Clips: KTLA Tech Guy Rich DeMuro

Wednesday, September 13th

KTLA Tech Guy Rich DeMuro tells us if the new iPhone X is really worth $1000.


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Is Indian Jinan and that of course by now you know if you care about technology in the slightest. That yesterday apple introduced the new iPhone the iPhone acts in the iPhone aid. Well we're wondering is it worth a thousand dollars to get one of these new bricks and we've got rich tomorrow tech reporter Kate Healy channel five. On the line to tell us bridge. Is it worth it. Well thousand dollars is a lot of money yes but when it comes this beautiful they really had everything that apple got the offer so. At the best camera it has the best wireless charging it has this brand new screen. I and all led screen which every writer and also are still better colors and any screen they've ever had an iPhone. Don't you want the latest greatest. Best that apple had the offer the iPhone and there's going to be your best bet here to deal. That iPhone and I know you're so a lot of people for a loop. Because it looks like iPhone act and federal and keep it have 50% of people are gonna call our own act. And but the way apple refers to it is iPhone tablets as some surprise. I'm so we have the before the eye of the 678. Detect what happened in nine who. I think the joke is seventh 89 though. And I I I'll. So you hear this early in the morning out here that they don't BC eight you have to think of the iPhone see that you really kind of like that and at. No it the design phase the same the cameras are slightly improved op but they could change it back so it now collapsed. And not acted that the wireless target so basically you get there are 08 now you will have wireless tartan capabilities which is critical. Just you thought you could possibly drop your iPhone and it wouldn't shatter they've made sure that we know ES it will shatter a 100% it's made of glass. Yeah but the good news this you know I think that the the new iPhone ate it back secret fear now most people actually thought it anyway. But I think that it's actually grip here than the old ball that was sort of aluminum. I think that this one is going to be featured a hole to be honest. Nice there is when you say iPhone and I'm sure you mean iPhone V. Yeah you know we're back to our Roman numeral and I think god it's Super Bowl and I have a problem with. That's the number it doesn't look at that point he would rather just get your rival. So I think forty dollars is still a month for my iPhone on that programmer you can turn and every year. You get a brand new one that isn't as my payment Helio what drastically if I get the iphones and. Let me do a quick calculation for you Andy you're gonna pay 100 dollars a month for your friend who I think you're not so you know what you've got your car payment guys. Mortgage and your iPhone is right underneath there. I'm going off period. They're saying it's gonna be about fifty dollars a month on apple doesn't plan. That obviously includes sort of looked straight in as well up those people that traded their old phone you get the new phone so you know like you put your pay about forty that this bit. So they will do what they need yours stayed up or you know look at that payment they look I can get regular eight which is kind of like what I have for thirty bucks a month more. I can spring for a little bit more and get the that's ten. I'm not personally I would say you're gonna go you know that artist he ate myself go the extra didn't get it and because you're gonna get a lot more features and the latest and greatest. About a million people have watched this guys video from yesterday he's the guy when it comes to tech reporting risk to Murrow tech reporter for K Dili channel five do you find them at rich on tech dot TV. Rich thanks spent timeless. Hey thanks so much grab me and finally have that video of that 8 1000000 people this morning I cannot believe bet it's crazy piece. My lie ahead and well. Take care while many times horse who really for are you guys thanks so much.