Clips: Christopher Titus

Friday, August 11th

Christopher Titus on how he really feels about Trump and North Korea.


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It's in the NG them we're joined by the very funny Christopher Titus and the tightest podcast lives going to be part of the Burbank comedy festival. Coming up on Monday August 14 at 7 PM I don't Christopher. I'm doing great up and more fun doing radio in front of people. Yeah it. Let me ask you about about doing comedy these days of our president trump is on the seventeen days of vacation has the spigot just been turned off what what do you do as a comedian. No on a daily bit on his vacation yet she got written nuclear war. Did you guys at this get to this in the comic he's come with gold need to get from the guys. I mean rocketed I hope we did not Wear a podcast there once he says. That's the gulf. Yet the whole the whole show I wrote the calls diminished interest call Mary get it all about it's all about you know where we are as a country and why why we voted for this guy. There's going to do pretty well that I'm trying to unite the the country by talking about politics. Which is not a good thing. Yeah it's like I tried trying to organize an interracial code on an 1840. A I I dory here as an abandoned falling on Twitter for along time and I've noticed man you are not afraid to. Jump into the pit and really get into it was on your followers. Does that do does that make your blood boil third do you find it to be it an enjoyable sport. But there's a bit. OK so let's just call it sickness or the color what it is I think it's possible that someone will say something. It would it I'm really mad about America right now the arrogantly probably aggressively stupid people that are just so in the Indy and the avoided you know one fax. They don't wanna know the truth to eat you look back I mean I don't believe that would it doesn't matter but the fact so I mr. peeler like. Yea you know 90% from a talented city's thick climate change real but Q percent stating let me just being conclusive. Answer to that is. OK look I'm 90% and girlfriend. She cheating on you. I. Think players that I think. Have a love those guys though he. If 98% of students need you know to get it was safe Truman and played with played O because they got a bad grade they had to because by the way. You know. But I think you don't need to stop the problem that no one's calling it out to look at the live locally extreme left just is that they're just. You know everybody needs to happen time and space and and you know I've made you know but I but I'm an important to note. At my house. Look you in the history if you're that you've eaten best. If you're both sides is you know it if you if you do good you get taken out of the thing if you're Nazi you'd take you know we get your act competent and that's how human being could survive. And so. I think right now we're place where it would presidential we're competing now I thought well I'm Latin but I'm crying on the. About the only thing that really afraid of North Korea like endorse repeat spartans. And they don't look a lot more accurate. If Christopher Titus the tide is broadcast live part of the Burma a couple of festival on Monday at 7 PM and lepers best of luck with the show Christopher. Guys thank you so much for the help I appreciate it.