Clips: Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Thursday, August 17th

Kenny Wayne Shepherd on how influential Stephen Stills has been to him as a writer and a singer.

(Photo by Kristin Forbes)



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It's these classic drug morning show and we've got Kenny Wayne shepherd on the line and I know you've slept since then and hardly remember but I recall hang in how we viewed twenty years ago. In Los Angeles possibly in some establishments a little too early for a nineteen year old but the statue limitations is over. How you doing can. I'm here there are really good I tell you I've been listening to. This this new record years and now this doesn't come office as condescending but back then you were already an established guitar Sullinger but. There I've been playing this thing on repeat the past few days I'm so impressed and proud of what an artist you become from a songwriting singing and playing standpoint. What's is it experience or just life that gets the credit for that. Well I think both you know and I appreciate that very much away think cute but yet here in this outskirts you know point 15 years. You know playing on stage every night just kind of like owning. In all my craft and developing as artists that. As a producer and songwriter and all of those things to go. I mean you hope to grow. And I think general. It everything that you do but certainly it music and yes it musician so that's the goal at the big goal for this record. I mean I literally set out to try to make the best album of my career when he cried tears in my career. And you know. I think get people wore argue whether they think this is the best one or not as he pats. Great record and the task but my thinking is who paid you don't set the bar how can you ever expected that she great though you know someone to challenge myself. And I think they end result is a great out and you know out pantry with a few I think they did because we had a. Really amazing debut. Number one on billboard's top blues chart at right out of the gate number five on billboard's top current albums chart the album's called lay it on down. And it's so good you know in the early days you don't know. Hut was doing a lot of the heavy lifting on the singing you're seeing a lot on this and some indirect. Yet banks unlimited sums it up kind of worked my way towards I think. I once saw my first album and then I'd been thing anymore it's somewhat forced out in 2004. On the place your and I think most of that record. And then over the years up to varying degrees. Sang lead the locals whatever I've so you know it was appropriate and on this record I'm doing. The lead vocal on four out of ten songs you know it 67 at ten. And then when I'm seeing me he's doing background of what he's seeing an ambulance about it so we support each other. And it's good because you know we have two voices and we have really different voices and so they use a wide range of what we can cover in the. Also this dandy here in wins Stephen Stills I am very Goldberg of the rides Stephen Stills says it's. The blues band of his dream zero look around when you're on stage or Stephen stills and pinch yourself saying and again here. Well you know even like my Big Brother so we're really close but yet it is still remarkable to me you know that I'm at a fan but he's one of the greatest songwriters. Musicians of our time it. You know I've just I've learned so much from Herman I really enjoyed being part of that bad. Well when cinnamon in Maine this new album later on down Kenny Wayne shepherd it's really really good go out and get this thing and you're on tour supporting it but the closest you come to us is Las Vegas what are you don't want to us. Well you know the tour is not over yet there everywhere you on the road through the end of next year like 2000. Eight seem you know 2000 dumb that we made a good 2019 but this album. I'm sure will be coming closer but right now yes it was what it is being you know he did check the web site in which of the back cover all. On social media FaceBook and all that stuff there are days on the tour dates and as things are added we put them up on the side. All right let's Saudi Yemeni come to California later down the road. But best of luck on the tour and congratulations on the new album Kenny Wayne shepherd than enjoyment but experiment.