Andy's Classic Rock Time Capsule for August 17, 2017

Thursday, August 17th

Mach Schau! Mach Schau!


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John is going to be in good times. It's time to open and these classic rock time camp so. Bill Lynn these classic right times got so forth Thursday August 17. 2017. Today in nineteen. Mean sixty. 48 night run. At the Indra club and Hamburg Germany and their babies. A fifteen to eighteen years old. They've played tournament. What do you live versions. Along tells Sally. To fill all of the time they have they have to do these long long shows these are contracted stage time. Meanwhile club owner of the Indra club Bruno cause minor key themes run up to the stage yelling yeah how much all. Which is German for. You make a show. Make a show he wants them to to elevate their game and make a show. Quote dominant takes that as a challenge he takes it to another level he plays guitar while lying on the stays on his back. Comes out whether toward us. Toilet seat around his head Marge Marge is around the stage is at Hamburg doing a Nazi salute say easy I'll he's doing everything. That he shouldn't do. And well eventually they leave the Bruno's club for the club across the street and he has them deported but that's a story for another day. Today is today in 1989 Pete Townsend of The Who Iraq's himself right into the hospital. He's played in the Tacoma dome any proceeds to do the windmill in a way he swings his arm around them plays guitar and witness. Your fingers just fans probably during the song pinball wizard that's where most famously doesn't. Well this rises into rhythms. It is to have several stitches so eleven years later. When I see him for the first time of the Hollywood home he announces at the beginning of the show us the first song they'll be doing we renewed. It's amazing news. That he doesn't anyway this he can't help himself Jesus is a show. And finally. Is the day in 2004. That Chevrolet. Is its partnership would Bob Seger and his song like a rock. Was they used talk Silverado trucks for fifteen years at night thanks reclaimed. Other thing is Bobby never wanted to license a song out. For a commercial in the first place he'd just hated the idea do it beer companies and offered him ten times as much money he said to use one of the songs they always turned it down. One ladies in this bar and Royal Oak Michigan. And UAW worker comes up Tuman says. It would buy all your records alchemy never do commercials for auto makers and help us out. Let's sinks and so. He says yes says yes Chevrolet and lets them use a song like a rock so hard pickup trucks for a decade and have some good on you Bob should he doesn't want anymore. Well we sure do it seems like a rock to play us out them in these classic rock time capsule. We have pop secret tickets coming up like fifteen minutes I wanted to point this.