Clips: Christopher McDonald

Wednesday, September 20th

You might know him as Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore, we know him as Christopher McDonald and he has a new movie out called Wetlands. 


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It's the classic rock morning show and we're joined by actor Christopher McDonald on the line all right Christopher excellent thank you Mario so well you know him from oil from a lot of things the latest thing as the movie wetlands. This in theaters now. Must favorites role past this week please lately. Maybe putting shooter began an aside. Your role on bolivars on HBO if he plays the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and and it's so Jerry Jones ask. It makes me smile every time you come on screen that you like a baby with a 24 karat gold rattle them that's. What exactly. Yeah I do play I played the boss man and at least they bury you don't think that. The good for Jerry Jones in the hall of fame got her a lesson that and that's. Well you can take callers and and get all take everything councils agrees to Dutch Thelma and Louise and of course don't reduce quite happy. Requiem for a dream one of the most terrifying movies I've ever seen in my life. I'm so what this seems like in it please correct me if I'm wrong but it's how it has revivals like. Far food true detective breaking bad would that be accurate. I would say yes its of its closest I've seen and moving along time in film war. I Lewis. It's very moody he had that we were shot it in the wintertime in an analyst at Atlantic City, New Jersey that became our principles that. Shot through that are very Markowitz whose retirement art but it's that kind of mood permeates the whole thing that's very. You cared to hear patty Sheehan described as a fun loving gambling addict I lived my entire life hoping to be described them. That that is something. A pretty fun character to play yet you bet like crazy and then that's the form on the on the Philadelphia Eagles and disappointed clips. As many people how. Should they are some fans they are radicals and the bills had them. The tough and these guys don't affiliate you weren't you know another Jersey. Sounds fun. That's a time yeah isn't is a cricket you're the middle of seven kids. Her yet so I can only imagine your parents didn't hope. That you it try their hand at acting and and that's stable work where you so why wouldn't that be a dentist area god. On the dentistry. Teeth are bad you couldn't type I I'd never couple remotely and. And did little Peter on the side and thought only it's really fun. But yeah we talk come from very theatrical ambulance while it was an actor. Back in the game among that was good news after they don't. The news and and it's the weather actually Philadelphia. So they can hardly blame you for wanting to be in the successful actor they had they know it's hard journey and it is the is so competitive and I bet you were killed mineral in somewhere in the arts wells what's. Never easy but it's so necessary well yet and you've been working steadily since what 1981. Yes I may have last been very grateful I think is that they seem to want. And I really like if you won't find them. Or it's different you know. It's comment and tell them to play it enough serious drama now I'm doing this is wetlands and it. And that's that's great it's it's been a good ride. Go Chica wetlands is a select theaters now Christopher McDonald greats touching the sort. My pleasure thanks so much thanks figure but here.