Andy's Classic Rock Time Capsule for August 11, 2017

Friday, August 11th

Keith Moon rips it up!


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You know. It's time to open. And these classic rock time camp so lose to. I pressed the button and now. It's open let's have a look see it and he's class in my time capsule for Friday August beady little eleventh 2017. Today in 1976. Food drummer Keith Moon is terrific and a. Oh boy now the drunken son. Always in Miami in these driven up his fountain blue hotel room. Afterwards it's just complete. I guess one of them nervous breakdowns you've heard so much about cadence of treating his hotel room for a hospital. Room. And the settling down there for awhile and Florida some about that stayed at his brings out the the best in people today in 1993. Satanic verses author Salman rouge. Count on him he's been ordered by him up by Muslim clerics for years after his alleged blasphemy. But it gives me the chance to a dust up this joke. You hear that Salman Rushdie's written sequel to satanic verses it's. Gone satanic verses Godzilla. It is not a did you but I did Dana bash laughed once the golf. Finally sir you are along I thirty years ago today the that a senior Rolling Stone magazine declares Sargent Pepper's lonely hearts club band the best album of the last. Twenty. Years. Which to base the logical questions. Sergeant Evers was twenty years ahead of his time in 1967. Is it thirty years behind it's time now you be the judge can. It was there was more. I think it's actually still so out there in front a little ways and that's Andy's got it right time capsule. For a two day and the classic grind morning show 100 points or is a sound rules on a win. Last that are Friday the last song ended in the letter asks so this one pass to begin with a letter asks hello the sound do you have an ass song born. This ice shares duke what is and what we're double. That they use this heat from conservative and that starts in this. Hey I'll have a good David AJ TM services and have a great weekend Steve you did thank you very much about.