Andy's Classic Rock Time Capsule for October 23, 2017

Monday, October 23rd

Going all the way back to 1964!


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Didn't Angeline. It's time to open. And these classic rock time capsule DE. And his classic right time capsule fourth. Monday October the 23 2017. To check out this coincidence. Around this times in 1964. Oh lead and they didn't think he has his hands in the air because girls in guerrillas in him being the best. And a more high end cameras and their activity and our. And lions last GS on TV. Goodness we'll move the story of. Iraq and the life draining from ms. love's veins as he holds there in his arms before. Yeah on this date in 1964. While that's climbing the charts. His manager and the records producers suddenly Roush. Killed Charles differing as badly messed up what are the odds that that happens that's just plain creepy one ism even more coincidental. How about. This. The same day today in 1964. The man who replaces Buddy Holly in the crickets you know life is I. I meant to put in a song with a crickets and if they. Why does he play in Israel and the like this is crickets I bet does somebody tell you because it's just to catch. And I'd this report is to continue the story. This that same day to day in 1960 for the man who replaces Buddy Holly in the crickets David box. Charters a Cessna sky boxes and you know of course buddy Holly's killed in the plane crash in February 1959. David box has played. Crashes killing all on board. Quality odds Buddy Holly and his replacement both being killed in plane crashes. This day in 1995 death whoever plays a free concert in one day. On three did. You do that while they play the cave of Hercules that's an Africa. Shepherd's bush in London and Europe of course and the commodore ballroom. In Vancouver. That's North America and that be gets them into the Guinness book of world records. As and the celebrate their first greatest hits collection Pete did they gain eight hours by flying west that probably helps them. A bunch. To accomplish that and what year do you think Carlos Santana has its first number one hit single 1969. Up 197969. And 1989 and tried 1999. A year after he's conducted the rock and roll hall of fame this only gets him in there yeah. Featuring Rob Thomas of the supernatural album. Has some spends twelve weeks at number one. As a corner every year. At number one. And don't get that confused with number one albums he does that all the way back in 1970 with a abraxis and then the next out Santana three and that is and he's class Iraq time capsule on the classic -- morning's show 100 point three the sound. Now back to the sounds last. AE is too easy to see what was the last solely Glenn. The detective it was a Achilles last stand now well the we continue with I crossed the universe.