Clips: Adam Carolla

Thursday, August 10th

Adam Carolla on being stuck on a boat with 500 fans.


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But Thursday morning a good Thursday morning brings us Adam Carolla on Indian Gina. Has gone out of. Go great drama. It did at tells me that there's a cruise coming up our our US. I cruise kind of guy. You become one I asked that somewhat. Yeah we didn't watch and I shorter ones last year all the spare chip it out. We really category. And I became a word that I did read it battle level that we're gonna the ballot yeah out. Too restaurant on Key West and Gaza now. What's the best part of a cruise deal. I light he's beaten no access to any thing I know everyone the way actor rapper like Internet act that like bad eight. Bill. I hit in my room I stare at DOJ and I get drunk and I contemplate. What happened if I'd balance doors lead out there. I can vouch for that that's pretty much what he dead you and you just what you've you pay one price and you can drink your faceoff in the your face off the entire time. I I gotta say I will say that we're Byrd who like I you know everything like stupid to be true like ridiculous wired like locally where where were all all. They that could possibly. That is going in bedrooms and entry hall and all our bread or what art and then. When they get jobs for the 18946. At the end exit they added that app watt street meant. And they brush it. Then you realize that about it make that much like it's like. You can't deliver it doesn't along their brokerage for ninety. No you don't you don't punch out and there are under at the box off that web site. That chronic food cans burning it saying in that. They deliver all the borrowed all the and that that travel there in that part of paper that all of it. It's changed it's like it's cheaper than going to bank it's a pretty decent hotel. Or board it. Yeah but that's true I did and just because we ice stumbled back to the room at one point at like 3 in the morning and I was like wait a second. Free room service lets take this red test drive yeah so yes they really will bring you anything you want any time on a lot of adjustments did. Come back. We we're all we looked like we inflated exit we were a little confidence but and at least you and I at least walked on the track at for a couple of miles. Another is one thing that you're doing special this time around that yeah we didn't do last time. I just do what time it is so I know what time to book my massage are you are are you not gonna break down the movie cobra. Yeah we feel like. Yeah. We're or basic cable reconstruction and this seal it with a flat six alone yet built over. He's a big fan after the movie to people get coffee break up in the discussion groups he. It's. Important yes it. That we brought with it they're. And Africa and break up but it bit older. Yeah and whether or not the guy the gang member knew his he was might tap her daughter that was just Tuesday. Win in all of this is this is happening November 30 it's going to be a four day cruise we're going to Key West are gonna cause an out. We had so much fun last time we thought we would do it again so. We have a couple I think there's literally only a couple of cabins rooms left on the boat in general so get over to Adam Carolla dot com. For deet tails on book like the last rooms and we're have a blast we'll sit saline yeah sounds like fun instant cursor. Adam Carolla. Who could talk to you look at the yeah.