Podcast: 5 In 60 Debuts

Monday, March 20th

We debut our new game "5 In 60" for Doheny Blues Festival tickets, plus we speak to Paul Tollett and Nick Adler about the Arroyo Seco Festival.


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Welcome to the I guess version of any age you know on the more. He does sound Southern California is classic rock station. Remember anytime you have something to say in any Ngo called three Q3 6925468. Three Q3 Mike Clinton now. Little spring in my step today you can lose bringing new life today June 1 did. Everybody NTU. Seemed do you more. And happy spring people. We're celebrating a win for fast. Tickets we get tickets to the need for us we Jo Walsh and others yes we're gonna give those away at 710 stunning given the way all Willy Nilly. Won't make you are quite another William humility no no sir rebounds and 710 missing women before them as I. And then and before we got a special guest you know. Yeah and guys from Laura cinco right Paul torment and I need Adler and Leonard were. From a golden boy is gonna tell us all about the royal cinco. What's going on in. Yeah I have those names sound familiar to let something years he invented to Coachella. And desert trip which you and I went to sixty is the king of the festival. Yeah that's at 840 meanwhile we had this classic rock you'll love this and the Indian and classic rock in the mornings on 100 point 3% to. I think America. Loves this evolving and Sarah have. Yes money main citrus trees. Fallen in full bloom. Yeah you go to Griffith Parti that a palms springs it's it's exploded with wild flowers it's leveling it really ends in your lovely things so are you at least bring. These spring as we celebrate well I should work on my tan because you are quite colorful. Campus I was the scrimmage in the bouncy castle. That is not you would isn't that leads to get them Obama had got so yeah I got a little glow in. Let's celebrate at 7101000. Tickets for the though he need blues' best what's this spring more than that Joseph Walsh is going to be at this thing and so many other people we've got. A brand new special way to do. It's Holmes just out is going to be fun it's okay yeah if you like classic rock it's going to be fun anything else going on today really guys for a much. Paul let go yet in the battle festivals this is festival day. Lou Adler is boy we're gonna talk to them about that would golden voice has planned at the Arroyo Seko it's gonna be good. Meantime. Let's have a little spring with the new Indian Gina and classic rock a 100 point three the sound. We heard around the universe is mr. Mike TV it looked like Steve name. You you guys them like an MTV at a time mind you guys so last week and I would John. Men trump has been a gift to John Oliver I mean he's conservative how ruling trumpet president Oliver is gonna succeed because. It's it's perfect comedy for him no just political honeymoon is set. This was a week all diplomacy for the president dole as it turned out the opposite of facts. President trump hosting Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House today will be their first face to face meeting since mr. trump ridiculed the chancellor on the campaign trail accusing her of quote. Ruining Germany. Wow. Plus he's a major insult because historically we talked love child Celeste synonymous with rooting Germany is. The budgets funding for nuclear weapons presumably have a place his statements like this war. Gluten has built up the military again and again and again then military is much stronger. He's doing nuclear we're not doing anything are who for years old and tired and his nuclear his tippy top from what I hear. I don't know how you tell I'm not into policy. That's trickled nickles of money bunnies into all blue blue budgets well I think your tippy top maple they remember what we're told about the most lethal weapons and they here's your mind coming. So we've gotten to beat they thought. That. And and explicitly keeping it simple boost if we don't. That one Jimmy I'd tell us what's trending. Well legendary rocker Chuck Berry died Saturday in his hometown of Saint Louis he was ninety years old many of the music's world icons of commented on his death Mick Jagger issued a trio of tweets as to Keith Richards Bruce Springsteen Brian Wilson all of whom revered ferry as a major influence on their music. Now this is important because shock considered it extremely important to have earned the respect of his fellow musicians. I found it very complement his. If that's the word because when a person in your profession did you have photo layouts. You've got to be worth something you'd rather than just the fans saying that you play good music there's these people they also make music and for them to race. You or more is that firing. That's a very good point oh great compliment and mr. Barry yep. Up complemented need to. Eric Clapton played the first of his eighth scheduled US dates for its way seventeen last night at the York's Madison Square Garden he'll play the second tonight. Some of the songs on the set list included I shot the sheriff Leila somebody's not in wonderful tonight. Cross road blues and cocaine so he is definitely play and they hit sounds like a great show. I'm due to bad now that's trending online at 640 we remember the extensive career of Chuck Berry. And do you. Why didn't they CBC's Bakken black album is black now. Close on discusses Iraq general think it was actually. The band in morning bon Scott who passed away just months before they went to studio to do it. Line no idea what she's on. As well as the song tinian Gina classic rock 100 point through the sound. And it. Well we lost. Chuck Barry over the weekend on Saturday will learn of his passing the age of ninety and Dina. Yes he's spent some time in prison for some missteps. And there is a rumor of some interest except your recent videotapes that we won't get into right now because we're not going to speak ill of the dead were not but. There's no doubting. And no assailing his influence on rock general and so Saturday nights at their different shows many musicians paid tribute the price the best way possible they played some music anyway to shelter. Great guitar player. A great guy he happened to be in Saint Louis always is chuck Berry's home to home town and so here. I'm Bon Jovi was in Columbus, Ohio. The little less good. Tried. And then finally. Notice that his first solo show is. Think that's my least. They shot they really out. New house. It's time to open and these classic rock time capsule. Open in these guys at a time capsule. He would have been on this day in rock history it's Monday march 20 2017. It's. Didn't I get today in 1976 Alice Cooper marries his welcome to my nightmare tour choreographer. Ability to bezel are without merit I give you your costume mistress about six months of what's that. They've enjoyed it what is bliss ever since and celebrate 41 years of marriage today as well be damp. Today in 1980 Amanda holds up the asylum records offices in New York. Looking for money to stars. I'm 28 year old Joseph Riviera. Cold of the asylum offices demanding to see their artist Jackson Browne or the Eagles to ask you though front in the cash the stars a trucking business. The kind folks of the office there explain to him what he's doing who represent mr. brown and vehicles. So we don't store them here it's does eventually surrenders to police and that woman who gets the psychiatric help or what she's so clearly. In need I'm finally on this day in 1968 Eric Clapton allegedly smokes pot with Neil Young Jim Messina. And the guy we've talked to Retief array of Buffalo Springfield while here. In Los Angeles try. OK okay. That's right. It doesn't horrifying on the ground well actually the exact charge is quoted being a place where it's suspected marijuana is being used. And all of the Springfield members of find Eric Clapton gets off. Scott street amid this English accent. Maybe the judge this is doesn't like the way the Neil Young says the moved. What they have to pay itself so you know what we and it released going to let them get the gig of planes out in these classic rock time capsule. It's Indian Gina and classic rock in the morning from 100 point three the site. Yeah. Oh my god I'm so nervous about this game it's for summer don't mess up until five and sixty bulletin that just the second. It's a huge festival Joseph Walsh is going to be there Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin experience it's so many people say they go this thing and they really love it it's the Bill Clinton Delaney blues festival. Yeah as other music festivals coming go with this is the granddaddy. Of them all people keep coming back. Like Andy said Joseph walls Jason Bonham has Led Zeppelin experience. And the winner of today's contest receives two weekend passes to the twentieth anniversary Doe's eat blues festival that's may twentieth and 21. On the beach in Dana Point. OK so who's on the line to play this game caved we of god Tra are frogs add a lot. Trevor can hear me. Yeah okay Trevor I'm just go well here's what we're gonna do we're gonna play game called five in sixty you have to get five artist and title. Exactly correct in sixty seconds gene is gonna be counting down sixty seconds and understandably little snippets of songs and you have to tell me the artist and the correct title of the song okay. Okay. Now before we do that yes it's important to know the you can pass you can because you only have sixty seconds of the the next on might be easier said don't be afraid if path. That doesn't come idea pass you can't go back to those songs but you can get to the next on my music okay you ready. You start the clock with a first song Gina Marie Ontario. And women who. Yeah. I don't know and we. Are open you can move unless. Bam bam. Moving ahead. We'll go ahead. Look I recognize the song but. We'll password be going. Art. It is our. Yeah oh. My brother and. Holding each second goes by pretty fast and generally does I think we managed to name two four. Yeah Isaak yeah. Is it. It's tough right. It's really drop the tremor a valiant effort I tell you what you don't give it to for a for the though he blues festival but Katie can we find some in the book about and I think that we can't buy lunch ever. We becomes no surprise thanks Trevor are able trying to get tomorrow because we've got more than take it's as though he blues festival. Even in the wake until that is harder than I thought it. Yeah. They use precious bring flowers did steely and ambitious agenda a legendary rocker John Berry died Saturday in his hometown of Saint Louis he was ninety years old. Mick Jagger has been quite vocal about Barry's musical influence on the stones and how much varies death has affected him. The phrase you know everything it's a very Chuck Berry song but it's go to different color feeling chairmanship for somebody is completely. Track parade no one's. And that person that's on there is side there is a profession which is recorded call for moments bites and there was some of them are brought him brought me really that we had to pay for long. The stones being. Well that's Embraer I don't know well and you know George Harrison beyond my god they they were also influences well if you wanna go to your happy place you'd need a little cat. Ash in a winner code and of course the sense of community because a new report shows that Norway is the happy just country on earth. Ice of that in it's a small world is their ability to really have become a little boat they. They knowingly involved into the top slot in the world to have used report. Despite the plummeting price of oil which is a key part of their economy Denmark and Iceland trailed at number two and three America. We hadn't cracked the top ten and fourteen not too bad idea bad and that's of standing on line. You know the man America they got a lot of backlash do even on this for the song horse with no name because he was and you're trying to imitate Neil Young. Well he takes that as a compliment and guess what song. Horse would no name replaced at number one on the billboard chart. Part of gold and the fitting enough. To Indian Jinan classic rock the 100 point 3%. I think the globe to bring you look. And the agony on the meat. Sportscasters Todd Donahoe and we have proven he's brought to you by Theodore Robben scored them on harbor boulevard in Costa Mesa. Family owned and operated since 1920. I tire I didn't. I just got thousands and NCAA basketball tournament recap your first up UCLA wins last night gas and USC loses by just a little bit of Baylor you Selig might pull over Cincinnati. Alonso ball eighteen point seven rebounds and nine assists. So it's gonna do it it's a marquee matchup the next round it's usually against Kentucky on pride how bad it was all last night I mean lefties. He can take over a game and he really get but he also has a lot of good moving pieces around him that's a solid team right now. I want to isn't USC's basketball program officially turned the corner. They they lost yesterday to Baylor 8270. But they put up a school record 26 wins in the infield coach has no senior starters on this teach them all back okay. Now remember. There were very few upsets in the first round and we're talking about on on Thursday Friday but all the upsets in the second. Wisconsin took out number one Villanova. So South Carolina beat number two duke bigger beat number three of Florida State and Michigan upset. A number two Louisville so those teams around but now we're gonna have a little bit of smack talking only need to win only the NCAA tournament because. Can't speak Michigan State. Heard you the Iowa State and that beats Kansas vs Purdue Thursday in Kansas City and his favorite team he graduated from Kansas. In DC Bertini graduated from. We have to within a wager. Yes and yet no high a year little boy and the makers do on the road where you have that home field advantage yeah we usually. Drink named after you not personally know. No but I'm willing to break it jayhawks. But that good anyway I think I guess they go to they gain. You can't just yet in Kansas City Hall correspondent let's go I'll be regarding why I decided. Selling. I now NBA let's talk about the NBA oh by the way in our in our little turnip who did you get both your teams can't say hey Andy at Purdue and Arizona. Mikey get to as UCLA is duke is out I guess at Oregon because I don't know stuff. Now the NBA the lakers lose by only five. The Cleveland want when he thought they want it's badly hurt him 46 points LeBron at 34 Angela Russell career high of forty points. Now the big news NFL they have found Tom Brady's Super Bowl Jersey. It was in their possession. So far and unidentified. Credentialed member of the international media who. Mound in Mexico. Other jerseys as well. A Lowe's. We have a cat burglar collector on our hands I think you've got to get. Prudential international media member who has access to these things and has been doing. This thing and it's our long national nightmare is over well the FBI is involved so that tells you something. And the LA marathon of course yesterday Elise she'll bardo of Kenya won the men's and Helen jet or got Acadia. Won the women's play a couple of tickets winning a marathon I didn't see that coming tenure look I need a little bit of an idea that you believe. And and a king who lost five due to Calgary. Mike Peters six point back when eleven games and let stylistic it's getting close to a edit an official disappointing season room. Meanwhile it's not never disciplined with a good to Theodore Robinson forward. In those major harbor boulevard see David Jim Robbins a gig she Mike Carlson the general sales manager gave and really didn't say. This sounds sent me I heard about her on top Donahoe and they will set you up with a family deal because it Peter Roberts court it's all about the fans. All right we'll saudis into an amount Dodd. Resiliency that it would join in the studio once again live Paul to let we talked to him last year just a few months ago. He's the head onto a golden voice and then we were talking about. Desert trip which it was a phenomenal. Smooth and now we're talking to him about. The Arroyo's Seko weekend and he's joined by nick Adler who's the festival director. This is just announced last week it is going to sell this morning we'll talk about that in a minute but. Tom Petty headlining this thing it's it's a pretty exciting lineup. Yes can we find us that it right here in our backyard. So that that's a little exciting that you don't have to camper find a hotel just states at home and go back each day if you want or or by a single day tickets. And a lineup is really so eclectic but everyone kind of fits together at my boys and iron gigantic Alabama shakes hands as big as we are Tom Petty fans huge. So what was it was there are certain fiber quality you were looking for when you're trying to pick out the band's. Well. What were partners in the New Orleans jazz festival and they have a really good feel down merit you know. So we took some of those elements but it it has been Iraq overall I'm obviously rock singer songwriter gels blues. Funk that's kind of shades of music for trying to go for. You might recognize the last name of the guys that sit next to the next CNN nick Adler your dad Lou Adler. There's a no rock and roll hall of fame for his contribution to our rock music in the promotion of it what are you done. Yeah yeah I like your dad and I'm Steve and a mid cap firmly you've actually been running the Roxy pretty much for the last what almost twenty years and you've been since will last for years. The the food and beverage curator at these festivals now what is happening at Arroyo sake of the special. You know food is it. It will never be music but if we we love them very kind of the same you know we have. We love when we eat in and makes us feel good we level I mean listen to music and makes us feel good didn't. So we know what a natural place to bring food into his is the festival environment at social people are sharing. And and we feel like a royal Seko weekend is is the place that these two are really going to need you know just great music. Some of the best food throughout LA for the bowl. Really congratulations on desert trip. That came off so well all. And I I know you're going to be angry meet her for putting you on the spot but it came up so well the question we asked you. Last year doesn't seem quite so silly and farfetched anymore. What about desert trip to. Yet you know it was supposed to just be one. This a one off never thought you can really compete with a six that we. Since artists. You don't ever have fun so. It's a possibility and can't wait. The tickets like we said at the top four of the Arroyo sick that we can go on sale today. 11 AM is Arroyo's Seko weekend dot com AR RO YO. SEC you know weekend dot com volatile that golden boy is nick Adler a golden boy is. Good luck with the royals take a week and looks like a sure thing to me and thanks for Jones and ten. Do you have a lot of fun reviews and only ever going to see the fairness I just fell into it. I was on the the district tomorrow on the program we have. A contest yes. Yes we did at this morning we're going to do it again this forward do we need blues festival tickets we Jo Walsh and Robin try our and I John. Not to Obama couldn't Jason and knowledge that my experience is huge huge show it really is so the contest is kind of difficult right it's called five and sixty you have to identify artist and title. I was just I I songs you know the hard before in one minute. It's harder than it sounds tune in 7 o'clock tomorrow morning and give you details we speak out against. Also we're gonna talk to Peter Frampton and tomorrow at 840 he's gonna tell us about an upcoming shows and shows yes Steve Miller and a brand new song of his based on these very personal true story that's at 840 in the Joes and right now he's got nine neurosurgeon work day.