Clips: Adam Carolla

Thursday, May 18th

Adam Carolla on how he really feels about Trumps tweets.


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It's in media and on the pole for a Thursday morning we've got Adam Carolla you know men cylinder. Now red and of course as you know you can always catch Adam and Adam Carolla and friends build stuff live up on spike at 11 PM. Eight if you have the East Coast B that's Tuesdays and of course chassis dot com for all things Adam including that amazing 24 hour award documentary. I'm I still figure Utley you don't do it time and politics not add about how do you notice it chump stuff Twitter for us going on a few hours now. Oh really now I don't know how quarter workers. And I just have this thing with pro. Where. I don't know it's kind of like be I would start web africanized killer beat. Zach coming to get paid. The Stuyvesant High School and I did you hurt you stories of him every day. About have a comment and had been giving you the lip then and now it's kind of waiting to be. By these although it. Anymore. Like I'll take my dog for a walk right now and I fully realized there were fifty to 70% chance or may be attacked by africanized. Still have really but. I accused knocked the ball the headline big market that Packard. So as soon as those the same odds of your children are getting pushed into a primer ban on their way to the a's can shop if you're not with them. Well that's the rim mid forties yeah. He's got a 122. For my wife. It's got to be weird just walking around all day like seriously you really think about the he global psychological. Fact. To walking around all day. Thinking. We have the worst president in the world and he's coming after all of us. The plastic and I think he accused it just a walk my dog I'm gonna go around the art. I I just feel like there's so much to do we should all just feel it and that you can't control. Trumpeted queen Serb. The best or you know whether rehearse special prosecutor. What's going on what North Korea. None of us have anyway to control that can't afford a primer for anything. Control. He'll control player fears she'll. All let the kids walk through the corner go to the parent expressed on the around and then all go to my shop and all work on my neck documentary. That's like a good day visit departure for most most comedians this is like manna from heaven this is like a daily. A daily feed of content the year the other way. I'd just I'd I ate ice sort of feed off of life but I am not a check the headlines. Guys. I'm more by it sort of tried I think gene that's probably pretty aware bet that I try to get in being true what kind of bit tight guys. In the general yeah like the dynamic of society you know try to approach it from a more psychological standpoint rather than. Grab every headline. And go like did you gain my hands punch that asks. Yeah yeah. I pick but typical weird way to go through life just every morning or the new headline in the and you just dive bar Jason let's get Phillip stopped off. You know the guys who you like your life be noble I like in life that you will rot or hurt George Carlin archives. Guys like this guy who. There are statements were about a lot. They weren't not out what happened in 1927. Class but in 1970. You know you've been about. All or view or one of my Plato. Cicero just blow this. It. What bit. Wasn't that it took a lot of things about life right there that are enduring. Thousand years later right now go and all these isn't that why are desperate to what it. Date in time. They're there generals light you know it gives up then I think I'd like doing great pile of vote by Cox. Rather than a white chip Arctic corny sense what that bit replied they're trump story. Well I think that is quite the corolla isn't right that it is there we plenty of good. This time. So you can absolutely checking out anytime you wanna chassis dot com that's CH a S as to why it dot com lots of great stuff and of course between far more amazing documentary that you did and yet so many other docs coming out. Of course Adam Carolla and friends build stuff live that's at 11 PM Tuesdays on spike Adam thank you. Same here. Single night.