Clips: Adam Carolla

Thursday, April 20th

Why does Adam have issues with rolling memorials.


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We'll get Adam Carolla on the line and you should go to chassis Doug come if you won ending the video features he's on my fist Tony for our award documentary which is amazing. And also there's Adam Carolla and friends build stuff lives on spike TV it's a Monday night's 11 o'clock here. Locally but don't let that pin just a second but Adam you're out driving right now. And when I drive around town now there is a four inch many Adam coral the system my shoulder. Any comments on things like I saw a and I thought what a lovely homage into someone's life to put in the back of of a car like that and I just assumed that you had some observations on the top. I have about twenty minutes and well we'll let you know everybody out here and so so talents usually I'm about Hispanic thing. I don't see it on a lot of Jewish guy. Irish guy's card it. You know virgin Guadalupe be stickers. Inaccurate and I wanted to let all those people like crying you know and I any major brands Don and are yours on your brother or ever. Odd diet it nineteen and a half. I don't you know eight super flattering. Like the war veteran. Tiger battle Arnold gang rang. And a rally trying to. I try to kill heroin and from Tijuana maybe my total collapse. Asia or happy. Maps on my. The bracket crap about it especially. Went in the beginning game once after. You graduated right. I it's like I don't Jacque white the other armor and adopt a bit geragos. You soul funk and get it going guys we could hook the average guy. Switching to a development. It's. I. Just rushed Europe as a legitimate. Doing guy Adam grow in prince builds up like a very cool you taught how to use a power tool right there on live TV. And look like it was cathartic for her. What's what's coming around a Monday night who you have been as guest. Howie Mandell. And they probably are finally it showed the. He does have that that German folk think so maybe make him whereas some us some used gloves. You wanna era Howie Mandell story I was back. Major event at the bar at a club. I would do and show he just came I mean you're cheating nearby. Gigabyte at that day I took its army out on the marquee. And you'd be eating popcorn and out of box. And G elect a box like a live like I assure box. Yeah it's all just came out that light and it would offering somebody. Offered summed it Gina. He offered some wonder everybody it was back our old Guerrero and aren't repeating it voting at their routes and and take it another ample but it back box. And I would watch him is quite quite laid out right. You won't change on hand that you disliked by strangers. Grab the popcorn ordered them out and go right back into the box you're just eating out about. What sense does that make any bit. Adam you know get crazy. It's like. Aren't you afraid. You're right. The fifth a fifth. Is that a parolee I go to Jesse Doug come to find out all the work he's done lately. And video features and check out the show in spite TV 11 o'clock Monday night it's so fun and you never know what's gonna happen because it's like Adam Carolla and friends build stuff like always good to document. Thank you grab what you actually do.