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Thursday, July 20th


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It is 100 point three it is sand I'm Cynthia Cox is a total honour to speak. To Pete Townsend. Calling on the phone right now because we're gonna talk a little bit about classic quadra feeling had we just coming into the creek on September 16. Thank you for always taking the time for us in and letting us. Ask a bunch of questions because you have a profound it musical and creative gift and we always learn a lot we talked to you. No and you know you know since the essentially the other way round I was something last week to you or you're sent me ample back. I think you bad you know I just appreciate what you've given us and the music that you have created over the years. For so many of us it has become aid to it and an arts education in and of itself. And I think you've taken also with classic corridors Kenya. Incorporating. A full symphony orchestra experience. Is is going to be amazing. And it's a lovely collaborative project between you and your wife Rachel Fuller. Who's an accomplished singer songwriter composer. Classically trained to answer you had her write this symphonic score. That's why the idea some people did actually started off as soon. You know always been involved in in various ways which waitress how we met him I was working on. Accordance. The sort of slows. It's and along the back in 1999. To support. And now the monitor on which was going to be called my house chronicles it was a collection lupus and this is that related to. My its various attempts to get my customized convention it never did quite an ex presidents cup I wrote a note of music and have a got to buy this not brought her into. With two other rule could strike just to help orchestrate. I'm not how we match in the league we go into. Relationship. She then our political two and a small way always in the background and always do you know growing support for short term when she. Go to recruit do without Boris two two universal. Subsequently on various other projects that she's done. Of our own. Into. If she was still this candidate to help me achieve something on it was wanted to do which was terrible we call phone videos of both the various pieces that I've done over the years of course some of them acquire the city and some of them quite modest and some of them when artists started when I was Monty in his soul to the and mine. Are exposed. Big and small all proceed with a back and I are still to do fiery suppose in a village to. Create orchestral school school of those. And she took on court affinia. Span to. At some point was is what actually happened the reason more it ended up being recorded drops of interest captain and drool. Which was my original intention moderation intention was not to school principal formidable was just so that you know and died it would be sound will be there and approved by many of the -- stand up. And she met. And do her in cinema we both knew him on your remote balls that she meant to be crucial warm country came to two and frank asking also was a big visit superpower associates. Arrangement production went. Without parents. And hands happened to be in London. Recently went and which was started. To do wounded veterans. And these studies the demos of down. With computers and using samples. And I'm sparrow who knew right through helps. By mixing her use his London studios. To do the first two demos. Most demos work to then of course there's studios magnificent. And they sounded incredibly convincing even though they would own computer that was hooked on torture could telephone. But also this is dealing done in the album was released by the oil should go to grown from an also offered us. They are due fusion now he borrowed to sing them they draw. Just. That's how that happened the British stopped it is but truth be in house protection are just Assad discussed were actually in a canoe. To special schools of these things so long term. You know I could try it myself put on pretty busy pretending to be fifty years old. But at well so when people come to the Greek. For classical interfering in September 16 they're going to hear the entire album. Done by a full symphony orchestra them. I'm Quan yeah just as when the recording was storm it was a power hungry people of the Greek you'll be slightly less. But. You know the music translates particularly well I engine of the ratcheted up his phone to you having me wrong in the room. Whenever she needed because and so what should be doing didn't let her. Didn't want her to code to cronies who was thrown on it is an unnamed most country she was very fruitful pool on the cool. The most dollar TNT original album which talks so you know administration quote the fleeing towards a kind of a mole could classical we have mr. Hu that classical Spanish troops equipped. And there was one important criteria that. The Friday insisted on what was that. We would not use a drum and it's in the traditional manoa felt the world what book people who was who was pressed up as possible clinch programming so. This is abusing one drama we use. I think six bottles six consciousness and that gives them the proper rule kind of stroll sensibility I think. But it works very well. Own well the reason I love the fact pitcher presenting him with a full symphony orchestra is because over the years I've run into. A lot of people grown and grown adults we have actually never heard. Alive symphony orchestra. An end I think a lot of it is huge the cutbacks in quality music and arts education in this area. You know when nationwide. So there are people who will never heard. How un easy. How beautiful and you don't be giving you this becomes a full it symphony orchestra can be. So I'd love the fact we. Were. Kids. Yeah I I mean I I've talked to people and a lot of people have grown up their entire lives never had that experience. Of hearing. You know in person if alive symphony orchestra and I I feel like wow how can it be re missing out in this glorious sound. Yeah that's true bond. But the fact is that you know we live in an actual recording group the rather than through my music content and you know has been the predominant. Wanted to music just didn't excuse the student that people carry it now in digital form and so you know and that the although. The large music business is a big Kwan is there's still you know as relatively small competitor I don't mean financially but rather to the small component of the amount of music that people consume. In their own homes in Myanmar it's and I think the you know if you listen to. Act. I don't know I don't appear to try to silence on trying to be cool I don't know I don't know music lately but you know my my best. That the through the early this year was. And the process like kinda come on her business and to really remind me of the jazz albums so I grew up with one on this for students experience. You know I think congress cut because the world with him you know introduced into some old. But you know albums and stuff so in a sense what there was was there anybody that large country took them off probably doesn't know that what they're doing is that being. Given a bridge to a lot of great the people jobs as well it's you know. Not from from Compton. You know why you know a laudable but who do it was. They hit it in the middle years you know and then in the late sixties and early seventy is close to our and so many other bands did as well and sometimes Moody Blues actually used force symphony orchestra on direct quotes. People did he. The full orchestra recorded and of course these studies. If we major blockbuster film will be reputed to be written by you know composer right transom who go into a puede recording studio with a bit at least a ninety piece orchestra recorded lives in the most incredible. Quality you'll hear it in the cinema or a few debts go to the cinema are you here in the sin of all. You know probably wouldn't vote doping mosque which I believe is fifty speakers you know you'll never hear that sound like and you well sort of it. One of the things about going to see an orchestra from the it's. Is that it's really not what you expect it's almost like this of federally totally different experience summing it's. It took the first two you know Papa when I was a digital Crist is never used to. Sound reinforcement but it never had any. PA system mill and a microphone some of the instrument these studies they do dude does so to some extent you know when you go to just to. The Greek can you vehicle Katrina. National right at the front of the whole what you gonna do Zydrunas seasonal crushed up trying something and it might actually sound into a bit not a very well produced radical. I think it. Right console old shoe into the creek is not a bad venue but it isn't in isolation from the cold you know if you wanna hear at all construct. The loyal kind of stroke. Music it was written and intended to be. You really do have to do it the old fashioned way and I think for a lot of people. That is it's not just abysmal on the experience that they. They haven't come across as one that they probably would find very very difficult because. So used to this selectmen. Serve Martin presentation techniques and and you know particularly in concept. You know. Well here is but here is an opportunity and we have so many sound winners our listeners are going. Two classic quadra senior at the creek on September 16 so it's a real opportunity. For them. She's experiencing album with a symphony orchestra now tell me you aren't the narrator does that mean. Are you also going to be doing any scene or Qatar or are used. Generator can. Right to ought not literally it's a idea I'd I have a very small role do a couple of as a Cattrall. And I play I actually played the role of harmful. And and I think. Old so the good father so I got a couple of the commanding thrift also. I'm Jimmy is the after about creatures in the role of Jimmy says he is the majority of the stuff he's a proper focus group trying to. You know who's very finest knowledge and you could. And he's had a big Korea too humble placed on it mr. rob many times at all puppet shows as well he he did his training at English national product. He's a kind of a crossover singer as well you know he's he's a great. Oprah picked kind of pace you know his good looks and he's got he's got the stuff opposite world but he also. He brings something very new to two caucus saying no we weren't. Rachel and I want it to anybody that signs. Quote opinion would of course be compared with Roger who sings it you know when one block and Shula who farms from the city and it. To it recently we couldn't turn it on and off since 1996. And in various forms and Roger has it's. You know why he refined should be used to this very particularly if so blunt talk personal mail which she does she's in in his and you've Nikko aren't. But what was in Phishing is when we first to Alfie. Sitting this stuff with fuel could transport trucks. Or actually heard from was it made it clear that that. It is very difficult to compare her it's very difficult to say you know of this one is better than that one. Because that's so different it is it's wonderful for me is that brought to the compose. Spanish you know since it is you know court opinion is beyond me who album. Have a dome which are produced since it completely and as the only new album that down and which I wrote. Every song live emotional spark to relentlessly on nuclear Osama thome. And on this one. It's great for me as a composer to realize that what it was moved to another form. 22. Full could struggle with little opera to turn. That it really stands that really sounds. Nobody is it doesn't silence ballclub of course is now he's got rid mic is it's it's more luck accountable approve a blockbuster stuff. Movie school and in some places it also has some. Quite romantic sound and of that brunch was assistant for the comical Martin back chula. And he. As a young man who who who writes in a much more romantic autism the right to a dozen couple of his songs. There's an almost Marco on gold component creeping up when Mitch just beautiful arrangement so. In a sense what you what you get is a feeling of being a vote tonight. You know I think of other people whoa whoa whoa whoa. Sit on this I won't they won't see their own movie in their own hands and that's really war. I would want to do. When our first talks to what was told me and and another conceptual pieces with a group of people would imagine. What they want to its two C and and these studies is a flawless performances as solar panel on the screen and you don't even have to think so. Called up if and recorded Olympic. I took that. But let in ain't got Billy Idol as these states. And in this in this production is he also that means he's singing bellboy then Keith Moon. Right he does the role of MySpace and bill boy which he's done right the way down the musical she's promised with a salute as he did it one on The Who firsts. Really contained in 1996. We got together again because I wanted to perform. Quote refraining. Go when I think back to the passengers of Irish French or how would people know that. The promote school dependent who are. I've made them cool it terms and it was a little creature had nothing to lost. I'm Africa. Because I was so afraid that people be upset that we didn't play you know old through its. And but we do this at Madison square talking for six certain we did a few other places subsequently. A group we've done it quite a bit more recent paper when we first brought it. Police first come back themselves will we had a big and we had. Food done you choose in the movie. Playing the role of Jimmy we've had him no right to net on stage. A script saw it written ability on idol but that gates played the ice sites and on the billboard and has always been a real mantra for at least get a bit old for it but all will lets which. I well. It's going to be a fantastic. Events as fantastic evening September 16 at degree huge classic quarter fee yet. Is this going to be is supplemented by any do you have any video screens to that are going or. Are you centering mainly on the a symphony orchestra. You know what what I what I just said this is true in north I what when I'm hoping that people will you know why you see there are movies I think. You know parents simmered down now touring musical about where things start in the studio as Clinton is having great success during. Is movies schools. And I think he either licenses the use of policy of the movie to display and video and these days with larger audiences and Arenas and of course stadiums. Video it's kind of essential something up on the screen is essential. But in this I think who will have issue you'll have the singers on screen and I'm not confident I feel. Really with this piece. You know on the other on a get a commitment Vista and so that you want to would sell. A power raw music. What distinguishes. From and they are former storytelling. And have a form of musical still retirement. Is that we hope that the person this thing and habits. What we do completely. There's becomes. And you have a base. Through the so upset a number of times I think I was over the past two. Performance in this business. Another list the post. Good of the business that followed the years of well. The franks and on cruise and and and characters like. You're in it it does the best just what people in the best irons actual people who might spice. In their personalities. And in the way that they performed for the Libyans to. Not just to identify with them on built around not just deny them a favor as opposed to kind of get completely and so on the world. So would quote from emea. I wrote a time when I felt that the move will really low post I've felt that we've become. They inaudible about putting it to do you know the political we will we we we work on a full of ourselves. We will that we become. Content currently in the sense of each one of us had his own thing. We will will prying. As it were to the gallery was replying to the lowest common denominator of people coming decisions to smash to Charleston since he's been told jokes and sort of sticks in the maybe collapse. Roger had to look like he was a rock. Go to released church them scream look at sanction region and it was sort of plasma and announces was possible place possible and then the other political history. I had to swing my home at least fourteen times possibly lead to a par four seats in the sale which is that the public knows impossible it is. And didn't. It creates simply we were sold two blocks tweets so most of us cells we had a recording studio we have. But told me film it was on the Laurie you know that little would have been mine entrance. And I decided to do what we needed was we need to direct connection ways. Around and I don't go to you know think now looking Barak. I hit on something really important and I think it's not just that music needs to be something you can get inside great roll music. It also has to be something that rises. From Henri connects to the neighborhood on the unit and had gone an entry into the into the country tomorrow. He's definitely often been about supplies he had to my dam and he had to go back and reconnect with his neighborhoods. And have been the best such an interest in saying that he did they realize because. We quote if Pena wobble is. I had to parry is Jimmy you know is this kid who hasn't. And you know and and that leads to this profound. Spiritual change that you're on to cousins. And the fact that so many people. The last quote referring. So my two dozen mountain and it created a kind of missed a psychological in this virtual change in that moment it's got nothing to do with me is corrupt and stupid composing is that to do with the fact. We left spice for Libyans to get inside there's you know as they they were able to make it and I think. Hopefully. What cracked and I think. Is it when they come to the great commission in front of the orchestra and I hit the music hopefully they will find something of themselves. In the piece and and maybe they won't miss the video for if they do best riveted on next time around we'll supplies some are hoping we can do with ounces are really do have a really hope the music. And stand in the zone and not about won't. Well that's a great idea because I think the focus should be your right on the music. In PD even theory generous with your time and we should keep you much longer credible I didn't want to ask one more quick thing. And of course like they said we are looking forward to classical under fiend in September 16 that the Greek but just recently. I thought it was very lovely Dan Adam Clayton a view to add the music here is event. He's being honored for. A twenty plus years of sobriety he thanked you in his speech he thinks you anything to Eric Clapton. For being married in his journey toward sobriety. And I understand you you've visited him in rehab is there anything that you wanna tune. Mention about us. You want me to assist the people brought in to visit and we have. As you know it would be a list that would just around your. The IR. I think it's think stigma that you would end. All right well you know I eat in nineteen in 1970 truly. We were actually recording quote fan so this loops brought around we go off focal. If it was a manageable Britain call phone calls. If you hit it took opera that's why. Was best friends with parents and girlfriend who was cool I think its own people she was the tulips of an old politics who was long and I'm done I'm and how to cherished Croats. A very very decent man was hit with so a lot of charitable. Strings to his. And we would cost to go visit Eric could in order to help Crowell and see what Eric this favorable because the pair of them and got hooked on heroin. Brought Eric has written about this in his spoke so I'm not giving anything away if you wanna know the story of this quantity upon his book. But David homeless people call it called me up and pulled me to get. Where is. A woman called mad at practice certain. No she invented something cool new road in that trick therapy which was. Combination of an electric glow electric pulses. And I quote pro China. And she use this to reduce the impacts both withdrawal. There's some interest in this coming back in the USA because of Ethiopia April from the do you have. And his social overeat we're on now speaking which is in Canada. So. There's some talk of it coming back. Now the drug companies world blind kids so they're not gonna help very much I'm not trying to make them out to be the bad guys they do good and bad stuff we know. But. Anyway. As a result of doing that world with her Ericsson Eric go well and kind banks and and to Greece started his career. There rainbow or right. Yeah I started to. Look in my own chance to create seeing thus sending people trust to my practicing and then. Sending people to all kinds of Korea buckled early involved in. There and and studying. And finding out about. What people might certain people prone to addiction into alcoholism as opposed to anybody else. I. Didn't really feel I had any problems myself but our round. 121415. Is slated I realized the Arctic is like never used not politics. It just trying. And I had a drink problem and back to when I was getting so too now. Our wood to the doctor prescribes me a drug court action. In order to publish stop drinking it did help me still gripping article addicted to it so. Very quickly got addicted to the drug we just stop drinking so I went to my practicing. And I cut into alliance some on its side and a little house in orange county and and on the elbow Ireland does confront and undid my sixty days since was drool looking into you know using a little ashamed. A manhunt started to get involved in rehab for. Helping particularly creative people. Particularly musicians but all kinds of people you know. It became. Are really only get involved and to manage churches on his. Helping it was still a domestic violence which are good both with again around the time. Of the blue recording. Quote affinia under the full quota in Tennessee who started the women's refuge movement you 'cause. And the other was read and my charity don't vote. Still helps people that certainly agree helps so. I would also be cold to go to someone about the pro real caught mortal would have such a tool to Simpson that who needed. You know exposed proof that it would will. And that was a Libya friend by the loud would be mentioned several times and federal and talked to Bruce French thinks she used to. Bahamas with prominent. When Bono was still jumping up to stars in the crowd. So we were still friends and went to see him and we just said you know this works but we. Found in opt in of course he did the book he was the one wanted the world to. To get. To get clean and but we've worked very good friend this week remind friends we don't see each other sometimes in France will we both press have places to took bronzes. So. 122 bit to give him. His to live music has awards but I couldn't make it unfortunately I was pleased that so he's not interest me. And but you know Marcus said it will be on the list and you know some of the people who are trying to. Two. Persuades. Two they could be out 'cause you know some of them. A little success stores it has some of them since start so you know not everybody. Responds to you know. Townsend coming to see them until it's ethnic couldn't hit the good news works this doesn't work for everybody you know when I say it. You know there are a lot of ways. People come. You know does the twelve steps system which is you know assist in the works for. They reckon around maybe ten to 20% of the population control. There religious things you know I know a lot of friends supply enough combined two thirds religion of their childhood on that essentially sided them. People with completely changed their lives may be you know leaping up on Merrill starting and you Korea rule. You know there'll constitute foolish you can do it but I is not there it is it is it is not always. It doesn't always work out sometimes six and and and I'm not gonna say tragically and everybody has their own cross court. Oh. But did the fact is they use. You have made the effort and you give back and you do you try so I think right there thank god. And they thank you for being open about your own struggles to because again the fact that you can talk about it means a lot of people. A lot of people are helped despite just died sharing experiences of this nature. The deal Pia issue that we have a moment in America colonial properties spread across the way across the world is as it is to do with you know the the this situation in the Far East as Lucious and listening options all the political situation and as good pitching is good for some. Well politicians of Osama could conspiracy theorist but it's good to have the half with a difficult people on the planet actually. It you know I think that opiate addiction is epidemic now and at all places in America I think has taken on a lot of people in the medical profession and the social services all around the world restricting them by surprise and I think it's. This is tough to get clean if you if you are using open it's it really is how can they use. You are already if you are using them you probably were the patent you know. Politicize it was easy for me but it was substantially easier from a that it would be of total living in a are trying to somewhere just in an America. Recent nurses had you and I think it's really really conference the other thing is is very expensive. Yeah do exist on my period so it's gonna want it ends up being the only thing that you spend money on and I don't I'm not trying to make a pitch to my lesson of the center of the Dubai on this so I don't know much about new notebook. But it is trumpeting. Termed that. We shall see how it turns out. Right right well. You have given us from corporate you've given us a half and our TJ we're really appreciated you have a very busy schedule. But again thank you for taking the time to talk with us and kind of amplifying. White people are going to see September 16 at the creek for classic quarter senior and and it's such it's such a beautiful album it's fully realized and so many levels I think break anybody's picked up the album. Even if they didn't have a great arts education at school Elliott can do is look at the lay out. The photography. Did designed. The songs and that the entire story and it's all just they are so it's it's so it's a fantastic. Album. It's a fantastic achievement and and now we get to your done by hand a full symphony orchestra so it's fantastic since. If there's anybody young listing an album. That's right. I'm finally back finally. Boom is a there's a piece of Kabul it was a black couldn't show it it kind of took the backup. And you could use it to appropriate build conference. That's the right after. A OP again think your best every Betty. And give our luncheon Rachel maazel tomba on your marriage and everything and we look forward to you that the Greek theatre six. Unless sometimes for the Pargo really appreciated Germans it was not truth to it. All we're thinking we'll take here. If they left it.