Laughter At 45 After: George Carlin

Monday, January 9th

Everyday expressions that make absolutely no sense.


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So it's tell her arraignment for uncle Joe's laughter at 45 after. So we always featured classics on Monday news more classic than George Carlin. Did you know we have a lot of expressions in the English language that we'll use all the time most all issues and every day. And we never seem to examine them very closely you know we just save them. As if they really made sense. Like. Legally drunk. His legal. Was the I think I'll follow his leg a wager on. Selling like hot cakes. Well is this the fastest selling item we could figure out. This figure of speech hot cakes and there is cigarettes coffee and even eggs. Do whatever split will be burning wreckage about a lot more people ordering eggs in a roaring hot cakes. But doesn't sound right does Michael Jackson's new album is selling like eggs. We'll save that. That's not the right ring to it. Undisputed heavyweight champion. Well if it's undisputed. What's all the fighting about. That's the last true. I want doesn't seem fair to me alone I think you are warning guys first. Next the last straw. Drives. Down the tubes back in analyze specialist company is it was a blood and country is really going down the tubes. Want to oops. I doubt. An outcome is more than one tool. Seemed to me one country one bill. Is every state all of a sudden have that don't who now. Want to move is all you need. But to detonate. But somebody would've seen by now. It was set a jolly. Political. Getting it out you know why not hoops. She. Takes the cake. Boy you really takes the cake. Quinn. You dedicate to the movies. You are I would dedicate. Time to debate three to CD out of cakes. I'm gonna don't take the pipe. Why is easy to try to negate the easiest part. It's not delighted carried. BC's Jake. How are walking the streets. It is when a murderer gets paroled from prison. Passing now instead it in prison this guy is out walking the streets. And we know. I'm watching TV and sometimes they take a bus. Occasionally they still o'clock. Going to be glad they got stolen car these. She's not a walk the streets. More than happy. I think she stayed out when he sees a maple I'd be more than happy to do that. How can you be morning. Familiar sounds like a dangerous mental condition. Good day even a mental home. He was. More than half. After assume.