen to the old stuff and go see him encounter. Well and she hasn't point because so many huge Fleetwood Mac fans are fans of whatever music they wanna hear. They hit it and in this delta that they grew up where phenomenal their interest in hearing from. What's mail that's true and as many of these acts saying when they put together a set list is not what to do what it's actually what to leave out so. And she will be joining Fleetwood Mac get those classic east and classic west festivals this July in new York and Los Angeles. Well speaking of new music LP Townsend has a different take on it. He has written a new song for a production of Tommy that is going to toward the UK's this spring. This latest version has a cast a mix is deaf and disabled and non disabled actors from the rams on the moon theater project. The production includes a U rework opening with Townsend new song acid queen sue coming in the second act of the musical. Townsend tells the BBC. When they heard they plan to do production featuring actors with disabilities of various kinds. Now we'll actually throws new light on the original story. I obviously became very excited to trustees and yet this is a totally new adventure and really does refer back to my original story. In which a young man disabled by extreme trauma. Finds his way to some kind of spiritual place because he can feel music. I can't wait to see him and it will be interesting to obviously here this new version acid queen too because you know as we know that original album. Pretty legendary and now would be. You know how big a lot of people like to see him. Paint with what they refer to as perfection yet but this does sound like a really important. And and possibly even more perfect spin on on the original. Exactly and for those who you know did see that's original Broadway production of Tommy many years ago it was quite the show and had this sounds like it'll be quite the show as well so we'll think. It's only scheduled to play in Britain at the moment who knows if it'll make its way around the world. Awesome and health of these next weeks and take care front line. When my favorite stories. It's time to open and these classic rock time camp sold. In these guys in my time capsule for Thursday march 16 2017. And today. They in 1979 in the super fast picks up. Breakfast in America to. Grade out and got a CNET. The women's team. The time capsule that. I wanna focus on one of my favorite stories and all that. Say human Marvin gay said this in several duets with Marvin gay she sings that Len and also this one. Ain't no mountain high enough and beaten up like the real thing basically that it ain't gonna they're all over. Until our. Over 141967. When Tammy collapses in Martin's arms while listening in on states come to find out. She has a brain tumor just aid operations over the next two and a half years finally dies. 47 years ago today from a tumor in her death really messes we Marv and almost ends his career because he stops touring for four years falls into a deep depression. What they Detroit Lions star cornerback Limbaugh Ernie and running back Mel phar knock on his door minidisc themselves and they become friends. And they helped lift him out of his depression a little bit finally one day Marvin takes those guys into the studio to record a song these are their voices. I wanted man. Good thing is yeah. To Detroit Lions can I know one of his songs then. Maybe he could become a Detroit Lions and and embryo wide receiver so he gets Barney impart to get him a meeting with Joseph Schmidt has coached. And then he has another meaning after that and to really try to convince him but Schmidt says look to be you never played pro ball you've never played college ball but he knows that he has been caught a pass he scored touchdowns Schmidt says it isn't gonna happen so we never find out. But Motown chief Berry Gordy. At first calls the song what they put together to political and it's a be a tough sell leases I don't wanna put out. Finally releases it a year later this song and the album's going to charge generally considered masterpieces. A song we just number two souls two million copies. There's a rolling stone's list of greatest songs of all time. At number four. Traveled to a dark place to come out of that beautiful piece of art. And you know what is that Supertramp I promised it plays out today you're listening to Andean Gina. In the morning a 100 point 3%. Gina and the day. Dead and company come in the Hollywood Bowl may 31. You can play there actually 31 and June 1. Tickets through Ticketmaster dot com right here on Indian Jean Kenny Johnson doesn't play this game. We bad Dili out front. BJ and David Brown red seed now. She really talks like that all the time again like OK so we've got us. There we go there we go DeLia can hear me yes that's fantastic and David you can you can. Hello hello. Your names are your buzzer for this it's a very simple game since that's the dead you might be going to see the game is dead or alive gene and are gonna name the people that you should know and you have to tell us whether they are still living. Or they are. These and here's the thing caught your name first two names are buzzard and if you don't get it right the point goes to the other person automatically best a nine year ago. Ready. It's to get. Cheap act former president Jimmy Carter. David. Wide of course. Next. Broadway actress Carol Channing. David. Why she. Zoom right how about naked gun actor Leslie Nielsen. At Ilia. Did it. Way he is. All well is this McNabb. Legendary actor Kirk Douglas. Area David. You alive he is alive and I'm like I think a hundred this unbelievable. Sixty sweetheart Doris Day. Yeah. To sweeten the or alive she is a lot. The only problem was you weren't quick enough when your name buzzer but did an excellent trying to get pretty. Ideally you bargained you know what I like a moxie we'll give you something else from the movie box we're gonna find some before it but David you're gonna go see the dead dead and come. Hollywood Bowl may 31 congratulations sir. You very good at this game and he's good shouting his name quickly. Yeah there's gonna grab them make some stuff. Oftentimes not a I didn't make this up society as a whole maybe becoming a round on marijuana use but not attorney general Jeff Sessions. In his speech yesterday in Virginia sessions vowed to crackdown on violent crime feel like guns gangs and drugs. In his speech sessions mocked the claims that his stance on marijuana is on fashionable. Saying that we create a quote light wrecking dependency only slightly less awful than heroin. Is it possible that he's just holding a grudge from high school and on afternoon high Imus and ended up. Unites them working an off their Odyssey and oracle reunion Stuart the fourth surviving members of the zombies were at New York's strand bookstore to discuss their history with their fans even was official the official launch for their book Odyssey a photo and text history of the band. There also written contributions from fellow rock stars like Tom Petty. They haven't depend forward by the way Brian Wilson Carlos Santana. And Susanna half of the Bengals here's zombies a rod argent on the newly published book and his admiration for Susanna hot. The most beautiful. Thing Rendell a restaurant devices and halt sues the kinds of season. City beautifully written she says that she plays rice and every demo line so I mean I've seen him amazing. Love hearing boxers praise and Iraq's she is absolutely amazing she's gorgeous walk like an Egyptian everybody. I'm an eternal flame mom I'm Judy grad and that's attending online. Like seven bassist geezer Butler tells guitar world magazine that this next song. Was an afterthought we basically needed a three minute filler for the album and tell Tony I know me. Came up with a riff I quickly did the lyrics and Ozzie was a reading them as he was seeing. He's a happy accessed. It's Indians even classic rock a 100 point three the sample. I think the globe to bring you luck. And the agony on the me. Love sportscasters dot Donna home we've got to rusty by Theodore Robinson poured down on harbor boulevard until estimates a family owned and operated. Since 1921. Attorney doesn't start for another fifty minutes silence already exciting. We've already had some bad news today and games in USC. Last night down seventeen points. Outscored Providence 4627. Of the second half to win their tournament game avenge last year's loss and now it's on to take on SMU. By the way USC BS and you earlier this season 7873. So low we'll see what happens there than UC Davis beat north Carolina central. 6763. And so UC Davis advance to take on Kansas which brings us to our little family picture now look I'm that it giving each one have you. The team eager Joyce I know geno loves Kansas and got ambulance Purdue Mike he's got UCLA I'm taken Oregon now you get one other team to pick Gena who's it going to be I. Am going to pick the team with the name that is deep the most fun thing to say in the entire world dens Agha. Very good you had been zag and closing whereas the final form. The final four is in Phoenix plot got to dig Arizona the Arizona for Andy might heed whenever the pac twelve is represented I'm gonna goal. Duke. Do well that's the case I will go with the defending champion Villanova wildcat so that that there you have it. One point for a first round win two point the second round went frequent the third row and so on what's racquet as security goes along and I get it by at least sixteen games that day. You get better build against northwestern first ever tournament game for northwestern. Mount Saint Mary's against number one Villanova Andy your Purdue team takes on Vermont UCL a gets canned statements tomorrow night. Okay now the NB La lakers if you're gonna take this season if he can look like. Negative they lost like 39 point flat like a one Saturday night to 100 you know Jordan Clarkson is now starting over. De'Angelo Russell and guard Russell is to pretend last night by points. It didn't look particularly sharp on defense either. And Lou Williams the former Laker now Houston scored thirty points against the lakers just really a horrible. Performance for the lakers last night. You know. They were worse last year they're better this year but not that much better. Clippers lose by what the Milwaukee 9796. Laker permissive shouted short but there I'm sure the job at the buzzer. The USC president Dana White thinks the Floyd Mayweather Connor McGregor fight will happen. Think about they said they say no sense. What lies that slowly Ellis is even gonna happen I mean one's a boxer won the USC guy in what has the houses sitting at work. Well when there's so much money on line they'll find it more you make it work that's basically what Dana White said last night on Conan O'Brien and you know I found out last night yeah. Conan O'Brien's it was a show. Any he. I better like I'm I love code and are you kidding I used to I used to watch about them and I was up late at night but now. I mean bitterly why am I better early like it make it out to. Theodore Robinson scored that's right and I think most of mesa harbor boulevard. That's where it's really mad during March baby all the great sales Jack about Theodore Robinson Boone. And singles since I was gonna. That. I. It is. Trending and so you know what's going on the world filled Paul McCartney's quest to regain the rights to Beatles songs he wrote with John Lennon might have to wait Sony ATV which controls such classics as I wanna hold your hand love me do an all you need is love. Has as a New York federal court to dismiss McCartney's series. According to New York Post Sony also believes McCartney is quote forum shopping which means looking for a friendly court hears arguments. Judge Edgardo Ramos is expected to hear arguments on April 5. Hard to think that somebody who wrote the song doesn't count that's known now NASA we'll see what happens we'll summer is always an expensive time to fly but not all days are created equal according Yahoo! News cheap air dot com collected data from its booking site and found that. Sunday July 9. He's the number one day to avoid flying this year if you hear nothing else here this week it analyzed hundreds of thousands of bears for the coming summer and found that Sunday. Is need most expensive day of the week to fly while the average airfare for is somebody for the summer is 384 bucks. On July 9 is nearly a hundred bucks more than likely to do with the fourth of July weekend at exits on Sunday just avoided if you can. I'm Dina grad and that's what's trending online at 840 we speak to the money out of coral about his new TV show on spike that is 100%. Live. Yeah it's going to be cool and you know I think the song. Is probably best introduced by David Lee Roth himself. I'm not sure if we're going to Panama if the name of the car is being animals if it. Maybe my sidekick name is Panama's act could be right out of I hobble on jazz that he hit. Is it their cars that are girl already is a girl in the car and they're going to a place called. So you got to use your own filthy little man. You nation so many questions. Indian GMAC classic rock someone unemployed through the south. This any easier today and it's Thursday some were talking to Adam Carolla reminder to go to chassis dot com CH AS SY. Dot com into the 24 hour war another video favorites they're and also other TV show now Adam Carolla and friends. Build stuff live it's on Tuesday nights on spike TV yes. Congratulations and I study showed Tuesday night it looked Superfund yet Jimmy Kimmel Live he had him crazy muddy ray on the kids were on its C find you if it was stressful it's certainly didn't show. You that the that the keys which this. I gotta tell you you know when somebody who lives he'd be I sort of worn out fine. I think. I have always done everything like we do you demand show like it was alive almost always it's replied don't stop right and it radio and there award chosen but I've done a ton of it but it's importing people just kept hammering it home with live you nervous a lot of us are you nervous then. By the time it erupted actually doing the show. I was kind of nervous. He could. No one would wrath and hell I was nervous. I heard you. Know you all also I have this weird thing. And but you guys tell me how weird it is. I respect gimme so much. The guy I have this weird rarity like a month ago electorate like ode Jimmy Carter go hit a home run hosting the Oscars I'm gonna all of my face. Doing a GAAP basic case he's got a bit earlier this chasm is. Between us. And if you put your brain and yet let's. Jimmy is a guy I've always look up do I always have wanted to talk to because I started my career. Having to impress Jimmy's that we would get me on the radio Jimmy sports guy yeah. The Jimmie this short guys so whenever. Jimmy is going to be the guest on the show the first desperate show roar goes. Oh good your cart you from Iraq she got Jimmy and suddenly it's like. I can play and it seemed like Jimmy saying to me like halfway into the show what we do. Did do a couple time nurses so when he can he has clearly not a car. Under no bus but the other thing was cool about it is and I think hopefully that will continue as. He kind of got into it jumping into it and was he was like working during the commercials and stuff like that he was he was good until it. You know I remember when I first came to LA twenty years ago this month and the first thing I heard when I turned on the radio was you guys. I'm not okay Iraq and you were doing mr. Byrd's emerged just maybe. And also working on some home improvement stuff within Jimmy doing stuff like you know as I now last night this guy get ejected from the game because he'd do an elbow what a Dick. Now might pull it. You say little. Actually it was so exciting to hear you guys working together. I'm thinking that if he's talking may be. Retiring in the next several years. After all of you guys do TV stuff maybe go back to doing radio. And now are a threat of all give me everything up I don't particularly there's been unanimous or need show. Jimmie being fired from ever radio. The number and you didn't he we always. No program directors ever thought Jimmy was funnier yeah. Yeah. That you're dealing. It was fun. Where where apparently it was fun at the end you you build a lot in the hours and hit it was dirty enough even with your crazy asked for and re building it. That you sent not only your best friend Jimmy Kimmel but your children and up on that off at any point re terrified of that thing was gonna come crashing down. Being an. You know me to put it in do you think I'm ever terrified of my bill I put it all are in my house. The Indy might shut its Toronto area thing or do you ever think I'm terror aren't I sure don't guard bill. And now all of Los Angeles knows he'll never be terrified. A good chassis dot com. CA today SSY dot com and find all the stuff that Adam's done and check out the show that's on Tuesday nights and spike TV Adam Carolla and friends. Build stuff live always good to talk you out of there. Dana thanks once again for bringing in the bread that. Truly the double species. Seriously it's like it's like a zombie proof it's not good at all. Tomorrow much of it's a new day and she's awesome listener to do on the Tom organs are only here because it's Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow us. Hang up and it's also Freddie sorted you last letter Friday that's for you can participate in picking the songs you can Collison 886961003. Or text us your on toys 003. Or do you discuss its number it's okay NEC could pass it on to get there. So they implant. As big of a joke he's already drunk he's gonna start three songs in a row three times it's nine in a row on triple play Thursday.