Andy's Classic Rock Time Capsule for October 6, 2017

Friday, October 6th

Love Me Tender.


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Wow we need some time so it's time to open and these classic rock I am camp sold victims. Place your doctor Stephen Hawking its anti classic rock time capsule for Friday it's October the team whose floor six. 2010 and seventeen come up there Peabody and Sherman here. The way back machine land called invention travel time is particularly here at eight DV 66. This is the date of the first American train robbery. Which happens just outside Seymour Indiana. Perpetrated by the Reno gangs and inspires. A movie. Yeah. Or he and turner. Who love this will be no expressly let me tell us about the real concern. Meaning you know this. Nine. And a number doesn't have a one day before the fourth birthday of Seymour Indiana native son John Mellencamp. Born in 19569821866. 25 years ago today. REM released their eighth album automatic for the people. Good my god my name is derived from the Athens Georgia diner called we've heard these delicious find foods where when a waitress put that in order because it brings the bounds as automatic. That was the things. I'm such a great albums start to finish sells over four million copies in the US alone and twelve years ago the day of the Rolling Stone stop a show in Charlottesville. Virginia. After somebody phones in a bomb threat lots of fun people in the Charlottesville. A police coma state for 45 minutes and then some this is a good idea is go on the show. But you know really what would you expect from. A us tour called a bigger. Bang here's a lead single from that alma scholar rough justice. Perfect or thereafter. It's our guest. I let did these classic right time capsule you're listening to V classic drug morning show. A 100 points or is somewhere as last letter Friday is so begins a last there the previous all weekend it would also must do is dance that's and these songs. Have to start now within these songs. Well what we've played some role and stones this is. 886961003. More text us 21003. With the name of the song you like hearing your name and sit here. Right now rides you are my five and there and each Od did you.