Andy's Classic Rock Time Capsule for October 12, 2017

Thursday, October 12th

Little Richard has a sign from god!


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Jerry got time to open. And these classic rock I'm camp so that's the he's got as much time goes on for Thursday October the twelfth 2007. Team. Listen Larry amendment and something. Well this is my favorite segment of the Indian Gina program. He does and doesn't mean that. There isn't there yet. Yeah. So you know the establishment says in the fifties that rocks and rolls and assault on the use of our country well contrast that with a what happens on this day in 1940. Four. They call of the Columbus Day riots. And it happens in New York City and 35000 screaming teenage girls the Bobby Sox. They crowd around the Paramount theater to just. Glimpse of Frank Sinatra. They blocked the traffic. They face their way on the street because they neglect to feed themselves and their quest to seal realized. They ruins some of the seats inside the theater by urinating on them well they were afraid they go to the bathroom no miss something. These are teenage girls in there done that. Evans gimme beatle mania if you please I much prefer an abortive funny that it had been. Minnesota my favorite stories and all rock and roll happens on this day sixty years ago I'm glad to hear from whistler. It happens to Richard tenement or from the richer today in 1957 Little Richard is flying to Sydney Australia for some tour dates down there. Over the ocean and one of the engines. Flames out actually glows bright red. Richard freaks out he says angels are holding this plane up. Well but wild later on stage in Sydney he sees this fireball shoot across the sky and actually does he's on imagining it it's sputnik. Sputnik is quite a success but he doesn't know that at the time it is god sending him a message so he. Outlook live for the lord could you do that you can't take rock and roll he doesn't like. So to prove that who has been miniseries these outlying he takes his 8000 dollar diamond ring and chucked that in the Sydney harbor. He tells them he's not getting back on the plane home. That plane crashes in the ocean no survived a little while. The Richard quest rock numeral for five years NEC's Sam could kill and it with a rocket and NASA is a minister brush of the songs get effective means The Beatles on this date. Four 455 years ago in 1962 in New Brighton Illinois is John and George are a little rude he says he kind of likes Paul. Speaking of ball it's on this day trip. In 1960 that's. Been a student at Eastern Michigan University calls into Detroit radio decision to play The Beatles revolution nine backwards. He claims that there's a back masking saying turn me on dead Manuel listen. Do nine. Number nine minutes forwards right does this so I don't know they. Yeah. Number of cigarettes. And then back on take that any Q&A policeman. Come on big out of air and in the tournament and you. On the moon had been going on turn mile an alarm. Yeah I lose of a birdie on Ethel Martin. I don't know if I could well Paul is dead so that. Is ridiculous why he died in those in a car accident 1966 right yes and he's replaced by now look like bio lookalike who's more thousand. Good bigger hit the over the bigger. Kids in him these classic ragtime cancel we'll go against things from Larry Morgan. 100 point three the sound as police about Paul.